Hold Your Breath in August and September

We are coming into a period when the term “high risk” could mean more than any other in our lifetimes.  We are literally living in a “powder keg” world which could “go Archduke Ferdinand” at any second.

Plus with our ChartPack – and a market that has soared (as of mid-session Friday) more than nine percent in a single month.

These are unprecedented times.  And to our way of thinking, time to prepare for any of what may be coming is quickly running out.

Although – for now – it has not deterred our study of global geopolitics or our ChartPack.

The real question this weekend is “Could the Charts be right?  Or are we in a pre-War Bear Market Rally such has never been seen before?

Yes, it’s a “war jitters special” for breakfast.

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57 thoughts on “Hold Your Breath in August and September”

  1. If I may add a second quote of the week..

    Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead, are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

      • It is also the desire of the majority of folks that vote. Unless we change our system nothing will change by itself. Pointing out the obvious and complaining about it may give an individual some sort of satisfaction, but beside that it’s just a waste of time, IMHO, of course!

      • @choices. Stating a fact is not necessarily complaining about it. I for one have spent 60 years of my life trying to change politics and that is what has very often seemed like a waste of time. Hard for a conservative living in a very Liberal country but not giving up until the DUDE makes the final phone call. :-)

        Always appreciate your opinion.

    • Brilliant BIC. I have one to not find in dictionary.
      Secasitating. Meaning: Just chillin with popcorn and beer. Relaxing out so to speak and watchin the show.

    • This is correct to a point, but those truly in control are far from inept. They are evil, but not inept. This is a planned, controlled demolition and they know exactly what they are doing.

      • …Which the majority of us can’t believe, because we can not understand “why” anyone would deliberately implode the best system of governance ever established.

        Not everyone is asleep…

  2. “How MANY carriers is the US prepared to lose to try to prevent Chinese air superiority over Taiwan? ”

    consider.. that the family business was used to force compliance..and using their own perverse demands and ego to gain knoweledge of internal operations of the US govt..

    as a world leader.. if you are being forced to play the game.. what would they do..the only option they were given play the chess game being laid out before them use the weaknesses of those they are being played by….



    if your like me and would be more interested in the written word.. then the book..
    and here is the movie LOL
    what the army says..

  3. Our track record fighting distant wars ought to be enough for the odds makers to place the US at 200-1 underdogs. Naval blockades, tactical nukes, extreme supply line distances, and one factor not mentioned; how many key personnel in both the military and government are already on Chinese payroll ready to sabotage from within and then bolt for the door to their promised new life in the Chinese or other countryside? This wokeness that has infected our military didn’t just occur, usefull idiots paved the road for their handlers and weak, incompetent and compromised leaders ushered it in.
    Hell, maybe Pelosi is leaving the US in advance of a war she knows is about to commence. Maybe we should pay close attention to hubby Pauls’ movements. How many other ranking US officials are on the payroll beginning with the Clinton staff right through to Hunter and the big guy? Swalwell, Feinstein, Newsom and on down the left coast line…..
    How many corporate entities are beholden to their Chinese manufacturing base and doomed in the event of a cold or hot war?
    In addition to tactical planning for the seemingly inevitable Taiwan event, the strategic planning for how to deal with an unruly warrior nation across the Pacific must be high on the Beijing agenda. Think generationally and extrapolate BRICS alliances.
    We have enjoyed decades of borrowed wealth that has bred complacency and an unwillingness to face security threats (except from within). While we have been languishing in oplulence our traditional opponents maintained their old school mindsets and prepared.
    Taiwan may or may not be the flash point for a Chinese – USA conflict but, as you and your sage advisor have surmised, the timing is right. They and their network of saboteurs cannot allow a sea change in November.

    • Rico … you hit upon the HIDDEN side of why so much of Corporate American has closed it’s eyes to China’s increasing dominance of certain industries, including basic manufacturing (steel 12x the amount that the US produces: aluminum about 10x: titanium 80x; semi-conductors 2x to 3x – not even counting Taiwan).

      So many large US Corporations have become MARKETING companies for products produced in China vs making those products themselves that they now have a vested interest in allowing China to do anything it wants, and will lobby on China’s behalf since if China cuts them off they are not just insolvent … but will be liquidated since they don’t produce even 15% of what they sell anymore.

      “IF” a war comes between the US and China over Taiwan our economy will have extreme problems in producing ANYTHING since so many items necessary for ANY manufacturing to occur in the US are now SOLELY SOURCED from China … and we do NOT have the ability to quickly start making those parts or sub-assemblies here.

      The New York Financier Class could make quick profits by closing down US plants and offshoring manufacturing to “cheaper” China during the 1990’s up to the present while still charging the same price … so they chased after those QUICK profits with a vengeance and closed closed closed manufacturing plants of all sorts in the US

      If an actual War would happen expect the current problem in getting products needed to become 100 times worse for many things … such as products needed to wire buildings or maintain our grid … plumbing items of every variety in every size … nails and screws … any sort of metal bracket … wheels for vehicles … etc. etc., (all of those items come virtually 100% from China). Can we even maintain our Grid without Chinese electrical transformers? Most are made in China and for the super big ones used at the high voltage transmission line farms virtually all are now made in China.

      It is going to be an interesting fall … and I think the supposed experts who say China won’t move on Taiwan for at least 3 years must be smoking some really strong stuff, AT WORK.

      • Laughable but I understand your point of view. The USA would smoke Russia and China combined forces in a conventional war. Meaning if China and Russia combined its forces to go against the US? The US would smoke both those country’s combined forces and right quick. The United States is by a long shot the superior military.

        You look at their military budgets. The US has been outstanding those countries for decades on military budget. It’s hilarious to see every side with China. The reality is the US has by far the biggest stock piles of munitions and rockets and planes. The US Military sum total of fighter jets is still over 10,000 more than the combined China and Russia aircraft. Super sonic russian missiles? LOL!

        The United States Airforce X-51A can drop a payload anywhere on the entire planet in under 45 minutes. Anywhere on the entire planet. Fuck your Russian supersonic Misseles.

        It cracks me up how people think China China China China. Russia Russia Russia. Hahahaha.

        Fyi: Only 15 years out of the entirety of the 244 years the United States has been in existence have been peaceful. Only 15 years without conflict.

        Last time China got in a real war, Japan kicked their ass unless you count the Chinese bullying a bunch of peace loving Tibetan monks that wouldn’t hurt an earth worm a war.

        So, I understand your point of view. But I will remind you Regan collapes the Soviets by out spending them on military stuff. And we haven’t cut back on military spending since Regan. We keep rasing the amount we spend on military stuff. And all them super smart nazi fuckers came here and we developed radar and sonar and all that. I’m sure the J.A.S.O.N scientists who have a security clearance way above the president, have shit for the Chinese they never even dreamed possible. LOL. That is the facts.

        But you know. You can think whatever you want. It’s your right to do so.

      • We are SO screwed! I don’t have Ure shop facilities, but I’ve got electronic parts everywhere that would make a small store. Spend my free time on rainy days (a lot here) organizing and filing parts and small projects. I could be busy for years, with plenty of stock for ‘repairs’.

      • “we do NOT have the ability to quickly start making those parts or sub-assemblies here.”

        The last report I had read on retooling was 5-10 years .. and that was while we still had trained personnel around..

      • I will also remind you. Last time I heard talk like this, Sudam Hussain put out a red line and said you will not cross the line of death. Then he boasted having the 4th largest army in the world.

        When the United States called him on him out on his bullshit? We knocking on his front door 100 hours later. funny thing was. He wasn’t home when we got there. And we made Damn sure he new we were coming. Lol

        So let the Chinese blah blah blah on social media all they want. Let them think whatever they want. I’m sure without a fucking doubt Japan probably would give them sound council since Sadam isn’t around anymore. Because Japan at one point made the same boasts. Lol

      • Even if they started a revolution in the United States and then Russia or China tried to invade? All that would do is create a common enemy and reunite the United States on a front.

        If anything 9/11 taught anyone. Is all it takes is a single event to impact the United State population, for it to Unite as one voice, strap on our shit kickers and get busy being about it.

        So let’s say China shoots down Pelosi’s jet. Yay! Uhem oh dang. That is not good.

        Really think about this. Let’s say China shoots down an American Congress woman.

        What will that do? The United States population has a proven track not giving a single fuck about being Republican or Democrat when another country steps up and does something stupid like that. Especially killing a woman, let alone a congressman. The entire country Unites and right fast. And China will have hell to pay. It won’t matter who is president and any back door deals.

        Under Article I, Section 8, Congress has the power to: declare war. grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal (i.e., license private citizens to capture enemy vessels) raise and support Armies (for terms up to two years at a time)

        And we already know the Republicans are going to sweep the senate and the house.

        What is Biden going to do? Tell the entire population of the US, come on now man, I know congress voted for war but this 8 year old blonde girls hair smells so good and hunter just got a fat sack? The Chinese did an opps.

        Make mistakes. All back door deals come off the table when a politician is facing the US population telling them they will be out of a job unless they sign that declaration and go kick Chinas ass. All them politicians are in it for themselves. Lol

        The US a 200 to one underdogs? Where do I get those odds? I’d like to put a $100 bet on that. Easy money.

      • Make no mistake. Anything China or Russia does against the United States military wise? Will only bring the entire country together. Nothing drives our industry, economy, population moral, social structures and ingenuity, advancements in technology, bringing us all together working like a well oiled machine, like a common enemy.

        And neither Republicans nor Democrats nor the undecided political people like anyone killing a woman. Especially a congressman.

        I think this is a really good time to Unite the entire United States and bring us all together. Kinda hope Nancy takes one for the team. After all the bullshit she has done since she got in office, she could go down in history for bring us all together at church.

        Like I said, look at 9/11 when the twin towers went down. There were complete atheists down at the Baptist church praying.

        And the United States? We fight for ideals. China and Russia? They fight because they were told to and it pays better than Nike. Big difference.

        Heard this joke the other day,
        “I can’t relate to those working in sweat shops. But I have walked miles in their shoes. ”

        200 to 1 of the US losing. Hahahahahahahah

        Good for you. I fought for my country so you can have your opinion. Agree to disagree.

  4. The market is still inversely tracking gasoline prices.

    War is comical in a way. Groups trying to inconvenience each other as much as possible.

    You go to bed one night and the next morning blaring loudspeakers wake you up, “Stay in!”

    Ukraine bombards Donetsk with landmines – mayor

    The Donbass official urged residents to stay vigilant for banned explosive devices

    Ukrainian forces airdropped banned PFM-1 anti-personnel landmines on the capital of the Donetsk People’s Republic on Wednesday night, Mayor Aleksey Kulemzin said.

    “The small butterfly-shaped PFM-1 landmines are banned under the 1997 Ottawa Convention, of which Ukraine is part. Even when they do not kill the victim when stepped on, they often rip the person’s foot off.”


    Just like the New York nuke warning public service announcement.

    “Don’t ask how or why”

    Nuclear Preparedness PSA (with captions)


  5. Great analysis!

    History turns on a dime. If Pelosi has the courage to visit Taiwan, and a war kicks off with China, I would say that the U.S. Pacific alliances could not stop Taiwan’s destruction.

    Pacific containment; however, is a possibility, but that depends on how far forward the U.S. alliances have been looking. I say logistics collapses the West in weeks, and that China and Russia go for the tap out one second into the Real War.

    Sadly, my opinion is influenced by a 16th century prophet.


    • I tend to agree. IMO our “stake” in the East is to prevent Australia, New Zealand, and Japan from falling to the Chicom bloc and half-assed protect, then write off Indonesia, SE Asia, Taiwan, and SKorea with as few American losses as is practicable.

      Wars are not won by combatants with 6000 mile long supply lines…

    • Stu: I can access the password screen, but “Too Many Redirects” is the error message I get with every platform I try to access part ii of your article, both computer and smartphone, with multiple browsers. And yes, I have what should be the current password, unless you embedded a new one somewheres.

    • GA S: Aries, Libra and Capricorn transits are always war alerts, next summer more likely for war, Nostradamus very versed in Astrology and so is Jessica Adams:


      A worse Emperor or a worse Empire (line 4 is open to debate), VIII-65 (will be LMAO when Biden still around in Sept):

      although Alex Jones incited Trump supporters to remove Biden, one way or another:

    • Hi, George,

      Many thanks to G. A. Stewart for a fabulous read. Some of it, I did recall. Much of it was new. Remarkable research. Thank you very much.

    • Stu- Finally got part ii open. Not sure if the problem was your site or externals. It gets my attention when my comms get iffy.

      G____-Do you still have a hard IP address for access to Ure site? I don’t seem to be able to access through your last known hard IP address. One suggestion would be to keep a single page emergency board available, if keeping the entire site accessible is an issue.

    • Exactly stu.. I need to email you for the password to the bully pulpit..
      We forget that we went after hussein we had saudi help..this time we are being positioned to be in what six fronts at one time.. and we don’t manufacture anymore..China just with personnel can walk across the usa.. products there cost a mere fraction of what they do here..

    • Stu. I would like to read part 2 of your excellent column and am happy to get a PW to do so. Do I just make a donation or purchase the books to get the PW?

      I have respect for people who work as hard as you and George and do it for a love of and belief in what they do and not for the money. You both give away a lot! I also respect people that say “I made a mistake and I got that wrong.” That is rare today.


  6. George, the second chart in the chartpack seems to be missing:


    The rest of the report was a worthy read, and yet again, I feel unprepared! Too much to do and so little time.

    I hesitate to imagine the reaction by the American people if/when one of our carriers goes to the bottom of the sea. I doubt most Americans can even imagine it, and most don’t even know the real size of such a ship.

    Obviously, I don’t wish for such a thing, but those who can’t or won’t imagine it may well be left in a daze of disbelief. That’s never good for a nation.

  7. Tex: still think we are tracing out a wicked bear rally wave-4 and, holding breath watching for where the toppy part presents (and, selling into the rip). NQ exceeding the 12,320 June 2 high clears the field for 12,555 (ish) zone where the quadruple tap 2/24-3/15 forms resistance. When 4 rolls off into 5 we (Royal) will contemplate Wave proportion and Fib ratios. For now, for the moment, party on Garth. Egor

  8. Hi George, I seem unable to load the 2nd chart under


    The Bull Market Returns. Thanks.

  9. Good ole 73 working them up into a frenzy today . He was trained for that . Just buy gold

  10. Ya know George, some unlucky basted won 1.25 Billion mega millions in Illinois.

    I thought to myself, what the hell would I do with 1.25 Billion dollars? I like my life. I have a good life. 1.25 Billion Dollars could fuck all that up. Unless nobody knew I had that much money.

    I sat out on my lawn this morning with a cup of coffee, Marlboro red, meditation book, the cat, sound of the waves talking to DUDE. I prefer that over 1000 new found friends on my front lawn professing their love and needs.

    Someone asked me on Facebook what I would I do if I won. I said I know exactly what I’d do. They well what would you do? I said If i won that 1.25 Billion dollars? I would take $10 million after taxes for me, Invest it in a few things, give all my immediate family ie Momma, Dad, brothers, sisters, kids a million dolllars after taxes each, 3 of my favorite cousins a million each after taxes, and 20 of my closest friends or people id like to bless with a million each after taxes. Then i would split the remainder of it between 5 different out reachs, the Spokane gospel mission, the Seattle gospel mission, the Seattle soup kitchen, the Everett Gospel mission and the Hollywood Mission in LA equally.

    I might buy one of them new Toyota 4 Runners, I really like them. But that is about all I’d spend the money on, I’d invest the rest. I wouldn’t even buy a house. I like where i live now. And…. id be at work on Monday driving truck.

    My buddy said you win 1.25 Billion Dollars and you would be at work on Monday? You have the only person on the planet who would do that.

    I said, well Because i like doing that. I like driving truck and chewing on thoughts all day. Lots of good men and women there too. Super good outfit. And if you enjoy what you do and you make good money doing it? It’s honest work? It’s not really like working all day. More like hanging out with the fellas all day doing man shit. Lol

    Ohhh I still do shows time to time.

    I’m doing Chili Peppers concert on Wednesday this week at T-moble. My cousin just got promoted out there. She asked me to look after things on the Baracade, passgate and back stage. Since it’s her first big show. Be a fun show, so I said, ya I will be there.

    Best of both worlds.

    I got alot of questions on who would make my top 20 people I’d give a million dollars to if I’d won the 1.25 Billion dollar Mega Millions. I named the first 7 right off the bat in order. Then thought about it. Came up with 15 in about 10 minutes and said well I’d have have to think about the last 5.

    You came in at number 12 George.

    Hey its hot as fuck. Stay cool. Saw north Texas and Oklahoma got some rain. Not too much. Just enough to cool things down for a little bit. Read that a while back on Urban survival not to long ago, hmmmmmm..

    This place is always one step ahead of the rest of the world. Fo sho!

    Off to see about a bunny, who just called me darlin.

    Truly, I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope you are as well.

    Que: ~ Slow and Easy ~


    White snake.

    • “Last time blah, blah, blah…..” and please remind yourself that it’s NOT LAST TIME any longer ;-)! For a man of your intelligence, Andy, where did you get this “Last time, etc.”

    • Heard thunder in the distance yesterday; not one drop of rain fell. Most of Texas is in a drought condition; I expect the extreme drought zone to annex my property within two weeks. Exceptional drought is now on the table.
      Cracks in the black dirt are already 1.5″ wide. If it does rain, the rain will run down into the cracks. There won’t be any runoff to refill ponds and lakes without a major rainfall event.
      Second hay cutting is looking dubious. Cooling down from 102 F to 99 F with an increase in humidity doesn’t do anything for the heat index.

    • “My buddy said you win 1.25 Billion Dollars and you would be at work on Monday? You have the only person on the planet who would do that. ”

      Not true. I, too, would not miss a step in my “normal life.” Of course, my normal life involves some moving around, so I’d set up several straw people, through which money could pass, to at least attempt to insulate myself from all those “cousins” who’d come out of the woodwork with hands extended…

  11. Oh I do have a question George. Did you ever do an article on the Metaverse and Web 3. I am very interested in that lately. Especially since a Dubai Prince is have the entire city of Dubai built in 3D virtual reality. A 27 billion dollar investment.

    That and remember when I wrote about the Zipper in ~ The Zero Report ~ edition I? And about the future of cloning in year 2035, i stumbled upon the 2 companies who will mainstream placing consciousness into clones the other day. Making what they call “virtual twins” as it is now. If memory serves you will only be able to be cloned and have your conscience transferred into your clone 6 times. At the time I wrote that I was very deep in meditation for an extend period of 12-15 hours. I didn’t know those companies actually existed. Never looked them up. Stumbled upon one the other day and shortly after found the other. Not sure if I mentioned the name of the cloning company in 2035. But I knew it was 2 companies that merged in 2032. I didn’t think they existed yet. But low and behold. They do. Unity and Robolox. Become one company unolox. That is the name I saw written on the side of the clone tube when I saw someone conscientiousnes being transferred into an identical body. Unolox. And I thought. Whoooaaa when I find out they are responsible for twining in the metaverse. Huh. No shit! Hahahahahah

    Because I didn’t know what I wrote in Edition I, until after I came out of my meditation and i read it after. There it was. Cloning, unolox.

    So if you have an article about web 3 and the metaverse that I missed? Please send me the link. I’d enjoy reading Ure thoughts on the subject. And hell yes! I bought Unity and Robolox stock already. Hahhaha

    • Of memory serves. I will have to go back and look at my notes. Because that extend time in meditation, casting my consciousness that far in the future is very taxing on my body. Atleast for me, I distinctly remembered something about placing consciousness in type of virtual reality for interstellar space travel, clones being produced and consciousness being transferred into the clone body to preserve life in space exploration. Something like that. I think that was developed around the year 2072. Since I pass from this world in 2088. I die of natral causes, never accepting the cloning or transfeting of consciousness into a clone.

      But in the immediate future this fall. Many tubulant financial times for many this fall and winter. And many will spend a days wage to eat that day. I remember the other day in meditation I had a flash revelation of the near future this winter. Where 60 different countries collapse like sur Lanka financially.

      All this talk about The US, EU, China and Russia. Eveyone forgets India has the largest population in the world now I believe. No mention of them. Wonder why. Lol

      And the earth itself doesn’t go through the 7 year tribulation until 2222 from my understanding.

      But I only know a little. DUDE knows the shit I don’t.

      Now about that bunny. See ya!

  12. “Proper Apologies have Three Parts.

    1 What I did was wrong.
    2. I feel badly that I hurt you.
    3. How can I make this better.”

    – Jimmy John

    Notice the Pope’s post-Colonialism World Apology Tour. He’s wrapping it up over in Canada.

    Pope again asks for forgiveness as tour ends in Canada’s north


    And it’s working:

    Welcome to Aotearoa? The Campaign to Decolonize New Zealand’s Name

    Parliamentary committee could recommend vote among lawmakers or referendum to adopt M?ori name


    • That three parts was in a movie we watched last night – Indian pilot doing an eyes closed landing saing 150 people and then the inquiry following. That where you got the pull quote? The Movie is the Message…

      • No, marketing material from a regional sandwich shop. (LoL)


        The Pope is 85. It’s easy for him to give the islands back. The Pope won’t be here to do the actual giving part.

        He was talking about retiring so why not go out on a high note.

        Like FDR, “We’ll make a FIAT and backstop everything, bye. “

    • Shame that tour..perfect opportunity for dark POS to achieve sainthood. Bergaglio really screwed(“princed”) the pooch when he decided Not to burn all those 1st peoples alive this past week.

      #1 way to sainhood in catholic church – slaughter,burn, murder Women/Children and Fathers Alive. Yerp this Is the “way” to Heaven..

      *dont forget Ure 10% for the”Dude”..hahahahahahah a “diety” that needs money bwahahahahahahahahahaha- if that aint “rich”

      Hows all that been working out the for the “believers” ?? Never seen “light” or heard voices inside a Computer video game before? Like people or Ure on self talking in Ure dreams..Ever see someones Mouth open/move in Ure dreams ?

      NO, You never have – telepathy ?-why cant You speak/think like that on this side ?

      • ” sainhood in catholic church – slaughter,burn, murder Women/Children and Fathers Alive”

        Yep. I did a little research on why light skinned Europeans worship a medium brown complected God.

        St. Patrick, was “sainted” for beating in the heads of the Irish. Fear converted Europe. And quite a fear that had to be.

    • The pope is a Marxist-communist. He has done more to destroy the Church than anyone in the past 600 years. I put him in the same category as George Soros: Whatever the pope says or does, I assume the proper path is its opposite.

  13. Now if I had 1.25 Billion Dollars that nobody knew about but me and a few really good Jewish accountants and a few really good Italian Attorneys? Because nobody argues better than an Italian. LOL

    I’d build the biggest financial empire in the world. And I’d still drive my side dump, live on the beach and drive a brand new 4 runner. LOL

    Because life ain’t about looking good. It’s about being good. Human being. Not human looking good. Or human doing good. It’s about Human being, good.

    But I didn’t win the mega millions. LOL

    That is enough for me for a while. See ya. I am at the bunny crossing again. Hahah

    • LOL someone asked me what I would do with it.. well seriously what would I need that much for in the first place.. I would fill the car tank up to full.. LOL doubt if I would get a new car.. the one I have fits me perfectly.. kind of like me.. rusty and a little deuteriation around the body..got a lot of miles on her but it is dependable and the motor still has heart to take me where I need to go..

  14. well.. a couple of weeks ago.. a young man got really sad.. about his expenses and tried to say good bye cruel world.. he survived.. but decided it was time to leave his girlfriend(I thought they were married) and go back home.. anyway.. I got visiting with the young lady and found out that all they have is a futon and a couple of pans.. no food.. etc.. struggling trying to get by…. it costs her everything she makes to barely get by with rent and daycare…. so tomorrow I will take some fresh garden goods and a box of groceries.. gotta figure out what the little one likes for a snack and cereal etc..maybe a bottle of wine so she can relax on her porch in the evening and feel human .. etc.. but I did tell her that if she needs something.. come on over to the cottage .. I got enough crap I might be able.. OH WAIT… wrong word I meant to say.. Creative Resources Around the Property to give her a hand up ..

    • Yes.. took the food over.. boy you could see how important it was in her eyes.. so that was a good move.. what I didn’t know that she had mentioned yesterday was the young man was a woman beater.. that made me sad.. there isn’t any reason that anyone should do that..

      • I think what happens is people become their role models. “Like father, like son.”

        Ask the girl if her mother was into wife beaters as well.

  15. What a blast Pelosi would have been when young !! Say 140 years ago . She hung em out those big saddle bags 2 weeks ago !! She might be feeling horny from [libel redacted – g]. God bless America. She goin Taiwan !! Fark China USA USA USA

    • Nothing will happen. China won’t do shit. There isn’t a person on the planet that won’t be pissed at China if they kill a woman. There isn’t a person on the planet, no matter what country that will applaud such an ordeal.

      The entire planet will turn against China if they shoot down Pelosi’s plane and she dies.

      China ain’t that stupid.

      Besides, Mexico is less than month away from a financial meltdown as bad a sir Lanka.

      I don’t even watch the news but I see signs all around me that Mexico about to go tits up financially. In a big way. May even cause a revolution in Mexico.

      And there alot of indicators that all our manufacturing in China can swiftly be moved to Mexico, especially since prices will get cheaper there than in China.

      Ya gotta be paying attention.

    • Ya know Frodo asks Gandolf one day about schmegal, to paraphrase, “why don’t we get rid of schmegal? It’s a vial creature.” And Gandolf said, schmegal has a part to play in this to the end.”

      So when I look at Pelosi? That springs to the mind.

      Not sure if that helps. But I hope it does.

  16. Forget this camel talk and bobby camel . Short short short market hard . Hold gold . Hell is entered do not be fooled by camels and FED conmen . The whole system is about to collapse . That fractal bloke on the payroll 2 . Short short short

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