Hour-Late Monday

It’s National Be Late for Work Day!

If you haven’t done it?  You owe it to yourself to be an hour late (due to Sunday morning’s time change) at least once in your life.

A typical boss will not accept the excuse “Time change?  What in God’s name are you talking about?  Sun came up at the same time as always…”

Pressing the point more, you might want snarl “Was there a memo sent out, adivising me to report to work an hour earlier?

Most of the time, there’s no memo.  You work for an idiot.

Yes, even those of us who work for ourselves.  Maybe especially so.

Fed Week,  Happy Rally

The Germany DAXI – which had its ass thoroughly kicked last week – was showing signs somewhere between a dead cat bounce and an old-fashioned religious revival today.  90-minutes ahead of the U.S. open (*markets, not golf silly!) up 2-percent and change.  Danke.  (Cooled a bit as the day moved on.)

And speaking of donkeys, the (not really) Federal Making-Up Money clown posse  gavels in tomorrow and pronounces their rate hike on Wednesday.  Smart money bet is they will raise a quarter because (Ker-powell!) the Fed has tiny goanies.  And besides, the “official rate” doesn’t really matter.

The reason?  The Fed’s instructions to their trading desk – the ones who have been fighting off collapse by making up money and buying orphaned assets – matter more.

Weasel-Wording by Deluxe

On their “Policy Normalization” page (it’s normal to make-up money) the Fed’s outline goes like this (assuming you know SOMA means System Open Market Account, and when unequivocably think the Fed should set rates and not compete in supposedly “free markets” at all, but I digress:

  • The Committee intends to reduce the Federal Reserve’s securities holdings over time in a predictable manner primarily by adjusting the amounts reinvested of principal payments received from securities held in the System Open Market Account (SOMA).
  • Over time, the Committee intends to maintain securities holdings in amounts needed to implement monetary policy efficiently and effectively in its ample reserves regime.
  • In the longer run, the Committee intends to hold primarily Treasury securities in the SOMA, thereby minimizing the effect of Federal Reserve holdings on the allocation of credit across sectors of the economy.

To put this in Casino Lingo:  The little people will see rates go up Wednesday (unless the Fed Chiefs are nuttier than I thought).  But that’s for us small players at the craps housing table and playing the slots bank card machines.

The REAL high-rollers game is going on in the back alley where the NY Fed wheels and deals via the Trading Desk.  (Which is why the web page for how many dollars of overnight and other has changed addresses…but don’t start me on that…)

Bottom Line:  Rates are likely up a quarter (“a garter” as my broker called it back when there were actual smart brokers before “account shepherds only.”  But the Big Money, Big Money (nods to Vanna) they get comped into the back-alley game.

Raising rates “officially” while letting the trading desk go the other way to their pals basically ensures the little people get screwed but the Too Big To Fail megalithic corporations all survive well enough to buy the next round of office holders in D.C.

Who me?  Cynical?

Who Loves Brandon?

Have a look: Biden Job Approval, Direction Of Country: IBD/TIPP Poll (investors.com)

This is useful stuff.  It’s a 0-100 chart – with the 50% line being where the transition from pessimism (less than 50) turns into optimism.

At 45.1 percent, the country is a bit soured (lies and more lies and a side of war) but we’re not into Omeprazole territory yet.

Be patient, our Q3 Recession will arrive on schedule, business activity will fall, unemployment rise, and the Rs will sweep D.C.  But, in the end, no cleaner than ever since everyone in politics is fighting over an empty cookie jar, near as we can figure it.

Notwithstanding economic reality, the Fed raising rates will be touted as the right medicine for right now.  Over-correcting will lead to Disaster – again.  By then, however, another scapegoat (maybe China for taking Taiwan) will be wheeled out and sold to the flock (AmeriSheep) like the newest brand of soap.

Banks Are Getting Desperate

This is a HUGE warning sign that popped up this morning.  I went in to my online national bank system to transfer funds and to zero-out a credit card (which I do every day or three) due to my recent parts-buying binge.  And what to I see on the account summary page?

Important Payment Posting Information

Payments may take up to two business days to post to your account and will be applied on the date they’re received.”

This, dear reader, is absolute, 100 percent bullshit. There is literally zero flight time from one balance to another.  Like measured in minutes – such is the nature of computers and SQL databases.  Even the old COBOL back-end stuff which some banks still rely on (‘cuz it works).

OBVIOUS TO US:  The banks are trying to push all credit card users over into the “paying interest” column now that the specter of rising rates is upon us.

BE WARNED:  If you’re used to doing a transfer to pay off your cards on a certain day of the month, go look for their “screw the customers, we’re the Bank” disclosure which is almost proudly emblazoned.  Pissed?  Me?

This tells me the banks are trying to push a few more people with big balances over into the “must pay us interest  column.”  Greedy bastards.

I think they’re in trouble.  No severe, just enough to put the squeeze on the customer – not on the wild-eyed spree-spenders in D.C. which is where the blame belongs.

Investing in Toilet Paper

As long as we’re talking about money, the online “click-up and pick-up” session today offered another eye-bleeder:  Cottonelle 24 roll equivalent (it’s really not, on our backsides) toilet paper which was $26-bucks last time we bought it was over $39 this morning.

(I mean since we were just talking bullshit, right?)

Thats 50 percent inflation, brothers and sisters.  Far cry from the Officious Guberment statistics.

The feral reserve meeting this week will continue their BOHICA tradition as enablers of the D.C. spendocrats:  The Fed sets inflation policy on “price increases other than food and energy.”

All in favor of the Bankster Barons living with zero energy and zero food, raise your hand now!

Cue Edwin Starr

Zelensky says If no-fly zone not introduced over Ukraine, Russian missiles will eventually hit NATO countries – (ukrinform.net)

And in today’s hysterical headlines: Russia seeks military equipment and aid from China, U.S. officials say.

“Please Make a Note of It”

The Associated Press reports Obama tests positive for COVID-19, says he’s ‘feeling fine’.

Vaccination sales pitch? Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla: Fourth Covid Shot ‘Necessary’.  Er…z’at for medicine or revenue?

Then we get into the really macabre stuff:

Pushing up daisies – for real:  My late husband was turned into soil at world’s first ‘human composting’ facility.

No sweat:  High-protein diets may decrease testosterone levels in men, leading to ED, fertility struggles – Study Finds

And One in three Americans take pain medication every single day, research shows.  Does vodka count as a pain med?

Laying Out the Week

Well, here we go:  Some bond auctions today.  (NoDoz me.) Happy-talk out of Europe ands Ukraine to float things up.

Some PPI and Empire state data tomorrow.  Wednesday retail sales in the morning, Fed pronouncement in the afternoon.

The balance of the week will depend on what the Fed really does.  Because a junior rate hike can be completely overturned by simply pouring more money into the back-alley craps game.

So, a modest rally is possible today, but does that foretell a decline tomorrow to put pressure on the Fed?  Whee!  (shall see…)

There you have it…more than enough reasons to take it easy and be an hour late for work.

Write when you get rich,


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  1. “Does vodka count as a pain med?”

    Saw lots of Russian Vodka being poured into the street sewer yesterday. Gave me a headache. I assume the stuff has been bought and paid for. How does that hurt Russia?

    • yes bought and paid for, and most of that ‘Russian’ vodka isn’t even made in Russia. Groupthink at it’s finest.

    • “Russian Vodka being poured into the street sewer yesterday. Gave me a headache. I assume the stuff has been bought and paid for. How does that hurt Russia?”

      What a Waste…
      Before I share this recipe. It is illegal to distill spirits at home you can make up the recipe and clarify it and bottle it like a wine.. the taste is a little yeasty but not bad and the alcohol content is around ten percent…
      7 Gallons of Water
      25 Pounds of Potatoes
      5 Pounds of Crushed Malted Barley
      1 tsp of yeast nutrient or 1 cup of boiled raisins
      Mash Pot
      Heat Source
      Long Spoon
      Scrub potatoes with a produce brush to remove residual dirt I personally peal them.
      Cut potatoes up into cubes to increase surface area.
      Boil Potatoes for 20 minutes in 7 gallons of water.
      Mash potatoes by hand or by using an immersion blender I use a potato masher.. https://www.webstaurantstore.com/tablecraft-32-stainless-steel-square-faced-potato-bean-masher-7432/8087432.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=GoogleShopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_ajzyeHF9gIV3mpvBB26jAwCEAQYAyABEgJgifD_BwE.
      Transfer the mash to your mash pot and add water to reach 7 gallons of total volume after it all settles about a third of the mash will settle..before transferring to your next carboy…
      Raise the heat of your mash to 140 °F. Stir mixture continuously until desired temperature is reached.
      Add 5 pounds of crushed malted barley, continue to stir while adding barley and the tsp of yeast nutrient or cup of boiled raisens in the juice…
      Hold mash at 140 °F for 20 minutes. Stir for 30 seconds every 4 minutes during this time.
      Raise temperature to 152 °F and hold for 1 hour. Stir for 30 seconds every 10 minutes.
      Take a gravity reading. If it is below 1.065, add sugar to reach 1.065 I personally would suggest 1.090 as in wine..that way you can have the vodka tasting wine rather than have to distill it.
      Cool mash to 75 °F. If time allows, cool overnight to give barley enzymes more time to break down potato starches.
      Create a yeast starter by following these steps:
      Sanitize a standard mason jar.
      Pour 4 oz. of 110 °F water into the sanitized jar.
      Add 2 tsp. of sugar to the water, stir thoroughly.
      Mix in yeast (Amount depends on type of yeast used, follow directions provided).
      Stir thoroughly.
      Let the starter sit for 20 minutes. You should see the mixture’s volume double in this time.
      Transfer the mash liquid only to the fermentation bucket. You can pour the mash through a strainer to achieve this. Try to create as much splash as you can without losing liquid to properly aerate the mixture.
      Add the yeast starter to your fermentation bucket.
      Add airlock and ferment mixture for 2 weeks at room temperature.
      Once fermentation has completed, we’ll need to completely remove any solid material. The solid material left over can lead to headaches if left in the wash. A cheesecloth is a great option for straining the wash before distillation.
      at this point you can add a clarifying agent such as ferm clear or sodium biosulphate.. let settle.. then transfer one more time to another carboy..
      then bottle.. now if you choose to distill .. get your still .. a simple pot works with a lid turned upside down and a collection container in the center.. the first 50 Ml.. is to be discarded.. this has all the contaminants in it that will contain methanol which is extremely volatile and toxic… The next 30% percent of your vodka run is known as the heads. Similar to the fore shots, the heads of your run are filled with volatile alcohols. One of the staples of the heads is a particularly volatile alcohol known as acetone. and that will taste like diesel fuel.. now just so you know.. Drinking your heads won’t make you blind but they will leave you with the worst hangover of your life.
      The next 30% of your run will be the sweet spot of your vodka run, the hearts. you can smell it.. The final 35% of your vodka run will be the tails. The tails contain protein and carbohydrates from the wash that you don’t want in your product.
      You can actually set the tails aside and run them as their own wash in the future to pull out a bit more product. The best way to identify tails is the steep drop in sweetness as ethanol concentrations decrease.

      There you go.. the recipe for Russian potato vodka you can use rice to.. but then that is a completely different drink than a vodka… the final specific gravity should be around .999 or 1.000

      • Now there is a post with a solid PUNCH behind it!! :-)

        My mom used to do a wonderful Peach Bandy. She had 4 or 5 stone crocks that were about 8 gallons each so when she did it she would make many gallons of it, took at least 2 weeks for the start and then needed to age maybe another 8 to 12 weeks
        I just can’t recall the details. OH … and she always did it in the winter in our unheated CELLAR, stayed about 50 degrees down there in the winter. Not sure how powerful the brandy was but once it aged it was both smooth and powerful.

        Unfortunately I never got the recipe from her and the stone crocks she brewed it up in are long gone but wish I had thought ahead on both of those items.

        I very seldom drink hard licquor anymore, maybe a single drink once a year at some social event, only really drink beer or wine now and even that is only one or two at a social event maybe once every couple of months. The amount of money you save when eating out at a nice restaurant by NOT drinking alcohol is amazing!!

  2. The important thing is that the funds are applied on the date received (not the date posted) .

      • Sorry, but I disagree. The bank can apply a payment on a date other than the posting date. “Posting” merely trues up the books to reflect the transaction already made. That’s why they said “Payments …will be applied on the date they’re received.” If after saying that, the bank does otherwise, you’ve got yourself a big fat, big-titted class action with enough bucks at stake to entice some contingent-fee lawyer to take the case.

      • You made me get out an old brewing book even after the thought of separating 25# of mashed potatoes from the liquid. The improvised still reminded me of the time I was cooking something and tossed in the wine and a minute later added a big shot of brandy, covered and turned down to simmer. When I opened the pan, the lid was pushed into my hand by a 2′ diameter fireball.

        I once thought of starting distilling, the local chemist said; “don’t do it near me, or any buildings”.

        • We don’t ever condone breaking laws or doing anything dangerous. What our readers do? Well, we’re all half-nuts/.
          I get to moderate being more paranoid than most.

      • Could be the banks sense a vulnerability in customers not paying on time and grabbing more money from them. Maybe not bank weakness.
        When I was a teenager trying to carry an apartment and stay employed, my bank started killing me with overdrafts. They would rearrange the order of my checks clearing for the maximum charges. I went to the bank in person to complain and ended up meeting with the bank president. He was all smiles (probably sarcastic) and consented to back out half the charges. I regret not flattening the tires of the best car in the parking lot(probably his).

      • Joe Dish, why does it even matter if you have a credit score when you’re retired? Other than misuse of the score for insurance purposes, you really don’t(or shouldn’t) have to borrow money for a house, car, or whatever. This site establishes that to live well, you should live below your means. Avoiding credit – deliberately or of necessity will make sure of that.

        Credit reporting essentially puts your lifestyle out in public.

    • I thought this was always the case. Who cares when you initiate payment, it always matters when the payment was received. Why would payment ever be posted before the funds received? Every credit card I have provide something like 2 weeks minimum from them posting my statement to when they accept payment for no interest or penalty. You paying off your cards every 2-3 days, you would never be at risk, but paying that frequently you also gain no benefit to credit score for paying off balances. Anyway not sure what part of this changed, or why you see this as a bad thing. People should pay their debts and do so promptly.

      • “Who cares when you initiate payment, it always matters when the payment was received.”

        NOT necessarily Joe.. Here for an example.. if you pay child support and you pay it at the court house.. the date you paid it doesn’t matter.. the date it is processed at the state capital is the date they go by.. so if you are paid every two weeks and you make the payment on the last payday.. ( first payday is always rent ) Three times a year that payment will not be processed until after the new month.. and instead of it going to the intended people.. it goes into a slush fund.. that happens more if there are federal hollidays during that time to..
        the person that pays it doesn’t get credit for it.. I went through this in the eighties.. the same with getting a speeding ticket.. if you get a traffic ticket.. the ticket isn’t processed until it gets registered at the courthouse.. IF.. you pay it before the officer submits it.. then you get a double billet for it and owe the ticket a second time.. been there done that on both … so hold your ticket for a few days before you pay it.. otherwise don’t be shocked to see a notice that you have to submit extra forms.. or have a warrant out on you.. or a request to show proof of insurance.. and of course a drastic increase in you cost of insurance..

      • My CC payments are handled in the same way. It is specifically stated that I will be credited with having made a payment on the date I pay it (online), but the company may not post it until a few days later. This implies no interest will be charged for those interim days.

      • @ Tumbleweed

        “My CC payments are handled in the same way. It is specifically stated that I will be credited with having made a payment on the date I pay it (online)”

        Yep… but what happens when a debit is posted at 0001 and the payment at 1900? That’s the same day, isn’t it? I have had two ccard accounts where this happened — the results were a (at that time) $29 NSF and a $29 overlimit, and cancelled ccard accounts…

  3. “Please Make a Note of It“

    Oh My God, Putin was wearing the SAME Suit and Tie … 3 DAYS Apart !!
    WHAT COULD IT MEAN ??? !!!!


    Maybe his suit was at the dry cleaners on Tuesday and Wednesday?

    Or Maybe, he’s kinda like Steve Jobs … ?


    And even Albert Einstein wore the same every day … only changing his dress shoes for bunny slippers sometimes. Lol !!

    But I’m sure the media has caused chaos with this about Putin, in someone’s mind. Keeping them awake all night, starring at the ceiling wondering, WHAT COULD IT MEAN ????

    Wonder when the media is going to realize how pathetic they are. Stupid.

      • Vlad don’t need no stinking suits. Those videos were all archived for later broadcast because we all know he’s shirtless in the commander’s turret of the lead tank.
        BTW Vlad, the whole bare-chested he-man warrior thing is so Fabio. Frankly, it looks pretty, uh… well, um… sorta, you know…. NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT. The “Mom” tattoo isn’t helping either. The guys down in Gorky Park are starting to talk.

    • “Please Make a Note of It“
      Oh My God, Putin was wearing the SAME Suit and Tie … 3 DAYS Apart !!WHAT COULD IT MEAN ??? !!!!”

      I am with George @pathfinder Bob its just like a lot of stories using photo’s that are stored as fill in..Or he could be down in his bunker with the family…. but then. one of my siblings was an international sales manager and controlled a couple of very large corporations.. LOL he had racks of suits.. all the same.. every year he would send me a bunch of thousand dollar suits.. it filled the closet.. and one day I was looking at them and said to the boss.. when have you ever seen me in a suit.. I don’t wear suits.. I wear a shabby t shirt and jeans or shorts and an ugly hat.. Or lounge pants.. so I gathered all of them up and took them down to the homeless shelter for guys looking for a job to wear.. they thought I was nuts.. because these were all very very nice suits.. I did keep one to wear for weddings etc..

      • Yeah, George is right…. recycled video. Every video newsroom keeps ‘File Video’ to show “for illustrative purposes”. No way you are going to get up-to-the-minute live feeds every day of someone like Putin. I worked in the biz for 40 years.
        And I only had one suit… wore it once a year or two going to a convention on the mainland. I wore blue jeans while crawling around behind and under electronics racks at work.

        ” You work for an idiot.”
        Yeah, I’ve noticed that since I ‘retired’. Now my boss (moi) nags me constantly, too.

  4. George;
    Small amounts of booze can be a mild stimulant.
    A 12 oz beer,a glass of wine,5 or 6 oz,1/3 of a shot.
    More than that acts as depressant.
    Over my 45 yrs as a Physician Assistant Alcohol has never been a pain reliever. Seems to make people more aware of their pain and makes it worse.
    Complicates figuring the proper dose of pain med so we do not kill the patient from too much alcohol mixed with too much pain med.
    Alcohol seems to reduce your pain threshold and the pain is worse.. Fun stuff and part of the challenge ,knowledge and Art of Medicine.

    • “Alcohol has never been a pain reliever.”

      That is true.. but at some point you get to a condition where you just don’t care about the pain.. it isn’t until you sober up that it amplifies.. Just ask HB… heck I wonder if he can figure out what day is what eventually his brain will be destroyed enough that it won’t matter.. seen a few of those in my day I am sure you have to.. ..

    • I don’t know.. but I am curious how the meeting went when the USA went there to threaten china.. My guess is .. NOT WELL..

      • What gets me is, why does the Biden Administration feels they have to “threaten” anyone?

        Maybe I’m old school or some-shit but, I was taught that “you catch more flys with sugar than you do with vinegar.” – and personally, that’s always worked for me.

        In negotiations, you;
        1. compliment your opponent.
        2. Question their integrity
        3. Ask for something ridiculous, cuz you just might get it.

        What Biden is doing, is Showboating. Just acting like a bad-ass but … what happens to Showboat-ers, if familiar to those of us who enjoy fighting.

        Watch Biden Breakdance —>


      • “What gets me is, why does the Biden Administration feels they have to “threaten” anyone? ”

        Um, because they’re bullies…?

  5. Hey G,

    In light of current world affairs, usa war crimes & money crimes being exposed, a punishment phase pending..

    Ever consider end of life review in terms of a personal energy statement ?
    tTDN asked the question in 1972 song https://youtu.be/xnyh6i9NvmE

    See those platform shoes and bell bottom pants? ECU 2nd grade school picture shows young ECU sporting a pair bell bottoms, “dam I was good looking even back in 2nd grade, and it aint the pants” . Oh! is that a movie star I just saw, uh no no just my reflection in the mirror”..

    I can picture G. Ure, Ray, farmer Jim, Loob, PB, radioranch, BIC, NM Mike, the flying Hawaiian…all wearing those platform shoes back in the day…
    U guyz must have been seriously Stylin! doing the Locomotion to GFR on american bandstand in the 70’s, and tall.

    A lifetime of inputs and outputs, some negatives, mostly Positive I would imagine.

    Is there still time to change the road Were on?

    Our ancestors (ancient) considered that everything in the universe contains qi, and every process takes place in qi transformation..dont tell the rocket scientists, md’s or physicists. shhhh dem and elon gonna force their way to Mars..bwahahahahah.

    -We should be considering – take into account what American military and alphabets have cultivated around the world in the name of american democracy and freedom…

    ALL Negatives (nukes, biologics, radiation,regime changes,vaxxes “synthetic” drugs, hollywood/andrenochrome) – our modern american legacy – yeah we should be really proud of all usa has accomplished in the last 60 years.

    The whole world can be described as san francisco, california (brown state) now, used to be clean, vibrant and beautiful – now see with Ure own eyes.

    That is one big load of EVIL Scheisse.
    – and that dear Humans is going to come back to haunt or “rebalance” us all living in the land of “plenty”..https://youtu.be/bipwRzgfE-4

    3-18-2022 /9 “complete”
    Full Moon = Ides of March cometh. No worries finding Shambala, it will find you when Ure desire overpowers that which you believe true, instead maybe worry about collecting/growing the ” Light” in & around you and Ures..”imagine, but not quite imagine”..

    • “wearing those platform shoes back in the day…”

      I actually had a pair to LOL LOL LOL at the time I thought dam that is cool.. but today I see it and think my god.. I can’t believe I thought that LOL LOL….
      Tie dyed shirts and bell bottoms.. loved the bell bottoms though.. they had nice baggy legs.. lots of room to move LOL….

      • I never had a pair of platforms, but most of the jeans of my HS daze were ‘flare cut’. There are still grizzled old hippies living out in the jungles of Hawaii here. One couple I know stitches designs into gatherings of material of shirts & jackets and then tie-dies them in beautiful complex designs and sells them at the swap meet. You can still see tie-dye apparel in the village here.

    • if I could back to ’75 what would i have done differently? I would have gotten to Milapitas CA and found Ron Wayne by April 11th 1976, and given him $2,500.00 for his 10% share in Apple Computer.


      Life’s Takeaways ? Got blockchain assets? FUD? Don’t be A Ron Wayne, HODL. LOL.

    • Nunn Bush boots with Levis “Big Bells,” and psychedelic polyester shirts to be exact. Transforming to Anne Kalsøs in the early ’80s was a bitch, but trading the plastic shirts for all cotton “Ts” was wonderful. When I traded in my horn for a Minolta, I donated 239 “once-worn” shirts to Goodwill…

  6. Even after slinging feed sacks for a good part of the day and other things I rarely ever take Ibuprofen or other pain killers. I’d rather know WHERE the pain is and listen to what it’s telling me so I won’t go over-doing something. As long as the pain is gone by the next morning I’m good.

  7. Russia apparently is retaliating with “Secrets Revealed” from the biolabs in Ukraine. This was a link on Clif’s Twitter feed.

    Victorian Infectious Diseases Laboratory in Melbourne caught importing blood serum from Ukrainian Bio Weapons Laboratories.

    Classified documents captured by the Russian military reveal a paper trail between Ukrainian Bio Laboratories and The Doherty Institute in Australia.

    Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will declassify more documents and reveal the secrets behind COVID-19 in a few hours time!

    • See the post I made a couple days ago for links to USG *.PDFs regarding a number of the Ukrainian biolabs.

      “Biolabs” is no big deal. Everybody has them and they do good work. Biolabs where gain of function or weaponized genetic research are done are a really big deal.

      WE own more biolabs in Ukraine than the Ukrainians do, which I see as something highly-suspect, especially since rumors surrounding the lab Obama built in Odessa have hinted at its, less-than-socially-benign function, since it opened its doors in 2011…

    • Bill,

      Mr. Putin offering a data dump gratis to the free world?Certainly possible although even the Sun King, LouisXIV, had a waiting list of nobles paying to witness his morning ablutions at Versailles.

      If recent memory serves, Russian forces initially descended upon regions housing the alleged biolabs? Surely Mr. Putin measures his steps based upon solid prior intel as well as fortituous happenstance as his legions advance along the digital trail.

      Hopefully, the western powers that be can trace back any trademarks to source and flush the systems. One imagines they wouldn’t expect Commander the dog to solely sniff out the problem if moles have moved in from the cold and infested the plumbing. Ideally the executive directors will cut to the chase on the plot line and leave behind what’s necessary on the cutting room floor.

  8. Wow George, I think you need to get your TP from a new source. 12 rolls in all varieties go for about 6 bucks out here in the PacNW.

    But I’m commenting about the “Rs sweep in November”. Don’t count on it.

    Nobody has fixed the fake news problem.
    Nobody has fixed election integrity either.

    The R’s had every chance to solve election integrity and they can’t even add voting hours in their new laws without being accused of reducing voting hours by the fake news. (Georgia)

    So the chances of rigged elections are 100%. If everyone was less focused on the bastards they call “my bastards” and instead focused on “everyone” we’d have better chances of getting real news and election reform. But, nobody walks away from “their team” no matter how many times Lucy snatches away the football.

    Partisan politics is the reason for our misery, not the solution.

  9. Wow! I let the domain name doorfore.com expire and someone scooped it up and used youngest brothers picture as the broker. Oh the fucking puns. Made it a padlock site. So hilariously! Hahahahhah. Well, That is capitalism for ya. A dude using my little brother’s picture Wanta to lease the website domain name back to me for $69.00 a month.


    Ya, no thanks. You can have the site name. It’s a beta test. Funny you would use my little brothers picture. Since i am the alpha. Hahahahahhah

    I will come up with something new. I’m good at that shit. Hahahahaha.

    The game is a foot. Nice of the Government to hide inflation at the pump, under the dusquize of Russia invading Ukrain.

    I paid $5.94 a gallon today. Weeeeee hahahha

    Fuck, I’m having a month. Let me tell ya. When I see this much rapid movement and changes and difficulty???? THE DUDE is making changes. With my absolute support!

    Truly, I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope you are as well.

    Hope all is well with you dude.

  10. Cottonelle 24 roll equivalent (it’s really not, on our backsides) toilet paper which was $26-bucks last time we bought it was over $39 this morning.
    (I mean since we were just talking bullshit, right?)
    * * *
    Cottonelle 24 Family Mega Rolls – $27.59 …, on ‘Zon

  11. “speaking of donkeys, the (not really) Federal Making-Up Money clown posse gavels in tomorrow and pronounces their rate hike on Wednesday. Smart money bet is they will raise a quarter ”

    With the spike in prices at the pump and grocery line.. WOULD .. they actually raise rates a quarter point..add insult to injury and see the depression that would make Weimer depression look like a trip to disney world….In my perspective it would be a lot similar to them not giving Russia a way to de-escalate this mess…Nukes still in place on the borders of russia.. Nato is still advancing Eastward.. I wonder if there was one moment when anyone actually considered about a de-escalation agreement good lord knows it was brought up enough times…. similar to 1962… Now with the Bear shoved in the Corner and the only thing seen is what happened to those accused of War Crimes in our recent past and their families.. there is only one option they are giving Putin..and it ain’t pretty..On top of that they are starting to pull the same BS with China.. OMG what could go wrong right..
    Well Kammy said it best..
    they said his approval rating has increased.. who in their right mind would approve of all this crap that is going on….

    • “With the spike in prices at the pump and grocery line.. WOULD .. they actually raise rates a quarter point..add insult to injury and see the depression that would make Weimer depression look like a trip to disney world”

      Read up on Modern Monetary Theory. Interest isn’t important, neither is debt, as long as you own the printing press. MMT is a really sick perversion of every positive learned over the millennia, regarding currency and exchange. That won’t prevent some people from foisting it on the rest of us…

  12. https://youtu.be/Ezp-K_z8iuE
    Well at least there isn’t a blonde joke around that news coverage.. LOL but could they swing a this is racist opinion and get BLM and Antifa out destroying cities again LOL

  13. I got to work early. Saw lighting strike last night. Off in the distance. Pretty cool. About 11pm. Woke up the other day at 3am and heard a bunch of people laughing outside at 3am down at the beach.

    There has been a lot of radical shifts lately. Cherry Trees outside are still blooming. Been blooming going on month three. Never seen anything like it. They normally only blossom for a couple weeks. Two dead trees blossoming going on 3 months now. The other trees are starting to follow suit around Seattle.

    Truly a remarkable thing to see these cherry trees blooming for going on 3 months now. Not sure what that means. Trippy for sure.

    I been learing this new language. One of the originals on earth. Still grateful as F. Wonder what the future holds.

    Hmmmmmmm. You ever heard of cherry trees blossoming for going on 3 months now? I never seen anything like it.

    Not sure what is next. And usually I know. Found some new totems. Guess we will see. Perhaps my work is done in this position. Preparation for the next. Hmmmmm…… sometimes we are placed in position to create empires to be others blessings. One things forsure. People who come in contact with me, I notice their lives become radically changed. I don’t know why that is. Hmmm.

    I was drinking out a a Batman cup, only Christmas present I got last year. I looked at my cup for a second and a truck rolls in and delivers a Lamborghini with the Batman symbol on it next door. Look back at my cup. Took a sip of coffee and thought. Yep. Every day, my life is like this.

    Another round of dejavu as I typed that. Hmmmmmm.

    Maybe the world is going to hell and a hand basket and I’m just in denial. Maybe. These are the last days. Maybe next year people will be spending a days wage on a loaf of bread? I don’t rightly know. And I usually do.

    Someone asked me if I could br bought. Paid off. I don’t know if I could. I never been made an offer. Have to be pretty good. Like really good. Pain definitely doesn’t stop a fella like me. I’m used to that. Hahahahahahhaha.

    Watched that big laboski show last night. Someone told me about it because I call THE CREATOR, THE DUDE. pretty funny movie. My understanding is a little bit different than that movie.

    Sure are some pretty trees. Guess we will see. What THE DUDE will have for me. Next

  14. I had a friend work a big party at the Columbia tower in Seattle this weekend for a bunch of super elite rich Russians. Top floor of the Columbia Tower.

    All this crap with Russia and Ukraine and right in Seattle a friend is working as a bartender for a big private party for some Uber uber wealthy Russians on the top floor or the tallest building in Seattle. Having caviar and drink Dom. She said they didn’t seem to concerned about their yachts.

    They were dancing and having a helavu good time. Partying like it was 1999.

    Funny the stuff people tell me. It’s like have a million ears in this city. I want to go back to bed for the rest of the day. Got to get motivated. I’m just super sleepy this morning.

    • “I’m just super sleepy this morning.”

      Unusual for you — I hope it’s not “earthquake tireds…”

  15. I’m going to go back home and go to bed. Let the world figure itself out. Russians invade Ukraine, throw a private party at the Columbia tower in Seattle. Two cherry trees outside my office that were thought to be dead and have been blooming going on 3 months now, which is 2.5 months longer than normal, when no other trees in Seattle are blooming, i had to let go of star guy who runs baracade and pass gate because someone else made a tictok video of him and it went viral and my security contractor didn’t like that. Smashed the front end of my car the day before I was to get a new one. Drinking out of a Batman cup and a lambo with the Batman symbol on it gets delivered outside my office, some other shit happend, that was super weird and I been having massive waves of dejavu that damn near drop me on the ground. I had a wave of Dejavu so big that i could hear the person talking to me before they openend their mouth to say exactly what i already heard them say before they said it. Like when I was walking into petco in Palm Desert right before I was told to go to the hopi Indian rez and stand in the circle. Gas is almost $6 a gallon. A whole bunch of other weird anomalous stuff. Not sure what to think about that stuff either.

    I woke Saturday at 3am went out side and was having a smoke and I thought it’s so peaceful. Then I heard in my head. Wait for it. Then a bunch of women started laughing. Last night. Heard it again. Wait for it. Then I saw lightning strike.

    I’m sooooo tired today. I’m never tired. I always have unlimited energy. The world is weird. Everything seems off. Or maybe I am off.

    It’s difficult Navigating life sometimes. Personalities, situations, circumstances and events. Appropriately responding to radical changes.

    I’m certain, THE DUDE is moving with a quickness….I don’t know what to think sometimes. Other than, ok. What is next? Show me. Help me navigate this Appropriately.

    Sanction Russia. They throw a party in Seattle. Hahahahah. Brilliant.

    I’m going home and going back to bed. I’m the boss. I can do that. I’m sure everything is exactly the way it supposed to be. And Thank THE DUDE for that.

    BTW right after i posted that. That other fella sold me back my domain name. Huh.

    Doorfore.com will be back on line. After I rest a bit. Let the world sort its elf out for a little bit with out my observations.

    Atleast when I sleep, I’m not having dejavu waves. Its a long way 2088…. i keep thinking it is going to get easier.

    If the end of the world happens? Don’t wake me up until the new world starts after. Thanks


  16. I remember Vlad mentioning that Russia was going to conduct their own investigation into the Bioweapon release at the onset of this “crisis”, and let the World know their findings.. Looks like that is starting the gel now. no pun.

    • The problem with that is Russia doesn’t, and can’t, control the narrative.

      Assuming there is something to find (which I don’t, yet), there is NO WAY to either get it published in the West, or get it into the RTV press, the pundits, or even the blogosphere. Google and the unsocial networks will simply disappear it so only people like Alex Jones, whom few even take notice of, will be able to mention it, and without corroboration…

  17. Order in the Court!

    According to media reports, the London Met dispatched riot police in the wee hours this morning to 5 Belgrave Square, around the corner from Her Majesty’s palace and vacant home of a Russian oligarch. The grade I listed square is one of the crown jewels in the portfolio held by a duke heading the UK’s richest under 30 list. Police apparently are in the process of dismantling a Lithuanian anarchist squatter occupation seeking to turn the mansion over to Ukrainian refugees.

    Surely the homeowners association will not be amused.

    • Correction:
      At the time, the Duke was the wealthiest under 30 in the world. According to Wikipedia, he’s descended on his mother’s side from the Russian royal family as well as Alexander Pushkin, author of
      “Ode to Liberty”.

  18. https://warnews247.gr/an-pesei-o-poutin-i-kina-chathike-non-paper-kinas-gia-tin-oukrania-oi-pagkosmies-allages-i-pithanotita-enos-g-p-p/

    Hmm.. if PUTIN Fails then China is lost.. this is an interesting read on the situation..
    Now for the simpler minds.. below are some studies on the impacts of such a loss on China and other countries that are opposed to a NATO ran world with one leader.. to make it even simpler.. it is an either you submit to our leadership..or stand opposed issue..




    maybe I am wrong but what I see is NATO and the USA forcing a hand.. an either or.. Where the results of the actions are not favorable for anyone..

  19. “wearing those platform shoes back in the day…”

    I actually had a pair to LOL LOL LOL at the time I thought dam that is cool.. but today I see it and think my god.. I can’t believe I thought that LOL LOL….
    Tie dyed shirts and bell bottoms.. loved the bell bottoms though.. they had nice baggy legs.. lots of room to move LOL….

    • Loob, this is your 12th post of the day. Should you have your own website, where the only topic is your penis size?

      Seriously, get some netiquette and/or blogiquette!

      Your daily ‘pixel parking’ is making the comments section a tedious task.

      Please practice some courtesy to other readers and limit your daily ‘pixel parking’ space!

  20. Quick Question George, do you know what the average amount of death threats a person gets on average in a 3 month period. I’m up to I think 28 in the last two months. I mean it kinda comes with the territory. Being in the staffing of saftey and security and all.

    I have atleast 15 people threaten to burn my office down, my house and well you kill me and all that in the last 2 weeks. Hahahahahaa

    I’m always like well Talk to THE DUDE, I’d sure like an early out. But I just don’t die. Or atleast I don’t stay dead. But good luck to you endeavors. Hahahahha

    Seems a bit excessive for the average person. I mean like, I’m trying to help people and give them a second chance in many cases and change their status in life. Make a difference in this world one person at a time.

    People are nuts i think. I don’t really think I’m doing anything but being helpful. I don’t lie, I pray and meditate daily. Love people and help them become better people. And well, I just had someone completely off their rocker, saying I lied to them, I never did then threaten to kill me. I’m like well the lines over there. Take a number and I’m sure we will get to you when we can. Hahahhahah.

    As always. My life often reflects the shape 0f things to come. Don’t know why that is.

    And I think Jesus comes back in 2133. Or maybe it’s 2033. Something like that.

    People are getting all excited. That is forsure. I dont think they really want to kill me. It’s just you know. People know I don’t take that shit seriously. They just need to let it out. Like a pot percolating on the stove. Toot toot! LOL!

    It’s certainly ramping up. Hopefully I can get a sailboat and lean how to sail and get the fuck out of here before everyone you know… loosing their fuckin minds and wants to kill each other. Find a nice island somewhere to weather the storm.

    I don’t know anyone who gets that many death threats on the regular.

    Seems a little excessive. Hmmmm…. maybe the Nano bots in the Vax are taking control of people’s brains.

    Alot of people having heart attacks latey too. All of them vexed. Uhem vaxed.

    Who knows. I’m soooo tired. I’m going back to bed. I’m never tired. Ever. Guess I must need to rest up before shit gets busy around here.

    Wonder how life will change when gas hits $10.00 a gallon?

    Prices probably will go up then. Better add another extra couple cans of beans to the cart.

    The magical fruit.

    I hope everything and everyone turns around and everything gets better. Or atleast it sucks better than it’s been sucking. Is that a real term. Sucks better. As apposed to sucks worse. LOL

    You can delete all these. I don’t care. I don’t know what to do about any of it. Just be grateful I guess. That is always the best way to be. GOD IS GOOD! ALL THE TIME. not just on Sundays. And not just on Wednesday at 11:11pm. All the time.

    GOD is good.

    • “Who knows. I’m soooo tired.”

      That REALLY bothers me. I suggest you take a nap, then when you wake up, go talk to the animals and see what they have to tell you.

      I’m hoping you are not two days out from the Mother of All Earthquakes, but the more you whine about being tired, the more concerned I become. That’s simply not your thing…

  21. Smile! The American founded Clearview AI has offered its facial recognition Russian database services to the Ukraine government. Wonder how the US extradition request to the UK is going for the co-founder of the UK’s Darktrace.

    It’s all fair in love and war?

  22. “Important Payment Posting Information

    Payments may take up to two business days to post to your account and will be applied on the date they’re received.

    This, dear reader, is absolute, 100 percent bullshit. There is literally zero flight time from one balance to another. Like measured in minutes”

    Actually, in milliseconds.

    BTW, my “big national bank” is telling me “three business days” now. Part of the plan is to force everyone away from checks and into an EFT model — also away from paper statements & receipts, and into E-Mail.

    “OBVIOUS TO US: The banks are trying to push all credit card users over into the “paying interest” column now that the specter of rising rates is upon us.”

    …And because consumers now believe “19.8%” is a good interest rate, AND because the banks have already tacked fees on everything they could.

    “BE WARNED: If you’re used to doing a transfer to pay off your cards on a certain day of the month, go look for their “screw the customers, we’re the Bank” disclosure which is almost proudly emblazoned. Pissed? Me?”

    Quit trying to squeeze that last 1/10 mill in interest out’n yer bank. Pay shit off a week before it comes due. CYA because if you don’t they’ll surely try to skin it.

    “I think they’re in trouble. No severe, just enough to put the squeeze on the customer – not on the wild-eyed spree-spenders in D.C. which is where the blame belongs.”

    I agree. My parents and brothers tossed “0% interest” ccard applications (permanent, not “introductory” rates) all the time. My first Mastercard, acquired when I was in college, was 2.9% and that was the usurious rate Chase and BoA recommended that (notoriously irresponsible) college kids be “socked with.” In 1980, when I was pretending to be a professional musician and interest rates were ~20% and silver was ~$50/oz, the “offers” on the kollege music department (or music school) bulletin boards were 3.8%.

    Banks have raised their interest rates as much as their legal departments tell them they can, and attached punitive fees to everything to which they could attach, so their only remaining avenue to free money is to force everyone into paying interest…

      • We don’t use a check or debit card because the credit card has better dispute and challenge. There is no direct recourse to the bank account. I think of the problem as “Which one of these has the best firewall?

    • Man I gotta tell ya. I don’t know. If u can make a different choice. Maybe that is what I’m supposed to do. Even mistakes are dejavu.

      You remember when you sent me My Big Toe. (Theroy of everything)

      Never-mind. You know what this feels like. It feels exactly what it feels like to have NDE. All your senses heighten and even time slows down. Like you can see the patterns in the rain and the movement of every blade of grass. Like being on acid without the tracers. Its like everything is familiar and happend before and even Typing this. But I’m not have an NDE. I just devoured a whole chicken in less than 5 minutes and shit load of blue berry’s and washed it all down with almost a gallon of milk.

      I’m not the only one feeling it. Alot of sensitive people I know are. I don’t know if i can make a different choice. It’s like watching life pass before your eyes. I gave myself a pee test and it came back as nothing. I’m used to weird stuff. But this feels exactly like an NDE at the beginning. Ultra highthened sense of awareness.

      I suspect from the celestial cloud? When the Hopi elders reply, “I don’t know.” I think fuck if anyone should know it would be them. They been future tripping longer than I have. They been future tripping for generations upon generations.

      Deeeeeeeep breath. The only thing I can do to not be so….. not sure what the word is for it… ultra aware. I probably sound nuts. Yeah this is exactly how it feels right before everything blps for a second and then your out of your body and you see it laying there. The blip and there is the tunnel of light and your winged escorts.

      But I been in it for about a day and a half now….. blood pressure everything is normal. I’m clean and sober. I only can hide in my bedroom and hope it passes.

      I was really hoping we could resolve the issues with the inertia humanity is in. All the knowledge in the world….we are just sliding into…… this world is about to shit storm of anger and rage, sadness. and I can’t make a right or wrong choice to change it.

      I want everyone to get along and be happy. I certainly don’t want “the road” senerio. Book of Eli would be better.

      I can’t eat enough and I can’t sleep enough. I just keep praying, help me navigate this DUDE. Help me navigate our situation. And no matter what I do, it feels like I have completely tried that before. Even my mistakes.

      Sometimes I just wish I had the answer. But I don’t and when I ask the Jedi. They don’t either.

      I don’t know why this is happening. But it is. Same exact feeling when you are having an NDE. All your senses fire up to hyper drive. All Sence of movement slows down. I just never had this last this long.

      Better fill your tank every night. Top that fucker off. Don’t wait till morning. Best thing I can tell you.

      I don’t know what to do. Ugh neither do the Jedi. And they are feeling it big time too.

      I hope the answer comes soon.

      • ABC
        Next time you feeling monkeyhammered by NRG’s
        think to Ureself – I am “Closed” – fini!

        ..rub hands together till hot..rub face in upward motion, feeling the heat from Ure hands pushing up Ure face to top of head. Think/Imagine the Sunlight of Day or Moonlight of night is sealed up in Ure lower abdomen. now place left hand on top of right hand on/over top -center of Ure Head. Keep saying to ureself “I am closed”. Now rub Ure face downwads ..hands come down to prayer form (together ) touching tip of Ure Chin (acupressure pts) – repeat this motion/thought process 5-6 times Inducing Yawns the whole time. Next cross Ure hands over Ure Navel.. saying to Ureself – This is over, I am closed.

        Still in “darkness” cycle, transitioning out of into next level up Yuga – you can FEEL the new NRG/Qi/ Natural SOURCE pouring in -its driving the “darkies” absolutely mad.
        NRG’s – suck it up, breathe it in thru Ure pores, eat it if U have too.

        – Ure supposed feel uncomfortable..it is nothing – deal. The other direction Emitting nrg/qi – That is painful, very very much so, time for the cosmic chicken bunny 2 Cowboy up or fold like a cheap suit – DO or DO NOT…as Yoda said, there is No try.


  23. “Cottonelle 24 roll equivalent toilet paper which was $26-bucks last time we bought it was over $39 this morning… Thats 50 percent inflation, brothers and sisters. Far cry from the Officious Guberment statistics.”

    And that’s after shaving “sheet” size from 5″x5″ to 3.9″x3.803″ (yeah, that’s right. the last TP I saw on a shelf purported to be uniform in size, to 1/1000 of an inch.) Maybe customers will notice the “shrinkflation” when that TP roll is the same width as the printout paper in the cash register or when sheets are 2×2 and there’s several thousand sheets on a roll of “Scott 1000…”

  24. “Zelensky says… Russian missiles will eventually hit NATO countries”

    Translation: “Faction A” says “The other guy is gonna accidentally hit you, if you don’t beat him up for me.”

    “Russia seeks military equipment and aid from China”

    Translation: “Faction B” needs more materiel to drive into Faction A’s back yard and park.

    Truth: Both articles are from propaganda sites.

  25. Still awaiting the Global composite equities’ March 2020 lows (33/73 week :: x/2-2.5x) 73 week second fractal global equity composite nonlinear low …

    The Hangseng index dropped nearly 5 percent today; after reaching a 5 year low last week. Hong Kong currently has the world’s highest Covid incidence and highest per capita mortality spike. The Evergrande property service on the Hangseng exchange HK:6666 dropped today by 11% to its all time low and 90% lower than one year ago.

    The Chinese property bubble with an average valuation of 45 times the annual worker’s annual salary is rivaled only by the 1989 Japanese property bubble. The bursting of this bubble will herald a deflationary period for China. And the collapse of this property bubble was imminent even before the current unexpected declines in global growth secondary to China’s new best buddy’s criminal invasion of Ukraine. Must be cold in those tanks at night with temperature at -20F …

    The Russian Ruble has had a 7-day dead cat bounce against the US dollar. Using the Debt component of the Asset-Debt global macroeconomic system as a thermonuclear equivalent weapon, Euro, Japanease and US central banks, having already frozen 700 billion of Russian holdings in their keepings, will likely not accept Russian sovereign debt payment in rubles. This will mean default on Russian sovereign debt payments coming due on Wednesday. Or maybe, the Russian Central Bank will offer payment in gold. If the alliance central banks then simultaneously sell their gold on the global market, Russian gold could then be transferred to their vaults at bargain rates. The USD/RUB ratio appears to be in a 5/12/8 of 10-12 day growth fractal series.

    The 7 day a week trading cyptocurrencies appear to be completing an 11/13/2021 21/52/49 of 51-53 day :: y/2.5y/2.5y three phase decay fractal series.

    This would put the nonlinear 73 week second fractal low for global equities on Thursday 17 March 2022.

  26. Wholey crap “lefty”,

    a hole bunch of “barbaric” ass wiperz reporting on shrinkflation of TP rolls and price increases.

    No! I wont shake Ure hand, I know where its been..

    World about to go critical, and the tender butts are a complaining – might have to call the waambulance.

    Price increase I understand, shrinkflation – schiesty pricks.
    Perhaps, maybe the derriere’s in question have been “inflating” over the course of the plandemic – pant sizes going UP?

    May I suggest Water, better than using a rabbit – good ole H2O – does wonders for shiny behinys.

  27. Fresh off the press. Aren’t all these cities where Semiconductor Fab’s and electronics assembly plants live? First, Wuhan,
    Which was once touted as the the City of the Future with 5G and all its fancy stuff. Now Shenzhen.




  28. Maybe it could turn around. That hyper awareness is starting to subside.

    I have never experienced that for that long of period. I was outside smoking and watching the rain was like when neo sees the bullets in the matrix moving going super slow. Super highthened sensory. Just like when you have an NDE. Just like being on shrooms or lsd but for 36 hours without the tracers.

    Maybe have to switch to a different brand of smokes. LOL

    I think everything is going to be okay now. Not sure what that was about. Everyone was all talking and moving slow, cars moving slow.

    OK, i think we are going to be fine now. I just want the usual. Meet a nice girl, hit the jackpot and move to a warm sunny beach and all that. I think I will be moving soon. 3 gifted psychic friends said plane travel for business soon. And the car I always wanted. Not sure if that is a girl or a car. Because I nick name women after cars. Lol

    OKay. Okay the sense of danger has passed. Hmmmmmm.

    Back to the website and all that. See if we can change the world. If it is good to do so.. and if I can. Worth a shot. The jedi think I can. So The DUDE will be done.

  29. Israel and Turkey are seemingly vying neck and neck in the three-legged race to accomodate Russian oligarchs? It seems kind of interesting that Israel took one for the team in today’s cyberattack.

  30. Someone sent me a thing saying there was a big coronal ejection yesterday from the sun. She was having the same exact experience as me and said she knew two others experience the same thing. And everyone around them and her were nuts. All these vaccinated people were saying all kinds of crazy shit. Hmmmm…

    Usually that untral hyper sensitive stuff. Like , you know when you are a car accident everything is in slow motion. Like that. To a degree for 36 hours for. Ultra aware of all my environment, like you little count the rain drop because they are moving so slow at times and see every blade of grass move with the breeze and it’s hard to describe other tripping on acid.

    Space energy from the sun made that. It’s like a quickening. I don’t know what to call it. I know damn well I didn’t want to be around anyone. Massive wave after of dejavu. Same experience she had. She and others knew not to take the Vax.

    Hnnmmmmmm….. well tomorrow is a new day. Seems everything is returning to normal.

    Plasma springs to the mind. Plasma waves? Idk. I hope we don’t get another one of those for a while. I felt like I was living in the land of slow motion, every was in slow motion but me. She said her and the other 2 she talked to had the same experience. Hmmm.

    Must be a reason for it. To unlock that, in us. It truly was like being in a whole different world.

    Must be a reason for it. Must be a reason for us all to Become that hyper aware. And most nobody else noticed.

    OK. Back to normal speed tomorrow.

    See ya all around.

    • The CME intensity wasn’t that high but duration was apparently relatively long, and it set off a 12 HR G2 (unrelated to Ure G2) level geomagnetic storm.
      Periods of relatively low solar sunspot activity don’t necessarily preclude higher order CME’s and geomagnetic storms.
      There has been a lot of speculation about high exposure to geomagnetic phenomena messing with people’s heads. I have no opinion on the subject, but I would suggest trying some variation on a tin-foil beanie. It may not help, but it will entertain your coworkers immensely:


  31. Another nice thing about living in Hawaii… Standard Time year ’round. We don’t need to ‘save’ our daylight. We spend it all! DST is only important here if you have to do phone business with the mainland…. if you want to know what time THEY are on.

  32. Guess what?!!!! Gas hit $8.99 a gallon in west Seattle today. Holy Cow! I will send you the picture dude!!!

    I’m sure its Putins fault. Hahahhahahahah. Wtf kind of logic is that?!!! Wow!

  33. Ya know, don’t give financial advice. But a smart man would be wise to invest in pitch fork and torch companies.

    Guy says. When we get our shipment of diesel tonight the price of diesel is going to match the gas price.

    Let me look at my watch here. We are half past a monkeys ass and a quarter to his balls before nobody gives a single shit about the Ukrain and Russia.

    Hahahaha holy cow! Wow!

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