Georgtradamus: Half-Wit, Half-Right

We will get to the GDP fairytale in a minute.  First? You may remember our headline from Monday.  In which we yammered something about this having the potential to be a “Thousand Point Down Week.”

I’m sure quite a few readers were thinking “Doom porn BS.”  Yet, as of this morning, here’s how things are shaping up:

  • Last Friday our Aggregate Index closed at 36,177.53
  • As of the Wednesday close it was 35,383.81

Which means down 794 for the week.

Still, happy-talk and bullshit are ever-ready to defend the ruling paradigm.

The mass rally lined up for this morning will slice that to a loss of 176 as modeled early.

See here how the wave count is laying out:

Making sense of this – and a fair bit of money trading the market – is not terribly difficult to learn.  What IS tough is to have your own trading rules and never bust them.

A handful of “cornerstone” books:  Bob Prechter (and Frost) on the Elliott Wave principle, Gilbert Raff’s book on trading regression channels, and Technical Analysis of Stock Trends by Edwards, Magee, and Bassetti.

Toss in some less-than-Jekyllized creature-reading on the Fed and you’ll be well on your way to economic salvation.

Start with William Greider’s book Secrets of the Temple.  For me, the key difference was Creature from Jekyll Island was useful (though fictionalized in places) is useful for how the central bankster swindle was done (when Congress abrogated its Constitutional money creation role and sold out to the bankster class.  Whereas Greider’s book is more about the Feds modern-day string pulling.

Point is, based on futures, Ure will be almost totally wrong if futures are meaningful.  (They are and aren’t.).  On the other hand, based on the Wednesday close, Ure’s doing OK.   Yesterday’s trade returned 2.8 percent between 10:06 AM and out at 3:52 PM.

This ain’t investment advice.  Just showing that any idiot (I’m the proxy) can do this stuff.  But you need hard and fast rules and an iron Will.  If a trade goes bad, and you’re down $100?  Dump it.  Take the small loss. Big losses hurt!

Did I ever tell you about the time I was so cock-sure of myself I rode a position from $26,000 down to $16,000?  This “Sell no matter what at down $100 bucks” rule is the real (no bullshit) schiznit.  It’s like the JMK dude (John Maynard Keynes) said ““Markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.”  True dat.

Playing markets today is much closer to Casino gambling.  Except casinos are more honest.

Thing in stock trading?  You can “opt out” of a position any time.  In Vegas, the wheel stops on the House call, not yours.  Stocks are better. Not for parking money.  But for playing Texas Hold ‘Em in a more “acceptable” venue.  Options are the pull tabs…and so forth.

GDP – Lies and Statistics.

Pointed this out to our subscribers (who will be one step ahead of you, most of the time) when we outed the Fed increasing the monetary base 5% in the past year and turning the gas back on (fueling a possible summer rally before the Q3 recession) ahead.  Bring your calculator to this link and be enlightened.

As you read the fine and glowing GDP fairytale this morning, remember statistical BS reigns supreme these days.  5% more money sloshing means?  No gain in consumption (units) is possible while cutting staff and writing off Covid costs has been jacking up earnings.

Read ’em and bleat, ewe:

“Real gross domestic product (GDP) decreased at an annual rate of 1.4 percent in the first quarter of 2022, following an increase of 6.9 percent in the fourth quarter of 2021. In the first quarter, there was a resurgence of COVID-19 cases from the Omicron variant and decreases in government pandemic assistance payments.”

Money up 5%, growth up 1.4.  Screw rate equals 3.6 percent?  Fairytale graphics?

Dow futures were still up after, so fairytales with illustrations don’t seem to work.

Also out this morning is the first time UI filers numbers.  Which is almost meaningless nowadays…

Just remember NSA means not statistically “juiced” while Seasonally adjusted means (in 99.9% of cases) “We’re lying here, but what we want you to think is…  Read the Wiki and you’ll see all kinds of ways to mislead the people on the hook for the checks in all this shit.  Seasonal adjustment in weekly data series? We are horribly screwed.

Say, is financial rape a crime, yet?

Oh-oh – police blotter time… or what should be:

Notice, Please…

Yes: The Government lied about Covid.  CDC and FDA ‘altered’ Covid guidance while under pressure, bombshell report claims.  Which part of “surprised” do you want to feign?  We remain cautious, semi-isolated, and unvaxxed, thanks.

Money hype continues.  With the cryptos becoming entrenched, stories like ‘Dollar Is King’ Mantra Rings Across Currencies as Yen Drops keep up the Big Sell.

Russia’s run ending?  Maybe: Ruble’s world-defying rally may be in last days as default looms.  In the meantime, the gas is off in parts of Europe and the EU has gone all in on psycho-babble. Telling EU states not to buy gas in rubles.  Also see Europe Gas Extends Gains as Buyers Wrestle With Ruble Payments.

Skeptics Please Note:  If cryptos really were secret (they’re not, of course) wouldn’t everyone in the world be jumping to cryptos to beat Sanctions?  Of course.  But smart people know the US can bust cryptos almost at will. Listen up on How the Government Traced Billions in Stolen Bitcoin – Tech News Briefing – WSJ Podcasts.  Nothing like the glint of greed in the eye, is there?

Related on point: Edward Snowden Revealed As Key Participant In Mysterious Ceremony Creating $2 Billion Anonymous Cryptocurrency.

Pencil War Risk Condition Red May 7.  That’s because of stories like Vladimir Putin warns he WILL use nukes against West in ‘lightning fast’ strike if anyone interferes in Ukraine are making the rounds.  We are mindful that Russian holiday on May 9 could signal milestone in Ukraine.  So, if you were playing famous football coach, wouldn’t you go a day or two early so the battlefield is hot on May 9 with and your captains could evoke “Kill the Nazis again!”  With a side of canned sunshine.

We love typos.  Especially when it’s not us doing ’em.  Spied on Drudge this morning:  “Parkinson’s Patient First In World To Receive rain Implant That Reverses Symptoms…”  Nope, surgery not in Seattle, lol.  I ought to set up a specialized smell-checker for news righters (sic).  Newzerly.

In you live in Arizona: Single $473.1 million Powerball ticket sold in Arizona.

Look for a bump in Trump Derangement Syndrome on this report: Deutsche Bank Whistleblower Valentin Broeksmit Found Dead in LA.  Cops say no foul play, but shit-dude, we’re talking bots, money, and biased social media monetization’s, right?

“If you can’t trust your Government, who can you trust?” Department: U.S. seeks to keep parts of Haiti president’s murder secret.” Because of?  Offense to the olfactory sensors noticed.

ATR (Around the Ranch)

Veggie Grow Room:  Got several flowers on the yellow squash – so couple of weeks out on second food crop.  Wouldn’t want to live on small radishes, though but they are fast.  Remember when seed shopping look to mix in some Ace 55 tomatoes and 35-day radishes.

Plumb George:  A slow leak from an in-ground faucet will be addressed by G2 later today.

Play Dad:  Got the new short HF radio whip antenna in.  On ShopTalk Sunday, may show you how to turn an off-the-shelf hiking pack into a  manpack radio with good range.

Brushing on Elaine:  Perfect weather here in the woods. Elaine’s getting into her oils and acrylics out on the screen porch.  Lovely time of the year.

Something Fishy?  Elmwood, TX volunteer fire department fish fry this Saturday.  I think we’re far enough inland the old rule “Don’t eat seafood on an incoming tide” is off the table.

Off to the shop – more in the morning and click on the comments label to toss your two cents in.

Write when you get rich,

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32 thoughts on “Georgtradamus: Half-Wit, Half-Right”

    Marxists and crooks are in control! From Biden and his family to the bought and paid for guys at the top of regulatory agencies that rig healthcare and drug markets, create Climate Change lies, and manipulate stocks/bonds/metals/commodity markets, and the statistics thereof.

    The statistics that agencies report are distorted by changing the baseline data and/or baseline dates, and by deleting or adding components to fit their agendas. Real inflation as felt by the American people is a total lie. The government eliminates food and fuel in the CPI numbers they use.

    The EPA changed the baseline data and baseline year for climate change to make it look hotter as I posted on this site long ago in the Human Caused Climate Change Big Lie. Long-term climate change is not man-made, and carbon is NOT the problem you liberal idiots in D.C. It is Methane! Global warming-The sun is not an orange ball anymore like it was 50 years ago. It has turned into a white star with continual highs on the UV scale that burns you through your clothes. Not human caused!

    Plandemics, wars, false flags, lying statistics…ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING will be done by the psychopaths and sociopaths to maintain their power. If the internet or grid goes down in the next 6 months, who will get the blame? Russia!! If someone bombs a church in Ukraine or pops off a tactical nuke, who will get the blame? Russia. Who could really be behind it? Russia, China, Iran, Israel, Ukraine OR Globalists, terrorist groups, intelligence agencies, or Bidenistas trying to blame Russia to escalate the Ukraine/Russia conflict and drag NATO (USA) into it.

    The economic numbers reported monthly, quarterly, and annually from the government are not real indicators–just more lies. Much of the Job’s growth is composed of illegals doing jobs as dishwashers, busboys, roofers, painters, yard people, maids, agriculture, chicken and turkey farming. Economic demand is skewed from handouts to the Illegals and their broods of children of housing, healthcare, food cards, AID to dependent children, and pre-loaded debit cards, and monthly government checks from the O’Biden crooks.

    We don’t owe the world safe haven and money to live on!!! And every day the morons in D.C. allow more ILLEGALS to invade our country, they are allowing them to drive up all of our prices even more. When the food starts disappearing on the shelves even more than now, and nutritous food costs are getting so high that some American citizens cannot afford it, think of the 36,000,000 people here ILLEGALLY competing for and eating your family’s food off of the shelves of grocery stores.

    Thank the democrats for the high food prices, astronomical fuel prices, and shortages that are going to get worse. They spend all their time lying instead of fixing.

    Mexico is a narco-state! Paid off up and down the line. Thank the Democrats for more drug cartels and human traffickers and gangs like MS13 running wild in our country every day the border is open. They are terrorists! They should be declared terrorists! And as such, they should be chased down by our special forces and drones in Mexico and other narco states, and killed. Let’s go Brandon? Nah, the original phrase was much much better!! What an embarrassing pitiful state our country has become in the last year.

    • WTHS,

      OUR Government manipulating Statistics, or creating brand new Statistics, in order to show what THEY want to show for political or policy reasons versus showing reality? OMG who wudda thunk they would do that?! You MUST be mistaken!!

      Those Viet Cong death counts that the Pentagon released weekly as I was growing up that were always ours times 20, with just a minor rounding error, were absolutely 100% accurate EVERY WEEK!! (which didn’t include those dying in the jungle from bombings – thus even MORE Viet Cong dying each and every week). SEE … we WERE getting the desired 20:1 kill ratio EVERY WEEK, right on schedule. The Pentagon’s numbers PROVED IT!! They PROVED IT each and every week!!

      Furthermore … wrt Global Warming who are YOU, a non scientist, to claim that the problem isn’t Carbon but Methane? Don’t you realize that as a NON-Climate Scientist YOU are NOT qualified to disagree with their expertise! Just like the EXPERTS at the FDA who clearly told us, you should NOT wear a mask to protect from Covid … then as Experts said you SHOULD wear a mask to protect from Covid … and now as Experts say “OH SHIT, Masks don’t really help much”. Those EXPERTS at the FDA are ALWAYS going to be right compared to the any NON Experts and we should ALWAYS listen to and BELIEVE them!! Same applies to the Climate EXPERTS!! You are REQUIRED TO BELIEVE THEM!!

      The next thing you will probably say is that We should NOT have open borders where every third worlder who wants to come should just come on in!! Heretical Thinking!! Twitter will PERMA BAN YOU if you say that on their platform! They, their Academic Phd EXPERTS, and the Democrats KNOW BEST about having Open Borders, NOT YOU, … and don’t you forget that!!

      (as for the inflation … don’t worry, the Fed told us back in December it was just “Transitory” and would disappear quickly and with such a little blip that most people wouldn’t even notice that it happened … SEE everything is just fine on the inflation front! Nobody is noticing the little amount we are having, and which will soon be gone)

      • Anyone who speaks in the name of the “government” is a politician first and cannot ever be trusted. The few federal employees who speak the truth do so quietly and circumspectly.

        I’ll keep my own counsel, thank you.

    • Great Post WTHS…
      I am always surprised that NO ONE in the govt.. can see the end results of their actions.. Can’t they visualize the end results.. or do they think this nonsense that everyone seems to be pushing is winnable.. no one win’s in a way of any kind.. and a nuclear war that it seems they all want.. is totally insane in my opinion..
      I am constantly amazed and baffled by the ideocracy we have in office..
      When if the same energy that is put into doing evil and corruption was put into doing good and beneficial things instead.. there wouldn’t be time enough to be concerned about doing anything bad..
      UTOPIA would be achieved..
      take the island of plastic in the pacific bigger than the state of texas.. instead of killing everyone.. why not clean it up and reclaim the oil that is in the plastic.. easy to do.. definitely would keep people busy.. and be productive..
      Green scaping the cities.. the list is absolutely endless..
      It is just very very sad….
      The way its all going now.. I will never get to see the beautiful water gardens of china and japan.. or the green scaping that has been done.. I won’t get to see the beautiful gothic structures of india china etc.. or the temples of tibet.. it all makes me very very sad.. the hate and the hurt the destruction..

    • Gotta love Window Sizing the data sets to get ones [BS agenda] / point across. it all stops when poeple simply refuse to accept paer chits for products and services any longer and resort to barter, or other forms of specie.

    • There never has been a war on drugs.
      There always has been a drug war on the competition..

    • There never has been a war on drugs.
      There always has been a drug war on the competition.
      Our first (cia) President ‘Poppy’ Bush told me so..

  2. Dam you wild azz Texas kidz are hard core! thanx 4 sharing&caring..

    You know da coot is totally into partner body painting sexcapades, but scrubbing oil based paint off each other, dont be sheepish ..Ewe sadomasochist, U.
    Never saw that cumming, figured Ure Lady would be more inclined towards the “softer” water soluble finger paints used in kinkygarden.

    G – Ure self from the Future-in-the-Ever-Expanding-Now, has an answer 2 question.- When will my garden glow ?

  3. Last fall while I spent most of my time sitting on my ass hooked to an O2 tank I had aspirations of expanding the hoop house ops here on the ranch to produce garden plants and various seedlings for sale to a distributor. These plans were delayed when the herd expansion started but it is still on tap for this fall.
    As such the garden plants we normally start ourselves were very limited this year with the loss of Hoop #1 in December. After the Executive Committee meeting yesterday morning where nothing earth changing was discussed, believe it or not, I decided to drive 25 miles to a Wallyworld where the manager is a friend of mine and is known for their usually outstanding outdoor and garden section. On arrival I found the place in a mess with the racks all shoved in the greenhouse area loaded with dead plants that had not been taken care of at all. Also found my friend was no longer the manager and had moved to another job selling insurance. Definitely won’t be reaching out to him anytime soon.
    I was disgusted that whoever ran this place now would allow this to happen but as I was driving out of the lot I noticed a big hand painted sign “FFA Plant Sale” pointing down the street to the High School. I went down there and found their entire parking lot full of everything you could imagine in excellent condition all grown right there behind the high school. They even had bags of peat moss and fertilizer for sale. I wonder if this was not the reason for the disaster at the Wallyworld. I bought way more than I will need with the extras to go to the neighbors. No way I could get all of it in the truck so the kids piled on and came up with boxes to put them in the bed for the ride home.
    Money well spent.
    Drove home thinking maybe not all the kids sit around with a phone in their face all the time. We just might be OK after all.

    Stay safe. 73

  4. Comrades,

    What if someone could amend bitcoin’s privacy “shortcomings” vis-a-vis traceability and effectively create their own global Fed and spin-off subsidiary Feds? The WSJ linked article on ‘Urban speaks of charges after a 6 year investigation against 2 accused of laundering bitcoins. The subsequent Forbes link addresses a new currently non-traceable coin kid on the block, zcash. It seems after 6 years of zcash gestation, Mr. Edward Snowden has identified himself as one of the 6 originals around the cauldron at the initiation ceremony. (But he was unpaid!) Mr. Snowden also shares that he eluded possible suspicion in his Moscow computer purchases for the project “by taking off his glasses”. Mr. Drysdale, Jethro is here with the mule bearing Russian rubels? Let’s pass a hat around for a poll on what’s going on here; care to put in a vote?

    Of course the zcash parent appears to have recently been streamlined to be subsidiary to a US charity, Bootstrap LLC. Okay everybody, enough lollygagging about gazing at das successful kapitalists. Lunch break is over. Back at it at and let’s see people make some quotas for da boss! There’s work to be done!


    Oh Shizt…OTFLMAO….
    Interesting..I bought a few of these. One for each bathroom one for the one gallon unit and one half gallon unit..the gallon for laundry half to make degreaser …they work very well to… well 2 of the spray bottles leaked.. the time I didn’t have any Vaseline so I set them aside till this morning. Figured I would unscrew the bottle from the electrode base lube it to seal it and get it going..which is what I did.. the electrodes are a really nice carbon that fits up into the bottle giving it really nice exposure..they work really good with lots of gas production..
    The other thing is it will be easy to convert..what Its missing is the ultrasonic and the frequency mod..with caps..
    And I happen to have a taser…I’m not sure what frequency the tasers at..a little rewiring and a Hoffman cell at 5 volts will be born..
    When I was a kid I would take disposable camera and go in the darkroom disassembled it..then rewire it so wen you snapped a photo the flash would go off and zap your finger.. then put it all back together.. a triple a battery had quite a punch..always a good laugh until you forget about it and use the camera..
    Anyway a new project is born

    • LOOB… Thanks for the info on the Hypochlorite generator! Handy prepper item if one cannot get Clorox. Make my own!

      • Oh yes.. I have several.. if you mix a quarter tsp of potasium carbonate in a pint of water hit it instead of salt.. you get a really nice degreaser to..
        the bottle unscrews from the electrode base.. two of them I got was shoved through the line without the sealant on the threads.. like a water filter i just put some vaseline on it and screwed it back on.. but noticed how great the system works..

        What surprised me was in such an inexpensive unit.. it had some really nice electrodes.. and the wiring setup.. to change it pop on some heavier wiring and make a hoffman cell.. then a couple of caps and a starter coil.. and wave modulator to adjust the electirc burst frequency.. dam you could have a pretty nice hydrogen generator for cheap.. the bottles use five volts at less than a half amp to work..and the amount of activity is phenominal..
        I would like to put a ultrasonic cavitator on the bottom.. but doubt you would have to once you find the right frequency..
        The old studies done on indigenous tribes of Africa where they send a child out to break a boulder with a small tapping on the boulder.. once the right frequency is achieved the boulder breaks apart.. to remove it.. they send out a few kids.. Tesla almost took down a skyscraper with what a four ounce weight.. and there are academic studies on a suspension bridge.. that men marching across it.. when they hit the right frequency the bridge collapsed… I believe tesla said he could split the earth with a coffee can..
        his quote.. ” if you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration?”
        is in my opinion right on.. wood has a specific vibration.. our bodys do as well.. want to cook a steak heat a cup of water.. vibrate it enough and you have a cooked steak and cup of coffee.. hydrogen splitting is no different.. once the right frequency is obtained it falls apart easily where most people think is lets rip it apart.. which takes a great deal of energy and force.. heat etc..
        grab a hydrolic hose once.. notice how hot it is.. but now take a cavitator.. for a fraction of the energy expelled.. you can boil water and have hot water heat.. all with the right frequency.. easy stuff.. love the bottles.. if you get one of the spray bottles that leak.. just put some Vaseline on it and it will be just fine.. you could even use silicone to.. I use vaseline because I sometimes like to rip stuff apart to see how it works.. the sad part is all those extra parts I end up with LOL LOL.. just kidding there..

    Boy did I luck into a deal. Couple years back I installed a ‘leased’ solar PV system with a battery. The lease payments were lower than the electric grid cost of the same power that it replaced, so my overall bill for both grid and solar was lowered. So the solar company has to maintain the system. A few months back they got a notice from the battery manufacturer (LG) about a charging problem and potential fire hazard. So they remotely lowered the charging current on the battery, which reduced the overall solar production, and they credit my bill total each month until it is fixed. Last year they were optimistic it would only be a couple months. Guess who is getting burned now by supply chain issues and the complete lack of availability of enough new & improved batteries to support a total recall for the industry.?

    This solar company I am with just bought out a failed competitor in this market. And now this… I could wind up a lessee in possession of a solar PV system if this company fails. Meanwhile, I am getting about 50% of the previous output of the PV system at no cost to me. Yeah, my electric grid bill came up a bit, but is more than offset by the lack of lease payments monthly.

      • Usually I agree, owning is better. But in this deal I had zero cash outlay and monthly payments were less than the electric cost it was replacing… and the solar company was obligated to repair and maintain the system. It was a no-lose deal… and I’m winning spectacularly. I sure wouldn’t want to be on the ‘owners hook’ to replace a $10k battery after only two years service.

  7. Ure did tell me once upon a time, “Andy you are going to be more powerful than all us old dudes combined.”

    Something like that.

    It is interesting that Bible verse 818 says, “you will remember the Lord your God”

    And Lorde will be here on Saturday and Paul McCartney is a lord or something. Maybe he is a knight or something. Heard Paul not to be confused with Paul in the Bible, is said to be the richest musician alive.

    $2900 for a single front row seat. I spose that is true. I look forward to meeting the man who women used to hysterically cry over when seeing him play back in the 60’s.

    How does one accept that kind of power and image with Grace, dignity, honor and respect? Not only accept it, but continue to live in it?

    I don’t ask for autographs, or pictures and I call them by their first names.

    Pretty interesting all I meet all these famous and wealthy people. Like some sorta parade. Like I’m standing at the door of my house, having a shindig. Thanks for coming Paul. Thanks for stopping by Elon, try the Brisket, thanks for coming by Joe and Jeff. Welcome to my humble abode. Have a look around. See anything you like? Don’t hesitate to ask.

    I do understand transference of energy. I understand that when you meet others. They transfer luck and fortune and experience and charisma, charm, beauty and grace, vibration and frequency to you.

    I was wondering if they are taking mine or giving me theirs. There is an exchange of energy, that is forsure.

    Something greater than them lifted them to the heights they ascended too, not just hard work and moments of oh my fucking God help me find a way. Because that comes with success too. I have had my moments on laying on floor of my office recently with my staffing coordinator running out the door quiting, 3 office phone lines on hold, my cell phone ringing non stop and 190 unread text messages saying, help please, show me how. Then the offer comes through for a delightful alternative, all you have to do is quit whispers in your ear. But I’m responsible for all those who work for me and if I quit there won’t be a Mariners game opener. The voice whispers back, those are God’s children Andy, he will take care of them. You have a good thing waiting, all you have to do is quit and walk away. Then you take a deep breath. And everything in you says fuck this shit! I’m out of here. But you go start answering phone calls, work till 2am and put it all together anyway. For one reason and only one reason. Because it’s the right thing to do. You are not the man who rolls out on people when they need you.

    After you scream 29 times. Fuck this shit in your head, I’m going to quit! They don’t pay me enough for this, but you ignore that and keep working. Keep answering the phone and being polite and respectful. That voice eventually stops whispering. And you made it through.

    That is part of success too. Huge Part. Been there more than a few times. You are who you are or you are not. I am that I am.

    I’m talking about that whatever magic all those super wealthy, highly influential, rock stars and other big names that propelled them to heights most never reach. I mean the Beatles could have never made it past the first practice let alone did well in their first stadium show. Some kinda energy or magic or whatever it is propelled them to be what they became. Same with Elon, Jeff, all of the people I met. Elon could have ended up a community College economic teacher in some small Canadian town. As have many people. But he didn’t. He became the “known” richest man in the world. Something. Whatever it is, propelled him to those heights. They all have it on them. A shine so to speak. I notice it on every one of them. Like a different light. Whatever it is. And everytime I meet someone like that? I think I get a little of that on me. Can’t say for certain tho.

    And who knows. THE DUDE does. Of that I am certain.

    Whatever it is, what ever is good. Whatever is abundance of whatever that is? As long as I can maintain my integrity, self respect, ability to love, salvation dialog friendship with THE DUDE and it doesn’t cost me my soul or others theirs? I open my arms wide open and accept all the good it offers.

    Maybe that is why I am meeting so many like that. Definitely not everyone’s experience that I know. Never the less it is mine.

    So you are correct Mr. Ure. I’m really close to being powerful. I been here along time. I hope whatever it is that is within me or outside of me that keeping that from manifesting is removed, so i can get busy being about it. Instead of sitting here wondering why I’m around Lamborghini’s all day and living paycheck to paycheck driving a VW passat. Lol

    That is enough from me for a while. I have people wating on me to help them find their way. So I am going to be about that, as I always am.

    Thanks again George. Always a pleasure talking with you.

    • Oh and I figured out who the guy is that smokes a cigar that is my friend. it’s Elon. He smokes cigars. I didn’t think it was him. Lol.

      The answers always come if I kept them be patient and listen

    • Marvelous remarks, Andy.

      I think a lot of Urb readers don’t know HOW you do all the interesting stuff in your life. Yet, it’s a topic I have spent much time on.

      As a result a new book will begin being born on the Peoplenomics side:Life of the Gods: A Tayloreque Approach to Lifestyle Design.

      As the title “leaks” what most people (except oddballs like Andy and me) have a somewhat different relationship with Life. It is – all a “project” of the Dude. And one of these projects is training us to each be :”Junior Gods in Training.” As such, we go through life learning the laws of a) attraction, b) love and reciprocity, but then comes c) – which is where we all become Co-Creators – like in the God Union where we’re all apprentices. Some are aware of this gift (and their role – like Andy’s living) while others just sit on the couch like a whole roomful of dumbshits who wait for whatever easy pickings wander by.

      The answer (to becoming a more “effective apprentice”) is to work not only on time management but purpose management.

      Andy and I have this one golden energizer many people don’t. We live ON PURPOSE. And we do so as bumbling apprentices. Which is still so far above and away from average it boggles the mind.

    • “I don’t ask for autographs, or pictures and I call them by their first names.”

      You know I do understand that.. I have seen many people from all walks of life in the medical field…. years ago when I thought I was dying and so did everyone else.. I had to go to a research hospital.. to see about an experimental surgery.. anyway on the journey.. the driver.. talked to me about his idol a pitcher that never signed autographs.. it was his dream to some day get to see him in a live game.. the pitcher was getting ready to retire.. and all of that..
      I was so grateful for this man taking time out of his life to drive me across the USA to a research hospital.. I couldn’t drive myself because I was having seizures all the time etc.. and I thought about that.. the owner of the team.. had crossed my path in my work life … a family member of his was in my care.. and I thought heck.. I never have asked anyone that was in a position like that for anything.. and would they get upset if I asked.. I am not a fan of any entertainer.. its their job.. so I called his office.. and gave my name to the secretary.. etc.. in about five minutes.. the owner calls me back.. which shocked me.. he said what can I help you with.. I told him about the driver and said I wondered if there was anyway I could get a photo autographed of him to give this guy.. I knew it was a huge request..
      the next day.. I get a package..overnight delivery.. in it was a jersey.. two front row seat ticket passes”.. an autograph of the pitcher and one of the whole team.. the next trip to the hospital.. I handed that to him and said.. I just want to show you how much I appreciate you driving me.. the guy almost cried.. he was moved so much.. some of them are real jerks.. they let their status get to them.. but a good chunk of them are really really nice.. just like you and me type people.. I got my best alfreado recipe from one.. LOL and a bean soup recipe from another.. had one that kept trying to talk me into going to the island and taking a vacation in one of his cabins..( jekyll island) and I could play as much golf as I wanted.. ( I would laugh and tell him.. sure I would tear your course up.. I am a ground pounder)..I never did.. thought about it a couple of times..

      • That is beautiful LOB, life changing stuff dude. Truly wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

        Like those two little girls who were jumping up and down at the Kane Brown concert. When I thought there was a fight. Took them and their mother right up to the stage. Then took them back through the pass gate that nobody goes through without the proper credentials, no matter what they offer or who they are, to meet the Star. They will never forget that as long as they live.

        With the two little girls, the core message is this,

        2 young ladys offered me every carnal flesh I could desire to enter the kingdom. Aka back stage through the pass gate. Very tempting offer. One I shall never forget. And they were denied entry.

        The 2 other younger girls, jumping up and down, innocently being children.

        They couldn’t see. But I saw them, and when I saw them, they could see better than anyone else. Not only that. Then entered into the Kingdom.

        “You must be as little children to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. ”

        As it is written in Luke 7:22.

        “The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is proclaimed to the poor.”

        Like the trees that blossomed outside my office that everyone thought were dead for 2 years. They came alive, before any tree in the entire city of Seattle. They blossomed first. Then thr rest of all the other trees followed them.

        Again George, absolutely wonderful.

        I think, life is alot like that. I think my journey is alot like that. If I perform THE DUDEs work well? There is nothing I can not do.

        Heaven is like that. That is the Wisdom spoken within the entire Book of Proverbs that far more valuable than Gold and Silver.

        George and I are not the only ones this Real-m of Life is available too. It’s available to all seek and find. Knock and it open to you.

        You know LOB, when I got the signal from Kane to take them back stage to meet him, he played this song next and I thought. Whoooaaa. I’m so grateful I have the capacity to understand all this. That I have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, this on going dialog between THE DUDE and me. Even if nobody else sees it or understands it. It is so.

        Truly, I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope you are as well.

        Cue: ~ Heaven ~

        Kane Brown

      • And thought to myself as I stood there back stage with those little girls. ‘Many Kings and Queens would give their entire kingdoms to see what it is you see.”

        Still can’t believe I picked a one instead of a 4. Hahahha. I’m over it now. I got something what more valuable out if it. A lesson I won’t ever forget.


        Thanks Again George. Always a pleasure.


  8. Obviously a thing that can’t be controlled, but right underneath the speculation about a Russian war cry of “Kill The Nazis Again!” is an ad for “Cheap Flights To Germany”. I think I’ll pass on that for now, thanks.

  9. The Psychology of Manipulation: 6 Lessons from the Master of Propaganda


    – Edward Bernays

    If it’s been a while since one read “Propaganda,” this should be a “must read…”

  10. Texas Landowner Makes Elon Musk an Offer He Can’t Refuse: 100 Free Acres and a Single Stipulation

    This week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk reached a deal to acquire Twitter. While it could take a few months for the deal to officially close, a landowner in Texas already offered Musk a potential next step. According to The Daily Wire, Schwertner Farms CEO Jim Schwertner told Musk he could have 100 acres of land for free to build a new headquarters for Twitter.

    This should happen anyway…

  11. Here’s what I found at the reported ‘mass grave’ near Mariupol

    -Eva Bartlett

    Western Claims of Russian Mass Graves Near Mariupol Another Fake News Hoax–I Know, I Went To See

    According to Western media, Russian forces apparently secretly buried *up to 9,000 Mariupol civilians* in “mass graves” in a town just west of the city. Except, it never happened, there is no mass grave. It’s actually just a normal, small, cemetery…no pits, no mass graves…

    Eva Bartlett is another “war-correspondent” type of independent journalist like Lara Logan, and like Logan, hangs out in places where she could get shot. She’s Canadian, and has done stuff for CBC, but is working out of the Middle East at the moment.

  12. DHS Creating ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ Ahead Of Midterms

    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is creating a “Disinformation Governance Board” to control narratives combat whatever they deem ‘misinformation’ before the 2022 midterms and beyond. According to Politico, the new entity will focus on ‘misinformation related to homeland security, focused specifically on irregular migration and Russia.”

    White House defends DHS ‘disinformation’ board: ‘Not sure who opposes that effort’

    White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday defended a recently-announced Department of Homeland Security effort to combat “disinformation” on issues related to COVID-19 and elections. Asked by Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich for more information what DHS’ Disinformation Governance Board would be doing specifically, Psaki said, “I really haven’t dug into this exactly, I mean, we of course support this effort but let me see if I can get more specifics.” The White House announced its support for an effort from the DHS to crack down on what it considers to be online disinformation.

    Musk’s One-Word Response to Biden Admin’s Newly Created ‘Ministry of Truth’

    Globalists and the American left went into a state of shock when Elon Musk’s buyout of Twitter was announced on Monday. They had been bracing for this news ever since the Tesla CEO revealed he owned a 9.2 percent stake in the company in early April. European leaders were as panicked as the Washington establishment. The very idea of conservatives being allowed to speak freely sent shivers up their spines. Washington Post reporter Max Boot spoke for all of them when he tweeted, “I am frightened by the impact on society and politics if Elon Musk acquires Twitter. He seems to believe that on social media anything goes. For democracy to survive, we need more content moderation, not less.”

    Local Man Dies of Irony Poisoning

    The Biden administration has created a Disinformation Governance Board in the Department of Homeland Security. The person hired to be the executive director is a former “disinformation fellow” at, wait for it, the Wilson Center. The Wilson Center, of course, is named for President Woodrow Wilson — the person who established the Committee on Public Information in 1917, to control the press during the Great War. The Biden administration has just hired a Wilson Center fellow to re-establish the Creel Committee. There’s no tone-deafness left. They just used it all.

    I’m gonna keep hammering on this until everybody notices. It doesn’t just thrust us into the realm of Leninism and Hitlerism, it greases the hole so we can’t prevent ourselves from sliding down.

    This MUST be stopped!

  13. I did see that people are pulling there Bitcoins off the markets in droves. Not leaving them on the markets but putting them in their wallets. Record droves. Someone knows what is up.

    Interesting move.

    Speaking of Wallets. I got a new wallet a couple weeks ago. A Batman wallet. I know, I know. Aren’t you a little old to have a Batman wallet Mister at age 51?

    When I saw it laying there in the bin at Ross dress for less as I was in check out to buy a new cologne called ‘Crush’ as in I crushed it! I thought of my favorite line from Batman in any movie. In the movie Justice League, Bruce Wayne picks up Flash in his ultra cool Mercedes. Flash turns to Bruce and says, “I’m super fast. Im not really sure about you. What is your super power?”

    He looks over at flash, and says…. I’m Rich as fuck!


  14. This week I returned from visiting a close friend 2000+ miles away. It was a very important trip for many reasons, and I drove a small car fully loaded both ways. It’s as important to travel and survey the world as best we can today as it was prior to covid, Brandon, and the other scripted drama that’s accompanying this cresting of the economic long wave and consolidation of authority. Other than the doubling of the price of gas and many other things since the days of Trump, America is still here, though highly diminished with regard to ambition and aspiration. The covid scare is still rampant in the bigger city areas and some places still require “vaccine proof”. I drove the entire trip unvaxxed, unmasked, and unrepentant. I drove straight through both ways, and I did the trip in two days flat using no drugs other than coffee. At least as an “older adult”, I can still do over 1000 miles/day for two days without breaking any speed or other laws(that I know of). No accidents or incidents either other than wasting four hours in stopped traffic due to massive “construction” delays in Tennessee. Surprisingly, there were no beggars or intersection panhandlers at all. I had an excellent radio in the car and very little to listen to other than Coast at night. Both AM and FM are wastelands today. Bring something useful to listen to if you have time to prepare it! Sleeping in a car with bucket seats and bolsters is a near impossibility, and even sitting in them long enough is enough to create body cramps. It’s a recipe for sciatica! So far, there were no shortages of anything significant. My biggest regret was forgetting to bring back some Korean pepper seedlings. They’ll be well taken care of, but I won’t get to eat them.

    This evening I’ll have to navigate to and read this week’s worth of George’s writings!

  15. There is nothing quite like the experience of having shampoo in your hair face and eyes when suddenly the shower head sputters and nothing but air comes out. Summer 1975 L.A. County. Lower on the list of reasons to never return to California [ as much as I like how beautiful the State otherwise is without it’s broken policies and tax regimes]. It’s a cycle, and now a much higher population density, thus amplifying the critical nature of the problem. Ditto NV. Shame the EPAsters shut down all those water retention Dams. Even Liberal Jerry Brown had enough sense to rail against such stupidity. Reaping the rewards now.

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