Housing is Up – Thank Powell

No surprise that when you puff-up the monetary base of a country (by 28%) that inflation will show in housing prices.  No, sir.  No rocketry school needed for that calc:

The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price NSA Index, covering all nine U.S. census divisions, reported a 19.5% annual gain in September, down from 19.8% in the previous month. The 10-City Composite annual increase came in at 17.8%, down from 18.6% in the previous month. The 20- City Composite posted a 19.1% year-over-year gain, down from 19.6% in the previous month.

A little closer-in?

Before seasonal adjustment, the U.S. National Index posted a 1.0% month-over-month increase in September, while the 10-City and 20-City Composites both posted increases of 0.7% and 0.8%, respectively.
After seasonal adjustment, the U.S. National Index posted a month-over-month increase of 1.2%, and the 10-City and 20-City Composites both posted increases of 0.8% and 1.0%, respectively. In September, 19 of the 20 cities reported increases before seasonal adjustments while all 20 cities reported increases after seasonal adjustments.

One way to look at the data?

“If I had to choose only one word to describe September 2021’s housing price data, the word would be ‘deceleration,’ says Craig J. Lazzara, Managing Director at S&P DJI. “Housing prices continued to show
remarkable strength in September, though the pace of price increases declined slightly.The National Composite Index rose 19.5% from year-ago levels, with the 10- and 20-City Composites up 17.8% and
19.1%, respectively. This month, however, the rate of price growth began to decline, as each of our three composites rose less in September than in August.”

Doesn’t stop prices from being too high for most folks, though.

The next economic ditch to stay out of will be the employment figures.  Which begin to roll tomorrow, so drop by the Peoplenomics.com website for that…


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15 thoughts on “Housing is Up – Thank Powell”

  1. https://usawatchdog.com/collapse-of-civilization-coming-clif-high/

    Clif mentions athletes dying from vaccines. We look to professional sports but might want to look at school age athletes. Was sent a screenshot yesterday by a friend of mine, listing 20. Most in their teens and some in their 20’s. Just a random comment, no link. – gotta be vaxed to play, you know the thing.

    How bad is the new variant? Well, African doctors say it’s mild. However, if you’re vaccinated the NIH says this …


    Think I’ll just go puke …

    • Hold the chunks! Wikipedia has some global maps out showing the rollout of the major vaccine types to populations and there is a definite line in the sand. The West is pretty much all in with the mRNA types. China on the other hand appears to be rolling with the tried-and-true inactivated virus type such as CoronaVac produced by a PLA commercial unit even though those take longer and require more resources in production than mRNA varieties. It seems Chinese vaccines account for around 60% globally of individuals innoculated so far.

      If anecdotal reports stand up to peer review, the inactivated virus type vaccines hold a strong edge when it comes to rates of hospitalization or mortality even though more people might initially experience a mild case of covid-19 than with the mRNA. Maybe that’s nothing new, but I had thought the Chinese were going full out on the mRNA development, but ??? Are our mRNA vaccines bullet proof 256k spike encryption solid or breakable 56k material being worked on every second by Mother Nature and/or fast computers?

      As an aside, the Aboriginal population hereabouts kind of glosses over how long they’ve been present in the immediate vicinity. Of the 6 or 7 tribes in the south, I’d suggest at least half moved in not much more than 250 years ago. The original dominant tribe was wiped out in the 1780’s smallpox wave.

      This is not medical advice. Hopefully there will be data out from which to make an educated choice…does one stick with mRNA vaccine, source inactivated virus type, or wrap up in a blanket and hope for the best? As Mr. Eastwood might say – “Are you feeling lucky…?”

      Well, back to the war room…
      “Would you like to play another game?”

    • Clif coined the term “Vacidents” for people in motion who collapse from the jab. It was an interesting interview to say the least.
      These bastards are out to kill us, no matter the cost.

  2. i knew there was going to be a strike, i just thought it was going to be Amazon striking. with teamsters support. hmmmmmm… so you cant get a job unless you got the jab, and you cant even go to a restaurant in king county unless you have proof of the jab and now the teamsters go on strike the day George mentions employment figures. huh………..

    well like shaman said, dude your like the huble teliscope, you help us see the universe. but you cant see your own life, why do you think im here for you to guide you as you guide us and if you ever completely let go of that fear, especially the fear of having a spot light on you? well, it would help us all greatly. funny i had the return of the lime green lighters. i dont even know where they come from…. i just now have 2 lime lighters again. i didnt buy them.. but i have them none the less.

    then he said, like your days of the week Mr. zero, Tone Loc, (he is the only one who calls me that still, and i never told him ever, that i used to use that as a handle.) he says,

    cue: ~ Funky Cold Medena ~


    Tone Loc

    Shamans are funny guys. speaking of pool breaks. hahahahahha

    we are all domed! hahahahahahah


    • Warning people never works.

      Sell redemption. Buy a hemodialysis machine off Ali and purify sucker’s blood out in the garage.

      Hemodialysis –

      “Hemodialysis uses a machine to pull blood out of the body, filter it, and pump the clean blood back into the body again. The actual filtering happens in a part of the machine called a dialyzer, or artificial kidney. The dialyzer has two parts.”

  3. More GRAFT:


    Surprising? I mean, whattanewdevelopment in twisting the meaning of words, rules, and regulations!!!


    We don’t respect our elders or our widows in this nation.

    Obummer took $80 BILLION out of Medicare, now they want to put $150 BILLION back in, but I guess you just can’t seem to pay off those Big Pharma prescription pill pushers enough.

    Meantime back at the Illegal and Refugee Feeding Trough: $250 to 300 per child per month, so annual max out of $3,000 from age 7 to 18 and $3,600 per child under 6; for example: 5 kids (3 from 7-18 and 2 under 7)= $16,200 a year and the Demoncraps wanna make sure they don’t have to use a Social Security number to get these freebies either. FREE childcare, too, as well as all the other freebies, that anyone that visits these parts oughta know all about it by now.

    We are finally paying people to have kids in this country, but TOO LATE for the baby boomers, they were fed abortions, free sex, rock, and roll, porn, D I V O R C E, and THE PILL.

    • Wait what ? ABORTION – that is complete horse hockey there Sparky. No such thing – does not exist – like a modern civil, morally upright society would even think of murdering an un-born infant..poppycock!

      It was and still IS – all about Womens’ rights . Has never had anything to do with Infant body parts, organs and genome being sold to the highest bidders – 24/7/52.

      Abortion is a concept indicative of the times – backwards/inverted/upsidedown.

      Who needs condoms, good decision making skills or birth control pills? when you can just walk right in PP, sit right down and sign up for a free drain&clean – its the land of oppurgetunati -Murhrica .

      • ” just walk right in PP, sit right down and sign up for a free drain&clean – its the land of oppurgetunat”

        Dang, that sucks. Get out the coat hanger.

        I’ve talked to a woman that had an abortion. It was a very difficult decision for her (but at least it was medically safer than using a coat hanger). The “Love ’em and Leave ’em” dude trucked off. To this day, she is upset/depressed when she thinks of what happened. Sometimes they’re subjected to protesters with mutilated baby dolls–after they thought they made the correct, difficult decision.

        Where is “Love ’em and Leave ’em” dude with the financial support, emotional support–cough, cough–marriage? Think about the attitude of a lot of those 18-30 year old studs. Geeze.

      • it is an OMINOUS sign for humanity when they justify murder because someone is to stupid to prevent unwanted pregnancies, or is hoping to trap a man with a pregnancy. It is 2021, we know what causes it and have many ways to prevent it without having to kill
        My personal belief is, abort the mother to kill the innocent , go directly to the problem.
        Of course rape and/or incest with a minor should be considered, after all we do have capital punishment. It just should not be free, to be performed by whomever wants to kill the fetus.
        Yes sir, kill the innocent because of your sin of stupidity.
        DNA tests and the courts do make, dine and dash, baby daddies pay child support.

    • “you just can’t seem to pay off those Big Pharma prescription pill pushers enough.”+

      I just had this discussion with a friend in VA last night.. open the borders.. Big Pharma charges us.. ( the ones that give them big grants to research with) thousands of percent more for the same medications that get it for prices way below that of the USA citizen..
      One of them was on the CBS news a while back.. a shot that in the USA the cost was over ten thousand dollars a month.. in canada it was thirty.. generic was ten.. or take the Spiriva Handihaler in the USA it is six hundred a month and outside the USA they get it name brand for twenty five dollars generic half of that.. because of that the elderly head south or north to get their pharmaceuticals.. take the seizure med I was on.. when they allowed a canadian pharmacy here in the states.. the medication USA was 1250.00 a month not covered.. yet take the script in.. they faxed it to a doctor in canada he in turn charged a doctors visit and then charged a consultation fee to my doctor state side.. then if they agreed would fill the script there and send it by mail here.. the cost difference was with all the extra costs and shipping the medication was around two hundred dollars for name brand.. if I was canadian it would have been under a hundred dollars.. the one I had gotten double one at a cva pharmacy and the one there were both made the same day same lot number etc.. it came off of the same assembly line..
      a medication I get from the Govt.. came with postage from INDIA.. so our govt even shops around for best price..
      One of my doctors when she goes home picks up a bunch of things that cost around a dollar there but hundreds of dollars here so that when she comes back she can hand them out to patients….
      But then that is why the pharmaceutical companies pay lobbying firms almost a half billion dollars a year to wine dine and get our congressmen laid..special trips, gifts or future jobs for family or themselves..
      It is the same thing with the insurance industry.. all in the business model.. the canadian pharmacy had to close about ten years ago because the congress had made it illegal to buy pharmaceuticals from another country.. most of the elderly here travel down to southern texas and make trips to pharmacies in mexico the savings pays for their winters stay there..

      • Comrade LOOB,

        Open the border for lower drug prices? Lol, your side already Trumped us every which way to Sunday on the last NAFTA renewal thanks very much!

        Prescription drug pricing in Canada is regulated by the federal government, and in turn the 13 or so provincial and territorial administrations further cut into the pharmaceutical companies’ original pricing purity. Eventually the dispensing dealer, hospital or storefront pharmacy, delivers a subsidized product but still not necessarily affordable one to the end user. Hopefully the patient has either a generous employer drug benefits plan for reimbursement or resides in a region that offers gold-plated coverage for seniors.

        As a Canadian taxpayer, I have zero interest in seeing subsidized pharmaceuticals allocated for the Canadian market being diverted into foreign grey markets especially those regions paying lip service to the gospel of Adam Smith. Perhaps it’s time for the USA to follow suit and adopt a more hybrid schedule of pharmaceutical pricing that can better reflect the needs of its citizenry?

      • “provincial and territorial administrations further cut into the pharmaceutical companies’ original pricing purity. ”

        I totally agree.. what was it again that canada limited them from charging.. what was it again.. was it twenty five thousand percent of cost or fifty thousand percent of cost to manufacture..
        My point is ..IF… they need more money.. then charge everyone the same price.. Not just the American citizen who also by the way gives them money to do the research on those medications.. that most are made outside the US borders. If not then they should be paying back the American citizens for this money that they get in grants..

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