Friday in the *Money* Lab

Although much over-hype accompanied the coronation of Joe-To-Save-Us this week, the stock futures were becoming skeptical by early Friday.  With good reason.

Some of the tech sector high-flyers – like Tesla – were showing down 1.3 percent in the pre-opening.  And worst of all, the Federal Reserve Money Stocks confessional (H.6) could be seen as indicating this whole market is overpriced by at least 25% – and maybe more like 35%.  Back out inflation of the monetary base, back out fewer people working…you know, real stuff.

You’ll want to wear a lab coat as we venture into the Money Lab, now.  Things tend to be messy and you don’t want any of that delusion-juice on you.

Money Culture First:

WE don’t make anything in America except money, seems like.

This is cultured in banks of indeterminate size: Obfuscated and protected.  Once upon a time, bank assets belonged to Depositors.  But, thanks to buying a crooked Congress, bank assets belong first to shareholders and bond holders.  Your piddlin is just a claim on leftovers if there’s anything left.

We’ll have to go over the fine points of “digital bank runs” and how easy they are to solve!  A line of code here….anyway, where were we?  Oh yes…how much are we really making up?

We’re using the monthly data (Table 1) this week to illustrate a point:

Our point (again!) is how misleading the data is when you apply “seasonal adjustments.”  Because the real Dec. to Dec. change in M1, for example was 67.36% which round to 67.4% which means using “seasonal adjustments” (December this year is the same “season” as the previous December, right?) you can delude an audience out of almost one percent.

On M2?  Actual (not seasonally deluded) is 25.73% so the size of the fib is less obvious.

Now to the Point:  See how the 3-month rate of rise has slowed?  That means the market won’t be soaking up as much hot money.  At least till they turn things up, again.  But since the Fed jiggers this stuff secretly, we poor peons pee-on’s learn after the banksters act, not in real-time.  Eight-business/trading days late.

So Sorry Bitcoin!

When we clicked earlier, Bitcoin was around $31,804 bouncing.  But, since we like Elliott wave analysis, we offer a word of caution when people talk about jumping in just yet.  As y0u can see, we have seen what may be a top…

If you don’t subscribe to Peoplenomics (shame!) you won’t get the rest of the projections.  But, since Wave 1 down is often followed by a 1.5X wave 3…well, let’s just say a buy zone may be down in the 20’s somewhere.  But, we’re always surprised.  If we could just do MegaMillions as well…

The spreadsheet downloadable from the Master Index pages on PN.

Dow Futures Suck

Environmental costs are going up.  Oil pipelines are being whacked… and on financial channels like CNBC this morning, the big talk is?  Well, to generalize it:  What else will Joe be putting his ExO pen on next?  <More worker’s rights?  You think business wants that???>

Sure, get the Covid paper…but from the mahogany foxhole crowd, more benefits for people sure sounds like (gulp!) higher taxes to come…  (We did tell you this, remember?)

Somewhere in here, CNBC must know something we don’t about buying a silly lottery ticket:  The Mega Millions jackpot is $970 million. What to know before you buy a ticket.  What do they mean…what to know?  Buy ticket, lose money…pretty simple.  Lotteries are a tax on people who can’t handle statistics.

Lying Media…

…makes the perpetuation of the Lotto tax on stupid people possible, though.

Yes, this is the same lying media that has covered up the vastly under-reported antifa riots in Seattle and Portland on Joe Day.  ‘Enough is enough:’ Businesses call for Seattle city leaders to denounce riot damage.

The PNW commie uprisers caught police in Portland flatfooted as well.  But now the debate is over whether those were antifa-clones of the right, or lefty thugs.  Not that it makes much difference.  “Some Portland marchers express regrets about attack on Dem HQ, anti-Biden graffiti: report.”

You will please observe the language of a lying press on matters of insurrection:  If a group is considered left it’s marchers are involved in peaceful protest.  In a more honest age of journalism, rioters, insurrection, thugs, and hoodlums.  But can’t offend the f**kheads, now, can we?

No, of course not. Why, they provide all the eyeballs to monetize this shitshow!

Just Getting Tuned Up

Wearing a lab coat was a good idea, huh?  Don’t let me drip vitriol on you…

ZeroHedge sees it about right in Futures Slide As Euphoria Fizzles On Renewed Lockdown Fears.

You see, a buddy of mine who’s a doc and I were talking this week.  We were comparing notes on when we would hit the 4-million dead mark here in the US from the rona.   Sometime early next year.  Presidents Day a year from now.

Sick Math & Movies

I’ll make this simple for you – because people hate math.  But it gives me a chance to huff the dry-marker, so bear with.

OK:  NBC reported Sept 19 that the US passed the 200,000 death toll from rona.

Let’s call the 40o,000 mark January 19.   So dead doubles in four months.

Which means in late April, if we do this again? 800,000.  And then in late July 1.6 million will have departed.  Then, by December?  3.2 million….

Sure the vaccinations will work, but the variants just keep on coming.  And when one gets through, here comes the vax and re-vax….

Still, all this leads to our terrible punchline-headline:  “The Bond film ‘No Time to Die’ is delayed again.”  But, of course.

Bet me a beer on whether Top Gun: Maverick hits the July 2 release date?

Video Experiments

Judah Tyreman sent me an update on how his viral video experiments have been going:  You may find this interesting:

(Not sure how legible that will be – we use a fair amount of picture compression so phone-freaks (jittery and hyper-caffeinated by nature) won’t get anxious and click away…)

Lab Coats Off Now

Lots going on around the ranch today:

Peoplenomics will be digging into economic cycles tomorrow.  (Yes, and the latest Bitcoin outlook).

The Saturday Gourmet eats from the Ure Family Cookbook – a dandy Pizza article is coming a week from Saturday contributed by a reader…

Sunday some electronica – got the laser version of the Lamp of the Ark all set to light off today.

\And with Dow futures (finally!) down a fair bit, -250’ish – we may exit our short position but all that in time, I guess.

Write when you get rich,

44 thoughts on “Friday in the *Money* Lab”

  1. With ‘rona is giving public officials and corporate tech magnates unprecedented ‘extra-constitutional’ access to control over Americans’ daily lives, supposedly for our own presumptive good, history and human nature indicate that such control, left unchecked, will surely end up being abused. As progressives rejoice at conservative social media’s sweeping lockdown and the ostracizing of the political right, sure as Seattle will soon see rain that there are some walking among us who wish to permanently silence all dissenting voices.

    “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” ~ Harry Truman

    • Got that right. I’d say it’s a repeat of McCarthism (right of center, instead of socialists), however we have giant tech and media as big players this time. Won’t end pretty.

    • Dear Warhammer –

      Type “” into your browser’s address bar and see what comes up. It’s been coming up “” for a few days now. My brother said it used to point to the dimocratic party website.

      The truth is out there.

  2. Sorry, George,

    Economic Cycles are not my main concern. Yes, they show promise of disaster, but that’s nothing new. The Government and high rollers control all this and there’s nothing I can do about it.

    I’m really tired of the ignorance of our Government and the lack of understanding of those in command of our Economic plight in the USA and the rest of the “civilized world”. The Powers that Be think they will be able to control everyone and survive the coming collapse. They will not.

    On Jan 18, it was reported, “since Friday 7,000-8,000 Hondurans have crossed in to Guatemala…” headed for Joe Biden’s America. The Pacific NW is out of control with rioters being arrested and put out on the street to riot again and destroy the livelihood of people just trying to cope. Murder and crime rates in big cities have skyrocketed and their police officers are leaving for less dangerous locations.

    High Tech is moving forward to Artificial Intelligence products that will eliminate millions of jobs and put more citizens and newly absorbed immigrants onto the Government Dole.

    “Atlas Shrugged” is coming and I don’t think it can be reversed. At the opening of today’s column, you said, “WE don’t make anything in America except money, seems like.”. When “our money” is worthless and bitcoin is worthless or invisible because the internet has crashed, where will the world be? The Great Depression or The Dark Ages?

    • Hello Jimbo, The book “Atlas Shrugged” can be a long pull to get through even for the average reader; let alone your average cell phone junkies. So I would suggest to all here the book “Animal Farm”. Finish that and then try “1984”.

      Conservative readers of Urban who have not read “Rules for Radicals” absolutely must. After reading it you will recognize the same ideas coming from America’s radicals; their offensive ideas spewing in print and over the airways.

      Readers may disagree with me, however, America’s current social problems have their roots in loss of control by parents of school curriculums and the Ted Kennedy and LBJ “1965 Immigration Act”. Some will argue and disagree; remember I said “roots”. It is an opinion derived from observing and living a life of seventy five years based on a strong work ethic, for the sacrifices and love by
      my legal immigrant family and a belief in Jesus Christ. There are numerous other events putting the U.S. where it is today. Standfreeman is certainly willing to read your opinion as he does every day here.
      “Be Well All who pass this way”.

      • You would be correct, Sir. Read “Animal Farm” and “1984” at 12 years old back in 1972. GREAT parents.
        Have read “Atlas Shrugged” and “The FountainHead.”
        Also have read a lot of the work from her offshoot: Nathaniel Brandon.

        She has a lot of great works:

        And great quotes from Ayn Rand’s work:

        This one is timely:

        “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism – by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”

      • I know I’m lazy, and life is a mixmaster, but trying to get through a book the size of “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead” doesn’t always work. Do the movies do the books justice?

        Watching a video keeps your attention and forces you to keep paying attention due to the entertainment of viewing. Covers a lot of ground much faster as well. I’ve been a bookworm up until the Internet era and still dearly love the old media but the vast amount of material out there tells me the only way to manage it is view it.

    • “Atlas Shrugged”

      I thought the name of that book was going to be changed to….

      “America United”

      Now I didn’t think that that book was slow at all… I personally found it deep and on the order of 1985….

  3. Yes but how long until deaths stop doubling? I mean, at some point you run out of people. People to spread it, people to die. When is the death top going to arrive?

    • Interesting question… Vaccinated + Immunity (if getting it acquires immunity). Experts say around 60-80 percent of the population gets you to a point where the virus stops spreading in a pandemic way. If I look at the numbers, we have around 8% of our population have tested positive. So we would need almost 200M people to gain heard immunity, with people already infected subtracted, around 175M people. If we maintain 200K people per day infected. Then it would take around 850 days to reach herd immunity. I assume the infection rates will rise, as people want to or have to interact more publicly. The rate of vaccinations of course bring the time down and summer weather will help. I don’t know the rates of current or proposed vaccinations or worse case like mentioned if virus mutates enough to require difference vaccines and we have not idea yet how long a vaccination or infection provides benefits.

    • “Yes but how long until deaths stop doubling? ”


      The earth has approximately 1.9 Hecters of land to sustain a person.. and we are consuming 9.6 hecters per person.. this number is fluxuating to because we are consuming 9.5 Acres per minute approximately…… so the consumption of the 9.6 hectors is changing per person…and so is the 9.5 acres per minute. Did you think the georgia guidestones was wrong.. last year one in five was the figures of earth sustainable population.. today it is lower than that if you look at progression alone.. don’t even take into account all the other factors such as weather and climate..
      that is why I have been promoting green scaping for over forty years.. if a young man could see it way back then.. why can’t the really smart people see this..
      Now considering this…
      it takes 500 trees to consume the CO2 emitted by one average car on an ongoing basis.
      per person.. we emit on average what 71 ton’s of CO2 per year… or fifteen tree’s to keep the air in proper order.. we are instead of growing tree’s Up to four trees are being cut down each second.
      see why California has such horrific wild fires now.. and it will only increase until the earth shakes the scourge of humanity off of its surface…
      sure building skyscrapers are fun and if you listen to some extremely profitable.. but.. what are the affects of those irrisponsible profits.. I use to dream about building small domus.. I also loved the idea that was had about biosphere project.. if you think about it.. it really makes sense.. china and their future progress will show the world how its done.. right now it is going to take a long time to overcome the destructive construction methods of the present and past.. but they are going full force on it.. the USA has been at the front of the line saying not to follow the money trail.. I am with mark on one thing.. we should be embracing clean energy technologies.. sure it isn’t really clean energy.. but by embracing the new tech and making changes exponentially we could maybe over come some of the trials for our children and grand children.. of courst that is my opinion.. everyone knows my solar tower plan.. my air well plans.. for water reclamation.. etc.. at least some of the kids are seeing the image that I see and are trying to get it implemented..
      china is finally seeing the light.. going from the most polluted to being the innovator …
      we still live in the box or bubble and we still use defensive maintenance instead of progressive maintenance. our infrastructure is so bad now that once the domino’s start to fall it will be a non stop event.. what was the bid on fixing it four or five trillion a few years ago now.. and we instead love to spend money to destroy and acquire than to rebuild and replenish…. I truly believe that we won’t see it until like china it gets so bad that you don’t have a choice..
      solar towers promote home solar arrays.. wind coal and gas.. instead of asphalt use earthcrete.. co2 filters on the lamp posts.. simple easy to implement.. parks solar shades co2 filters and garden scaping a city.. instead of shizting on the sidewalks.. become the innovator..
      china is on the right track..Say what you will but because we have stopped shipments to NK of food medicine and equipment.. they have become one of the most progressive on learning green growth for self sutainable life.. .
      I fear the big issue.. is marketing.. if you have a greed edible walkway and a kid picks a carrot to eat.. or some berries.. they won’t buy those things at the store.. I worked for one nursing home.. the lawn maintenance man.. was put in full charge of the lawn maintenance.. he planted everything out there.. all fruits foods.. his whole idea was if the planters around the building were all herbs and fruit trees that the kitchen staff could just walk out and pick what they needed.. he of course has passed on they have expanded and torn all of that out.. people always would ask.. god where did you get the fruit.. I pointed to the window its right there just walk out and pick some.. no one did .. the kitchen ordered it in.. rather than walk out and harvest what was already there..

  4. Oh Ye of Little Faith..G,

    All U all believe in a alien savior (org. religious types) but not in Darkness, War -Good v Evil ?

    Whining, crying, feeling solly for Ureselfs, boohoo they stole the election/presidency/country..

    Damm good thing none of U ,specially lil barky – wont be sharing a “foxhole” with ECU in very near future – lefties,satanists,losers&cowards = extreme predjudice.

    ! HOLD the F-ing Line!

    This is WAR Boyz & Girlz – Turn it up & Sing along !

    Red1-POTUS twitter removal -check

    Red2-Central communications blackout [continental US]

    Red3-CLAS movement PELOSI and PENCE

    Red4-Movement of MIL assets [10th Mountain_1st Marine_CSPD_Marine_QVIR] to central locations under guise of riot control.






    Rock & Rock Mofo’s – The Game is on!

  5. George,

    Not saying that Covid-19 is not dangerous (I have a long time friend in ICU fighting for his life at this moment, and three recently passed), but while the death count for Covid-19 climbs; we have totally eradicated deaths from heart disease, cancer, seasonal flu, car wrecks, and numerous other fatal ailments. Just saying, as my college statistics professor did, “In statistics it is how you word the question, as to the result at which you wish to arrive”. Simply put, ask the question properly to get the answer you desire.

    All of my deceased friends, had a grab-bag full of ailments that would have soon ended their lives. Maybe Covid-19 hastened the process, but I will give good odds that now that “Joe-savior-of- the-Universe” is in office and a mandatory vaccine program is rolled out; we will magically see a drop in deaths/cases/etc. Why since “Savior Joe” has issued an executive order to once again fund WHO, suddenly WHO announces that the PCR test is flawed and needs to be amended to improve accuracy, cases will drop like a rock when the Covid-19 “passport” is in place. I can see it now, “Comrade you must show your Covid-19 passport if you wish to go the grocery”. Amazing how politics and money can alter the pandemic spread. I feel better already, just knowing the WHO is back in charge.

    India on the other hand, has embraced a more common sense approach. India is making available, at a cost of $2.65, a Covid-19 prevention/treatment package of Ivermectin, Doxycline, and Zinc. I have read numerous articles, written by highly trained doctors, that state that if Ivermectin were given to all U.S. citizens, the “plandemic” would be stopped in its’ tracks. Too cheap, and no embedded nano-marker like the vaccine.

    Can hardly wait for my turn for the dose of poison they call a vaccine (which they admit provides little, if any immunity). Guess I will sit on my farm in quiet solitude, while the world goes to hell around me.

    • Lloyd, see, it is not just that George has a great site here, but that his commentators offer such wonderful inputs. Thank you for yours.

      Immunity is the key, and we are led to believe it can only happen through A) vaccination which is supposed to create antibodies of indeterminate duration and the vaccine makers do not claim that it offers immunity from any future infection, just that it MIGHT lessen they symptoms if you get it at a later date AND they take no responsibility if you have a reaction to the vaccine, OR B) if you get it, you have natural created antibodies AND they last for an indeterminate time frame without taking into consideration several strains being planted around the country and world. I mean new strains show up in Texas first; ah shucks.

      We IGNORE natural build up of our IMMUNE SYSTEMS! By now, everyone should know about Vit D3, C, B’s, Zinc and Selenium PLUS K for lungs. (Not to mention what you wrote that India’s treatment package contains. Don’t forget fresh air, sunshine, and friendly relations, good food, and recreation. (I mean where are the free advertisements on tv like the “Do You Know Where Your Children Are.?) How about, “have you eaten your orange, apple, lettuce, carrots, other vegetables, and taken your vitamins today?” (In an English accent, because don’t you know Americans love to be lectured to with a person with an posh English accent.)

      But…back to the point. My figuring and pondering plus realizing we already had it in December, 2019 through end of January, 2020, we developed one heck of a set of natural immunity that has allowed us to meet the public every single day this pandemic got called.

      Last week, we came across a person who had the exact same symptoms we had a year ago, but when her partner got sick this past December, they also tested this woman, and her tests came back NEGATIVE 3 times. So their doctor tested this immune person for antibodies and she had 96% antibodies yet supposedly had never had it. Turned out she was sick as a dog when we were a YEAR ago and the doctors, at that time, had no solutions for her just to tough it out with OTC medications. Her doctors now have told her that her immunity is so high (ONE year later) that they do not think she will have it again.

      No, we did not get a test, and neither will we UNLESS we end up in ICU and they will test everyone then anyway.

      You don’t need a test to KNOW if you are sick, and when a person is sick, courtesy is to stay home.

      This asymptomatic spreading is a nice theory but it died a few weeks ago.

      The 14 day quarantine sure spooked everyone, now they say 7 days is enough (Kinda like the flu, huh?)

      Wearing masks to stop the spread, is a nice theory, too, but go ahead and wear one if IT makes you feel better because I am a firm believer in the greatest commandment, especially the 2nd part – to love thy neighbor as thyself – Please do not quote Hillary: “What Difference Does it Make?”

      Surfaces – that’s another nice theory, now I would be worried if someone without a mask coughed on my brownies, or put their hands in my potato chip bag.

      Ah, well, all we know is that this little pandemic exercise 101 has yielded HIGH results.

      Pay doctors and hospitals plenty of money to put COVID as the death. (Exclaimer: for those who have lost family and friends, we grieve with you. I have lost four people this past year, one due to sudden death at 60 at home, never woke up, and one who at 67 with co-morbidities died after breaking an arm, going to the hospital for surgery, being sent to another hospital, then sent to a nursing home where they got covid, then sent back to a hospital and died of heart failure. And a third person who died of old age at 85. And a 4th person who died of bone cancer at 85. (P.S. the 67 year old thought they would wait until 70 to collect SS; do not do that if you have comorbidities!!!!)

      2020 less overall deaths than the year before; no uptick in deaths for the nation.

      Wuhan, mostly non investigated.
      US Gov in bed with WHO who is in bed with Fauci who is in bed with the CDC (I like to remind the flock that they are a NON Government Owned Corporation.)
      Passports; well, if I can’t use the old fashioned one without a vaccination, then I am just going to have to walk across a border!

      In the meantime, chickens, garden, a few goats, and neighborly grubbing. We used to be called Preppers, now we are called Shepherds.

      We’ll shoo the sheeple into the new age.

      The only people we know who it killed were: a) people who waited too long to go to the hospital (no, hospitals don’t employ Gods, and yes, your lungs can get so compromised there is no holding back the hand of death.) or b) co-morbidities like heart problems, obesity, etc.

      As an aside: We have noticed for the last two weeks that miraculously hospitalizations are DOWN in our city, and all over our state. I mean!!! WOW, holy smokes, Biden gets in and the pandemic starts to minimize like a miracle!!!

  6. PS: For just over two weeks the Johns Hopkins 7 day running average of new cases has shown a nearly linear decline. Looking at the charts, this is the only two week long “straight line” I can find.

    They said it would go away on Nov.4, and here we are. For two weeks since the peaceful protest at the capital the numbers are looking “man handled” to produce the lowest rate of new cases the soonest, before summer, to give Biden his “we fixed the rona with our awesome plan” badge.

    Only the fools doing it used a linear equation.

  7. 400,000 dead from the rona or with the rona? Big difference. I think we all know they are calling everything the can death by rona. But influenza has almost disappeared. You don’t suppose they are labeling influenza deaths as covid do you?

    • Like my rants about not seasonally adjusted is just a nice way to lie, covid is embedded in a weekly PIC report (Pneumonia, Influenza and Covid) Magic shit there.
      Doctor bud says where is FDA and standards of care? Why no FDA collection of allergic reactions>
      All a shit show.
      Not saying it ain’t real…just that its bad actors, bad scripting and a likely bioweapon. But hey, gets ratings, right?

  8. Bitcoin top in ? Whatwhatwhatwhat?

    Put away the crack G – before the crack puts U away.

    U missed the swing low at $28k, its off to the races now chumps.hahahaha-weethisiseasy.. next stop 45k/55k.

    But U/Usse keep going with MMT -RE:Smellen to the Treasury, combining fed&treasury into one – “cause who f-ing cares, we b pulling it out our asses now- and aint anybody in the whole wide world can stop US!”

    Give me Bitcoin..or give me Death..

    of the USD.

    Now what was that about a black monday or was that a sunday bloody sunday?

    • How many Bitcoins does it take get some of that Nano tech inside ole creepy?

      How many “live wires” gotta pop outta of his sleeve on live CSPAN, waving around, replaced by large bulge under wrist – live TV ? – before Seniors start demanding the same level of Borg care/rehab tech from deep state?
      Not seen the CSPAN video yet – fascinating as it scary…

    • “Give me Bitcoin”

      Don’t you just love Jingling those bit coins in your pocket.. OH wait.. those aren’t bit coins.. bc is nothing more than a cartoon and a number on a screen… LOL…as long as there are people that see value in a number and a cartoon it will retain value.. but the minute people say.. hey I need some peanuts and can’t get them with bitcoin.. then it won’t be worth anything..

    • the math of three….

      three guys walk into a motel ask for a room the housekeeper is there says I am not sure.. give me thirty dollars and if it is different.. I will bring you the change..
      so each guy gives ten dollars..
      the manager comes back and says.. oh my dear.. it is only twenty five dollars.. so here is five dollar bills go give those three guys their change..
      the house keeper doesn’t know how to split five dollars three ways equally.. so she sticks two one dollar bills back into her pocket and gives back each of the men one dollar.. so each guy gave nine dollars..
      three times nine is twenty seven plus the two dollars in her pocket.. makes twenty nine what happened to the other dollar..

  9. Now that sleepy Joe bribe’em is in the supposed deaths from covid will drop sharply due to the WHO/CDC redefining what it means to be infected.

    Some people will even believe it.

  10. So far a questionable number of 410,000 deaths from COVID 19 in the USA. The number is most likely inflated due to financial incentives to pronounce it a COVID 19 death. The flu & other diseases have been cured & you can only die now from COVID 19. Also, 410,000 deaths is hardly a PANDEMIC, unless you are the one dying. In addition, masks only reduce the spreading of the disease; it will not protect you from getting it. That mask statement would also apply to the flu, If the flu had not been cured.

    • The flu has not been cured. I just had it. Of course, I’m not about to get a formal diagnosis, because that would likely result in covid, though I have none of the classical symptoms at all. The worst is over and I’m on the mend. It’s best to avoid chills as well as people. Cold and damp just doesn’t work for me, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. I probably had covid 13 months ago and recognize the difference. Yet again, taking care of yourself is a good idea, and avoiding the medical system when possible is a better one.

  11. Shareholders and bondholders lost on GM. The senior debt was cancelled.

    We were told,

    “If GM were to go into a free-fall bankruptcy and didn’t pay its trade debts, then the entire domestic auto industry shuts down,”

    The problem is we living are stuck with the debts of the dead. They’re long gone.

    Ask on a 16oz bottle of soda pop at the local Walmart checkout is $1.88, sale price. Thanks GM, thanks a lot.

  12. Just learned of the Texas Nationalist Movement (TEXIT) …. interesting to say the least and have to admit, I would like to divorce DC from our daily lives.
    Curious as to your thoughts?

    • Texas by ourselves would be the 39th largest country in the world. 10 smaller (lesser) nations could fit easily inside Texas.
      But let’s talk money here: The economy of the State of Texas is the second largest by GDP in the United States after that of California. It has a gross state product of $1.887 trillion as of 2019.
      The hell of it is, we produce more than New York, for example, but because they have a larger (arguably less bright) population, they dictate national priorities and the liberal bias of the press.
      We are awaiting the post covid numbers on California. GDP: $3.1 trillion (2019). We expect that as the price of energy goes back up and royalties and revenues from entertainment goes down, Texas could easily become the largest economy in America.
      Moreover, people here are generally God-fearing, hard working people. Save the infiltrators and empire-builders stealing their way into Austin, here lately. Bringing the values that busted other states here….

  13. Ya old man Rocket told me back in the daze of web bot forum # won. When I was balckeyedbetty then became Keeyybe then turned into TICICIT. And everyone said, “Yah ya thats the ticket.” Ha ha. Thiniking they were funny. And everyone had jokes.

    And I said OK. That wiley rascle Rocket said the only to win the lottery is to buy a ticket. And that was how got the name TICICIT. Which means alot if thing. Adds up to 73, the 21 prime. Or 7×3= 21 or 777. And The name itself adds up to 777 21 differnt ways. And 10, 73 differnt ways
    Theee number of its name. In ascii, numberology, binary, hex and a bunch of other ways.

    Today in military date style 20210122 or 10. Or 01222021. Pretty cool date.

    See ya around. I made a new account on my site and will post under that name from time to time. Seems fitting.

    • The Times of Israel military correspondent noted on December 30th that the planned Middle East trip by Mr. Pence scheduled to begin about Jan. 6th had been cancelled without reason being given.

      This weekend Arab media noted official openings of Israeli embassies in Abu Dhabi and Bahrain. This apparently stemmed from a Sept., 2020, USA-brokered deal.

      Are you aware of who in the Biden administration showed up? Or, given the complexities of Middle East diplomacy, was there no invite? Perhaps the moment wasn’t right for N on the right and H on the left to meet in the middle?

      (The article’s comments won’t display.)

      By the way, you may have noted that Israel is in the lead globally with more than 35% of its population vaccinated against covid-19.

  14. The only thing I’ve learned from reading this blog recently is this: When someone admits that they are bat guano cray – I BELIEVE them!!

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