Here Comes “Responsive Video”

God, I love history.

Not only have we been able to use it to line our pockets with modest (-1 to +3% per week) gains  (or tiny losses)  in the stock market, but in addition, we even know where to look for “the next generation of tech.”

So if this really is the analog to the 1928-1929 period, what was the New Tech that showed up (predictably) right at the pinnacle of the Roaring Twenties?

Why television, of course! Heard of it?  See Philo Taylor Farnsworth and 1927 here.

So it’s hardly surprising that “Responsive Video” is creeping into the public mind around the edges now.

But before we futurize, let’s monetize.  With some trend-drivers in the news and of course, that marvelous system of looking at markets we call the Aggregate Approach.

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5 thoughts on “Here Comes “Responsive Video””

  1. Sounds like we are not that far away from having the Holideck on Star Trek. That is only if we don’t incinerate the planet first.

  2. Thanks for the television for about television website watch next what controls what the future reveals

  3. My brain can tell you where it’s going the same as Google account but where it’s going will be restricted and will be cut off Andy Church and taken to another route unless of course some Force that is in a subliminal hidden nature house the audacity to come forward and change the structure that is but what are the chances of that if you follow your chart you can see where the future goes but like I said I don’t believe in them because those charts are from the past the future can change on a dime and disregard all the charts of the past and then you have to make a new chart that engulfs the future and each and every person or entity Orso spirit how’s the ability to change how the outcome could be, how’s that Ripple coming and what is it affecting and are you a slave to the slave masters who control your thoughts just as the elite the top of the pyramid control and get rid of all the secret information that reveals who and what you really are yes they take that and put it into the Smithsonian Institute and keep it from prying eyes so you never know what the real truth is unless you’ve been given a glimpse and you never go back

    • Think about the word PRIME , two or more numbers are said to be prime to each other when they have no common factor but Unity, that’s the Tipping Point in changing anything or everything in the world to Garner, collect and store for the day when you lay your money down ,you will be a sun pillar.
      In other words, THOUGHTS have wings.

  4. Science fiction movies that need to be watched again. “Fahrenheit 451” (book’s better) “soylent green”

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