Holding German Gold

Special morning for us:  There will be an update about 20-minutes past 8 (or whenever I get to it) with this morning’s housing numbers, but there is much other action about this morning so here goes…

The biggest story on the financial side is that the US is keeping Germany’s gold.  You may remember a couple of years back, the German’s pressured the Fed to deliver back to German homeland all $14-billion worth of that yellow dog, that along with silver, is about all that keeps rabid central bankster in check.

Whether the Germans are backing off because of internal political disagreements (unlikely) or because changing the amount of gold Germany has would upset the economic applecart and might reveal how little gold is in bank custody will no doubt be the grist for conspiracy boards for a long time to come.

Nevertheless, we’re reminded that the last time a major world figure, Hugo Chavez, wanted to repatriate a bunch of gold to Venezuela, he ended up dead, shortly thereafter.

We also remember the death of an American President, John F. Kennedy was linked to a precious metals decision.  Wiki Executive Order 11110:

This executive order delegated to the Secretary of the Treasury the president’s authority to issue silver certificates under the Thomas Amendment of the Agricultural Adjustment Act, as amended by the Gold Reserve Act. The order allowed the Secretary to issue silver certificates, if any were needed, during the transition period under President Kennedy’s plan to eliminate silver certificates.

Since we’re big on “templates” around here, constructing one that says “Mess with precious metals in government hands can be a lethal mistake” may be a pretty good one to keep in mind.

Up dramatically earlier, the PM’s are back down from earlier levels, but we now have silver at $21 as of press time.

Take from it, what you will.

“Let Them Eat (yellow) Cake!”

Warhammer notes that Iraq’s invaders and now talking a nuclear end to Israel:


There’s always a fair share of chest thumping happening in the Middle East at any given time, but this chilling claim by ISIS takes the cake – a Uranium cake!  “Iraq Invaders threaten nuke attack on Israel” reports WND.

If true, that Pakistani sympathizers provided ISIS with one or more nukes, Israel and the West’s collective worst fears are now realized. And for ISIS, as well as for Iran, nuke weapons are seen as necessary commodities in order for a true military-political caliphate to be realized.

This is a most curious claim, one that might legitimately be taken lightly – for now. That said, the situation seem to be getting more complex and interesting by the day in and around the Holy Land.

I am trying to grasp how Shi’ite Iranian theocrats are digesting this bit of Sunni ISIS news. I would have thought it more likely the opposing Islamic factions would severely wound each other in a protracted conventional religious civil war. Now, if nukes really have entered into the equation, perhaps Iran will seek a truce with the Sunnis in order to first liberate the Middle East from the infidels before settling their messy little family affair.

Color me captivated by the whole ISIS/Syria/Iran/Hamas/Palestine/Saudi Arabia/Israel vortex of uncertainty. Crazy ‘Twilight Zone’ stuff is going on here!

Yep, no telling who is stirring the soup, at this point…

John Kerry is calling it ISIL instead of ISIS:

More after this…


Damn Curious Quakes

imageWe’ve got a couple of problems to report with this earthquake overnight in Alaska out in the Aleutian Islands.

First, it was big – 7.9 on the Richter Scale.

But the more important feature of this quake is that it fell in line with predictions made on YouTube that there was an increasingly apparent influence of Nibiru/Planet X.

I caught a video last week that was narrated by a soft-spoken female (and wouldn’t you know I lost the link) but she was pointing out how there was a 397 to 409 day “cycle” to major influences of the “Planet X” and  although this quake was a few days out of ideal, it’s close enough to have Ure’s truly’s attention.

Gareloi.jpgOh…and like the timing isn’t bad enough, remember the Aleutian island where this quake was centered is named Gareloi Island which is really little more than the cinder cone that begins on the floor of the Bering Sea and sticks up more than 5,000 feet.

Granted, the quake depth is too deep to be an instant concern (shallower quakes would be more worrisome, but can you imagine the impact on the world’s food supply if, in these semi-modern times, we experienced a northern hemisphere Krakatoa-sized event?

Honestly, this mountain hadn’t been on  our “top 5” list of placed that could ruin life.  Places like the Long Valley Caldera made the list.  But now, with the overnight shaker, it’s on the list and if the size of volcanic Mt. Gareloi changes, we’ll be sure and mention it to you.

I should also mention we had a couple of 6.9 quake down in the South Pacific and near New Zealand’s Kermadec Islands, too.  Mid-ocean plate grinder, long ways from humans.  Being a coward, and all, this is not when I’d go island vacationing.

Eyes on Google

Take a look at what their Nest Labs group is doing.  Makes me wonder (as they move into home automation) what’s ahead for X-10

Attention Medical Readers

For our readers in medicine, this one is hot and worth knowing – an EMT reader  Lee passed it along:

I just wanted to pass along something, mostly for your son, but you might find it interesting as well: “They” can now diagnose a stroke in as little as six minutes (with the right gear in the right facility) as opposed to the current (longer) CT requirement. Currently the “time frame for definitive care of strokes is 3 hours before “permanent” damage is done. Before they can do anything, they have to see if the stroke is ischemic (blockage) or hemorrhagic (burst aneurysm) so they can determine which treatment would be most effective on the patient. (primarily for thrombolytics – thinners & clot busters – but these are bad for aneurysms for obvious reasons). 
Six-Minute Magnetic Resonance Imaging Protocol for Ev… [Stroke. 2014] – PubMed – NCBI
Anyway, thought I would pass it along. It popped up in my EMS-RSS feed. Tell all to take care, and stay safe.

Damn fine information to have.  Nice to see the ball being moved down field on this.