Holiday Rally Pressure – Home Sales Data Ahead

Reader note:  We will post the Case-Shiller housing data about 8:15 – so more to come today.

We are back into the pre-holiday mindset now, what with the start of the Labor Day weekend just ahead.

Yet the period is not without concerns:  Taiwan will experience some of the better military invasion tides of the year this weekend.

Over on the site, we see prevailing winds from the WNW at 25 knots – less than ideal – but dropping after that such that low winds from Monday on look like a useful window.  If Elaine and I were still sailing, this would be a weather window we’d pick for adventuring “the dark ditch” between Formosa and the PRC Mainland.

Friday through Sunday, winds in the chips and industry-critical Kaohsiung City will be a bit high but settling down in the following week.  Were this horse race handicapping, we’d be thinking in the 30 – and maybe 40 – percent chance on Xi holding a win ticket on this weekend.   Far from likely but within bounds of possible.

Events may move a bit faster, though, since president Xi’s hand is being forced by the wild-eyed Spender in Chief (of money he doesn’t have) here.  Slow Joe’s hand goes into the cookie jar again: US Readies $1.1 Billion Arms Sale of Missiles, Radar to Taiwan.  Xi – and the mostly engineer class of the Central Committee – know if they wait long enough, the U.S. arms buildup in Taiwan will make for an uglier, more costly attack if decisive engagement is timed in a stumbling way.  Swift action and done before the U.S. can insert more materiel.

Middle East Bubbles, Too

Been semi quiet – as things go in this part of the world – although a Shia Cleric stepping down has brough Iran and Iraq to the brink.  With details in Militants fire rockets at Baghdad green zone as rival Shia groups clash.

None of which is lost on Israel – which no doubt sees Tehran playing the Biden administration for “tools and fools” for failing to remember their centrifuges are running 24/7.  Which is why Israel is “on bended knee” looking for non-nuclear tools to slow Iranian work.  U.S. Needs Threat Equal to ‘Bunker-Buster Bombs’ Against Iran: Israeli PM.

Absent American aid, the Israelis may be forced to “go it alone – small nuke(s)” if the U.S. doesn’t serious-up.  Israel is far enough outside the American Media Bubble to clearly remember Biden is Obama’s third term.  And that Obama sent pallets of cash to Iran during his pre-puppeteer days.

Then Ukraine Worries

Because the Russians have gobbled up a lot of territory, Ukraine is trying to prevent them from getting too comfortable in newly re-acquired lands.  So, what’s the play?  Ukraine Reports Heavy Fighting in Kherson Amid Southern Offensive.0  Some success, too.

The this is really “blocking and tackling” stuff of ground wars.  The bigger dimension stuff – whether (or who) will be first to shell the nuclear power plant – is really more a concern.

Shading bets on this going off over the upcoming weekend are informed by two things.  First is U.N. nuclear watchdog team heads to Ukraine.  We assume they are not part of a foodie tour.

Again, looking at the weather backdrop, the Zaporizhzhya plant location is in the southeast part of the country.  Where for the next two days, a westerly flow with surface winds (from 290-300 degrees) would favor dropping fallout on Russian-held areas which I’ve sprayed in as red in this view:

Since no one wants to be accused of “first use” nothing would surprise us less than the Ukrainians doing some shelling, claiming it was the Russians, and trusting the Western press to swallow anything force-fed by corporate media.  Not pausing to think a few of us are smart enough to know Russia will likely NOT blow up anything that would drop fallout on its own forces in situ.

(We having fun, yet?)

FBI – Facebook: Collusion?

A couple of republican senators are going after Facebook.  Over its handling of the Hunter Biden (laptop from hell) that was cleverly NOT pursued by the mainstream corporate media.

To us, the key part of the letter sent to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg demanding communications with the FBI be revealed, goes like this:

Your revelation that Facebook took steps to censor information about Hunter Biden on its platform based on the FBI’s guidance raises even more questions about the FBI’s actions regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop. As you may know, whistleblowers have recently alleged to Senator Grassley that in August 2020, FBI officials initiated a scheme to downplay derogatory information on Hunter Biden for the purpose of shutting down investigative activity relating tohis potential criminal exposure by labeling it “disinformation.”

 Whistleblowers have also alleged to Senator Johnson that local FBI leadership instructed its employees not to look at the Hunter Biden laptop immediately after the FBI had obtained it.”

There is additional detail and context in the NY Post – which is sometimes the only newspaper in Gotham able to report real news – GOP senators demand Facebook hand over FBI communication on Hunter Biden.

Of course, nothing will ever come of it – at least before the mid-term elections November 8th – in order to keep people from realizing what a shit-show we have in lieu of legit – honest – governance.

That there could be a cadre of senior bureaucrats within the FBI who have placed themselves above the law and are actively agendizing their own vision of the future is certain something that comes to mind.  Though I’d caution you I’ve written fiction as well as non.

Oh, look!  Another plot element!  FBI agent resigns amid Hunter Biden probe scrutiny.

Climate Warfare

Put your thinking cap on.  If you were BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) how would you “bring down the Anglo West” and their hard to compete with economic ways?  Why, you’d start a movement, launch indoctrination camps.  And even plant stories like Climate scientists call for civil disobedience.

Some of it makes sense.  Like Activists Push the Democrats for Real Solutions on Climate Change.  But democrats are in the business of turning left, giving people answers they want to hear, and then not doing anything about it.  Republicans hold of free trade like Adam Smith knows about living lightly on the Earth.  He doesn’t.  All about max gains till it’s all gone.  Like fishery stocks.

So here we are in a fake war (climate) in a world beset with depletion and too many people wondering WT (actual) F to do about it.

Popular (Digital) Delusions File

Bitcoin was back over the $20,300 level today.   Just as I was reading Ripple CEO Discusses Potential Outcomes of SEC Lawsuit Over XRP.

“Say, professor Ure:  Since the whore world flows with the mania, this means the stock market is up, right?”

Why, of course!  Stock futures ahead of the Housing data showed the Dow gaining 200 points and the S&P futures up a shade under 30.  But, we knew a bounce had to come at some point, right?

Is this because the Dollar dropped a bit – so it takes a bit more dollars (which looks like stock prices going up) in order to “buy the markets?”

Yes, Grasshopper, it is so.

But wouldn’t that mean gold should rise, too?”

Give it time, Grasshopper.  Market linkages are sloppy – remember that “three on the floor” shifter I put in my Ford Falcon Futura as a kid?  Sloppy linkage – like that.  Arbitrage is an emotional mess.  So are these markets since we’re still on the front end of the Second Depression.

Not only are we not underwater, yet, but 2022 Hurricane Season: No Atlantic Storms in August Would be First in 25 years.

Between the climate warriors, media that doesn’t know journalism, and political (and racial, gender, etc) hate speech, it’s hardly surprising to us that More than 40% of Americans think civil war likely within a decade | US politics.  We expect it’s not a shocker for you, either.

Tripe and Trash Dept.

(Like this wasn’t already?)

Pimping the old guy: Biden to give prime-time speech about ‘soul of the nation’ as voters prepare to cast midterm ballots.  Wait.  You telling me Biden has SOUL?

Take out your cell phone battery if you want privacy reminder: Wireless carriers keep your location data for years and provide it to the police.

The weirdness of Texas does come up over afternoon toddies, now and then.  Take, for example Texas school district rejects ‘In God We Trust’ signs featuring rainbows, Arabic.

Why are we not surprised? Nearly 70% of LA teachers have seriously considered quitting, study finds.  Only 70 percent?

ATR:  Adventures in CPAP Land

Elaine and I are now both playing the popular (but relatively under-covered) story called CPAP Roulette.  This all goes back to the Philips Respironics recall.  Which has been a real pain waiting for a replacement unit.

In the meantime, Philips’ Loss Has Indeed Been ResMed’s Gain.  Elaine and I are waiting for ResMed AirSense 11’s to be shipped, but no telling when.

I’ve been using a Philips machine since diagnosis a couple of months back.  Then my national durable medical equipment outfit tried to pull a fast-one on me last week – sending a different brand machine that didn’t have the feature set of the AirSense 11.

We think it will all be worth the wait for our machines.  Because there was a story from the Sleep Foundation in April of this year.  It reported that while sleep apnea was an increased risk factor for Covid-19, the use of a CPAP machine seems to help reduce risks:

“Fortunately, using CPAP therapy as directed by a doctor is associated with lower rates of COVID-19 in people with OSA. Adherence to CPAP therapy generally requires using the device for at least four hours per night5 no less than five nights per week, though even those who only use their CPAP device for a few hours per night may have a lower risk of infection than those who do not use CPAP therapy at all.”

As much as anything, we’re looking forward to the possible life-extension potential of our devices.  Based on a 2019 summary, CPAP Brings Longer Life for Those With Sleep Apnea (

We figure it’s worth the wait.  So, we’re awaiting both my replacement Philips unit AND a couple of AirSense 11’s for us.

Write when you get rich,

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63 thoughts on “Holiday Rally Pressure – Home Sales Data Ahead”

  1. Incursions –
    “Antifa Packing AR-15s Guards ‘Family Friendly’ Texas Drag Show”

    “An #Antifa militia had gunmen in front of and around a family drag show event at the Anderson Distillery and Grill in Roanoke, Texas on Sunday to intimidate right-wing protesters,” independent journalist Andy Ngo tweeted. “The protesters accused the event of exposing children to indecency.”

    This article doesn’t mention it but a ZH article posted the day before said that Antifa had posted “snipers” in the third level of a parking garage across the street from this little gathering. NewsMax mods didn’t like it when I suggested that someone should have tossed their little candy a$$e$ off that level and took up firing positions there. This was the Northern part of DFW which is getting to be almost as bad as Austin. The police, evidently, were nowhere to be seen.

    Keep poking the bear … juuust keep poking it.

    • And where is the outrage from the press after all these are automatic weapons /s and they kill people – if it was a conservative event they would be all over it – but hey this is cute and they need the security because you know people could laugh at them…..

      • Clawsy; why do you come here and lie. CAN you be corrected, and will you accept facts which means you will change your ways?

        Automatic weapons are illegal in the USA.

        Can they be brought in illegally? Yes.

        Can you possibly get one here legally through many hard avenues?

        Yes, but it is so rare, that it is not worth discussing.

        In the meantime, we do NOT have Auto-Matic Weapons in the USA.

      • Sorry, Clawsy, misread your comment.

        Meaning, I know you know that we do not have legal automatic weapons in this country, except for very very rare collections and it is the MEDIA that misinforms, then doubles down, day-after-day with their propaganda until millions spout, ban automatic guns!!!

        Yes, Antifa is allowed to blow up, tear down, shoot, lie, and plunder, and our MSM will give them a pass.

        The pass called Propaganda hosted under Obama.

        Sounds like they are FBI imitators AKA copy cat innovators; all covered and protected by the Socialist/Communist party.

      • I never said there WAS a shoot-out but that doesn’t mean anything to you, does it? All your later references are done by nut jobs that probably don’t have their CCL or even cared to even think about it – in other words – criminals. Those are the ones we arm ourselves against. Merely having a weapon doesn’t make you a criminal, it’s how you use it. All the instances you cited are criminal use of weapons while your ultra-liberal sources where, I’m sure, you spend most of your time, consider anyone that possesses a firearm IS a criminal. The difference between those instances and the incident in Roanoke is just one step short of the mass murderers you’re talking about. These Antifa people are spoiling for a fight while holding little children up to the influence of men steeped in aberrant behaviors that have been well known to USE these kids for their own sick perversions. It’s no different from the radicals in the Middle East positioning innocent people around important military targets to keep the Good Guys from blowing them up.

        Interesting group of friends you keep there.

    • Amazing that conservatives cannot figure out that half of the monthly record firearms sales in 202 are to liberals.

      This is going to get more interesting than any tv show.

      • I’ve seen some articles talking about this a few years back but I was wondering if you could provide a source for that assertion? Since Antifa tends to be full of people with significant records it wouldn’t surprise me to find that most of them in Roanoke were possessing them illegally. But, then again, criminals never followed the law anyway.

  2. I talked with a local real estate agent this morning at the coffee shop. How’s business, I asked? She said that it’s completely stopped, like it’s fallen off the cliff. I talked with another friend of mine the other day, who is also a real estate agent. How are things, I asked? He said, (since they have been renting), that they have put everything in storage, loaded up the pickup with their luggage, and are touring the country, staying with relatives and friends. I said, “for 3 days at each place”, and he said “that’s about right”. ….Keeping in mind that both fish and relatives stink after 3 days.

    A place about 6 miles from here on a blacktop road just went on the market, (I think the owner died). They want $550,000 for 25 acres, 2 small houses, a few out buildings, advertised as a “fixer upper”….hmmm

    So, here in the Lawrence/Kansas City area, the real estate market has turned down. It will be interesting to see how soon the prices start coming down.

    • Hmmm… $550k will get you a 490sq.ft. studio in downtown Honolulu… with a monthly condo maintanance fee of around $900.

    • Yes.. I know a mother I f four.. that was abandoned by the father of the children .. moving into an 8 by 10 camper.
      She got notification that there’s still a 4 to 6 month wait for her taxes to be processed.. where it will be parked I don’t have a clue..
      I’m sure the landlord wants someone with money..and for a rental house to sit without utilities in winter is dangerous..

      • I don’t know why she (and many others) are having to wait for their tax refunds. I paid $4,000 this year instead of getting back my usual $500. My $4,000 apparently didn’t go into the right pockets.

    • Real estate prices are going to tank. Builders are unable to unload new homes, and will be bankrupted. Their inventory will be auctioned off snd the big boys like black rock will pick them up in big tranches for a pittance using zero interest money available only to them. Then as interest rates rise, it will force down the prices of existing homes, and the big boys will start buying again.

      There are more than 5.8 million USA households behind on their rent or their house payments, 3 million expecting eviction in the next 90 days. This is going to hurt landlords, who will be forced to put properties on the market which will also be scooped up by the big boys. Then they can jack prices and resents as much as they want. You will own nothing, pay high rent and be happy.

  3. The Midterms are shaping up to be a real showdown. McConnell fumbled again rebuilding the RNC as Biden trounced them using Abortion and now the tried and true Gun Grab promise. The RNC are gonna be needing a lot more donations as their former leader drains the coffers with legal expenses for stealing secrets during terms gone by.

    The NRA is still benched demanding BK protection while most states are balloting abortion related measures in 2022 ensuring a high voter turnout.

    ““We took on the NRA, and we beat them. We just passed the first significant gun safety legislation in 30 years in this country. And I promise you, we’re not stopping here. I’m determined to ban assault weapons in this country,” Biden said. “

  4. G Dude,

    Heads up – again – SOLAR – keeps coming up for reasons I dont know – BUT, that recent sunspot with the messed up magnetics – be hinting at “thing (s)” to come…”things” being the key here – multiples, non stop, one after the other . “Carrington type event” pending… ? where is Ure Trezor stashed ? Ans. same “kinda” place/wallet I keep da celly, when not in use.

    Ure wind/ patterns data is rather uninspiring – might consider perusing – some nifty tools for the home gamerz de-lights with that site.

    Was yesterday an historic day in the life of da Bitcoinz ?

    BoldAP from the TBM – This current period will be last time BTC drops below $20k.

    Please keep in mind that TBM makes mistakes and commits errors all the F-ing time, it is how I Learn..the hard and fun way – By constantly doing scheisse – IF the TBM can keep moving, DEATH can never catch my ass .bwahahahahahhaa.

    * POWER Concedes NOTHING – Without a DEMAND !

    **Old Creol Proverb (Bayleaze) “When baby wants to cry, you just have to watch him.”
    ** No LooB – that is NOT above, , just smartazz.

  5. “Slow Joe’s hand goes into the cookie jar again: ”

    hmm.. I wonder just how many people realize.. that just this last printing.. NOT the whole works that they have done.. if it was to get paid back as a short term loan with out any interest..
    that every man woman and child ( even the illegals) that were shuffled in.. would have to pay five million dollars an hour for three years..

  6. Russians are also building cricket farms. I wonder if they’ll be making Cricket Flours for export to us or if they will switch to Cricket Flours internally after the calamity. Remember the olden days, “eat everything the Chinese are starving”. “Don’t kill that cricket, Americans are starving.”

    Cricket Flours are gonna be big. Cupcakes will have the protein content of a meat stick w/fat content of a rice cake.

    The first cricket farm in the Russian Federation will appear in the Novosibirsk region – they will make flour from insects, and then bake bread from it, make pasta, bars and “fitness cookies”. Who wants pasta from crickets? ? Ax +18 #Ukraine #UkraineWar #Russia #UkraineInvasion

    • We absolutely need significant fats to function and prosper! There are essential fatty acids that need to come from somewhere.

      Bugs, including crickets, have an exoskeleton made of chitin(protein). That particular protein stimulates inflammation in humans and probably other mammals. We can eat the occasional bug, usually involuntarily, but entire meals of those things could be a real problem. Are there plans to digest or otherwise lyse the proteins into their constituent amino acids or even just break them into smaller polypeptides? How is this better than other protein sources beyond sheer volume? I understand that cricket farms smell foul – even more so than most animal farms. I’ll just stick with a vegetarian diet rather than eating those things. Humans have a natural aversion to bugs and nature knows best.

      • “protein stimulates inflammation”

        I just don’t see the debate. Cows and pigs clog arteries. Tuna is packed with Mercury. Look at all the ‘wheat bellies’ being towed around. What doesn’t cause Gout to flare?

        Around the world money is being poured into cricket farms. The Crickets are coming to our plates like it or not.

        I suppose some folks boycotted Big Burger when they started using Pink Slime but overall the entire industry switched to Pink Slime making the few boycotters not so relevant.

        Today some people probably boycott Taco Bell but overall Taco Bell is the #1 franchise.

        “The “taco meat filling” as it’s written on their containers has only 36 percent real beef; the rest is a combination of chemicals and odd-ball ingredients like ‘cocoa powder’. ”

        “And through September, Taco Bell Division’s same-store sales were up 12% for 2021. That’s helped drive it to the top of the Franchise 500 list—landing at No. 1 last year, and now holding that spot for the second year in a row.”

        The bugs are coming.

    • Out of work Steve
      August 30, 2022 at 09:07
      ” Who wants pasta from crickets?”
      Steve, don’t be so fussy sounding until you’ve tried it. At least hold any negatives until after the fallow time and spring harvests. You ‘doin any gardening yet?
      An old axiom from long ago needs a re-visit: “All the gold on earth won’t be enough to buy the last loaf of bread.”
      It seems like a downward step to NEED to use bugs such crickets as a food resource but maybe you just haven’t yet been “hungry” enough. Give it a chance. Eating processed bugs is not so different from the conventional food sources we use now. Maybe we were negligent in focusing on only about 5 grain varieties and only beef, pork, poultry and fish as our primary protein sources. Now, with the dipshit ‘Greenies’ trying to run the world and eliminate prime protein availability, those bugs are only a beginning.

      • I think the idea of “protein fortified” foods will catch on. The Russians have a great idea w/“fitness cookies”. The phrase “Cricket flour” is sanitized and sucess.

        There’s a Swiss company offering a meal worm/burger blend. Link below. That’s not going to catch on. The name “Flexi-Burger” is fine. But the current state of description, too gross and will fail. Like the other poster indicated, I’d be a vegetarian/Cricket eater before meal worms.

        “The world’s first flexi-burger

        Tadaaa, here is the world’s first 50/50 flexi-burger made with 50% organic Swiss mealworms and 50% Swiss beef? ”

        If I find a way to invest in the insect food markets I’ll post here for sure.

        Moreover, I’m not trying to say anyone posting here will eat bugs. I don’t and don’t plan to. But the ‘choice’ to eat insects has arrived and will be embraced by many.

        The following guy echos G the host.

        Best INVESTMENT: Cans of Tuna Fish. Inflation about to take off. Best investments are cans of tuna & baked beans. You can’t eat gold, silver, or Bitcoin. You can eat cans of tuna and baked beans. Food most important. Starvation next problem. Invest in the solution. Take care.

      • The world’s first flexi-burger

        Tadaaa, here is the world’s first 50/50 flexi-burger made with 50% organic Swiss mealworms and 50% Swiss beef? This new type of burger is quite appealing, as it contains high quality proteins, vitamins (including B12), less saturated fats and generates a much lower environmental impact than a conventional beef burger. Plus… it’s so yummy!

        A Cricket flour dealer.

        The Natural
        Nutrition of
        Contains all nine essential amino acids
        Has twice as much protein as beef
        Is a rich source of iron and calcium
        Offers more than 4x the amount of B12 than beef
        Delivers a highly desirable 3:1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids (beef offers a 20:1 ratio)
        A source of beneficial dietary fibre in the form of chitin and prebiotic oligosaccharides
        Always non-GMO, gluten- and dairy-free, as well as keto and paleo-friendly

  7. I look at things a bit differently, and find that some other people do too. Like, I always thought Devils Tower Mountain and others, looked more like tree stumps than mountains.

    Like this …

    And why the planets revolve around the sun but we see the planets and same constellations in the sky … as if never being hidden for a moment because they’re behind the sun from us …

    I believe this to be true …

    Interestingly, I see maps as spider webs. Counties, states all divided by lines, as if a web. Cities like bugs on the web where people get the life sucked out of them.

    Watching a spider sit in the middle of its web, waiting …. I have to wonder who sits in the middle of the web we live in. Who’s sucking the life out of us?

    Native American prophecy says it’s a woman who weaves.

    Even Pagans believe this story, as they know too. There’s a battle between the spider who builds a web and the Goddess Athena who represents wisdom.

    Just thoughts of the day.

    • I understood that there was a giant black hole at the center of the galaxy, sucking everything. Perhaps that’s why galaxies have a spiral form, like water circling the drain.

      • You betcha – same exact phenomena in Washington DC during the time period betweeent the Years 2008 – 2017.
        A vilE black hole in the middle of DC, sucked the Light out of a entire Nation/Society in 8 short years.
        Turns out – there has been an Endless string of vilE black holes PEDOPHILES/Files in the White House ever since the DVD “gruppenfuhrer” was acting VP for President Rocking Ronnie RayGunZ and his idiot wife the “just say no “dragon queen”.

        Really think Anne Heche was driving her mini over 90 mph down residential street ? Watch her upcoming movie on Lifetime..bout true story of 13 girl abduction and experience in being Trafficked..You speak up about Global Leadership ALL being In on the horrid secrets of Global Child Sex Trafficking – you get “Clintoned” right Mr Michael Hastings ? Right Mr Andrew Brietbart?

      • @BHS

        “Really think Anne Heche was driving her mini over 90 mph down residential street?”


        Next thing you know, you’ll link Heche’s reckless driving death to that of the female Indiana Congressman, simply because they were both working on the same anti-pedophilia / anti- global child sex trafficking plan…

  8. The fact that the FBI is the enforcement arm of the DC Swamp elite and that everything now in our political duopoly system is nothing but Kabuki theater should come as no surprise to anyone.

    James Kunstler’s take on the FBI raid on Trump’s residence: “The inventory of lies retailed by the FBI is so vast and gross that the agency had to resort to raiding Mar-a-Lago three weeks ago in defiance of all known precedent and settled law regarding presidential records. The reason: Mr. Trump, the former president, had exactly such a cataloged inventory of the FBI lies used during his term in office to overthrow him with the Crossfire Hurricane nonsense, and was prepared to introduce said evidence in the lawsuit he has initiated in a Florida federal court against Hillary Clinton and a rogue’s gallery of campaign aides and allied federal officials who assisted in concocting the RussiaGate operation. The aim of the Mar-a-Lago raid: to un-declassify all that material — via a probably illegal order by “Joe Biden” — so as to prevent it from being introduced as evidence in the lawsuit. Somehow, the news media failed to report that part of the story, and even the alt media has missed that last detail.”

    Oh, and remember Anthony Weiner’s laptop? “FBI Agent Who Uncovered Weiner Laptop with Hillary’s Emails says FBI Leadership Told Him to Erase All of His Findings”

    And let’s not forget the FBI’s scouring of all of Epstein’s residences? “FBI “Loses” Evidence Found in Jeffrey Epstein’s NYC Apartment”

    Last but not least: “Has the FBI LOST Hunter Biden’s laptop? Matt Gaetz grills top agent about seized drive”

    Will the majority of the people ever wake up to the fact that we are governed by a bunch of corrupt, perverted, murdering, and extremely compromised and black-mailed psychopaths?

    Doubt it.

    • “Will the majority of the people ever wake up to the fact that we are governed by a bunch of corrupt, perverted, murdering, and extremely compromised and black-mailed psychopaths?”

      Go to any coffee shop, restaurant, or gathering anywhere ( cept cali)
      And listen to the conversation..
      Yesterday sitting in the dentist waiting room. A news blurp came on and everyone was talking.. my guess is .. they all suspect.. the problem is..everyone’s dependent on the green paper and social programs to survive..
      Read adolphs second secret book… it’s all in there..can follow it in the news

    • “Has the FBI LOST Hunter Biden’s laptop? Matt Gaetz grills top agent about seized drive”

      I believe there are at least three clones of the hard drive from Hunter’s laptop, floating around…

    • Goodness No, Ms Lois.

      ..or to wake up would be the realization and understanding that jeffery epstain and bill gates of hell, were founding interests/$ behind the creation of Moderna ?

      -fade to darkness..

  9. Some success, too.

    Sorry, no real Ukrainian success in their ‘offensive.’ There seem to be Americans that think Ukraine is winning the race here where in fact the Russians are very slowly and cautiously moving through Ukraine.

    For the former military here who see the big picture, the Russian strategy here is not to gain ground but rather to destroy the Ukrainian military by isolating their units, crushing them with artillery fire, then moving in to the areas they occupied. No, it’s not the tactics used by Patton’s Third Army is France. It’s boring and slow, but it reduces civilian casualties and infrastructure damage and kills Ukrainian troops.

    It’s actually a brilliant strategy, and the EU is slowly being annihilated economically and socially (as is the US, but at a much slower pace).

  10. “Say, professor Ure: Since the whore world flows with the mania, this means the stock market is up, right?”
    Your Freudian slip is showing.

  11. My wife and I both use CPAP machines. I have a Phillips (recalled and replaced) and she has a Resmed.
    Both are very advanced compared to my first one 20 years ago.
    The real time monitoring and remote control by the doc are a bit disturbing.
    Not the sexiest things in the world. Maybe they could make porn showing the erotic side of the apparatus – assuming that there is one.

    • For those who don’t use CPAP machines or those who do only occasionally, I’d suggest sleeping under a gentle fan, perhaps a ceiling fan to keep air moving past your nose and mouth. With the generally dead air of a bedroom, you may well largely rebreathe what you’ve exhaled. For most people this is not a problem, but it can be if you’re in a marginal PO2 situation. Either way, it’s worth a try.

      • NM Mike, I have good success with Pranayama Yoga breathing. See:
        See 3-part Yoga breathing, I use this nightly to fall asleep. Like my daughter (former Bikram Yoga instructor) says a majority of the population is breathing incorrectly. Your results may vary…

  12. The Wilshire 5000 is a good index to take a look at if you are not incline to build your own Aggregate Index. Though not really 5,000 [ last look it was 3,360 ] stocks traded on varies U.S. exchanges. It does give a good, over-all “look/see” of the broader picture. Very handy.
    On August 16th it bumped into the down trend line at 43,108 and has been falling ever since. As of an hour ago it is down over 400 points, dropping below its 85 day MA and breaking below the psychological 40,000.
    In ten trading days it has lost over 3,000 points and I believe shows that we started the Elliot Wave – Three down [ from the August 16th high]
    If you are looking for a way to track / chart it, Yahoo Finance is free and very easy to use., building your own specific indicators from drop-down menus. If you are looking for a good, overall view of the markets, without having to do all the math, it might be one Index worth your time to check out.

  13. “August 30th – the bitcoin maxamillist
    BoldAP from the TBM – This current period will be last time BTC drops below $20k.”
    – As of 20 minutes ago Bitcoin was at $19,600

  14. I had a retired friend at the gym get extremely sick & it lasted for 2 weeks. Covid/Flu like symptoms. He did a home Covid test & it came up negative for Covid. Then his wife got the same symptoms, tested negative for Covid, but was only sick for 2 days. The only difference in their health care was that she got the Covid Booster Shot.

  15. Hal Turner says that Credit Card Processor,STRIPE,has put an hold on donations to his site after his last night’s radio show spelling out what he’s learned from his informants about the economy.
    The show is available free on his site.

  16. I’ve noticed a pattern of almost fanatic focus on security recently. Every site, even those that really have nothing serious to lose have wanted complex passwords with 12-35 characters mixed, including upper and lower case, numbers and special characters. They also strongly encourage two factor authentication for both financial things and the relatively innocuous stuff too. The result is that I have a lot of difficult passwords that I simply cannot keep in my head. Yesterday I was flagged with a fraud alert and my card was suspended for three trivial transactions, all of which I initiated. That’s sorted out for now, but those were outfits I’d dealt with before using the same card. I do think that there’s serious concern among insiders about a potentially massive cyberattack, especially with this coming holiday weekend. Has anyone else experienced odd things like that?

  17. “Middle East Bubbles, Too

    Been semi quiet – as things go in this part of the world”

    Not really. We ran airstrikes in Syria and Iraq again this past weekend. One of the ones we ran the weekend before killed a couple hundred Russians. They were mercs fighting for Assad, so no official noise from either Moscow or D.C., but you can bet the Kremlin will have filed the incident in their [future propaganda] file…

  18. “Absent American aid, the Israelis may be forced to “go it alone… And that Obama sent pallets of cash to Iran during his pre-puppeteer days.”

    Now might be a good time to mention that Mr. Biden is preparing his own “pallets of cash” for transport to Iran.

  19. “Not pausing to think a few of us are smart enough to know Russia will likely NOT blow up anything that would drop fallout on its own forces in situ.”

    Baa, baaaa, bleat, baaaahh…

    You’ll find very few people under 40 who’re not sheeple. These sheeple either will not think, or are incapable of independent thought…

    I drove through the local college today. So many kids, outdoors, wearing masks and bleating. I’m also getting really tired of seeing lard-ass coeds in bootie-shorts and crop-tops, with skin so pale it’s got a bluish hue, masked-up and lumbering around campus underneath umbrellas, in the sun.

    Y’know how colleges have alarm or “scramble” lights at busy street intersections? I was on a campus a couple days ago and actually saw a woman cross the street at a scramble light, without waiting for the crosswalk light (or pushing the damn’ “wait another full minute” button).

    It was like she actually knew how to cross a street.

    I mention this because it’s a phenomenon I have not seen in several years. The kiddies have apparently been programmed to never cross a street without having a crosswalk light telling them to “walk.”

    BTW, before I hit campus today I had the “pleasure” of driving past an elementary school, ~10 minutes before dismissal. I passed a line of cars which was over a half-mile long (141 of them, mostly SUVs, and yes, I drove past twice, just so I could count them), just settin’ in the right lane with their motors idling and A/C blowing (it’s sunny, 75°, and with a relative humidity of about 35% — absolutely idyllic). Despite this school being the “most uppityish” in the area, there was not a single EV in the entire line.

    I’m trying to come to grips with this. I don’t live in Cali and I’m not a Masshole, so I don’t understand why parents would pick their kids up from school on an amazingly pretty day like today, or why they’d sit outside and collectively waste a hundred gallons of gasoline to do so…

    • I get to my grandkid’s school about 40 to 45 minutes ahead of the bell to avoid other traffic and just sit with the windows down in the shade of a tree on good days and read books I’ve been meaning to get to. I’m about half way through Kelton’s “The Time it Never Rained” now. But others in their trucks and SUVs will sit there with the engine running and the A/C blowing in the midst of the high gas prices. No, people don’t get it yet. I have a feeling this won’t last much longer, though.

      • Bill, I’m driving my Toyota Highlander hybrid most of the time. I turn the engine off when I’m waiting in the McDonald’s drive-through (for the nuggets I use to give pills to my doggos), and unless I’m holding up a line at the squawk-box, only start-up and move once cars in front of me have moved 3-spaces. I’ve done this for years, and do it in any vehicle I drive except the Jetta (diesel). I hate paying for energy and don’t understand those who waste it…

        BTW, I live over a mile from my kids’ elementary school. I would take them to school in the morning, but unless it was pouring down rain or a blizzard outside, they were expected to walk home (which is the other thing I don’t understand about the line of cars.) That school probably has a StudPop of somewhere around 300 — at least 150 of whom live within 6 frickin’ blocks (~3/8 mile) of the school. Maybe if Johnny and Suzie walked home from school when they were eight, they wouldn’t be 100 pounds overweight when they hit college…

      • I remember walking home a mile or more from the elementary schools I went to in Odessa, Tx as a kid from 3rd through 5th grade. I wouldn’t dare let my kid walk home today in that town or any other that we lived in back in the 60s. As quiet as things are around our little town I’ve toyed with the idea of letting our granddaughter walk home so I can extend my work day but haven’t done it yet due to not wanting to be the first parent/grand parent around here to experience what today’s World has to offer. No parent wants to be a “leading indicator”. We’ve had our instances of violence in outlying homes here in the past, with the perps still lurking around, and if anything happened to the kid, being a girl, I’d be the next victim reported in the news at the hands of my wife. It’s different with girls when you consider all the possibilities but I think it would be a good way of introducing her to more independence at this point. I guess whenever the school gets to the point of letting her carry a weapon of some kind that she can check in and out at the front office I’ll feel better about it. I know she’d have no problems with that at all!

    • I always wonder why these kids aren’t walking or riding the bus to school. I seriously doubt 141 families had the same reason we had:

      A judge ordered my wife to take her two kids to a school 30 miles away because their daddy didn’t want the kids to be homeschooled, and he lived in that school district. She made two round trips every day for five years until the youngest one graduated. Sometimes three round trips because one was in sports. Of course, daddy paid minimal child support and never contributed to any transportation costs, and it’s hard to find a job based on that kind of schedule.

      • James, there’s always an exception, but there’s not 141 of ’em.

        Around here, any kid who lives a half-mile or more away from school can ride one of the six, 72 passenger buses which pick up and deliver kids from this school.

        There’s a chance of a kid catching a stray round while walking home. Unless there’s a ghetto or drug-infested project, or an enclave of foreign gangsters between you and the school, the odds of Junior getting shot are about the same as his odds of being hit by lightning on a partly-cloudy day.

        There’s a chance of a kid getting snatched, raped, or murdered. The odds of this happening are no greater than they were when you were a child, unless Junior has to walk through an above-stated neighborhood or one which has a substantial population of foreigners whose customs permit such behavior.

  20. “That there could be a cadre of senior bureaucrats within the FBI who have placed themselves above the law and are actively agendizing their own vision of the future is certain something that comes to mind.”

    They are there.

    ‘Thing is, they’re everywhere. Agencies and Departments are not run by people who’re qualified in these entities; they are run by people who specialize in bureaucracy, get paid a lot of money, and can never be fired unless the Agency or Department over which they administer, is eliminated. When one messes up, (s)he is not dismissed, they are moved to another Agency or Department, and if the fuckup is severe enough, the interdepartmental move is accompanied by a promotion or GS-bump.

    Were someone to clean out the legal and social perversion at the top of the FBI, those individuals would be replaced by bad apples from other Agencies and the FBI’s rot would be spread out and promulgated to other Agencies and Departments.

    Trump’s idea of creating essentially an “86 Agency” was absolutely brilliant:

    Create a “garbage Agency.”

    Then, because you can’t fire the bureaucratic bastards, as you find them, transfer them to “86.” Eventually, you get all the crap in one place and once you do, simply eliminate that Agency.

    This was another of Trump’s ideas that Biden disappeared…

    • I don’t think there is any “messing up”, I think they have their orders and agendas and follow them until too much attention is brought to them so they then have to go hide somewhere for a while. They are put in their positions because TPTB trust them to do their bidding.

  21. George,

    30 August 2022 current fractal quantitative analysis:

    (under the constraints of western central banks money tightening and peak US housing valuation poised to precipitously drop to the near- averaged inflationary mean)

    The daily decay fractal series from the 8/16/2022 Wilshire lower high peak (relative to 8 Nov 2021 all time peak)appears to be a 5/13/7 day sequence. Tomorrow’s trading should be a good counter rally growth day for this series. The 13 day second fractal appears to be following a 3/7/5 day sub series with tomorrow the 6 day of 7 day second subfractal series. The final sequence to the October 2022 low will use the 7 day third subfractal of this 5/13/7 day sequence as the base for a 7/18/11 day fractal series placing the low on about 28 October.

    Bitcoin in USD is following a 17 June 2022 25/59/50 day decay series (y/2.5y/2y) with a low on about 28 October 2022. Tomorrow’s trading should be a growth day for Bitcoin in USD.

  22. George
    My Dearest, She Who Must Be Obeyed, uses a CPAP machine and has done so for years.
    After much trial and error looking for a good pillow to use with the mask she must wear it turns out that a My Pillow is an outstanding winner for her needs!
    In addition you may want to start using a mask that only covers your nose and mouth in a minimal way. Having a personal fitting done at a medical device store is worth the money. Then you can order replacement parts on Amazon. Also lay in a supply of distilled water as it can be used up fast.
    Good luck and good sleep!

    • I will confirm the superiority of “My Pillow” as a head support when sleeping, though I don’t use a CPAP. I was having neck problems a year ago and my daughter gave me one. Those problems disappeared, with no other lifestyle changes!

  23. Dear Flock,

    “(They) say (they) want a revolution”? Celebrate the release today of the White House Visitor Logs for the month of May, 2022! Behold the rising fortunes of the world as a January total at under 2000 souls has multiplied to over 20,000. Please turn to page 108 of the May public record. Thank you random selectee Mr. I.M. for attending the WH May 25th on behalf of the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Human Rights Coalition Votes Action Pac, and cross-referencing the same visit in your social media. The superpac also reflects registration May 25th on its FEC Form 1. Banking will be provided by America’s 10th largest bank which traces its founding roots to a namesake of a famous soldier of the American Revolution as well as the 3rd US President.

    And now, 55 years and 2 days since msm broadcast the famous Chicago chant – “The whole world is watching!” – here’s DJ George holding a candle in the wind. Crank the cpap and get ready to belt out a Happy Birthday to that Fab Four anthem;
    “Hey Jude”

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