Florence and the Nukes

As usual, the “Old Newsman” in me isn’t worried about the stories passing in the headlines right now.  No, instead we are more focused at looking at longer-term implications of ongoing events; specifically Hurricane Florence.

Keep in mind, my consigliere has a similar mindset, having worked part of his way through law school as a reporter/photographer…so he’s of the same bent.  To wit:

“The good news is that the new US Weather Service Model is still in the “beta test” phase.

The bad news is that so far it has been exceptionally accurate with Florence.

The further bad news is that most reliable European model also has Florence going back out to sea and back onto land 4 times also.

IF the high that sits to the North does not move sideways, or north, Florence is going to be trapped between two side by side highs North of it with nowhere to go, except in circles, for 7 to 11 days … hitting land, back out to sea, coming back to hit land, back out to sea, etc. etc..

Florence is shaping up to potentially be a storm for the history books if things play out as the models are currently indicating … the rain event will be immense, with historic rainfall more than filling all the dam impounded lakes throughout the mid to near western portions of both S. and N. Carolina (and into Virginia – but no nuke plants at risk in VA, just in the Carolinas)

We should know more by Wed late … but it could be an upcoming week to remember.”

This leads to two easily-followed “news prediction” efforts.  The first would be to look at the projected rainfall (since that can be problematic for nuke plants, especially if we get once-in-a-thousand YEARS worth of rain…  The second is to look at the models and begin thinking about where the nuke plants are located and what impacts could be of….oh, you know…

So here’s the rain outlook:  We’re let you fill in the wind part with the frantic flow of repetitious reporters hyping hysteria as Media Money-Making-Madness… (FFRRHHMMMM for short).

Duke Energy’s 1,870-megawatt Brunswick Plant could be one of the closest to landfall.  According to the Duke website:

“The two-unit, 1,870-megawatt Brunswick Nuclear Plant is located approximately two miles north of Southport, N.C., and houses two boiling water nuclear reactors. This was the first nuclear power plant built in North Carolina, beginning operation in 1975. An additional unit became operational in 1977, and 244 megawatts of electrical generation was added to the plant’s output from 2002 to 2005 as part of an extended power update program that upgraded much of the plant’s equipment.”

Well-run company and well-maintained plant.  The problem, however is the rain.  As we read the weather projections, the rainfall in that area could be between one and two FEET.

We expect there will be a fair bit of nail-biting at NRC Region II which is responsible for regulation of the plants in and surround the landfall area.

Brunswick is the most coastal of the plants in the landfall area, but another – the 928-megawatt Harris plant in Wake County, southwest of Raleigh-Durham, could also get a serious soaking.

While we have faith in the nuclear power industry, we’re also aware that if this is a “once-in-a-thousand years” event that engineering assumptions may be swamped. 

All of which adds another dimension too the mandatory evacuation of over a million people that accompanies the storm’s arrival now estimated for early Friday morning.

Not just the nukes, either:  “Hurricane Risks Include Toxic Sludge and Lagoons of Pig Manure.”

In Trump’s Defense

Congressman Mark Meadows has sent a letter demanding more information in a story being headlined “FBI officials discussed ‘media leak strategy’ ahead of major Trump=Russia revelation” – which is looking more made-up than ever…

Meantime, Maxine Waters apparently didn’t get the democrat’s memo on not talking about impeachment because that would get more republicans out to vote for GOP candidates as a “blocker.”  Instead, Real Clear Politics shows “Maxine Waters: “Impeachment! Impeachment! Impeachment! Impeachment!” “I’m Gonna Get Him“.

Optimism Climbing

New NFIB small business optimism index is an upper:

The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index soared to 108.8 in August, a new record in the survey’s 45-year history, topping the July 1983 highwater mark of 108. The record-breaking figure is driven by small business owners executing on the plans they’ve put in place due to dramatic changes in the nation’s economic policy.

The August survey showed:

  • Job creation plans and unfilled job openings both set new records.
  • The percentage of small business owners saying it is a good time to expand tied the May 2018 all-time high.
  • Inventory investment plans were the strongest since 2005 and capital spending plans the highest since 2007.

The market is not so sure.  Dow futures, a little over an hour before the open, pointed to a 131-point downside…so we shall see.  This does some very interesting things to our charts – which will be available to www.peoplenomics.com subscribers tomorrow morning 8 AM..

Regardless of the market, CoreLogic Loan Performance Insights Find Overall U.S. Mortgage Delinquency and Foreclosure Rates Lowest for June in 12 Years. This as republicans are talking about making tax cuts permanent…


Musk says Tesla to drop some color options for cars to simplify production.  Rhymes with Henry Fords “Any color, so long as it’s black” approach to mass manufacturing.

The long arm of Soros:  EU parliament to debate possible sanctions against Hungary.  Why?  Oh, think back to May, right?  “George Soros foundation leaves Hungary amid government crackdown…”  Payback’s a bitch when you’ve got billions and want to own global opinion and control Hungary…following this?

From our “But we like lopsided trade deals” file: China seeks WTO backing for sanctions on U.S. over dumping duties.

Old Newsman’s Woo-Woo

As you know, I have odd dreams – enough to fuel my next book Psychocartography: Mapping the Human Dream set for release on Amazon October 1.

Last night’s adventure into The Realms (of dreams) was most poignant and possibly based on the news story “The Trump Administration Is Shutting Down the Palestinian Office in Washington.”  Day residue in the dream-states is not uncommon.

In the dream, in extremely vivid UHD, a cruise ship is in a non-US port and a number of passengers are getting on  and off the ship.  Across the dock there was a freighter of some kind.  \

On the dock, a young Middle Easterner was beckoning tourists to “Come Ride the Cargo Slings!   You’ll be able to take incredible pictures from up there.  No charge…free for you.  Step over this way…

People from the ship were fascinated with the idea.  Some groups of them (this is a dream, remember) were stepping into green nets (like the nylon dirty clothes net bags we had on our sailboat back when we lived aboard.  A dozen or two took the ride.

Small groups – four to six at a time – were hoisted up and then lowered onto the deck of this freighter.  But, just as they were about to get out of the slings onto the deck of the ship, they rose again and were deposited instead into a hold deep and out of sight.  There, gunmen took them to a series of cages where they were locked up.  They would be held for ransom.

One or two got out, and managed to spread an alarm, but the freighter had already cast off and made for sea before officials figured out that terrorists had just taken a “boatload of hostages.”

Waking – from this rather odd dream – it was tossed off as a bunch of “noise from the waking-side” of Life.  This is an anniversary of 9/11 so my subconscious was likely working the permutations of there being an elevated terrorism risk.

At the same time, since the Palestinians are being kicked out in Washington, the “old newsman’s mind” was figuring out what the “payback” would be.

Or, was this a rhyme in some other Realms of a future replay of the Achille Lauro hijacking case run by Yasser Arafat?  That was in 1985…

Wanted to mention the story, though.  As I point out in the new book, some people live one life only – the one of the waking states.  With practice and discipline, though, you can live a second life as well -as rich and textured as the waking state as you polish lucid dreaming skills.

Tomorrow on the Peoplenomics side, we have “weaponizing everything” on the table.  But next Wednesday, a special article on some “new technology” that came back via last night’s dream.  An important adjunct to our Light Crown Project.

Ah..,.time for chow…moron the ‘morrow, then!

27 thoughts on “Florence and the Nukes”

  1. Perhaps it matters and perhaps not, but 9/11/2001 was a Tuesday, as is today. My hopes and prayers for peace and quiet.

  2. Good Morning,

    Liked your comments about the nuclear plants that may be impacted by hurricane Florence. A fact that has become all too plain, is that it takes a long shut-down cycle to bring down a boiling water nuclear plant, should the need arise.

    Unfortunately, due to lobbying from companies like GE, the United States may have taken a wrong turn with respect to nuclear power. Had the United States gone down the path of the thorium/molten salt reactor years ago or even now; we would have a safer nuclear power system. Molten salt reactors have a built in fail-safe that does not allow them to go “critical” and result in a “melt-down”. Since they do not require cooling water and the associated pumps, they are not as vulnerable to failures. In the event of any over temperature event, fusible plugs on the salt containment melt and drain the necessary molten salt away into catch basins; stopping the reaction. The other side benefit is that the reaction products are not usable for producing nuclear weapons and the half life of the waste is decades not centuries. These reactors can also be built to a smaller scale, meaning that you could have multiple small generating facilities feeding the grid, versus huge megawatt facilities; which cripple large sections of the country should they go offline.

    Political stupidity and greed have led us down the wrong path, since the beginning of the nuclear power age. Nuclear power, as we know it today, is an “all the eggs in one basket” approach. Better to have multiple smaller facilities than one huge one.

    One last comment, molten salt reactors also do not offer the same prime target appeal to terrorists, since they by design cannot go critical and their fuel is less radioactive.

    Lloyd Snider

  3. If nuclear plants start popping watch where the toxins go. Be open to speculate that the U.S. Capital will be moved to Denver. That means, sign purchase contracts for real estate in Denver. Flat land.

    • Instead of Fukishima type nuke plant incidents, I initially thought George might delve into the January 24, 1961 USAF mishap in which a B-52 carrying two 24-megaton nuclear bombs crashed while taking off from an airbase in Goldsboro, North Carolina. One of the nukes was lost in a swamp and the warhead supposedly never found. 24 MT is a very hefty package, BTW!

      Earlier in 1958, a B-47 bomber dropped a H-bomb somewhere off , after colliding with a fighter jet.

      For 60 years the warhead has rested somewhere in 10-15 feet of ocean-bottom muck in Wassaw Sound . . waiting.

      It makes one wonder if the storm surge and tremendous weight of the ocean water might one day play havoc with these nukes.

  4. This 2018 version of a Tuesday 9/11 has a hurricane and damaging novel, sure to overload the servers from the Tweeter in Chief. Amazon should be delivering my copy of Woodward’s book any day. I should breeze through given all the excerpts that have been made available.

    One in particular that George could appreciate has to do with economics…here it is.

    “According to an excerpt from Bob Woodward‘s Fear, the book out tomorrow that the president has called a “joke,” a “scam,” and a “con on the public“ written by a “Dem operative,” the Goldman Sachs president turned National Economic Council director came away from his very first meeting with Donald Trump “astounded” by just how dumb the guy was. During a chat about various economic issues, Cohn told Trump that the Federal Reserve would likely increase rates during his first term in office, to which President Buy High, Sell Low reportedly responded, “We should just go borrow a lot of money, hold it, and then sell it to make money.” This suggestion, and “lack of basic understanding” about how federal debt works apparently sent chills up the spine of Cohn, who explained that borrowing more money would in fact increase the deficit and add to the debt, something that would, in theory, be counterproductive for a delusional president who had pledged to completely eliminate the federal debt. But President “I’m, like, really smart” wasn’t finished:
    The president-elect offered a solution.
    “Just run the presses—print money,” Trump said, according to Woodward.
    Cohn suggested that would be detrimental to the fiscal and economic health of the U.S., since printing vast amounts of money is thought to lead to inflation. . . . Cohn also pointed to the federal debt ceiling, a statutory limit to the amount of debt the federal government can have outstanding. Even approaching the debt ceiling can be harmful to the stock market and U.S. economic growth.
    But according to Woodward, Cohn’s message did not seem to connect.
    “It was clear that Trump did not understand the way the U.S. government debt cycle balance sheet worked,” Woodward wrote.

    • That’s kinda funny, since CANDIDATE Trump understood it perfectly…

      Obviously, either taking the reins as CiC made him stupid, or Woodward’s book is another hit piece. I’m sure you can give us all an unbiased opinion of which of these two logical branches is correct, right?

    • Folks,
      First of all I have not read Woodwards book but have some familiarity with that type of publication. Some common sense concepts apply. One of these concepts is “consider the source”. Does the author have any biases that would slant the use of interpretation of materials. Is hearsay presented as fact of without any corroboration. what is the reason for the book? Does the author substitute ad hominem language for facts? I thought about comparing Woodward to Arthur M. Schlesinger, if (both Democrats) but decided it would not be fair to Woodward.

      As a side note I fear that a very many Americans lack the cognitive skills to hearsay and opinion from facts.

      Remember don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you read.

      An old librarian

  5. Hurricane Florence? Fake News! We’ve been fed lies about these storms for the last couple of years. Why? Because the Wacos are losing the Global Warming argument, BIG TIME! Most of this is fear mongering. 130mhp winds? not at ground level. in fact, checking out the wind speed map, I can only get 103mph as the highest speed.
    And it’s 9/11/18 @ 11:19 am.

    • Don: I will let you know if Huricane Florence is fake news after it passes over me. Assuming it doesn’t change course.

      Maybe I will try to Remote View its course.

    • Based on Remote Viewing, Hurricane Florence will be turning North & the eye will hit land around the North Carolina Virginia border & then proceed NNW. That should put me South of the eye but still in the hurricane.

    • I can’t speak to Florence but I can speak to Irma. My experience was the ocean water intrusion above the retaining wall and I lost half my front yard landscaping to the tune of about 2k. Palm trees that had been here 10 years snapped In half the rest looked like it had been burned and put through a garbage disposal. Shredded. It all ended up in the dumpster. But I am not complaining!

  6. Today, I used Remote Viewing for the NC Cash 5 Lottery Drawing being held today. 18, 25, 32, 5, 41.

    I may need the winnings to pay for Hurricane Florence damage since I am right in its crosshairs.

    • Interesting! Are you using imaging tables for the NC Cash 5, or some other method? What is the pool of numbers, and what odds? The local lottery here in BC is 6 numbers out of a pool of 49, and has winning odds of about 1 in 13 million. Even if you don’t win, if you track the number of hits per trial over time, it is possible to use combinatorics to figure out whether your results are better than expected by chance. For example, if you can RV 2 out of 5 correctly every week for 15 weeks, that’s much better than expected by chance.
      Best of luck for the win this week!

      • NC Cash 5 requires 5 correct numbers from a pool of the numbers 1 to 41. The chances of picking all 5 is 1:750,000.

        Using Word, I have 41 circles marked 1 to 41 on one page of glossy paper. I relax & close my eye & say NC Cash 5 for September 11, 2018. Then I open my eye and focus on the chart until one number stands out in 3D. I repeat that 5 times.

  7. With all the ‘Florence’ hype, no one is mentioning Olivia bearing down on Hawaii. The storm has weakened to Tropical Storm status with only 70mph winds, but it’s heading right for Maui tonight and tomorrow. So on top of the record 51 inches of rain that hurricane Lane brought us a couple weeks ago, we are going to get some MORE rain.

  8. Your dream adventures fascinate me but I can’t seem to recall more than bits and pieces of a dream when I have one.

    Lately I have been reading some Phillip K Dick stories during my “book hour” just before I hit the hay. Since reading his work I have noticed that I seem to be more active dreaming but still can’t seem to recall much more than fragments.

    Maybe I’m on to something…..


    • For me, one key to dreaming and better recall:
      Go to bed, drink a big glass of water.
      About 5-hours later you willhave to pee.
      go back to bed. A dream will appear. You will be more able to recall it
      as your body has done most of the heavy work involved in dreaming and body refresh plus dealing with the day residues.
      go back to bed. Don’t listen to Coast for more than 5 minutes to a half hour. for me that’s 2-3 hourws before alarm time.
      Then, asleep, new dreams appear.
      If you get up an hour before schedule, pee and go back to bed, dream again – giving yourself permission to recall everything
      Last – and this is what the dream that have had kick-ass precognitive have come from:

      Eat some pork at breakfast. I had ham in one memorable case.

      ]Then, take a snooze with no alarm (1-2 hours is the ideal length) to sleep/dream after a high carb and pork meal.

      Oh…with apologies to readers for are Jewish or 7th Dayers: Has it occurred to anyone but me that the reason for the prohibition on pork in some religions is to keep a lock on the collection plate and tariff the onramps to the hereafter?

      Just saying – from experience – God/Universe is divine. but there’s no toll booth excepts the ones erected gby humans. And the ultra religious? Ask ’em how often their religious figures come to their dreams and teach.

      Why not?

      • All good advice, providing that you remember to wake up and head to the loo before peeing, and that the dream is tolerable, and not some horrible nightmare.

        I’ve not figured out how to deal with a serious nightmare that might actually have some important content. Any thoughts on giant snakes entering my property and plowing up some fences, thugs acting like they own it and driving all over with lowriders, and a cat or cats that seemed unconcerned about the snakes or thugs? I didn’t feel right physically all day after that one.

        I believe that God is divine, though I neither know much about how to relate to God nor what I’m supposed to do in life, other than to be kind and do as little harm as is reasonable while living this life. I don’t get much in useful direction from any of the big religions, other than hints from Buddhist philosophy.

  9. NOAA/SPC/NHC models have Flo hitting and tracking toward Knoxville. WeatherBell (a private service which is to “weather,” what Stratfor is to “ops.”) has it hitting Cape Fear and tracking toward Huntsville. Most other models have it somewhere in-between, with most believing it will track NW, turn north through the middle of Tennessee and into Indiana, where roughly half project it to curl east into Pennsylvania, and the other half, to take a lazier curl into Ontario. The only significance to the track is, if NOAA is correct, it’ll make life in Ol’ Virginny dicey for a while (this is where FEMA has relocated the bulk of their recovery assets), but if it tracks toward Huntsville, it’ll rock the northern half of the Peach, and make the Georgia hub, not “Hotlanta,” but “Hellanta,” as FEMA’s assets will be on the wrong side of the landfall point, and have to traverse 300 miles of damage to get to Georgia.

    Flo is the real deal. Its eye collapsed yesterday. When that occurs out-to-sea, the storm eye rebuilds, larger and stronger than before. I expect it to make landfall as a strong Cat-4. There’s a monster high over Angola, Indiana that’s tracking SSW, and should clone over KY. If the clone moves SE (likely), those highs could create a “wall” which would keep Flo from coming inland — essentially making it “bounce” at landfall, and creating a huge swell and rainfall potential. ‘Glad I’m going to Pittsburgh and not Myrtle Beach, this week.

    If yer gonna look at the maps, don’t forget to check up on Issac and Olivia…

  10. I am in Western NC and early panic has set in with some. One thing the state is doing is draining the lakes so the rain we get won’t overflow the dams. This happened before and someone at the state level learned their lesson. We are somewhat saturated with ground water from earlier rain, so my main concern is the ground getting more saturated and trees falling on power lines. So the genny is fueled and ready to go.

  11. Mark
    Please tell us whom the Federal Reserve is. You seem to be a rather articulate fellow and quite knowledgeable. You mentioned Federal Reserve s0 please tell us all their function or reason for existence.

  12. George
    I had not thought to ask until drempt about it last night.
    Ia HAARP back on?
    Is the Russian Version back on? Was it on with Houston?
    Do the Chinese have a version?
    is some of this bad weather trade related?
    What does Warhammer say?

  13. @Radio Ranch
    Thanks for the tip on that hand-held radio several days ago, and looking up local ham repeaters. Just ordered that radio and an additional antenna off Amazon. Should get to me 3-4 days before Flo does.

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