Global Warming Arrives in Texas

imageYes sir:  A record report from the National Weather Service up the road a piece in Ft. Worth:

“A record snowfall of 2.5 inches was set at dfw Airport yesterday.

The previous record for March 4 was 0.3 inches in 1989.”

So it is with overflowing generosity that we have packaged up the cold front and sent it east overnight where it should be arriving any minute to ease the sweat glands that I just know have been overworked with Global Warming effects this winter.

I would mention that suggesting the cold is because of warming is like suggesting that we all need to eat more to lose weight, slow down to get somewhere faster, and die in order to live.  However, I’ll just bite my tongue (which happens to be frozen to my teeth now).

I’ll just point to the records here and wonder if the folks in Mississippi aren’t maybe overdoing it a bit in declaring an emergency in advance. 

Do you realize that “Woodall Mountain” is the highest peak in the state (806-feet) and that’s just a lump out west or in he Poconos.  I mean, come on, now!  Cowboy up a bit.  Texas highest point is Guadalupe Peak at 8,751 feet…

(Sorry, I will stop teaching geography and how to read thermometers and just skip to the economics for which this site is better known.  Although there is much in common between climateers and mainstream economystics.

Job Cut Report

The ADP Employment Report giveth and the Challenger Job Cuts report taketh away:

Planned job cuts declined slightly in February, as US-based employers announced workforce reductions totaling 50,579, five percent fewer than the 53,041 in January, according to the report on monthly job cuts released Thursday by global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. The February total was up 21 percent from a year ago, when employers announced 41,835 job cuts during the month. This marks the third consecutive monthly job-cut total… –

And this infographic may explain why we haven’t heard much from Oilman2 lately:  Scramble is on in the Oil Patch down Houston way.


Still, in true Roaring Twenties fashion, the market continues to be in a position to strike for new highs despite the Wednesday pull-back.   Dow is up 50, oil is around $51…so Roaring on is what we do for a while.

More detailed analysis of what’s ahead in this weekend’s Peoplenomics report.

Is Anyone Thinking in Washington?

So let’s see here:  Netanyahu comes to Washington and warns about Iran nuke talks.  Now, we’re reading reports that because Iran is actually making headway in Iraq using the Quds forces led by a twice-designated terrorist Iranian commander who may be responsible for up to 20% of American casualties in Iraq, some folks in Washington are having WTF moments.

The problem really comes down to this:  Somehow, the US Staters and WH’ers have gotten wrapped around the axle of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

What seems impossibly complicated to the Iran panderers is that the enemy of our enemy is NOT out friend and will stab us in the back when convenient.

There’s a reason such  ménage à trois relationships seldom arrive at happy endings.

So while the Obama posse tries to work out a creative six-way with Iran, the clock is ticking and Quds is grabbing real estate.  Netanyahu is off, meantime, Paul Revere’ing on point.

OMG we are such policy geniuses, are we not?  Old-line socialists never learn.  Out with the new, in with the old.

Russian Health Breakthrough

Yeah…simple.  You can add years to your life not opposing the Putin regime.

Ruskies are saying there are several suspects in the murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, but – when you look back on the string of bodies, the major health risk seems to be opposition to Vlad Putin.

Oh…wait!  It’s just a statistical coincidence, right?

US Polisicks

With Hillary in butt-covering mode on the email flap, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is looking more like a viable candidate.  Although, anyone with a pulse who isn’t a greedster, looks better than you-know-who.

Say, don’t you wonder if O’Malley could collect some momentum by announcing on St. Patrick’s Day?

Here’s my contribution to O’Malley speech writers:

“Just like St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland….I’m announcing my candidacy to drive the snakes out of the Democratic party – and Washington DC,,,”

I think that’d play really very well….

Meantime Hillary’s latest talk-it but don’t walk-it:  Rousing up women on equal pay…while her Clinton Foundation’s eight highest paid are what?  MEN claims this report!          GMAFB

You see where the Associated Press is about to sue over the emails, too?  Judicial Watch is going for the emails, too, but my liberalista friends go nuts when I mention them.  So let’s see if they bash the Associated Press, too.  I mean libs gotta back equality, right?

Ambassador Recovering

The American ambassador to South Korea is recovering from a knife attack Wednesday.

Two aftermath items:  1)  North Korea is cheering on the crazies

People kill people – not guns.  So here’s a high profile knife attack that gets me started on my second point:  2) Why aren’t the gun control people going after knives?  Sharp minds are wondering…although around here it’s dull minds are wandering.

I’ll volunteer to  be first in line to get a concealed Ginsu permit.  Just think how much quieter knife ranges would be, too.  Why we could set up a whole new Federal Bureau of Sharpness, too, to determine when a knife is an “assault knife” or a BB knife – those would be the Bread or Butter knives.

Come to think of it, a whole Federal Bureau of Sharpness could inspect lots in Washington.  Starting with the people…and I have a list of 536 to begin with.

Besides, Fed BS has a nice ring to it.

4 thoughts on “Global Warming Arrives in Texas”

  1. Two notes, the planned layoffs obviously don’t include the 200k that Target is laying off and…Sharpton suggested recently that perhaps people should need a permit to carry a knife.

  2. O’Malley? Please god, no. He almost singlehandedly ran this state into the ground. You do realize he even passed a rain tax while in office, one of 40 tax increases?! Businesses have been leaving MD like rats from a sinking ship since his tenure began. There’s a reason we call him Owe’Malley. If he’s President we’ll all look back on Obama as the good old days…

  3. I have no kind words for Mrs Clinton, so I’ll just say nothing. At the time she was a senatress, I had the misfortune to be living in NY.

    Please don’t suggest controlling knives. NYC does, and the UK goes nuts over an unapproved knife. A real man ALWAYS carries a knife and knows how to use it, so that’s one more reason not to fly commercially.

  4. Gun control my views are.. when you board an airplane why not hand out a gun to everyone on board.. forget the big scanners and people searching peoples belongings just give everyone a gun.. then if someone wants to go nuts .. the culprit might just be done in by grandma that was knitting in seat twelve.. disturb her count knit one pearl two knit one pearl two…..darn terrorists bang..When I was growing up everyone had a shot gun or rifle handy.. most pickups had a rifle rack in the back of the seat for some quick hunting after school or work and some kids even brought their shot guns to school for show and tell on how they went hunting with their dad.. you never heard about people going nuts or terrorists today I think the world has just gone crazy.. for me just bring back the good old days..

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