Gambling, Economics and "Fact-Based Living" (FBL)

Events in Eastern Europe have been moving quickly in recent weeks, as predicted.  They so far reveal US leadership is (look surprised here) somewhat deficient.  Not just in foreign affairs, either.  There have been a whole host of “wrong answers” piled on America in recent years.  Laws and programs with fine intent but terrible implementation and execution.  How does it happen?  For one thing, the American public has largely made a conscious decision to remain stoopid (sic).  Today, a quick fact-check of some of the reasons why self-governance by idiots may inevitably result in (care to guess what?) at the top.  After a rasher of morning headlines, and gallons of bean, we’re off thinking the unthinkable again.  Which seems to be increasingly popular, here lately.  So we trudge into the swamp of statistics, gambling, and investment…

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