Happy Turkey!

Markets in the US are closed until tomorrow – which is traditionally called National Call Your Broker Day.

Of course, that was back before we were beggared and poor as a country.

The usual headlines are about:  Retailers are hoping against rising bills at home that this will be a Big One

The big mover in Asia was Japan, up half a percent – hardly notable.   In Europe, Germany and France are up over one percent each.  The Kneeler:Land (where Pilgrims escaped from to come to the US) is up 3/4th’s of one percent.  Probably glad to be reminded they got rid of us…and maybe they’re right… we’ll see.

In other business news, we note how Philippines posts 6 pct economic growth in Q3.

Want to know why?

You sure?

OK:  It’s because of all the customer service jobs being sucked up there.

If you deal with a company that is “nominally” US-based, and you speak to some who calls you something like “Mr. George” – hang up, call the US HQ of said company and ask to speak to someone who is a citizen (green card or naturalized only, thank you.)

Otherwise, we will see EVEN MORE of our country’s jobs being shipped off.

This has got to become a social movement:  If the money is spent in the US can we keep the economic benefit here that should accrue with that?

Is there anything else I can do for you today, Mr. George?

Well…now that you mention it…

A group thank-you to people in police, fire, medical, and retail who are working today…

Thinking About Headlines

I’m snarfier than usual with my cold….so try some of these on:  (Fair warning – you may not like my views)…

Chicago releases new videos from scene of Laquan McDonald’s shooting

This informs us that Chicago really is working hard to promote racial divisions and conflict.  And since ChiTown is run by former Obamster Rahm What’sHis…why are we surprised? 

And the dimwitted media are promoting it as much as possible to further fan divisions…because that’s good for RupeRev and good for ratings…but shoot-darn, let’s recycle a 13-month old story, shall we?

Predictably, protesters armed with Rahm goo are trying to wreck Black Friday in Chicago.

Send your lost-revenue bills to Rahm’s office…or just appreciate that this is all orchestrated  with almost Trotskyite precision.

WeaselZippers is wondering:  Why Did Family Of Laquan McDonald Receive $5 Million Settlement From Chicago, When He Was A Ward Of The State?

People in Chicago have a history of voting for bad government…wanna talk ex-governor? – So this is what you get.

Meanwhile, president Obama pardoned a white turkey this week.  This is not a class pardon, just one turkey, as I hear it.  Symbolism runs rampant, though, for the aware observer.

Pope, in Kenya, Calls for Compassion for Poor and Nurturing of Youth

Screw nurturing – lets get some Education going and stop BS’ing ourselves.

What part of “If you feed, they will breed” does this man not understand?  What emergent Africa needs is EDUCATION.  And yes…that includes about where babies come from, for God’s sake.

Kenya has 1.646 MILLION AIDS victims.  Ideas like rhythm roulette belong  three centuries ago.

Quick:  Ship 23-tons of compassion and 8 containers of nurture to Kenya!  WTF?  Jingoist politispeak for the moronic masses.

Pope Says Christian-Muslim Dialogue Essential for Peace

Another missed opportunity:

Can we start by talking about “Staying Home” and fixing their countries instead of wrecking ours and others?

Tunisia Says Attack in Capital Was Suicide Bombing

Yep, that’s a fine religion of peace, ya’ll have there.  Did you here my “Stay home” idea?

David Cameron Bolsters Call for Lawmakers to Authorize Syrian Airstrikes

What everyone seems to forget is the Obamiots armed Syria to the teeth and once again the backroom neocons are pulling the strings.  There is NO UN MANDATE TO REMOVE ASSAD…

Remember the last time we decided to go-off on a head-of country? 

Pick Gadhafi or Hussein and what happened there?  Answer:  Islamic State wins Libya and Iraq.  Pissed homeless come looking for revenge…d’oh!

Look up brain-dead dickweeds and see which neocon’s picture comes up.

Arab Spring is Arab Invasion and no apology yet from the ‘cons.  They brought date rape to foreign policy. 

Is Cameron too stupid to figure out that people tend not to stay home while their country is having the shit bombed out of it? FMTT – led by morons in kneeler-land, too.

Arizona Border Recon takes border protection into their own hands

They wouldn’t be there IF Obama would enforce existing laws.   I don’t see anything in Federal Law about Sanctuary Cities, either, but I’m not a legal scholar/neighborhood organizer, I ‘spose.

However, I too come from a racially mixed background:  Pappy was Scottish and  republican, mom a Danish and democrat…so there, you go. 

Can I be president now? 

And get me one of their Peace Prizes while Ure at it.

Dollar Bill: Clinton opening fundraising spree for wife’s 2016 campaign

Repeat after me:  She is buying the office. 

She’ll be anointed Obama III and the collectivist Utopia will be realized on Your Back.  Don’t spend anything in 2016 – you’ll need the dough as America goes to Hill in a handbasket.

Remember the NY Post earlier this month?  Hillary is ‘often confused,’ says trusted aide Huma in fresh emails.  Why is the media recycling Chicago Shooting from a year ago when we have a confused Hil to worry about?

BUT since we live in ADHD ‘Merica, a two week attention-span to the facts is about all we can muster…

There… a harsh look back at the harsh world.

<More tomorrow when we begin with Friday Matters>in 2017

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  1. I am thankful for my daily dose of wisdom from a very smart guy. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving George and all the Ures!

  2. Speedy recovery George. Happy family day to you!! I love your insights and wisdom on your posts. I look forward it everyday ????

  3. Happy Thanks Giving to the Ures and Company!! Rain falling now! It’s an insane world, Once insanity takes hold of the reigns it’s only 1 to 2 years before everything comes unglued Frau Blucher. References are Nero and Caligula (search term, crazy Roman Emperors). Noticed almost all of the Business channel hosts seem incredulous that the market keeps going up. Was mighty impressed you nailed the uptick in Oct., also sad to see the Kamikaze run up that also preceded the 29 and 08 crash happening as we speak. True it may last another year then “Bonsai”. A world war looks inevitable and wonder if there are any bookies taking bets on the first cities to get caramelized. Just hope we’re not one of them, note, if the Cowboys are loosing bad they can’t be “Americas Team” which would shift the target to South Carolina?

  4. Hope you didn’t eat too much lol but thank you so much for all your hard work and effort. You are a very good man … and fairly smart too! Sure wish I could help you with your relaxation techniques and teach you how to see through the ‘veil’ and “stop the world” !! Best of luck and huge amounts of happiness are what I wish for you.. Thanks

  5. Since I was too busy stuffing my face and smearing my insides with all kinds of unhealthy stuff I didn’t think to wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving. So, Happy day after Thanksgiving.

    BTW It’s never too late to give thanks, so thanks George for the work you do for us. And, I was just kidding awhile back, about you taking no relief from your work schedule. Look out for yourself so to keep you healthy for a long time to come. A little of Ure wisdom is better than none of Ure wisdom…

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