It doesn’t give me any particular pleasure to report this – other than the odd coincidence of how “Slipping Time & the Mandela Effect” is the topic of our “Coping” section this morning, but seems the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is back on the air today.

Seems a fellow, Chris Fallen, has gotten permission and some (tax) money as a grant from the National Science Foundation.

We he will be looking at is something called the Luxembourg Effect.

“Whazzat?” Ure wondering…

Wikipedia ‘splains it this-a-way:

“In radiophysics, the Luxemburg–Gorky effect (named after Radio Luxemburg and the city of Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod)) is a phenomenon of cross modulation between two radio waves, one of which is strong, passing through the same part of a medium, especially a conductive region of atmosphere or a plasma.

Current theory seems to be that the conductivity of the ionosphere is affected by the presence of strong radio waves.

The strength of a radio wave returning from the ionosphere to a distant point is dependent on this conductivity level. Therefore, if station “A” is radiating a strong amplitude modulated radio signal all around, some of it will modulate the conductivity of the ionosphere above the station. Then if station “B” is also sending an amplitude modulated signal from another location, the part of station “B’s” signal that passes through the ionosphere disturbed by station “A” to a receiver in line with both stations may have its strength modulated by the station “A” signal, even though the two are widely apart in frequency.

In other words, the ionosphere passes the station “B” signal with a strength that varies in step with the modulation (voice, etc.) of station “A.” This re-modulation level of the station “B” signal is usually only a few percent, but is enough to make both stations audible. The interference (both stations simultaneously received) goes away as the receiver is tuned slightly away from the frequency of “B.”

I know, I know…about here you are thinking “Of what possible use is this kind of arcane crap?”

Especially since the set-up to use it is a 20-megawatt power station, a huge and power radio transmitting array, and oh yeah…we also know that it heats the atmosphere when you blast it with megawatt levels of power.

Moreover, the effects are of the HF radio spectrum only so this will NOT show up in a consumer product next year. Besides, using HAARP as an adjunct to ground-penetrating radio technology (to find tunnels in Iran and such) is already established in the literature.

I admit to being one of the few people who’s ready the paper “Radio tomography and scintillation studies of ionospheric electron density modification caused by a powerful HF-wave and magnetic zenith effect at mid-latitudes” but if you’re an Extra Class ham and a commercial radio licensee (as I happen to be) then it’s the stuff you snuggle up with on a rainy day instead a silly bodice-ripping romance novel, Clive Cussler’s latest, or whatever…

Anyway, back to the story.

So we have had a decade (or more) of these super-large atmospheric radio heaters going on…and while the current story is “mapping the ionosphere’s conductivity” (mostly a useless pursuit unless you’re trying to figure out why you can’t seem to get that elusive 100th country from the ARRL DX-Century Club Award).

Still, back in 1998 we find U.S. Patent US5777476 A which is described this way:

“An apparatus and method for performing geological mapping utilizes an HF transmitter to heat ionospheric electrons to cause the current in an overhead electrojet to be modulated, thereby injected a low frequency EM signal into the Earth-ionosphere waveguide. A sensor measures vector values of electric and magnetic fields in an area to be surveyed. The measured vector values are provided to a processor that creates a conductivity map of the surveyed area based on the measured vector values.”

A further article over here is of interest, too.

Back to point – again: Why bother mapping underground tunnels (such as in Iran) via satellite and/or why map how the ionosphere works when disturbed unless you are modeling out the blackouts in communications that immediately follow a huge ionizing effect (think Starfish Prime, Eniwetok, etc) and you’re not sure whether the store and forward command structure embodied in FS-1045-FS-1051 (and MIL-STD 188-141A) Automatic Link Establishment’s low speed order wire will work after the flash goggles come off… OK, OK, THEN there’s likely value to it.

Otherwise, count Ure’s truly as skeptical of the “Return of HAARP” for the stated purposes. The Luxembourg Effect seems little more than a hugely expensive variant of using patches of the atmosphere to play the role of a penny electronic part like a mixer diode… so the point from a commercial and public benefit standpoint is what, exactly?

We may – just for the halibut – want to watch what CERN and the Large Hadron Collider are doing in here. Because we are (again) turning look multi-megawatts of power into the Earth’s ionosphere which acts as a monstrous cavity resonator. I assume you remember out past talks about the Schumann Resonances?

I hate to be the cynic, but absent a little updated tunnel data, WTF is the point of this?

And in the meantime, we already know that HAARP has likely been used for Weather Control experiments. This has been in the works since the landmark Air Force 2025 “Owning the Weather” report.

If you haven’t read “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025”
it’s less than 50 pages to read military thinking on point.

In the meantime, we notice how all the global climate change folks specifically run and hide when people like me publicly ask “How do the megawatts of power and diddling with the ionispheric footprint figure into “global warming” which has been retools at “climate change” nonsense?”

No one wants to answer that.


Oh, I figure the odds are pretty good that weather modification is already being tinkered with and the government’s not about to let a hugely powerful atmopheric heater just sit idle and rust while some pretty arcane research into a neaqrly useless effect is used to cover something else…or is it?

Knowing a bit about climate modeling is useful in here. If we see major changes in the weather this spring, think back to President’s Day and when the nutter in the Outback said “Look! Up in the Radio spectrum! It’s a bird…no it’s Weather Diddles…”

And in the shortwave listening and ham radio circles people will be so busy listening for odd signal effects they will miss the gorilla in the room.

Your weather is about to change.

And in Other News

Looking at the Business Calendar this week:

U.S. Holiday for the Presidents so no trading at that Big Casino.

Drop by tomorrow because Neel Kashkari of the Minneapolis Fed will be speaking. He’s an interesting dude in terms of questioning the “Too Big to Fail” mantra sold to the world by the scum-sucking bankster class.

If you didn’t read Kashkari’s OpEd in the Wall Street Urinal Journal last week, “Make Big Banks Put 20% Down—Just Like Home Buyers Do..” it’s worth your time.

You’ll have lots of it this week, too. After the PMI Manufacturing Index tomorrow, it’s just a parade of FedSpeakers, mostly. The FHFA House price index Thursday will be barely moving the needle.

Around the world overnight the Nikkei was up as was the Hang Seng. Not a lot, though and Europe is kind of a mixed bag.

However, as we’ve been telling subscribers, unless the Global Index can bust over its 2015 all – time – high we may be witnessing the beginning of the end for the global(ist) economy, anyway.

The rest of the world is still there.

Dear President Trump

Be careful when doing fast-scans of the Internet to ALWAYS be looking for a date-stamp of an original article.

I expect that 2010 terrorist blowing himself up in Stockholm was on a site that had dates updated but presented an old story…hence tough to walk things back…It’s OK…date foolery got us plenty of times over the years.

We just don’t have many NY Times writers gunning for our slips.  You, on the other hand, Mr. President…

It continues asTrump bashing as the NY Times this morning takes aim at Alex Jones of InfoWars.

And the liberalistas of the Northeast seem suddenly concerned that the Trump Wall will split a small Indian tribe that straddles the border. Seems to me yet-another red herring.

OMFG “cleaving” the tribe and playing the “ancestral lands” card? Pah-leeze. Let’s just fix the border and build some factories…

The Rest of Today?

Water heater in the house went out yesterday. So out with the old and in with the new after I figure out how much water damage.

At least one of us should chill and have a second cup…

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