Future’s So Bright…We gotta wear shades…

(Canyonville, OR) The rally in the stock market didn’t come as any particular surprise to our www.peoplenomics.com readers:  It’s quite possible that this is the bullish breakout to the upside that we’ve been waiting for coming on several months, now.

What COULD be going on is that the caution on the Fed’s part may have touched off a rally that could “go parabolic.”  I sure hope so, since I’ve been believing in our Trading Model and its unbridled enthusiasm for a long time.

But what does it mean, in terms of the Long Wave (or Kondratieff Wave) in the economy?

Well, several points here:

First, the  arrival of a parabolic blow-off top is just what the doctor ordered in able to set the stage for the Mother of All Crashes.  Just like the Fed set the stage for the collapse in 1929 and beyond.

And, if we look around, there are a number of candidates for the great Trough War that should follow.

Conspiratorially, one of the reasons for WW II (and the US goading Japan to enter the war) may have been to ensure the economic recovery from the Great Depression, which wasn’t going much of anywhere especially with the Secondary Depression of 1937.

While the massive printing of money may feel like it’s working, an inspection of who is working tells another tale.

About the only item on the news front this morning is leading economic indicators and without waiting for those, the market was up 60 points on the Dow futures in the pre-open.  Even us reluctant bulls are going to be celebrating this weekend.

It’s not till we look at :Where the Recovery War: will be, that things become squirmish.

Such As?

Well, we’re not sure.  This is, as previously mentioned, a link between Ukraine and future energy, and there’s all that Leviathan basin off Gaza.  But not to be discounted in the other bcig energy war that reader DoctorZero has penciled in:

The war may actually start over the oil and gas in the arctic circle.  Russia wants the oil and minerals there.  Canada has been building their forces in the north. 
War games were in June with Nordic countries involved.
Russia could invade Alaska.
Why bother with the Ukraine?

Because, frankly, when the jagged top of peak oil is in, then humankind that doesn’t grok the changes will be sorely screwed.


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This weekend we explore the “rollover of capitalism” with the arrival of the Digital Bolsheviks.

Scotland: The Power of Kneeling

55 to 45, Scotland remains a part of the UK.  You can lead a horse to water but…

Meantime, a shock poll says nearly a quarter of Americans support leaving the Union.  Nickel side bet says the percentage is higher in Texas.

Mystery Disease

Miles and miles of rightwing AM radio this week while cruising back to the Republic: 

Starting to make the rounds in conservative talk shows is the idea that the recent “mystery diseases” that is hitting kids in the US is a byproduct of the Washington Cartel’s decision not to enforce laws about border crossing.

Around the edge of this is the mystery disease down in Bogota.

The right is also claiming  that the big media jihad about lightening up California criminal penalties is really driven by a desire to make sure illegals who presently have felonies and stand to be deported can stay here. 

Chinese Tech

..,.is coming to get us with the Alibaba IPO.

But, as I’ve mentioned to subscribers, look at who is buying up and filing patents (like Google) in a wide array of tech topics and then look at what is coming from Google 2.0.

Part of Peoplenomics this weekend, but if your investment screens don’t count patents and IP and look at how they plan to be part of disruptive technologies, then you are setting yourself up for sub par returns.

Understanding the Powers That Be

Try this one on,l for size.

# # #

Time to hit the shower, the breakfast buffet, and the road…in roughly that order… More tomorrow in Peoplenomics…where we unveil how nutech is coming…

Captain’s Log:  Arrive Reno Peppermill 17:11 local time.  Their investment center seems to be open 24-7…