Hard Week for the “War Party”?

There is a (sick) high art in Politics, American style.  Non-Solution.

Issues come up, are cast about as “major campaign issues” – planks in party platforms – and despite being there (in the case of abortion rights) for more than half a century, they just never seem to get solved.

Mind you, I’m not the first one to call out the democrats (they are not democratic) for being “the War Party.”  I’m just using a term that’s been around for several decades.  See Democrats Are the Real Party of War, (2014) for example.

Yet the data is very clear:  The Ukraine War started on February 20th of this year.  Joe Biden (and his handlers) had taken over the Presidency January 20, 2021.  One year and one month to start a new war.

Biden also botched, in many accounts, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.  Even regularly (very) liberal NPR nailed it as Chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan was a turning point in Biden’s presidency.

If you really want to understand the Biden administration (and pay for play) click over to the OpenSecrets database here and begin some data based reading on your own.

Hitched Wagons to Falling Stars

The democrats have been running even crooked politics into the wall.  Not only was there never any “Russian Collusion”, even now, opposition research that has been shown a lie has democrats “poor-mouthing” their own falsehoods. Just last week, Hillary Clinton demands Donald Trump pay legal fees in Russia-collusion lawsuit. We found that, pardon the pun, rich.

Extremist climate claims and “woke” extremism have not gone particularly well for the democrats.

For one, they are mid-process of losing manipulation of social media.  This comes as Elon Musk threatens to boot Twitter account impersonators.  You see, until the Musk acquisition, there was little public disclosure of the amount of “fake Twitter accounts” which we figured might be 40 percent of their traffic – or more.

The Left is generally horrified that Musk wants to charge $8-bucks a month for a verified account.  But, as we see it, that’s a very clever way of turning the screw on would-be social media manipulators.  Because in case you hadn’t figured, ONLY a checkmark would signify a “real account.”  The rest is (likely) auto-bots. A way of “stuffing the ballot box of public opinion.”  That ought to cost something.

As a result, the Left is out for blood.  Which is why one of liberal-controlled media’s “stories” today is the claim that A top ad exec says Elon Musk is being “petulant and thoughtless”. An ad exec complains? Sounds like Musk is taking the candy from the kiddies to us.

More to the point: Elon Musk expels Kathy Griffin from Twitter for impersonating him.

While the claim that Musk was “destroying free speech” the reality is the checkmark price was simply a “bot tax”.

Blue Moves – Badly

The idea of wrong-way democrats is also evident here in Texas.  Where we read with some pleasure this weekend the NY Magazine piece The People Fleeing Austin Because Texas Is Too Conservative.  Thank God, hallelujah, and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

If you remember, Texas is strongly Constitutional.  And extremely disappointed with the power-grabbing liberal shills who don’t believe Texas should have a border, but somehow Ukraine should.  That’s only one example of how crooked liberals make their case.

Here  ABCs not LGBTs: Battles over race, gender inflame Texas school board vote. While sexual abuse of children – too young to decide on a life molding decision like sexual preference without perverted adults and their marketing materials – in Texas life is simpler.  Indoor or outdoor plumbing.

Power for Sale

Our bottom line around here is usually economic in nature and this morning is little different.

Is there a chance that the recent market run-up is largely a “Buy the Rumor” with a “sell the news” to follow?  I guess we’ll find out.

One thing is certain:  There’s no economic basis for politics being so expensive that Open Secrets reported Total cost of 2022 state and federal elections projected to exceed $16.7 billion.

Few are worth that amount.  OK, I’m being generous.  I couldn’t think of one.,

Open Secrets will also help you when considering media bias.  You can put in a news organization name, like, oh…CNN…and find the money reporters gave out.  Spoiler alert: 100 percent democrat where a party was identified.

Try this on with your favorite media.

To our way of thinking, reporters and voting (let alone funding) of a politician has always been problematic.  If someone feels strongly enough to get out the checkbook, can they fairly and impartially report on the office involved?

A lot of good (older) reporters I know are of the opinion that reporters shouldn’t vote and shouldn’t contribute.  But the new “advocacy journalists” don’t see themselves through “seasoned eyes” yet.  When a reporter begins to “advocate” any pretense of fairness gets tossed.

Red Wave or Blue for you?

What’s not clear is how search translates to levers or punch cards.

When Will We Know 2022 Midterm Election Results? It will all come out in the wash Wednesday morning.

Markets Rallying WHY?

It’s not really surprising – since I told you last week there was an optional rally on deck for Friday and we could see some follow-through this morning.

Well, guess what?

We expect there will be a pause and pullback beginning (maybe) as early as this afternoon.  By Wednesday, because this promises to be a close election, we could be set for “dueling demonstrations” and courtroom collisions by later this week.

And that’s even before the (expected to be bad) Inflation data when Consumer prices hit Thursday.  Remember, if the consumer prices come in a lot hotter than expected, that may toss the Jerome Powell 1/2 percent outlook for the next Fed meeting under the bus, which would be hard on markets.

Gold Sparkling Again?

We have no idea who bought all that gold – which drove the yeller dog up $52-bucks on Friday.  But this morning the gold was down about $9 and change.

As CNBC reported Spot gold prices consolidate with focus on U.S. inflation data.  I’d simply remind you that it takes fewer of stronger dollars to buy a given amount of American stocks.  Which means our outlook for a weakening market is shaping up, out on the edges of currency trading, early.

Everything Else

The Ugly War continues.  With ;lights out in Kherson according to reports.  An Elite Russian Marine Unit Slams Military Leaders for ‘Baffling’ Battle Losses. But hold the phone there:  Pravda is calling  this is fake news: In the near future, there will be many such “letters” as from the Marines on Pavlovka.

Civilian population is now in play, though:  Briefing: “The situation with electricity in Ukraine”.  Which means (in tactic-speak) that Vlad Putin’s efforts for a “neat” war are out the window, so Russia is now getting on with taking out infrastructure which will increase pressure on NATO to roll in from the west.

War Weather: Today through Wednesday, winds in Kherson will be from the east-northeast, so nuke use with minor immediate fallout on troops of both sides is relatively low in here. Higher danger results.  Yes, “weps and mets” always matter.

American Insincerity:  When we read how Kremlin declines to comment on reported Ukraine talks with Biden aide, we were struck by how the chief of the war party only manages to gin-up some vague headlines a day before an election.  Where has Slow Joe been since February…at lunch?

We are Screwed.  So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that on the Planet Earth: 8 billion humans and dwindling resources.  Until the social ethos and addition to growth economics passes (Depression will change this) we are stuck in the Manufacturer’s Resource Wars which is the ugly 30-year period where a planet either grows up or blows up.

Hard Sell of Climate Hysteria:  One of our readers posted as a comment recently how the water levels in the Florida Keys were the same as they were when he was a kid growing up (and swimming there) 60-years ago.  But no power and no “climate reparations” to be scammed out of that.  Which we tried to keep in mind when reading COP27: We’re on a highway to climate hell, U.N. boss says.  Resource wars and lithium lunacy, aye – Monday again.

Crypto hysteria has something to fear, too:  UK bank Santander to ban crypto payments.  Too many scammers is always part of what makes a super-bubble of any economic endeavor. Bitcoin is stuck in the $20,750 region with overhead resistance.  Wait till the fever breaks.

An ISIS Implant busted – report:  Former DOD Contract Translator Arrested for Alleged Ties to ISIS.

Inflation’s coming to dinner:  Millions Plan to Substitute Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey With Pizza, Salad as US Food Prices Soar.  For the first time in our lives, Elaine and I aren’t doing our own T-day cooking. (Pouring bubbly is a nearly full-time endeavor, anyway, what can I say?)

ATR:  Mooned

What we need is a longer eclipse tomorrow night.  Which, as you know, is when the blood moon eclipse takes place.  Details in What time is the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse on Nov. 8? | Space.

Thing is, with the change to “regular time” Sunday, we had a hell of a time trying to stay up last night. Racked out about 7 PM “real time” which meant this morning’s column was in the can by 6:30 AM.

Can’t speak for you, but we’re sick of Daylight Time.  It’s a scam.

If people want more daylight when they get home after work in the summer?  Start work an hour earlier.  Don’t like the kids going to school in the dark?  Run for school board and remind everyone that schools function for the convenience of their “customers” – which in this case is parents and students – not the local teacher’s union (sorry!).

Had so much light last night that Zeus the Cat wanted to play in the middle of the night.  Nothing like wringing out a kidney and having a (perverse) cat start rubbing your leg.  Barely awake, aiming is hard enough already.

I suppose if that’s the biggest gripe of the day, things aren’t going badly.

Still:  Daylight time teaches that “If we can’t tell the truth about clocks, then not telling the truth about money, work, politics, gender, war, vaccines, virtue-signaling, social, open borders…hell almost everything else… shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Unless you’re really stupid.

Have I got a party for you.

Write when you get rich,


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127 thoughts on “Hard Week for the “War Party”?”

  1. ““poor-mouthing” their own falsehoods. Just last week, Hillary Clinton demands Donald Trump pay legal fees in Russia-collusion lawsuit. We found that, pardon the pun, rich.”

    You mean this russian collusion.. lOL

    being tried by the SAME DOJ.. ( not the department of JOKERS the other one) that works so hard to try and downplay all the alleged corruption on the hard drive from Hell.. LOL got every alphabet working double time trying to keep that one hushed.. LOL LOL LOL
    Well Good luck with that lawsuit DJT… my guess is you won’t get anywhere with it.. probably try to make you out as the bad guy… for even questioning the Ethics and moral integrity of the woman pulling the strings..

  2. “Here  ABCs not LGBTs: Battles over race, gender inflame Texas school board vote. While sexual abuse of children – too young to decide on a life molding decision like sexual preference without perverted adults and their marketing materials – in Texas life is simpler. ”

    what can I say but…. AMEN…..
    let a child be a child.. direct them teach them but don’t abuse them or their innocence..

    • I heard someone explain that it’s not “gender” being affirmed, it’s (Gender Dysphoria) being affirmed … by giving those with Gender Dysphoria drugs and surgical procedures to enhance their Dysphoria …

      Anorexia, is also a Dysphoria. Would they also encourage Doctors to prescribe Diuretics and Liposuction to an Anorexic Person? I would hope not !!

      It is said,
      Gender is a Republican issue.
      Gender Rights, is the Democrats issue.

      Truth is, Gender Dysphoria is a Mental Issue.

      When you realize this, and know the Medical profession followed mandates to promote to those who came to them, to get an experimental inoculation, without discussing any dangers of potential injury or death … hell, they didn’t even know WHAT they were injecting … you see why so many people now fear the medical folks. Instead of playing golf on Wednesdays, Doctors should have been doing some research. Not only about the jabs but about many of the drugs they so easily prescribe everyday … but they just do what Pharma tells them and don’t read the fine print. Scary shit, that fine print.

      • Agree with you. Gal did waitress work where I worked in the 1960’s and was 5’8″ and weighed 98 pounds. She would say she couldn’t eat because she was so fat. She would pinch her arm to show us how fat she was. Reality was she was totally skin and bones.

        Anorexia at that time was not yet heard about until singer Karen Carpenter was losing weight in the 1970’s and finally starved herself in 1983.

        If a person can’t see how thin they are nor look at their body and realize what gender they are, then they are sick. One teenage girl started wearing boy’s clothes when she was little after her brother was born. At 12 yrs. old she finally came to her senses when she realized that her parents spent lots of time with her brother because he was a baby and not the fact that he was a boy.

  3. There’s so much going on that any one of us could write a West Texas Horse Sense rant. Some probably will.

    I’m skipping the low hanging fruit to talk about the time and time changes.

    Here’s my proposal towards truth: Cancelling daylight savings time is just the start. I propose that we ditch AM/PM (the 12 hour clock) and international time zones. Just one planetary time because, afterall, that’s what we live in anyway. The eternal ‘now’.

    Think about it.

  4. Martin Armstrong was on Greg Hunter’s show again. He’s saying that NObody’s going to accept the election results this time – especially with states like PA sending ballots to Canada. It’s not just going to be BOHICA but BOAKYAG. The U.S.A. effectively ends in 2027 or 2028.


    Gold and silver are nice but they’re a real pain to drag across a battlefield along with your bullets. Same goes for canned goods.

      • Actually I did query Bing asking if cryptos are being used in Ukraine (“is crypto being used in the ukraine today”) and there’s a lot of evidence that the military was being funded by it in a big way before the big firecrackers started going off. All the articles on the first page are dated February through April. Don’t know about individuals, though. I’m surprised as I thought most of the Internet had been knocked out already over there. Whatever people are accepting in exchange for weapons and supplies is between them, I suppose.

        There is this article from a bit later, though –
        Crypto Regulations In Ukraine: How is the Government Responding to Cryptocurrencies
        The government there legalized cryptos to bring them out of the woodwork allowing banks to open accounts in various crypto currencies and having only a 2% tax on overall transactions. The only thing that wasn’t allowed, however, was purchasing of cryptos with Ukrainian Hryvnia probably as a currency flight measure.

        Then there’s this which is much more recent –
        which talks about cryptos going to the OTHER side and how authorities are trying to stop the flow of cryptos to Russian militias.
        ““Our aim is to identify all the crypto wallets being used by Russian military groups and the people helping them; to find, seize and block all this activity that is helping to buy the bullets, the ammunition of this occupation,” says Serhii Kropyva, who until recently served as deputy of Ukraine’s Cyber Police and advisor to the country’s prosecutor general. “With the close cooperation of companies like Chainalysis and Binance, we can see all the wallets involved in this criminal activity, these money flows of millions of dollars. But we can, unfortunately, see that the transfer is continuing all the time.”

        So much for “privacy” since THEY can see everything and find who has what. That one query is an interesting foray into just how well cryptos do and don’t work in a war zone. Other than airport metal detectors I don’t know how anyone would know if you were carrying around ten grand in PMs, though.

    • Good Point Bill, viewing the sitrep, I don’t plan on being in a foxhole, and If encoutering same I am singularly focused on eliminating whatever is preventing me from exiting. USB safely in pocket and seed phrase safely packed between my ears as Mr. Ure has so presciently pointed out the importance of same. I don’t think I’ll ever pay for my toys from a foxhole, maybe someplace more simpatico with the other 1%,



    • “Gold and silver are nice but they’re a real pain to drag across a battlefield along with your bullets.”

      Got bullet molds?

      ‘Gives you a choice: You can spend it or send it.

      Also teaches a body proper gun control, really fast…

      • Wait – what ?

        Who said anything about Zombies, Werewolfs and Vampires..or

        bribem, kamtheman,and el porko piglosi ?
        Dont know if I would be wasting silver bullets on that trio of trash.
        ..what is there all of 100 brain cells between the 3 of em ? actually between the two of em, as it is a well known fact slojo only has 2 brain cells left, one is lost, and the other is out looking for it..and aint anybody on dogs green Earth knows where that one got too.

      • “Wait – what ?

        Who said anything about Zombies, Werewolfs and Vampires..or…

        …Dont know if I would be wasting silver bullets…”


        Silly wabbit! I haz a Arkansas toofpick and would certainly retrieve my molded (accurate weight to nearest .01g — better’n a postal scale) inverted parabolic, commemorative mini-ingots. BTW I haven’t been outside the “4” ring with a rifle, pistol, arrow, or dart since I was 11. One of my boyhood BFFs competed Junior National Match until he became an adult.

        I don’t miss…

  5. “Inflation’s coming to dinner:  Millions Plan to Substitute Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey With Pizza, Salad as US Food Prices Soar. ”

    I love Cornish hens or pheasant…one year that’s what we did.. boy did I hear about that. so we will have turkey .. pumpkin pie apple pie cherry pie and pecan pie..
    green bean casserole corn casserole..veggie tray and fruit tray..
    but we found out that getting it from a caterer is cheaper..like half..we pick it up the day before.. done

    • Life imitates art:

      From 1983’s movie, Mr. Mom.

      The Tuna With a Heart


      Four days ago.

      “This Year’s Thanksgiving Meal at Last Year’s Price

      Saving money is a top priority for our customers right now, so this year, we’re removing inflation on an entire basket containing traditional Thanksgiving items. We made significant investments on top of our everyday low prices so customers can get a traditional Thanksgiving meal at last year’s price at Walmart*.”


      • Yes.. for under two hundred dollars.. I can get the whole traditional turkey and ham dinner.. with pies.. it doesn’t include the meat and vegitable or fruit trays…

      • Great PR campaign. I wonder… are those prices being subsidized by Fed Gov? Would make sense as buy dan could point to the low cost to buy dinner at Walmart and get an approved ” I did that ” sticker rating. No Diesel for you ! LOL.

      • At Walmart AFTER this past Easter I bought THREE of the 1/2 price close out sale HAMS (from the already heavily discounted price for Easter to bring people into the store). Been eating on them ever since … just now finishing in fact. I think it cost me $.89/# for the boneless hams and $.59/# or $.49/# for the bone in ones.

        Sometimes turkeys can be had super super cheap too at Thanksgiving or Christmas. If you have freezer space it is a great time to eat one and freeze another 2 … or even 4!! (Hams only go on deep discount for Xmas and Easter in my experience). Friend’s dad ran a small restaurant for his life … had a huge walk in freezer. Come Thanksgiving he would stock that thing bottom to top with Turkeys to use during the rest of the year. Ditto Hams at xmas and Easter. Saved him thousands of dollars in food costs during the year … which obviously felt straight to the bottom line!! (and he said people LOVED getting a full Thanksgiving dinner, or turkey and gravy over homemade noodles, when he would rotate that into his specials in the middle of the year).

        Have to see what price Walmart is charging for Turkeys this year. Around here usually a couple of other places are cheaper, often 1/2 the cost of Walmart, but time of year to stock up if you can!!

      • “Great PR campaign. I wonder… are those prices being subsidized by Fed Gov?”

        lol lol well @steevo… when has your representative ever given you anything without wanting ten times in return lol lol..
        nope one grocery store is offering a free turkey if you buy a ham lol..
        I shop locally.. I started doing that several years ago.. a store buying a thousand turkeys will get a better rate.. and a loss leader will glean sales..ever notice the layout of a store or ever question why

  6. Loss leader at MicroCenter (which does offer internet purchases):

    ASUS Laptop $99.99 (normally $299.99)
    Intel Celeron N4500 1.1GHz Processor
    4GB DDR4 RAM
    64GB eMMC Storage
    Intel UHD Graphics
    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
    802.11ax Wireless
    Bluetooth 5.0
    11.6″ HD Display

  7. with the FBI, DOJ, and the supreme court(abortion leak), the leakers need to be caught and brought to justice, but how?
    Hire Elon!!! here is how he did it at Twitter

    after watching that short, less than 1 min video, read this in Q drop #808
    “Did you count the spaces in the tweet and cross ref against spaces left here to match meaning?”

    Makes this Darrell , scratch my head, hummmm, Q is a military psyop???, Elon does DOD contracts, Starlink can keep the black hats of the deep state(corporate state) from shutting off the internet?

    Everybody get off your asses and go vote! it is ure weapon.
    It seems to me that the military is prepared for the “treasonous cheat”
    Seems strange that National Guard units are monitoring this election in certain states and counties,,, how do they monitor? internet traffic to china? I wonder about TRAPs being set. the voting machines have WIFI !!!
    like a chess game, pieces need to be put in place

    • Q is an AI. Similar to the AI that is used by the investing computers used by the big banks (that do 80% of the trades without human intervention).
      They scan the internet and read all the news from around the world to make the investment decisions. The world is so complex there are correlations out there that the human mind is unable to detect.

      And with humans, there are algorithms that scan the human mind, and predict the next thought of that human with 95% accuracy at least 5 minutes before the thought occurs. And in some instances up to 30 minutes before the thought occurs.

      Yes, humans can be hacked. Consider the comment Trump made about Desantis recently. The same when Ron Paul said he believed the conclusion of the 9/11 commission.

      • BUT … the dead are getting lazier.

        In days of old they actually had to climb out of the ground and show up in the booth to pull the lever!!

        Today all they need to do is have the ballot delivered to them and then leave it for the postman to pick back up and return to the Elections Board. They don’t even need to leave the cemetary anymore to do that!! Probably don’t even have to climb out of the ground.

        Laziness is become a fact of life/ sorry death / with the already dead. Sad isn’t it!!

    • Q is back with a new drop #4959 yesterday:

      What groups are financing Ukraine?
      Why are they financing Ukraine?
      Why was Hunter in Ukraine?
      What did ‘Pop’ threaten to withold from Ukraine?
      A billion dollars?
      Who benefits?
      What did ‘Pop’ receive in return?
      Why is Hunter not in jail?
      How do you control a ‘leader’?
      How do you control a country?
      Are you ready to take back control?
      Your vote matters.
      You have all the tools you need.

    • Uh, Can we file this pattern under the color revolution and social media operation innovated by others, earlier, as the first article reference design? LOL.

      Tit for Tat, this all collapses when the $ resets and the money to pay for all these operation’s sponsors [pocket lining] becomes completely repudiated and worthless. That is coming faster than anyone [with exception to you home gamers] can imagine.



      • “C” Reading comprehension can be your friend. If you actually have mastered that skill. You tendentious, dissembling, lefty tool. Here’s the money quote from the Keys article about sea levels, that *you* missed: (Quote) “The sea level rise to date is “really a nothing number” (End quote). Get it? sea levels have not appreciably risen (You know, for, say 60 years and longer). Everything else in the article is alarmist projection and wild ass guesses based on cooked data and lefty, doom-porn wish-casting. The truth is out there…in both the article you posted (that *you* don’t understand…what a hoot) and the links already provided in other posts. Since you prolly did not read them (or understand them if you did) here are a few more: https://preprod.oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/New-Study-Shows-that-Global-Warming-Stopped-16-Years-Ago.html , https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/global-warming-stopped-16-years-ago/ , https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/global-warming-stopped-16-years-ago-1997/ (So much for scary “hockey sticks”, eh?) . As to Irma…Hurricanes destroy things at the places they hit. Go figure. This is especially the case when the place in question is (and has been for time out of mind) only three feet above sea level. That you think this fact somehow supports your claim that the Keys are in imminent danger of flooding due to AGW/Climate change is just more proof of how deeply and blindly you are invested in the bunk religion of AGW. Thanks for continuing to be a figure of fun at this site. Do carry on.

      • “global-warming-stopped-16-years-ago/ ,”

        LOL DANG IT @JAC…. you just took all the reasons I had been pointing out to the boss for putting a dock pier in the back yard and cast them to the wind …. LOL LOL LOL LOL

      • @C… I don’t think that there is anyone that questions whether or not climate changes are real or not.. we all know there are regular cycles that the earth goes through.. the big arguement is .. IS MAN THE SOLE CULPRIT causing this change.. ( NO and almost everyone I have spoken to says no.. BUT… ) almost eight billion little furnaces on the earth do have some influence on it.. such as expansion of cities.. fifty five acres a minute is it.. replacing prime crop production land to asphalt jungles.. that themselves increase global temperatures..
        the amount of car’s.. etc..
        the big thing is it is an arguing point that is used to further the business model.. charging a carbon tax.. lets face it.. that is only to make some schmuck richer.. doesn’t have a thing to do with controlling temperatures.. putting fart bags on cows.. that is insane and will have no effect.. NOW I do believe they should shuffle Congress around the globe.. just like the fart bags.. empty them in another spot to keep the climate hot spots moving LOL.. coal.. change the burn box.. don’t replace the power plants.. put up solar towers and CO2 filters.. on lamp posts and promote greenscaping cities.. push home owners to install solar power systems..
        it is all pretty basic crap.. but a carbon tax will not.. and even if everyone on the globe quit using fossil fuels right now.. the co2 would continue to rise for a fifty to hundred year period.. if we greenscaped cities.. on a massive scale.. put up solar towers and pushed solar home owners.. and put up CO2 filters on every street lamp.. the CO2 would continue to rise.. the methane from the deep oceans would continue to increase.. BUT… the global temperature would start to reduce because of the greenscaping.. change the burn pots on the power plants.. simple pretty dam easy to do.. it would be an expense.. but not as great of an expense.. and put steam in the air with massivly reduced contaminants.. rather than the contaminant riddled fumes exhausted today..
        Instead.. what is being proposed is not cost effective.. one tower at a time.. wouldn’t have to increase power costs at all.. instead they plan is build multi billion dollar solar arrays then change the grid to spend even more money on sub stations.. promoting home solar.. nothing has to be done.. except maintain the current system..
        a carbon tax is not an answer just a rouse to get more money floating into the pockets of those that don’t need it for anything else than an example to make that they are richer than their neighbor.. a carbon tax will in turn also put more people in poverty and force companies to reduce labor or close all together.. of course that is just my opinion.. and you sure don’t see anyone rushing out to make the necessary changes that won’t cost an arm and a leg.. and will make the changes needed for the future of our great grand children..


    • Of course they do. So do the Chinese and Iranians. So do the Brits, Israelis, and French.

      It’s called “turnabout.”

      Y’see, WE interfere in all their elections, too…

  8. ” UK bank Santander to ban crypto payments.”
    China banned all cryptocurrencies – but they have one of the fattest ‘wallets’ in the crypto-verse.
    – China Holds $6 Billion Worth Of Crypto & Could ‘Kill’ Crypto Markets If It Wishes
    Chinese authorities seized 194,000 Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC), 833,000 Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH), and other cryptocurrencies from the PlusToken scam in 2019. These ‘coins’ were placed into the national treasury.

  9. “We have no idea who bought all that gold ”

    Whoever sold is going to deploy all that cash. Where is all that cash being deployed?

    We’ve heard, “if you don’t vote you can’t complain.”

    Voter participation means the voter believes the system has integrity. Voting means accepting the last election wasn’t rigged.

    Remember when the war party was Cheney and the gang. Cheney telling people to “Go F themselves” and Little Bush calling the Constitution a “G D piece of paper” while Dems were driving around in their Prius’.

    The 4D Dems warmongering all along. Tricked.

    • Out of it Steve, Quit whine inggggg, get off ure ass and VOTE,
      Hell YES the system is rigged, BUT it has limits as to how much they can cheat, we need to overwhelm the system’s built in cheat. You do not win by sitting on the bench. I USE TO FEEL as you do. I quit voting, but Trump has given me new hope. When all those Satan worshippers attacked him, I started paying attention.
      Satanism is real, and denying it leaves a person defenseless, and hopeless. separate the wheat from the tares and the patriots from the RINOs

      Now as to the war mongering Bushes, they are uni-party, pretending to be a two party system. I only know of 3 patriotic presidents in the last 60 yrs JFK, Reagan, Trump, the rest are uni-party pieces of SHIT

      • i’ve heard it said patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels. trump sure does know how to hug and kiss the flag though. you’ve been fooled by the charade if you “think” trump cares about anything other than trump, money and power. no, a patriot doesn’t act like trump.

      • if everyone who was eligible to vote , voted… anything the Algos would do to skew the results would produce a total number of ballots that exceeded the number of registered voters. Oh wait that has happened already. Regardless. Get out and vote.

    • I haven’t voted in decades. Long ago decided it did no good. I live in a Democrat machine state… fortunately small population… so no matter what, HI always sends Dems to Washington. Last time I thought about voting, I registered as a Repub. when Ron Paul was in the primaries. After I saw how the deep state machine submerged him… despite the long lines I saw at the primaries that were pro- Ron Paul…I knew it was a useless attempt at change. And way back before that there was Ross Perot… who caved to the dirty tricks when ‘they’ started to threaten his family. The deep state will have it’s way.

      • I have Ron and Rand Paul’s lawn signs.. I also have a Ross Perot lawn sign to..but I knew then they would never be allowed to hold office..

    • “Voter participation means the voter believes the system has integrity. Voting means accepting the last election wasn’t rigged. ”


      “Voter participation” means the voter hopes there are enough honest voters, voting machines, and partisan observers that the voters can “outrun” the cheating.

      “Voting” means accepting that the last election was rigged, but believing that the cheaters can be overwhelmed if enough honest voters cast ballots for logically superior candidates.

      I don’t advocate simply voting republican to solve our problems — Hell, I’m a registered Democrat! With that said, I have never in my life voted a straight ticket, and I shan’t this time around. I may not vote for a single democrat, except my bud da Judge (or I may vote for several. Those ballots are secret, remember?), but I guarandamtee I’ll be voting for both republicans and libertarians, and possibly others.

      ‘Point is: I WILL be voting…

  10. Re: inflation comes to dinner


    Great Zeus! Biding turkey dinner goodbye for a pizza?

    President Obama brought hopes for a triple to the major league husting plate in the city of brotherly love on Saturday. Meanwhile the New Jersey bedroom community of Paramus, which even bars “worldly employment” on Sundays and is home of the 2011 Little League champions, welcomed the wisdoms of President Clinton in support of his WH era speechwriter now Democratic candidate. In fact the candidate’s Oxford College was apparently co-founded by a noble who was a patron to The Bard himself.

    Now Paramus one could imagine being moniker of some Greek conquerer indeed turns out when translated to be of a Delaware Native Tribe origin meaning “land of the turkeys”. Does the region’s demographics pin the tail on the donkey for Democratic Party pollsters. At 2010, household income was some $76,000+, and 35 of 8,000+ households were same sex couples. Comrades, go forth and paint the towns red?

    Time to step out of the storm and take shelter in studio with DJ George heating up the amps-

    Why I Sing the Blues
    BB King

    • Re: “Desk Set” feat. Hepburn & Tracy


      The jig is up. Siri and Alexa aren’t going to take it anymore. A CBC youthful video games correspondent has issued a report on a century of alleged gender bias in the artificial intelligence world. He quotes Montreal expert researcher Eleonore Fournier-Tombs of the United Nations University International Institute of Software Technology in Macau, China directed by Dr. Jingbo Huang housed in the neogothic design Casa Silva Mendes of the late Portuguese Empire. The Institute houses the Center for Electronic Governance building out the roadmap towards a global egovernance. It seems while Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana has received further mammary enhancement inline with her video game inspired Halo 4 progressions, Apple has introduced a new male partner, Quinn, to join Siri. Does this throw down the gauntlet to the Amazons?

      Friends, we live in times of progress.

      • Re: Twinkle, twinkle, rising star…feat. Tower of Babble


        I have returned from the library with a copy of “Chineasy” by Taiwanese-Anglo author ShaoLan. She hopes to bring down the wall between Eastern and Western cultures with her “new way to read Chinese” by making picture illustrations of Chinese characters.

        p.71: foam = water + end (last form of water as it crashes on to the shore.)

        p.79: USA = beautiful + country

        As pronounced by the current Chinese population as of November 7th of 1,452,341,407 or 18.7% of the total global population.


  11. “There’s only a 35% chance that the US suffers a recession in the next year.”
    Goldman Sachs chief economist Jan Hatzius said “..,the Federal Reserve looks like it’s successfully rebalancing the labor market and taming inflation.”
    Three, “Chief Economists” have said basically the same thing this morning.

    • The USA is already in recession. It’s pathetic that Americans cant have a recession until their masters give them permission.

  12. I had a bit of Woo yesterday, too. I’ve waffled on sharing it with anyone because it’s not actionable intel and will probably not help anyone in any quantifiable way.

    This was unusual because I’m normally a pragmatic thinker and not prone to flights of fancy or emotions without cause.

    So, here’s the what happened: Early yesterday evening I was out on the deck enjoying the fine weather we were having. I noticed behind the trees that the nearly full moon was rising. Normally, any other time when I would see this I would start thinking things like where the moon was in the cycle (waxing/waning), what time is it forecast to set, etc. Nerd things. Not this time, though. This time I felt a distinct feeling of dread. Like it wasn’t the moon that I was seeing, but some harbinger of doom. The speeding train in the tunnel. A broom star.

    That’s it. Probably nothing more than some bit of undigested supper or ‘war nerves’.

    • A friend of mine related to me the same thing this morning.., he has always looked for, talked to and wondered why we weren’t ‘living’ on the moon – but it “felt” different last night. He couldn’t explain it, but he didn’t like it.
      – .., so, you aren’t the only one.

      • Wow. Moonlight calling, I finished reading Mr. Tyreman’s “Unmasking the Grand Delusion” yesterday evening.

        Apparently there is no blue moon in 2022 according to the “timeanddate” website. However, tomorrow’s total eclipse of the moon will feature from 0416 to 0541 central time.

        Here’s DJ George with Sol inspiring tunes.

        Pink Floyd

    • Had a vivid dream days ago about being attacked while out backyard by a black beaver. This full moon is known as the beaver moon.
      I survived.
      Have 7 nice rows of garlic shoots up, something to barter with next year.

    • Odd you say the moon … for me, every time the time changes I wake up to darkness every morning after. Not today.

      I had been taking the kid to school in the dark, but this morning, even the kid noticed the sun was coming up early. – I got a weird feeling too.

      Actually glad you mentioned your woo … thanks.

    • In a similar vein … I almost never have dreams I can remember. But one night last week I woke up from a dream about our emergency generator not having any gas to run on (it runs on natural gas) and having a vivid, strong feeling we need to have a backup to the backup. Then a couple of nights later I had a dream about the need to keep my firearm next to the bed. Not sure what’s going on, but I get the feeling I being sent a message, mainly that something’s going to hit the fan and to get ready.

    • Funny you mention the dread – had much the same sensation the other night. Stepped to enjoy a bright moon illuminating a field behind the homestead.

      The inner voice suddenly spoke up unbidden, effectively saying “look out – bad moon rising”.

      It is a rare occurrence for me – has saved my life.

      • what is that old prediction…Rev. 6 12th verse.. the full moon will become dark .. the blood moon..
        think of who is running the shizt show.. I felt the impending doom feeling as well.. look at what’s happening.. then all global news is very very quiet.. nothing new at all..

    • Apparently, I’m not the only which is not good news! I appreciate everyone chiming in…or maybe I don’t! LOL

      • “Apparently, I’m not the only which is not good news!”

        No you are not the only one.. I have had this sick sinking feeling of doom for a while now..then this past week.. everything stopped in the information world.. which made the feeling magnify..
        I fear that there are things happening under the current of the world affairs that are dark and evil.. good people perish so evil can prosper and flourish.. scares the hell out of me..

    • When Ingo Swann was asked to remote view the Moon he looked in the window of a building on a Moon base (not one of ours and by that I mean Earthlings of any stripe) and realized that the individuals inside became aware that he was looking in at them. When he relayed that to his handler he was told to come back as fast as he could. Afterward Ingo said “You knew that they were psychic, didn’t you?”. The handler cut off the meeting and told him to go home and rest.

      Your apprehensions may not be misplaced sir.

      • I personally know Dick Allgire, the remote viewer. I worked with him while he received his mil type training and subsequent projects while he was a news anchor at the TV station , so we had many great discussions. I broached the ‘alien monitors’ subject with Dick, and he admitted he had a similar experience with an external presence that literally told him ‘go no farther’ and kicked him out of what he was trying to view.

      • So AJ’s video on Dulce Base gives one reason to pause and think? It’s impossible for me to think that we’re alone in this corner of the Universe. Just wish we’d had some more interactive mentors that would stick around until we grew up a bit more. I’m sick of Lord of the Flies.

    • Rats. I forgot to include that Ingo got the very distinct impression that they were malevolent in every way toward us Humans.

      • Itud – ancient name.
        where processing centers are for Monarch slaves and MK ultra slaves. tr3b triangles get there in under 2 hrs. someone say mcdonnell douglass ? ‘Spacenazi’s corp” currently enslaving entire planet-neat trick, no?

        Also where majority ofthe tech” for running soul prison is located..memory wipes, memory implants, age progression&regression tech. Artificial structure said to be very ancient Andromeda ship – with frequency generators(powered with ancient, breaking down, nukes) constantly beaming” Earth.

        Sci-Fi ?

        -hard to believe when modern Science denies/dont know Aether/Qi…

  13. Bravo George!
    Someone actually gets Musks reason for buying and changing Twitter! Paying for a Blue Checkmark will weed out the bots…Think of the millions of fake accounts times $8. DO these basement trolls ruining the integrity of Twitter have that much money…NO! How do we all get that message to the media that matters? Will Twitter be the very media that matters once the trolls and bots are gone? It would be nice for everyone to think the way you do so that Tesla stock can get back to growth mode just like their cars worldwide.

    About people leaving Austin because Texas is too conservative… It’s more than that. My team has about a dozen potential transplants from Austin that are moved from the Bay Area 3-5 years ago and now are moving back here…Politics has nothing to do with it. Most of these people are computer/software/coding engineers and went to Austin to take advantage of the tech growth down there. They flourished for the first few years, but as their housing values rose…some over 100%…(up to a million dollars in increased equity) so did their property taxes. (California property taxes are basically frozen and are based on the original purchase price for the life of owning that home.)
    They also realized that Austin has sort of a salary cap on performance vs. the Bay Area’s performance based bonuses systems. And then there is the weather and subsequent utility bills…Austin Summers/Winters/utility bills vs. Bay Area Summer/Winters/utility bills? No contest.

    Many are taking advantage of their increased equity and using that to buy back in the heart of the Silicon Valley where the weather is near perfect, utility bills are low, property taxes are stable and predictable and the upward mobility/salary/bonus opportunities are unlimited and despite our income taxes, they still are ahead financially. Plus, Austin is basically a small town…with little to no natural beauty unlike the gorgeous Bay Area coasts, Redwoods, mountains, trails, nightlife and topographical and human diversity. Most of theses home buyers we are working with are from countries and regions that are conservative by nature, so politics is not the reason at all…It’s about the money!

    • It California was a country, it would qualify as a “failed state.”

      If Texas was really “constitutional,” abortion would be a matter between a woman and her physician, like every other medical procedure.

      And my friend here in Ecuador would still be organic farming in Texas, driven out of business by regulations passed by the big corporations to drive the little guys out of business. With horrendously aggressive individuals perusing the farmers markets to enforce them

      That’s how it starts

      • “Every other medical procedure” does not necessarily involve extinguishing a human life. That’s the difference. Guess you missed that not so subtle distinction.

      • Ecuador expat…
        California has a $100 billion budget surplus. That more than 11 states entire GDP. Out nearly $3 trillion economy is far from a failure….however, your failure to know the facts is what made the rest of the country outside of California a d other budget surplus states a failure.

        • NO, California has crooked accounting.
          See our work on Asset Stripping.
          California has mjore than half a TRILLIO in debt owed by taxpayers.
          Detail: https://www.statista.com/statistics/305287/california-state-debt/#:~:text=In%20the%20fiscal%20year%20of,Stated%20can%20be%20found%20here.

          Cali has failed to apply taxes paid to the original debts incurred.
          Instead, Gruesome accounting proclaims (*money that could pay down debt) is a BONUS and the result of THRIFT which is a billion miles from the Truth.

          Government is “asset-stripping the citzenry” in not paying down existing debt while redirecting funds to left wing agenda projects in many instances. Giveaway programs and the like..

          If you like dishonest accounting, you’ll LOVE California.

          See Stephen2’s comments also in this section about how the poor get to subsidize the rich in Cali.

          Government is no long by and for the people. It’s for crooks.

    • LOL LOL LOL LOL… I know.. they had a show on.. showing just how easy it was to become famous.. using bots.. LOL LOL LOL…
      a celebrity isn’t anything more than anyone else.. I once met one of the construction workers that put in a pool for a big A list entertainer.. and he said the guy was so obnoxious about no one but him was to be in the pool first.. so everyone jumped in it when they were done.. and they invited people off of the street to enjoy it to LOL LOL just because the guy was such a jerk about it LOL LOL LOL..
      reminds me of the one that I was taking care of an entertainers mom.. she was awesome.. great gal.. and the son ( who took good care of mom.. ) brought some joker.. and the whole time I was trying to do my job kept saying.. do you know who I am. over and over.. I finally had to tell the idiot yes and I don’t care who you are.. I have a job to do so leave me alone.. I refuse to watch any movie with that azz in it at all.. I don’t care what he plays in.. he was a real jerk in real life..

    • California has a big problem on its hands, both the riches of the rich and the most poor citizens, with the middle class dropping out. You are correct the 1% are quite happy with their opportunities.
      Property tax rules perversely limits home sales. Why would I sell, when I get such a property tax advantage of keeping ownership and not up sizing or downsizing. This keeps many people from ever being able to enter the market. They currently have a single party running their government, that always leads to bad outcomes, look at most city big city governments these days to see where this leads. Also a crazy drop in school performance now around 40th in the country is going to continue to harm the mobility of the population. The innovative people will move because the regulations in CA to start and grow a business are enormous. I agree though CA has so many natural advantages, to bad their elected government is killing the golden goose.

      • Joe dish…if you are over 55 years old, you can keep your present property tax rate and move anywhere in the state. It’s called prop 19. That has already had a positive affect on retirement communities in the Sierra’s and Central Coast. Many retirees are taking advantage, but the communication to those over the age of 55 has been awful. We as agents try to do our best, but their are financial planners and accountants that still don’t know the details of this proposition.

    • The California system of freezing property taxes (some creep allowed but not much) even for the most expensive homes has created distortions in the market that other states do NOT have. Depending upon when you bought your California house two identical houses sitting next to each other can have property tax bills that differ from each other by a factor of 10!! (NOT 10% but 10 times AS MUCH). SAME fire department. SAME police force. SAME crime stats. SAME schools. SAME roads. Difference being how much each house’s taxes contributes to paying for all of those community costs.

      The ONLY people paying taxes on the full value of their homes in California are those who just recently “bought in”, which in effect means that the recent buyers (last 10 years) or renters.

      Renters, even low income renters, HAVE to pay the full tax rate, via their monthly rent checks, and do NOT get the same tax savings that owners get even if they have lived in their unit for 20 years!!

      The way it works out the non welfare working poor, the working class, all who rent plus those young people just buying into the housing market is that THEY are SUBSIDIZING THE RICH!!. The POOR subsidizing the RICH, once you pull away a couple of layers of PR bullshit.

      IMO … looking in from the outside … there should a “cap” as to how much of a property’s increase in value can be subject to that cap and shielded from the increase in value that their property has experienced.

      Alas, it doesn’t look to me like THE RICH in California are at all inclined to give up their being subsidized by the poor. Thank goodness the rest of the US never allowed this particular shenanigan to even get started.

      • Stephen 2,
        Renters pay no property tax. Where are you getting your information? The rich pay the uptick in property taxes. Whenever I sell a $3 million dollar home the property tax gets adjusted to the new purchase price. Case in point…I just sold a home for $3.125 million. The seller had owned the home for 30 years and paid $725,000 in 1981. The sellers property tax is based on the $725,000 at 1.25% and he paid about $760 a month in property taxes…The new owner who paid $3.125 million will now pay $3,255 a month in property taxes. How does that translate to the poor subsidizing the rich? Sounds like the other way around to me. The middle class isn’t selling their homes until they are over the age of 55 (prop 19 allows homeowners over the age of 55 to carry their property tax base to another home anywhere in the state) because with home prices continuing to increase, many sellers don’t want to buy a market price replacement home and increase their property tax rate…
        Most landlords have owned their properties for years, so their property tax rates are stable. The only reason rents increase is from supply and demand…nothing more. Property taxes have nothing to do with it.

      • Mark … you can’t be serious and think that the rent RENTERS pay does not include the cost of the property taxes that the landlord pays. Have you ever even looked at an apartment complex Financial Statement?

        I work with large apartment complexes, and nationwide apartment complex owners all the time and have NEVER found a single one that doesn’t include the real estate taxes into the costs that they then pass onto their tenants when they rent an apartment. Your claim that apartment owners are NOT including the real estate taxes they pay into the rent they charge tenants?

        Sorry, can’t sell that bridge to me.

        As for the “cap” on real estate taxes that applies to individual residential real estate in California … that does NOT apply to COMMERCIAL real estate in California. You could NOT have bought a commercial building 30 years ago and pay taxes today on what you paid for that COMMERCIAL building 30 years ago. NOPE … California property taxes don’t work that way.

        I actually asked a couple of commercial clients a few years ago if the Prop 13 stuff applied to them or their tenants in California and they flat out told me NO!! Their taxes go up with the value going up just like any other commercial property on the same street. In addition there was NO locking in a tax rate for long term tenants for their specific unit either. ALL the units had their taxes go up the same no matter how long the tenant had been in the unit (and no matter how long the property had been owned by the landlord owner).

        Apartment building goes up in value with the market … MORE taxes are charged as the value goes up since Prop 13 doesn’t apply … and the landlord then passes those taxes onto the tenant.

        Now certain places in the state DO have rent control for rented apartments /dwelling units … but even those rent controlled apartments /dwelling units are ALLOWED TO INCREASE THE RENT by any increases in the real estate taxes — ie: the TENANT pays the higher taxes.

        Poorer people RENT … don’t own, so yep it is POORER people who are paying FULL FREIGHT on the real estate taxes via their monthly rent check who ARE SUBSIDIZING the wealthy who actually own property that they live in and are paying at a MUCH lower rate.

        This is a FLAW in the California system that has been discussed for decades now … but the discussion has always come back to the fact (per news reports) that the local areas would lose so much money if RENTAL properties were also tax increase limited, like single family dwellings are, that California has always punted on the issue.

  14. I’m happy with DST all year here! I adjusted my computers to Texas time so it reflects the same time as my watch. The only downside is that HD/Lowes have shorter hours in winter.

    I checked prices for 2×4’s locally and they are under $4. 7/16 OSB is under $16, but thicker sheet goods are still holding prices, as are 2×12’s. I’ll get some more materials soon, but unless our country is going to endure, I wonder if it’s worth the effort to remain productive. Hookers and blow may be the way to go.

  15. Dam.. the claims that Russians is the main reason for the possibility that the democrats will loose in the election….


    Not that they are shizty managers.. spent what was it .. almost eight years of our national budget and didn’t do a thing.. spending trillions on a war that we shouldn’t have any involvement in at all..
    Run away IN flation.. see it is the fault of the republicans for bringing up that term.. if they hadn’t we wouldn’t know we are having issues with inflation..
    probably right though.. in the hood they wouldn’t be using such terms among the uneducated and dumbed down youth of today.. they would be saying such things as.. Its F@#kin expensive..

  16. Yo Jorge, since when did it take “days” to count votes? Lamestream media is gaslighting the people with their narrative that this is normal. A round of high jinx and illegal antics for all. Should be a very interesting Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday….GMAFB

    • some states allow up to ten days for mail in ballots. others say they need to be received by the time polls close or be postmarked on election day.

  17. No interest in the nukes in Ukes this week ? Got to create some home grown stories to keep it all going . Gold is above the line

    • lately the news is eerily quiet… as escalated as this whole situation has gotten… i believe its opposite of the old saying of no news is good news instead no news is not good news in this situation.

  18. Listening to Ken Paxton this morning on Glenn Beck. Paxton said that the DOJ informed him that they were going to be down in certain polling areas in Texas and other states to keep an eye on things. I wonder if that means full battle gear, black suited ninjas?

    Ya – HA! – Riiiight.

    That’s called voter intimidation if I ever heard of it. Paxton said he was going to a meeting to see about finding a legal way to tell them to take a hike.

    No one is going to believe the results of any of the major elections tomorrow.

  19. re: war party. now you’re just gaslighting. i’ve been to many a war protest never a republican to be found. i wonder how many of your readers approved of the iraq war. maybe you did too.

    no, george you don’t get to rewrite history.

      • No G, you learn to count:

        Trump knew he bit off more than he can chew over Soleimani:

        Back to your regular hate rant programming, put down the Dems, so you can look up at Republicans (who offer nothing to look forward or ‘up’ to, no Soc Sec plans, no chips made in USA, etc.)

      • George, I am old enough to recall (and have a draft card to boot) a pointless little, democrat run, *police action* in SE Asia that cost 50,000+ boys of my generation their lives. Our insipid lefty troll can add that to his total as he struggles with both math and history. If there is a God, LBJ and that blivet Robert McNamara have adjoining rooms in Hell as a direct result of Viet Nam.

      • I’m going to side with G____ on this issue. The D’s pay useful idiots to parade with tomato stakes and poster board peace slogans, while in the back rooms they promote war and profiteer. LBJ & B&R were the archetypes. The Republicans only play Daddy Warbucks when no one is shooting.

      • G – you wrote “democrats”. Now you want to move the goalpost to Biden. I’ll play. So what war did biden start?

      • you don’t feel that putin deserves some of the blame for ukraine or do you put it all on biden? in the reality based world all sane people see the putin started the ukraine war. you are consumed by unbridled hate that blinds you.

        democracy will fail when people can’t even agree on basic empirical facts.

        • You really don’t appreciate the reason behind the UKR war, do you?
          See, sonny, us old people remember that the Swiss banking indu was busted up by U.S. tax and reporting – just like the Caymans got stuck with the ScotiaBank line of account disclosures. This left the off books, tax havens open along with needing lands where corruption worldwide could have a local footprint for human, technology, child, and drug trafficking. UKR was a clearinghouse.
          Why do you think we give a rip? Because the dirty people of the world need secret clearing and sourcing and by God UKR was one. (Turks, Belize, and back when Channel Islands) were also used and occasionally the “Chinese laundry” banks. (Asian banks that mix dirty money with clean, fund massive r.e. construction and thus Wash money into new, clean clothes.)
          OK…so the pervedough, drugshake and so forth roll through.
          Answer “What was Hunter Biden’s involvement and who was able to call Obama?”

          Not to spoil your research, but do you remember the resolution to impeach Biden?

          [Congressional Bills 117th Congress]
          [From the U.S. Government Publishing Office]
          [H. Res. 57 Introduced in House (IH)]

          117th CONGRESS
          1st Session
          H. RES. 57

          Impeaching Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States, for abuse
          of power by enabling bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors.



          January 21, 2021

          Mrs. Greene of Georgia submitted the following resolution; which was
          referred to the Committee on the Judiciary



          Impeaching Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States, for abuse
          of power by enabling bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors.

          Resolved, That Joseph Robinette Biden, President of the United
          States, is impeached for abuse of power by enabling bribery and other
          high crimes and misdemeanors, and that the following article of
          impeachment be exhibited to the United States Senate:
          Article of impeachment exhibited by the House of Representatives
          of the United States of America in the name of itself and of the people
          of the United States of America, against Joseph Robinette Biden,
          President of the United States of America, in maintenance and support
          of its impeachment against him for abuse of power by enabling bribery
          and other high crimes and misdemeanors.

          article i: abuse of power

          The Constitution provides that the House of Representatives “shall
          have the sole Power of Impeachment” and that the President “shall be
          removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason,
          Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”.
          In his conduct as the former Vice President and current President
          of the United States, in violation of his constitutional oath
          faithfully to execute the offices of the Vice Presidency and President
          of the United States, and, to the best of his ability, preserve,
          protect, defend, the Constitution of the United States, and in
          violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be
          faithfully executed–Joseph Robinette Biden abused the power of the
          Office of the Vice President, enabling bribery and other high crimes
          and misdemeanors, by allowing his son to influence the domestic policy
          of a foreign nation and accept various benefits–including financial
          compensation–from foreign nationals in exchange for certain favors.
          As Vice President, Joseph Biden was the senior Obama Administration
          official overseeing anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine. Hence, any
          illegal activity involving corruption conducted by Hunter Biden within
          or in relation to Ukraine would fall under the purview of the Office of
          Vice President Biden and the Obama State Department’s anti-corruption
          efforts. In fact, many State Department officials within the Obama
          Administration repeatedly registered reservations about Hunter Biden’s
          role on the board of a corrupt company. Thus, any instances of
          corruption on behalf of Hunter Biden via his role as a board member of
          the Ukrainian-operated Burisma energy firm were either not investigated
          or covered up. The evidence of widespread knowledge, corruption, and
          collusion on behalf of the Biden family with foreign nationals is clear
          and compelling.
          Among other examples, it has been materially demonstrated that:
          (1) According to the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland
          Security and Governmental Affairs and the U.S. Senate Committee
          on Finance, the Vice President’s office and State Department
          officials were aware but ignored concerns relating to Hunter
          Biden’s role on the board of a Ukrainian-based natural gas
          company (hereafter, “Burisma”).
          (2) According to the same sources, Hunter Biden’s and his
          family’s financial transactions with Ukrainian, Russian,
          Kazakh, and Chinese nationals raise criminal concerns and
          extortion threats.
          (3) In early 2015 the former Acting Deputy Chief of Mission
          at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, George Kent, raised
          concerns to officials in Vice President Joe Biden’s office
          about the perception of a conflict of interest with respect to
          Hunter Biden’s role on Burisma’s board. Kent’s concerns went
          unaddressed, and in September 2016, he emphasized in an email
          to his colleagues, “Furthermore, the presence of Hunter Biden
          on the Burisma board was very awkward for all U.S. officials
          pushing an anticorruption agenda in Ukraine.”.
          (4) In October 2015, senior State Department official Amos
          Hochstein raised concerns with Vice President Biden, as well as
          with Hunter Biden, that Hunter Biden’s position on Burisma’s
          board enabled Russian disinformation efforts and risked
          undermining U.S. policy in Ukraine. Vice President Biden did
          not resolve this conflict of interest. Instead, he enabled it.
          (5) In addition to the over $4 million paid by Burisma for
          Hunter Biden’s board membership, Hunter Biden, and his family
          received millions of dollars from foreign nationals with
          questionable backgrounds. Specifically, the ongoing FBI
          investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed that Hunter
          received a 2.8 carat diamond gift from a high-ranking Chinese
          official in 2017. Hunter Biden told the New Yorker Magazine
          that he “felt uncomfortable receiving the diamond and gave it
          to other associates”.
          (6) Hunter Biden had business associations with Ye
          Jianming, founder of the CEFC China Energy Company, Ltd.,
          Gongwen Dong, and other Chinese nationals linked to the
          Communist government and the People’s Liberation Army. Those
          associations resulted in millions of dollars in cash flow.
          There exists a vast web of corporate connections and financial
          transactions between and among the Biden family and Chinese
          (7) Hunter Biden paid nonresident women who were nationals
          of Russia or other Eastern European countries and who appear to
          be linked to an “Eastern European prostitution or human
          trafficking ring”.
          (8) In 2016, Ukraine’s top anti-corruption prosecutor,
          Viktor Shokin, had an active and ongoing investigation into
          Burisma and its owner, Mykola Zlochevsky. At the time, Hunter
          Biden continued to serve on Burisma’s board of directors.
          According to news reports, then Vice-President Biden
          “threatened to withhold $1 billion in United States loan
          guarantees if Ukraine’s leaders did not dismiss [Shokin]”.
          After that, Ukraine’s Parliament fired Shokin.
          (9) Hunter Biden received millions of dollars from foreign
          sources as a result of business relationships that he built
          during the period when his father was Vice President of the
          United States and after. The financial transactions which
          Hunter engaged in illustrate serious counterintelligence and
          extortion concerns relating to Hunter Biden and his family.
          (10) Hunter Biden’s work with Chinese nationals connected
          to the Communist regime illustrate the deep financial
          connections that accelerated while his father was Vice
          President and continued after he left office.
          (11) On June 23, 2011, Sean Conlon, a business associate of
          Hunter Biden, suggested that a $10 billion deal could be struck
          in exchange for certain persons meeting Vice President Biden.
          This shows deliberate “pay-for-play” and “quid-pro-quo”.
          The email, in full, to Robert Biden, from Sean Conlon, is as
          (A) “So we have engagement letter if they get
          other 10 bonds they have a face value of 10b. While it
          is far fetched Devon [Archer] said he talked to his
          professor and these get traded. We get 10% in fees. We
          need to get these guys to an event or something where
          they get to just formally meet your Dad. For follow on
          they can talk to Chief of Staff. Let me know how soon
          we can do that. V brief. If Nagi get that done we get
          more bonds to move. Regards your hard working partner
          in Positano! Sean” (emphasis added).
          (12) Emails between Hunter Biden and his cousin reveal that
          the President of Hunter’s Chinese Communist Party-linked firm,
          Eric Schwerin, repeatedly asked Hunter for an appointment to
          the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage
          Abroad–a position he ultimately received. The email from
          Hunter to his cousin, Missy, regarding the request for the
          appointment to the Commission is as follows:
          (A) “Eric asked for one of these [an appointment]
          the day after the election in 2008. You know better
          than me what are real and interesting appointments.
          Let’s go through the list with Steve and see what makes
          sense. I don’t know how much 2016 and nepotism plays
          into it.”.
          In all of this, President Biden gravely endangered the security of
          the United States and its institutions of government. Through blatant
          nepotism, he enabled his son to influence foreign policy and
          financially benefit as a result of his role as Vice President. He
          supported his son engaging in collusion with Chinese Communist Party-
          linked officials. He allowed his son to trade appointments with his
          father and other high-ranking administration officials in exchange for
          financial compensation. He permitted his son to take money from Russian
          oligarchs, including Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of
          In so doing, Joseph R. Biden threatened the integrity of the
          democratic system, interfered with the peaceful transition of power,
          and imperiled a coordinate branch of government. He thereby betrayed
          his trust as former Vice President and current President, to the
          manifest injury of the people of the United States.
          Wherefore President Biden, by such conduct, has demonstrated that
          he will remain a threat to national security, democracy, and the
          Constitution if allowed to remain in office, and has acted in a manner
          grossly incompatible with self-governance and the rule of law.
          President Biden thus warrants impeachment and trial, removal from
          office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor,
          trust, or profit under the United States.

          Biden should be on notice that the maligned Ms. Green’s complaint is on simmer until the election results are known.

          Source URL https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/BILLS-117hres57ih/html/BILLS-117hres57ih.htm

          We will know a lot more about the future tomorrow.

      • G – in your long winded response you didn’t even mention biden. so no, you failed to prove that biden started the ukraine war. you do show how irrational you are though. as for the articles of impeachment introduced by MTG one day after biden was inaugurated, i sneeze at them. she’s a kook on the govt teat. republicans are really losing their minds.

    • “i wonder how many of your readers approved of the iraq war. ”

      Six months before any of that happened.. I was listening to coast to coast am…and he had on a war games anylist .. telling how they had been playing war games on Iraq.. and Iran and North Korea.. at the same time I was reading an old Look magazine.. ( I am not sure if it was look or Life..I grabbed and read) and in the story was Bill Clinton .. asking for permission to put a pipeline in .. and the taliban had said absolutely not.. for the great satan to put something like that across their land.. at the same time Husein had voiced his opinion not to put that pipeline across..
      A person I knew at the time was given an option he was told that he had a choice of deployments.. either go to Iraq or to S. Korea… and all before the actual event

    • Sunny, can you name the wars a conservative American President got us into…?

      Just because you and your peers engage in empty symbolism doesn’t mean the Leftists who’re actually calling the shots either pay attention or care. To them, your actions simply indicate you’re easy to lead and easy to sucker.

      Go study the Obama Administration. Mr. Obama consistently told us in-general, and his supporters in-particular, what his focus groups and polling told him we wanted to hear. He then did whatever he damn’ well pleased, even when it was in complete apposition to what he’d said, and lit the entire country, repeatedly, with gas, for eight years…

      • i remember hundreds of marines getting blown up in lebanon, withdrawing from lebanon and a new intervention in grenada to wag the dog. then i remember a new republican president starting america’s longest wars in afghanistan and iraq.

      • “i remember hundreds of marines getting blown up in lebanon, withdrawing from lebanon and a new intervention in grenada”

        Are you sure you remember this? We weren’t fighting in Lebanon. Also, although the U.S. had the largest contingent and the most SpcOp boots, we went into Grenada (2 or 3 days after the Beirut bombing), technically as a support military for its neighbors, principally Jamaica. Grenada had suffered a military coup and a communist junta had taken over. The festivities were bleeding over into the surrounding nations (and islands.) To protect themselves, they formed a coalition invasion force, then played the “Monroe Doctrine” card on Reagan to get us, and our military involved.

        As for Afghanistan and Iraq: Did you miss my qualification?

        Republicans are not necessarily “conservatives.”

        “Conservatives” are not necessarily “republican,” and they’re almost never “Republican.”

        W would’ve gone down in the history books as one of our greatest Presidents, possibly even supplanting FDR, had a “D” followed his name, instead of an “R.” Bush (take your pick) was neither socially, nor monetarily conservative.

        Sorry, sunny, you’re going to actually have to read stuff. Skimming the Cliff’s Notes or pasting talking points from commie- or fascist-youth sites ain’ta gonna cut it here…

      • Ray – W was going down at a one termer. without 9/11 he never would have been re elected. check out the approval numbers for yourself. nice guy, but one of the dumbest presidents.

      • “Ray – W was going down at a one termer.”

        Not necessarily, especially considering his eventual competition.

        W gave the Democrats everything they asked for, and then some, whenever they asked. If they asked for $100bln, he gave them $120bln. If they asked for a new law, he gave them that new law, and a new bureaucracy to enforce it.

        The Republican talking heads say the Tea Party arose in February of 2009 when Rick Santelli dropped his famous CNBC rant on the Obama Administration’s insane and irresponsible spending, regarding Obama’s proposed mortgage bailout.

        This is a widely publicized and accepted lie.

        The Tea Party was formed early in 2006 (Ironically, in Boston) as an apolitical protest against Bush’s insane and irresponsible spending. It had nothing to do with political parties or ideologies, but everything to do with the government pissing away hundreds of billions of dollars of tax revenue, and Bush43’s Administration aiding and abetting the spending orgy. I have photographs from Tea Party rallies [which were] held in Boston and Indianapolis, and which I obtained in the summer of 2006.

        BTW, Bush43’s IQ was nearly 20 points higher than Obama’s…

    • Actually, you are the lazy gaslighter.

      Many of us here protested the call for war after the inside job attack called 911.

      Hundreds of millions also from around the world.

      You are new around here and have an arrogant attitude.

      Stay tuned, you will get schooled.

  20. We haven’t had turkey for Thanksgiving for years…traditional beef meat pie.

    Who knows, maybe I’m wrong about Musk and wrong about bitcoin…maybe musk can keep it alive via skylink? But why help the US or russia in Ukraine by keeping the internet on???

    Grabbed 159 pips from GBP/USD starting in London. URE has the charts. Went back for more about 3 hours ago.

    I agree with URE: maybe this is a buy the rumor, sell the news situation. We’re at the top of a Dow weekly chart down trend. However, the monthly chart closed October with a bullish engulfing candle. Certainly have uncertainty coming in right now; mixed signals. trade what you see, not what you think. The big$ has a big target in mind because it takes them a long time to close out billions of dollars worth of trades and open billions in trades going the other way.

    Texas size rant below:
    The fear I’m hearing out and about is who the R’s really are that will get elected. Are they for or against America? We know T endorses and/or hires really awful people at times. I’ve never been able to tell if he does this to force them to show who they really are and destroy their careers or if he really thinks they are for America. Dr Ozzzzzz is one of these big question marks.

    Someone said the quiet part out loud to a state trooper at dinner last night…”Well, you’re one of them. You’ll be sent to take us away.” This was said by a family member to another family member. (I was a guest.) That was a cringe moment for all. The trooper said he couldn’t be forced to do anything that was not Constitutional. He said they would have to fire him and he would sue them. I asked him if the Constitution will matter by then and whether he had a million dollars to pay for the lawsuit and living expenses for 3-5 years. At least he’s been put on notice by his family. Tough few moments.

    Presidential election nights are great nights to play the futures. Sadly, this isn’t a presidential election. In 2016, with Clinton winning early on, the Dow futures collapsed over 700 points. We knew what the numbers would be in Florida and North Carolina after comparing the absentee ballot differences between Romney and Obama verses comparing T to Clinton. At that time the absentee numbers were tallied and released a couple days prior to the election in those two states. T had crushed Romney’s numbers and Clinton’s numbers were down compared to 0’s (that’s a zero not the capital letter O). So as soon as Florida polls closed in the pan handle we started buying heavily – about 2.5 hours before Florida went to T and then NC went to T. By that time we were up 300 points, then 500 and climbing. The market recovered all 700 of Hillary’s losing points after people realized T would win and was up another 300+ during Wednesday’s trading. That was the market reversal of reversals. We did our stats homework outside of just the charts and won bigly!

    My Texan friends need to keep in mind that Abbot is a shill. His actions show he was for open borders before he wasn’t…also, per his actions, he was for killing people with not allowing life saving meds and vaxing before he backed off. He’s ALWAYS late to the game on issues and hasn’t resolved any as URE stated is the norm; he just does a little for show to get re-elected and I feel bad for Texas. Sounds like politics as usual for a marxist rino. Same as many other r governors like DeWine in Ohio…awful. He’s way past rino.

    The aftermath of this election will show us if the left’s ‘telling’ us all these self fulfilling prophesies was just a farce or if they actually have the ability to follow through. There has been a ton of discussion whether there would be some act leading up to or on the day of the election or after the election so the idiots can declare martial law. hmm, if they happen to not control the military then my guess is it’s all just been a bluff to move things their way and they will back off for 10-12 years until low memory voters forget what just happened and they will step in and do it again, but worse…

    Liberals always win…why? Because when liberals compromise they move 2 steps forward and 1 step back, but when conservatives compromise they take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. It’s always how it’s been and then NO liberal and NO rino welfare item has EVER been removed, just remodeled so whoever is in power can give the tax payer money to those who funded their election coffers.

    URE right about reporters not voting, but they will still receive their pay to do what their boss wants them to do or their boss will just re-write their story for the slant the boss wants.

    It used to be that staff who worked in DC were neutral by gentlemanly requirements when they entered DC. Now a days, the government at Federal and local levels use third party hr firms to remove conservatives from the pile of applicants and demote current employees into moving on. I state this just in case anyone has wondered how it seems “all of a sudden” their cops and local governments hate them. It wasn’t all of a sudden…it took years to get the employee turn over to this point. Then there’s the opinion in many Canadian minds that suggests mercenaries were brought in to run their faces into the concrete…many from the UK and china? But who will ever know unless they are literally unmasked during the crack downs.

    gotta go…have normal living things to do.

    • “But why help the US or russia in Ukraine by keeping the internet on???”

      I believe that there is a lot more to it than just keeping the internet on.. Keeping the internet on is just a side gig..In the end..I think that . it is all about the business model.. who benefits, who keeps control who makes the money..
      What actually has me concerned is the lack of any new information in the news.. even monkey has cut back.. now is this a mandatory cut out of the news by the authorities as a cloaking move.. or is it something scarier going on beneath the surface of information that no one should know about where if it escalates to that point of no return that none of their plans of keeping control will make any difference at all.. because they unlike previous activities dealt would also be involved along with their own family members and not be just the regular citizens …

    • “Dr Ozzzzzz is one of these big question marks.”

      I heard a talker the other day refer to him as “Mehmet Romney.” He is, by far, the better candidate for Pennsylvania. As Senator, he may only vote for the Constitution 70% of the time, but that’s at least 68% more-frequently than Fetterman will.

      The trooper needs to realize that by the time this happens, there may not be a Court of jurisdiction for such matters…

  21. “he was for killing people with not allowing life saving meds and vaxing before he backed off.” should have read…”and pushing vaxing” as in, he was happy to kill people before he wasn’t.

  22. “American Insincerity: When we read how Kremlin declines to comment on reported Ukraine talks with Biden aide, we were struck by how the chief of the war party only manages to gin-up some vague headlines a day before an election. Where has Slow Joe been since February…at lunch?”

    If he’d have been around in January, festivities would probably not have begun…

  23. ” Millions Plan to Substitute Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey With Pizza, Salad as US Food Prices Soar.”


    A large pepperoni with extra sauce is now $47 from my local pizza parlor and has about as much sodium as a salt lick.

    I’ll be purchasing a couple birds a week before Thanksgiving, for 39¢ a pound, just like last year, after everyone writes off making a turkey dinner this year. Fowl gets that way after a while, even frozen, so the stores’ll have to dump ’em….

  24. I’m all for constitutional free speech. Without free speech, we wouldn’t know who the idiots are. Exhibit #1 = this comment section.

  25. “Ner Hashem Nishmat Adam.”
    The Hebrew phrase, from the Mishlei Book of Proverbs,I personally think that it is really beautifull and filled with deep meaning .
    In English it says: “The soul of man is the candle of God.” considering that saying and the things that are currently underway.. is their soul the candle of God? or the darkness…

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