HAARP is Back!

It doesn’t give me any particular pleasure to report this – other than the odd coincidence of how “Slipping Time & the Mandela Effect” is the topic of our “Coping” section this morning, but seems the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is back on the air today.

Seems a fellow, Chris Fallen, has gotten permission and some (tax) money as a grant from the National Science Foundation.

We he will be looking at is something called the Luxembourg Effect.

“Whazzat?” Ure wondering…

Wikipedia ‘splains it this-a-way:

“In radiophysics, the Luxemburg–Gorky effect (named after Radio Luxemburg and the city of Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod)) is a phenomenon of cross modulation between two radio waves, one of which is strong, passing through the same part of a medium, especially a conductive region of atmosphere or a plasma.

Current theory seems to be that the conductivity of the ionosphere is affected by the presence of strong radio waves.

The strength of a radio wave returning from the ionosphere to a distant point is dependent on this conductivity level. Therefore, if station “A” is radiating a strong amplitude modulated radio signal all around, some of it will modulate the conductivity of the ionosphere above the station. Then if station “B” is also sending an amplitude modulated signal from another location, the part of station “B’s” signal that passes through the ionosphere disturbed by station “A” to a receiver in line with both stations may have its strength modulated by the station “A” signal, even though the two are widely apart in frequency.

In other words, the ionosphere passes the station “B” signal with a strength that varies in step with the modulation (voice, etc.) of station “A.” This re-modulation level of the station “B” signal is usually only a few percent, but is enough to make both stations audible. The interference (both stations simultaneously received) goes away as the receiver is tuned slightly away from the frequency of “B.”

I know, I know…about here you are thinking “Of what possible use is this kind of arcane crap?”

Especially since the set-up to use it is a 20-megawatt power station, a huge and power radio transmitting array, and oh yeah…we also know that it heats the atmosphere when you blast it with megawatt levels of power.

Moreover, the effects are of the HF radio spectrum only so this will NOT show up in a consumer product next year. Besides, using HAARP as an adjunct to ground-penetrating radio technology (to find tunnels in Iran and such) is already established in the literature.

I admit to being one of the few people who’s ready the paper “Radio tomography and scintillation studies of ionospheric electron density modification caused by a powerful HF-wave and magnetic zenith effect at mid-latitudes” but if you’re an Extra Class ham and a commercial radio licensee (as I happen to be) then it’s the stuff you snuggle up with on a rainy day instead a silly bodice-ripping romance novel, Clive Cussler’s latest, or whatever…

Anyway, back to the story.

So we have had a decade (or more) of these super-large atmospheric radio heaters going on…and while the current story is “mapping the ionosphere’s conductivity” (mostly a useless pursuit unless you’re trying to figure out why you can’t seem to get that elusive 100th country from the ARRL DX-Century Club Award).

Still, back in 1998 we find U.S. Patent US5777476 A which is described this way:

“An apparatus and method for performing geological mapping utilizes an HF transmitter to heat ionospheric electrons to cause the current in an overhead electrojet to be modulated, thereby injected a low frequency EM signal into the Earth-ionosphere waveguide. A sensor measures vector values of electric and magnetic fields in an area to be surveyed. The measured vector values are provided to a processor that creates a conductivity map of the surveyed area based on the measured vector values.”

A further article over here is of interest, too.

Back to point – again: Why bother mapping underground tunnels (such as in Iran) via satellite and/or why map how the ionosphere works when disturbed unless you are modeling out the blackouts in communications that immediately follow a huge ionizing effect (think Starfish Prime, Eniwetok, etc) and you’re not sure whether the store and forward command structure embodied in FS-1045-FS-1051 (and MIL-STD 188-141A) Automatic Link Establishment’s low speed order wire will work after the flash goggles come off… OK, OK, THEN there’s likely value to it.

Otherwise, count Ure’s truly as skeptical of the “Return of HAARP” for the stated purposes. The Luxembourg Effect seems little more than a hugely expensive variant of using patches of the atmosphere to play the role of a penny electronic part like a mixer diode… so the point from a commercial and public benefit standpoint is what, exactly?

We may – just for the halibut – want to watch what CERN and the Large Hadron Collider are doing in here. Because we are (again) turning look multi-megawatts of power into the Earth’s ionosphere which acts as a monstrous cavity resonator. I assume you remember out past talks about the Schumann Resonances?

I hate to be the cynic, but absent a little updated tunnel data, WTF is the point of this?

And in the meantime, we already know that HAARP has likely been used for Weather Control experiments. This has been in the works since the landmark Air Force 2025 “Owning the Weather” report.

If you haven’t read “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025”
it’s less than 50 pages to read military thinking on point.

In the meantime, we notice how all the global climate change folks specifically run and hide when people like me publicly ask “How do the megawatts of power and diddling with the ionispheric footprint figure into “global warming” which has been retools at “climate change” nonsense?”

No one wants to answer that.


Oh, I figure the odds are pretty good that weather modification is already being tinkered with and the government’s not about to let a hugely powerful atmopheric heater just sit idle and rust while some pretty arcane research into a neaqrly useless effect is used to cover something else…or is it?

Knowing a bit about climate modeling is useful in here. If we see major changes in the weather this spring, think back to President’s Day and when the nutter in the Outback said “Look! Up in the Radio spectrum! It’s a bird…no it’s Weather Diddles…”

And in the shortwave listening and ham radio circles people will be so busy listening for odd signal effects they will miss the gorilla in the room.

Your weather is about to change.

And in Other News

Looking at the Business Calendar this week:

U.S. Holiday for the Presidents so no trading at that Big Casino.

Drop by tomorrow because Neel Kashkari of the Minneapolis Fed will be speaking. He’s an interesting dude in terms of questioning the “Too Big to Fail” mantra sold to the world by the scum-sucking bankster class.

If you didn’t read Kashkari’s OpEd in the Wall Street Urinal Journal last week, “Make Big Banks Put 20% Down—Just Like Home Buyers Do..” it’s worth your time.

You’ll have lots of it this week, too. After the PMI Manufacturing Index tomorrow, it’s just a parade of FedSpeakers, mostly. The FHFA House price index Thursday will be barely moving the needle.

Around the world overnight the Nikkei was up as was the Hang Seng. Not a lot, though and Europe is kind of a mixed bag.

However, as we’ve been telling Peoplenomics.com subscribers, unless the Global Index can bust over its 2015 all – time – high we may be witnessing the beginning of the end for the global(ist) economy, anyway.

The rest of the world is still there.

Dear President Trump

Be careful when doing fast-scans of the Internet to ALWAYS be looking for a date-stamp of an original article.

I expect that 2010 terrorist blowing himself up in Stockholm was on a site that had dates updated but presented an old story…hence tough to walk things back…It’s OK…date foolery got us plenty of times over the years.

We just don’t have many NY Times writers gunning for our slips.  You, on the other hand, Mr. President…

It continues asTrump bashing as the NY Times this morning takes aim at Alex Jones of InfoWars.

And the liberalistas of the Northeast seem suddenly concerned that the Trump Wall will split a small Indian tribe that straddles the border. Seems to me yet-another red herring.

OMFG “cleaving” the tribe and playing the “ancestral lands” card? Pah-leeze. Let’s just fix the border and build some factories…

The Rest of Today?

Water heater in the house went out yesterday. So out with the old and in with the new after I figure out how much water damage.

At least one of us should chill and have a second cup…

33 thoughts on “HAARP is Back!”

  1. George.. I think it is interesting that Harp is fired up shortly after deep seismic pulses were noticed.

    the strange thing is could this seismic pulse actually be from oil companies looking for new oil wells.


    And I wonder how could the deep steady pulse affect earthquake.. how could a high aroral radio pulse affect weather?

    Or the more disturbing … tesla howitzer coming to life..


    • It’s unlikely that this is oilfield related. Seismic studies are expensive, and the data we are after is very localized – we want detail, and the closer the source vibration is to target, the clearer the details we get. Setting off a pulse somewhere at one end of the continent provides no details at all for us to work with. Local oilfield seismic pulses are small and attenuate rapidly over distance.

      If this pulse traveled that far, then the magnitude of the event is a lot higher than an oilfield operation.

      As well, the farthest east we work is basically PA, with most of the seismic work for offshore Atlantic Basin having been done already (in hopes of getting access to the right coast for the last 50 years).

      And there is very much we DO NOT KNOW about the groanings and moanings of our planet. It could have been a rock slide offshore into one of the canyons – we had a Mag 4.2 in the Gulf of Mexico a few years back and that wasn’t rock but mud and slush. An actual rock slide or a fracture occurring would likely be very brief event – just a thought.

  2. As a former airborne USAF radar operator, I do not have issues with any theory positing the HAARP antenna array also acts as a frequency transmitter. I have a bit more of a problem with the theory that the ionosphere refracts in a targeted way to purposefully and sufficiently map ground and subsurface anomalies. My main ‘cerebral disconnect’ is with high frequency waves refracting back from the Earth with no obvious receiving antenna/receiver array avialable to collect and focus those electronic waves. HAARP, or similar systems, transmitting energy is only one half of the supposed mapping endeavor. Capturing and making sense of refracted energy is the other half of the equation. The refracted energy must be suitably concentrated/organized in order to resolve any useful detail. Unless the U.S. is using ‘national technical means’ (NTM)as the receiving antenna to collect the reflected energy, I don’t see HAARP being used purposefully for ground and subterranean feature mapping due to curvature of the Earth and ionosphere issues over large distances). If NTMs are being used, then the majority of ‘we the peeps’ will never truly know what the HAARP capabilities might be.

    • Not so complicated as one might think.
      Radio Frequency Tomography for Tunnel Detection
      Abstract— Radio Frequency (RF) Tomography is proposed to detect underground voids, such as tunnels or caches, over relatively wide areas of interest. The RF tomography approach requires a set of low-cost transmitters and receivers deployed randomly on the surface of the ground, or slightly buried. Using the principles of inverse scattering and diffraction tomography, it is possible to develop a simplified theory for below-ground imaging, thus revealing and locating buried objects and hidden targets. In this work, we introduce the principles and our motivations in support of RF tomography. Furthermore, we derive simple inversion schemes for sensors randomly deployed in a 3D region. Then, we assess limitations to performance, and discuss some system considerations. Finally, we demonstrate the effectiveness of RF Tomography by presenting images reconstructed via the processing of synthetic data.

      Index Terms—Ground Penetrating Radar, RF Tomography, Inverse Scattering, Tunnel Detection, Buried Object Detection

      Then we recall how synthetic aperture radar works and presto! – lower frequency, bigger antenna, lol

      We can use large ionized regions over a country (Iran fir instance) as a region of ionized air which allows us some degree of control (and did I say stand-off’ishness?) when directing our tomographic wavelengths into our new “adjustable tropo layer” and now….pass me a side order of KH-19’s while Ure at it. I’d probably better “modulate” the convo here…

      • This may be a little out there but the harp has the ability to use cell towers and also air control towers and radio towers and your ham Towers and TV towers , and use the telephone and electric power lines,now how is that possible, by controlling or having control over all the towers that exists there is a mixture of fluctuation that crosses over when something is manipulated to the point of oh gosh whatever sounds good to me anyway

      • Then you say well how’s the telephone lines and the electric lines come into this and then we have dutchsinse who has figured before it happens and has figured out the pattern of earthquakes so it comes down to the hidden government if they were using the HARP program as just one my new part and we’re recording all the other parts that I just listed to see the effect then you might see a bigger picture

      • About dutchsinse yeah he predict was able to predict tornadoes days before they happened and he did that like 2 days before one came near my area

      • And then you add the satellite technology they call it the train I think where they have three or four satellites in a row all one of the the large scoop with seized all across the second one receives the information from the first one and reduces the area that it’s scoping and then the third one can narrow right down to whatever activity activity that it is being at that particular time program to pick up and then either on that third one or the fourth satellite of the train it has the ability to beam down and Destroy something or either use a wide scan and change something in conjunction with all the cell towers radio towers the electrical line the HAARP system on and on that’s how far is Vance they are plus a little bit more than that I would imagine can you imagine

      • And lastly is the human element the ability to affect you from all of the electrical units that are coming at you and also from the sky the satellites so yeah they have the ability to do Untold things

  3. HAARP thought. It would be interesting to chart any correlation between haarp operation and reports of ufos.
    All sorts of possibilities come to mind.

  4. Had a dread about water heater replacement and all i needed was a 6 dollar pipe threaded to fit into the tap pressure relief valve, a soft tap to loosen the valvr and a 12, dollar tap relief valve, …returned the threaded pipe and …done…

  5. I dont think it ever stopped for long. On 2/15 we had the most and lowest chemtrails that I ever remembered- to the point that you couldnt see the sky. Parts resembled Gotham City’s Batman call. Oddly, they didnt appear to the north. As if it were the sunset they were worried about blocking.
    So.. on Feb 16 I woke up with a headache, followed by a horrible draining nose cold, which is just now waning. By BIL is likewise sick. Much has been made about “chemtrail cough” which I do not have. Yet.

    • I am betting it is just vapor trials you were seeing.. I actually worked in the early eighties cleaning up the purging tents after spraying operations.. At that time they were spraying biological spores in the upper atmosphere to see how the prevailing winds would affect it by tracing the path of the reported problems..
      cleaning those tents was a really nasty job the spores overall were pretty harmless but gave the authorities a view of what to expect if a nasty situation ever did arise.. doing that was just one of my many hats that I have worn through the years..
      as far as chemtrails.. I actually don’t think anyone has anything to fear over chemtrails though. I sure am not worried about it. Heck we let GMO seeds feed us what is the difference and we let congress pass a bill saying that no one can hold the companies doing the gmo research as financially liable if they made a mistake..
      they might do something similar to what was done thirty some odd years ago.. but even then it was pretty harmless maybe a bug to see what would happen in the event of a more disturbing event from an unpleasant country and they already have the research done and cataloged…
      If someone was trying to do something worse than that well it would have to be from someone pretty heartless that could knowingly spray something in the air that would not only affect himself his family and all the friends he has.. not to mention the man giving the order would also be affected with the same Moral situation.. could he give an order to spray something that would or could kill his own family or children. or himself.
      Greed drives people to do stupid things but it is a whole different story if the greed affects your own life or those you care about. JMHO here

      • Anonymous,
        I used to think like you but there is way too much evidence supporting life altering chem trail spraying and if you had been looking up for the past 20 years you would have seen it and it is not contrails in a hatched pattern every day over your city. If you want to expand your knowledge of this check out this site.

        And as for GMO food there is a plethora of research and facts showing how many illnesses it contributes to. Why do you think 80 countries will not let Monsanto in their country to grow their GMO seeds and those that do kick out Monsanto after a couple of years. As to why these evils are occurring there are lots of theories there too. I have good methods for keeping the crap as much as possible out of my body and that is all we can do.

  6. Funny about that NYT story. Mike Adams (Health Ranger) went public about a blackmail attempt made against him. He was told to discredit Alex Jones, or they would instead discredit HIM. He said others have been offered 50K to do the same. So it’ll be interesting to see who changes course and gets 50K richer.
    At least it’s happier than Dave Hodges (Common Sense Show). On the Dark Web, someone found a note that Mr Hodges could not be “bought”, so they had theorized that “Boston Brakes” mkihgt be a better method to “off” him.
    So this tells me these people probably have some idea of what’s up.

  7. While vibrating earth and whether can we dump the fed pharma medical monopolies. Then the crazies can keep vibing and lying media rolling

  8. OPS must be a third universe out there since none of the mentioned points of the 20 ment anything to me!? Seems that in my mind I never locked onto the details?

    Having said that – I’ve never been one to remember the details in movies, books, lectures or conversations!? My take has always look at the big picture vs scenes in the picture.

    My rationale runs along the thinking of there is no real black and white just shades of both. As an example I would put forth the Famous Yin-Yang symbol with equal points of black n white balancing each other out.
    Many believe that it is a static symbol; however in Chinese symbolic terms it is always moving in time! Thus over time one may see more black vs white or visa-versa. Thus creating the mentioned Mandala Effect – An depending on your perspective you see what you want to see at any given Time! (IMHO)

  9. In my reading of off-beat sites, I have come across several that endeavored to show that HF radiation was directed towards the Oroville area, to push the rains back by creating high pressure locally.

    I am NOT up to this level of HAARPishness, so I canont comment on true or false – just that some guys have said they saw HAARP-like indications there recently.

  10. Trump has clarified his “last night in Sweden” reference as referring to Tucker Carlson’s interview the night before with the producer of a documentary on the disastrous consequences of Sweden importing close to 200,000 Middle Eastern and African country shoppers.

    • Just as many columnists you stretch your neck

      to find a Trump error, but in this case

      the error is yours! Not your first

      error I recall you didn’t

      think Trump could win.

  11. The MSM is on it’s way out…they just won’t except it yet. The closer the water gets to their pie holes, the more they go into panic mode, and shout out the most ridiculous statements. Actually, its good theater !! CERN has tickled the Woo-Woo in Antarctica though !!

  12. sorry about the water heater. what about the unit that mounts on the wall and heats water when in use and no tank to worry about.can,t think of the name.

    • It’s up to you on that option. Looked at water heaters when we were renovating the ranch house as well as when our son’s water heater went out. They do provide quick heating but are hugely expensive – plus you’ve got to be careful about your electrical box’s capacity and wiring to the heater. Whenever those babies kick on you’re pulling 28 to 30 amps for as long as water is flowing through them until the thermostat shuts it down. Pretty much requires a dedicated circuit. Plan accordingly.

      • After thinking about it the units I was referring to are the ones that fit directly under the sink and usually are 120v fixtures. The 220v units I’ve seen on the outside of houses were around twice the price of a tank type heater and still pulling serious amps.

  13. So, the weather is about to change? Perhaps immediately vs later in the spring? Preventing (or insuring) a dam break in California might be a good enough reason to fire haarp up again.

  14. “WTF is the point of this?”

    AS a teenager I was soooo hip for this technology subject. Regretfully, I’ve never followed through with it, because of the search for easier money. As an elderly (probably much older than most of you?) most everything shrinks to the point of just being able to walk w/o assistance (2-3 miles a day). But I enjoy reading abt. subject matter!

  15. “People around her say she’s so dark now, and so evil, and so possessed that they are having nightmares, they’re freaking out. There are dozens of videos and photos of Obama having flies land on him, indoors, at all times of year, and he’ll be next to a hundred people and no one has flies on them. Imagine how bad she smells, man? I’m told her and Obama, just stink, stink, stink, stink. You can’t wash that evil off, man. Told there’s a rotten smell around Hillary. I’m not kidding, people say, they say – folks, I’ve been told this by high up folks. They say listen, Obama and Hillary both smell like sulfur … I’ve talked to people that are in protective details, they’re scared of her. And they say listen, she’s a frickin’ demon and she stinks and so does Obama. I go, like what? Sulfur. They smell like hell.”

    Alex Jones, Trump Advisor

    • Taken with a grain of salt. Have you been close enough to know any better? Why don’t you quote some crazy crap that the liberals are dishing out daily about Trump and Trump supporters that are then found out to be not true. This lug fest goes both ways ALL days!

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