Floating Your Ark

Money is what “floats your boat” in today’s second installment of our Ark building book. Because while “prepping” may be popular, what’s really satisfying is the larger context in life: Building a Personal Ark to sail into the unknowable future.

We aren’t building a Noah-like flood building, though.  Rather we are looking at owning a platform and siting it where a voyage into Future might be possible.

The sequence we’re into now involves some lessons designed to help open your Opportunity Eyes, Ark’s cost money.

In doing so, we’ll lay the financial foundation of your independence Ark (survival platform). Something that can survive (hopefully!) the worst the world can throw at it.

Next week, following this groove, we’ll be exploring 50+ years of personal Renaissance and street faire recon to give you concrete examples of how “seeing” with Opportunity Eyes works for people on this personal platform path.

Two major points to cover first, however, before we get go Future Building, though.  The ADP Job Report is just out.  And there’s a decision coming from Markets as Charts are looking ready to bolt – one way, or the other.

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George Ure
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73 thoughts on “Floating Your Ark”

  1. Admirable..
    Hopefully some will take Ure advice to heart.

    I know it was just a “show” – and the only “show” I have watched on TV in years, but Yellowstones’ Beth Dutton is the baddest ass, smoking hot tv BITCH I ever done laid eyes on !

    Below clip is Beths’ advice to adopted kid that is in midst of learning hard life lessons.
    I am confessing to 3 of the 4 Ways, the 4th one, thankfully, I never had to do…yet.


    * Mkt goes higher – new all time high in 24 – so high why only Towlie hisself knows just how High – https://youtu.be/12RmnQXoqIc?si=jxyVMeK0Him0kILN

    • Yellowstone is our all-time favorite show bar none. My wife has a lot of Beth Dutton memed t-shirts and I’ve referenced that show since its beginning. I hope Taylor Sheridan hasn’t experienced a total melt down in creativity and gets the new episodes out some day soon. He hit a major nerve in the viewing public’s world as he set the little guy vs. big money story line up from the beginning. In that he was very astute as this was happening all over the U.S. with such low interest rates and the need for income. Well-moneyed interests were pushing little people out of the areas they’d occupied for generations so the wealthy could make MORE money.

      I’ve also heard that Costner is going to leave which breaks my heart. This will probably be the last season. It’ll be interesting to see how it all ends. Rip has invested in a local coffee company but we haven’t seen him yet.

      • Austin is a classic example, these new devils have descended with gnashing teeth profiting from the destruction of the old to recreate the new.

        Continuing to come to a town, city, state or country near you.

        imagine, if you will, being secretly funded by the non-Federal Reserve so as to munch up, buyout, runout anyone or anything you like in your beastly feasting on the spoils ahead of The New World Order, and then tout it to the peons, over all mouthpieces how worthless they are as they have worked their whole lives under controlled capital…and labor…

        just like a cow.

        That’s why it is referred to as The Last Harvest.

        Think of all the amusement they get from their big plans, policies, non-elected leaders and decisions, as they roll em out!!!

        • I never really met Costner but seen him while I was to b I sy working..he seemed like a nice guy .. the thing is he’s old now ..I can see him doing shows for something to do..
          but for money..how much does he require to be happy..
          I am happy and it sure isn’t because my bank account numbers is overflowing..I have more crap than I need and could face a beautiful beast if I bring home another grill..

    • Sorry, but although Godfather on the prairie is good I lost interest after season 2. While the actress who plays the character is fantastic, Beth Dutton’s overwrought and thoroughly unjustified hatred for her brother just is irritating.

      In terms of current tv shows on various platforms I think on Apple

      Foundation and For All Mankind are pretty good.

      On Netflix :

      Outer Banks, season 1, is great, season 2 shot during COVID is lacklustre, season 3, I was about to give up when in the middle of episode 3 of season 3 it turned around. I want to see what they come up with on the hunt for Blackbeards Treasure.

      Outlander is good.

      So is In from the cold.

      Madame Claude on Netflix and (Jaeckin Just’s movie 1977 movie on Tubi. )

      Glitter on Netflix is Polish but is good as well.

      Also on Netflix in Spanish who Killed Sara season 1 and 2 only and Toy Boy

      Finally a movie on Netflix, the best damn Action film I’ve seen in years is “Extraction”, it’s right up there with The Raid. If you haven’t seen The Raid it is pure action: the plot is simple, cops have to enter project housing to arrest a criminal who is on the top floor. I imagine the director said “you guys with long hair are punks. You guys with short hair are cops, when I say action, you fight”

      Also on Netflix The Old Guard

      On Prime

      Daisy Jones and the six
      Rogue Heroes
      Jack Ryan
      Wheel of Time

      Here’s a really good cover of call me.


      • if i had it my way then the politicians are not allowed to destroy the earth until.. I find out what really happened on oak island..
        I read the same readers digest story when I was a kid.. if I ever get to go on a vacation..that’s where I want to go lol..
        although we checked up on an aunt of the boss’s that was having heart issues at an Amish colony once.. when he retired as a contractor he took up construction but in miniature buildings .he had made over 40 thousand would take them all over the world..many kept getting destroyed then the Amish offered him the opportunity to set them up in a barn as a museum.. while we were checking on her sent I got to run around his workshop.. most fun time I had.. my mini me has discovered mini brands .. his mind is going a hundred miles an hour and having a bunch of empty shoe boxes has been building buildings.. so for xmas.. I got a big cardboard box.. I will help him create whatever he wants to build as an xmas gift .. he made a hotel its cute for an 8 year old really well done .two guys playing cards he thought of everything .. we are making a table lamp to..when and if this goes dark.. he likes the light..
        Canadian prepper has a good take on this.. we can’t pull out of Ukraine and this mess in Gaza I believe will ignite the whole middle east..
        does it really make a difference who is in office?
        “In our simplistic view, there is no honest way to assess taxes until what’cha call a taxable event. ”
        I just paid our home taxes wow but they don’t have any choice..prices are going up about to explode Zimbabwe style . with bidens warring push things that were critical before are now un repairable.. I got a chuckle one of the ad’s was to help get a half million to retire on..excuse me. if a shack in a city sells for a couple million..ask Mark that’s a burned out garden shed in San fran..you can’t do it anymore..and taxes have to explode. brick and mortar can’t pay their taxes or employees it has to shut the door ..

      • We also found “Resident Alien” but I forget what channel it’s on. The first season was pretty good but the second is taking a bit to get off the ground. The main character is played by Alan Tudyk who I first saw as one of the characters in “A Knight’s Tale”.

        Other than that it’s become difficult to find much of anything on any of the Internet channels mainly due to time available.

        But, regarding “Godfather on the Prairie”, it is a soap opera on steroids. Beth’s efforts to ruin her step brother due to his impertinent and immature decision when they were both young is just one of the well-worn and weaker elements to be explored. Tate’s abduction and recovery from the Becks was one of the best “shoot ’em up” episodes out there worthy of some of the Jack Ryan’s episodes.

      • I try to stay away from action and horror films. doing crime photos I have seen more than my share of the horrors that man does to man.
        hallmark and the up channel , discovery and the history channel.Channel..
        now if the boss let’s me..the curiosity and Gaia channels are absolutely wonderful I am a disney addiction and watch pretty much the same shows over and over for entertainment..
        as for let’s sluce and dice movies not in our home..it’s all g rated

    • Didn’t watch it over the years except 10 minutes here or there (I am NOT normally a TV watcher) … so signed up for Peacock just so I could start watching it from the beginning.

      As a person who almost became a professional photographer (had a couple of great job offers with newspapers /magazines just out of HS, a family friend was a big time news photographer, lots of covers of Life and Look back in the day, later a lot of work for National Geographic – same guy who taught him was also my teacher) I have to say the cinematography is absolutely SUPERB. I would put the cinematography right up there with some of the best stuff ever done for the big screen.

      On my huge 4k TV I am at times so mezmorized by the cinematography and how well it is done (something you can really notice with a huge size screen) that I often almost forget to pay attention to the story!! I want to go back and watch specific scenes just for the fabulous cinematography!!

      Slowly working my way through the show starting with season 1 … so don’t spoil it with disclosing any of the plot lines!! but I would say so far it is THE BEST over the air TV series I have ever seen in my life. Obviously done on a Big Budget with a great production team and it shows.

      • Started to watch it once.. it was following the same script story line similar to the old show Dallas…haven’t watched it since..

      • Without giving anything away I will say this, the last scene I watched involved the rancher and his grandson and the cowboys moving the herd up to grazing lands and camping there. The cinematography was amazing just breathtaking.

        I would say that Yellowstone for me is like Miami Vice. Miami Vice was awesome until Ferrari had the production blow up the car and replace it with the Testarossa. For me Willie Nelson with a badge a Stetson and a 1911 Colt Peacemaker bringing “The Law” to the vice riddled streets of Miami and teaching Crockett and Tubbs how it was done was the peak of the show. The show remained great after that but it changed.

        In order to keep an audience they had to develop the story.

  2. “which way to turn”

    I came to the conclusion yesterday voting isn’t the way. We can’t even be sure our vote is legit.

    Create a vote list of when voting went your way and what was the ultimate result. (There’s always an excuse.)

    People love catch phrases. “When they came for the Jews…”

    “When they censured Tlaib” they turned us all into Pallies.

    That’s the way it works. And we voted for it, ‘anti-Freedom’.

    Eventually Germany did face a backlash and eventually Israel will face a backlash then they go into the tunnels. The Flash War method sounds good to me.

    Off shooting the Flash War most Jesus-Heads think Jerusalem will be suddenly hit. The Jewish book states, ‘no stone left unturned’.

    This might be a good time to short option any Israeli REIT that specializes in Jerusalem. A gift if Jerusalem gets Flashed into dust over the Christmas Holiday.

    • Steve, I did a search on biblegateway.com and the phrase you used ‘ no stone left unturned’ did not appear. You refer to the Bible but you do not cite chapter and verse. You, sir, have no credibility.
      Either cite the address or cease referring to a book you haven’t read.

      • I thought it sounded like something I read in the bible.. Here you go @Rick
        Luke 21:6
        As for these things which ye behold, the days will come, in the which there shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.

        the context is when the temple is destroyed.. now what is the temple.. is it the earth and the corruption of those.. that is the question..
        Temple Destruction Foretold
        5As some of the disciples were remarking how the temple was adorned with beautiful stones and consecrated gifts, Jesus said, 6“As for what you see here, the time will come when not one stone will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.” 7“Teacher,” they asked, “when will these things happen? And what will be the sign that they are about to take place?”

    • He might have been referring to Haggi in the hebrew bible.. which both Jesus and Haggi…. since Jesus isn’t considered anything except a vagabond in their religion..
      Where Haggi was one of the twelve minor prophets in the Hebrew Bible
      Ezra 3:10
      When the builders had laid the foundation of the temple of the LORD, the priests in their apparel with trumpets, and the Levites (the sons of Asaph) with cymbals, took their positions to praise the LORD, as David king of Israel had prescribed. as a cross reference..
      Blessings for a Defiled People
      …14Then Haggai replied, “So it is with this people and this nation before Me, declares the LORD, and so it is with every work of their hands; whatever they offer there is defiled. 15Now consider carefully from this day forward: Before one stone was placed on another in the temple of the LORD, 16from that time, when one came expecting a heap of twenty ephahs of grain, there were but ten. When one came to the winepress to draw out fifty baths, there were but twenty.…
      The thing I don’t know.. is.. I believe that so much of the old testament is man injecting his own wishes into.. is it real or is it just the illusion of what some joker in ancient days wanted.. that you must decide for yourself.. I myself go with what is printed in RED

      This same phrase is also listed in chinese philosophy and in texts of hinduism.. so considering that.. this is a phrase that hit almost all the religions.. then I am thinking it comes from further back.. mostly in the context of search for the truth.. “to leave no stone unturned” “To leave no stone unturned” is an idiom that means to do everything possible to find something or to solve a problem.

    • This whole Israel Gaza war reminds me of a black flag event..to acquire something..()possibly the leviathan oil and gas field) since the demolition of the more stream NATO countries are facing a very cold winter. what is the thought on this.. look for the business model. who benefits from it.


      the list of reports and news coverage..yes even liberal sites reported the atrocity threats and plans.. then the story of orders to stand down..
      Gaza is more like a prison yard with two entrances.. those that committed the horror are now long dead innocent people are being slaughtered for what reasons I have no clue.
      calmer minds should have been in place to deal with those that committed the crimes rather than that of revenege genocidal response to eliminate the Palestinians.
      now ..my thought is this..if.. this is a setup to gain the oil and gas field.. all .. the middle eastern oil rich areas are viewing this..Syria that we had no reason of being involved with showed only that we were in there for oil and those that own theme profit..



      all this will accomplish is convincing all the middle eastern countries to unite into one force to defeat the threat they see..even though it isn’t the people doing it just a few hundred manipulating to gain ..
      the sad part of it..is we cannot pull out and still remain the country of power.. Bric’s is going to flip the fiat currencies.. especially since we have to borrow from them to do anything.. strategic collapse, economic collapse, supply chain collapse.. then our border issues and the Flowers given move..
      or the Trojan horse army all from countries that swore a revenge caliphate jihad from within all well known this plan has been told to everyone for decades.. all that was needed was a political environment that was for sale..
      but then who am I just some old schmuck in the wastelands that reads to much. the really smart people are in charge.

    • Conveniently, it happened on a Sunday and there was no market access available to small folks, so only the insiders could benefit.

      • But the pop has demonstrated significant staying power. Perhaps we’ve just moved up to the first step of a steep staircase.

  3. retribution is the only thing the deep state fears
    they have been UNaccountable for ever
    YOU side with them when you go with the, Quote fish bait article, headline sink bait
    “,,,here comes Trump trying to ensure he won’t get our vote: Trump declines to rule out abusing power for retribution if reelected. ”
    they get you to say “abusing power” when that is all they do , time to pay the piper
    bi-party = UNIparty
    only Trump is the NON-party player willing to lead the fight back to FREEDOM,,,
    the party is coming to an end, time to cleanup the mess
    I still give ya an A- for today’s blog, minus for the smelly stink bait. smells like something @c would recommend for reading
    even London Bridge has fallen down and moved to Arizonia
    wait till all the shit comes to the fan about how the 2020 election was stollen and IT WAS FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC TRAITORS ACTING IN COLLUSION, INCLUDING GOV. ACTORS IN ENGLAND AND ITALY
    Going to be the biggest show since Friday the 13th,,,
    now why was friday the 13th considered unlucky?

    yup yup ,,,Bribes has to run, because of Trump? got to save the democracy from Trump,,, what bullshit when the voters voted Trump but got out counted by fake ballots over the week following the election,,, CANT YA SEE?
    the deepstate is a corporation
    Want a zample? remember when the grubberment told the people” NO ALCOHOL” the NEWS media pushed it, Rocky funded the old bitties like @c to stomp for the passage of prohibition just so Rockerfeller CORP could force you to burn his gasoline, now when they gave you back PERMISSION to have alcohol, you HAVE to pay the deepstate tax on it,,, taste like shit I catch catfish with. RETRIBUTION is called for by FREEDOM loving people

    We the people[slaves] are tired of rule by the corporate owned government ,,, even you pay taxes in FULL COMPLIANCE,,, NOT BECAUSE IT IS JUST, BUT BECAUSE YOU fear THEM

    Watch for it,,, foreign and domestic, remember when the FBI agent Peter S. and his lover went to the City of London after Trump was elected,,, NSA was watching
    lots of crap will come out,,, Jack Smith is screwing up bring Trump into court,,, Q asks how do you get evidence into court,,, the idiots are taking Trump into court over election interference, ha ha ha , they will do their best to stop His evidence from coming in,,, security clearance needed

    carry on,,, we must carry wood , keep warm and cook tasty healthy food and enjoy
    staring Lady E and her side kick Ure

    Question? is Trump the Ark ? is he the vessel that will take US into a brighter future? sure as FUCK ain’t the UNIparty crowd,, the debate attendies, what a friggin joke they are!

    • there’s a lot in your comment. Please speak with a therapist or counselor. They may be able to help you sort everything out.

      • “Can only hope that the proverbial “DOOR” does hit that cali traitor(mickarthy) in da Ass but HARD”

        HMMM… or should that door hit all of congress in the azz…. think about it.. sure McCarthy snuck some crap in .. but.. NO ONE READ IT…. He didn’t write it.. and no one read it..
        We all were taught in High school and Grade school that the process was .. a congressman would WRITE the bills.. then congress would get together and read it.. cross out what was objectionable .. then make the changes that all sides could agree on for the benefit of their constituents..

        “First, a representative writes and sponsors a bill. The bill is then assigned to a committee for study. If released by the committee, the bill is put on a calendar to be voted on, debated or amended. If the bill passes by simple majority (218 of 435), the bill moves to the Senate.”

        NOPE not like that anymore LOL LOL LOL .. I use to read that crap for giggles and grins..Now I am no lawyer but my understanding of some of the shit that got passes is nothing more than ridiculous.. I loved the one that both sides bragged about that basically said both of them could be removed from office LOL LOL LOL ..
        Rand Paul.. dam he tried to get a read the bills act through they laughed it off the floor.. not ever going to happen shoot no one is in Washington now.. well the skeleton crew.. gotta make it look as if someone there gives a hoot and hollar for the people….that is what made Donald Trump hated.. he actually did something for the people.. I personally don’t like his narcisistic personality.. but he has heart and tried his best.. did more than any president in my lifetime.. well I really liked Ford.. he was pretty awesome.. great guy.. everyone talked about him being a decent man..
        I wonder why congress hasn’t had the janitors come in from the agencies that are playing F/Y with the congress.. LOL janitors know everything.. wanna know about a business.. hang out in the break room have a cup of coffee.. or go to the favorite hangout of the people that work there.. you will find out more than you want in no time at all.. about anything and everything.. today you have social media.. same thing..

        • Sorry C.. this has absolutely nothing to do with Trump.. this has to do with all the delinquencies of doing their jobs of working for the people that live and pay taxes in this country..
          wrong is wrong whether your a democrat republican or any thing in between.
          what made trump popular..( not with me..his Narcissistic personality disorder is nauseating and sometimes offensive. but then he’s not a polished politician.
          I was a fan of Ted Cruz and rand paul.. what made him popular was he actually did work for the people and the country he loves.)
          I have been a democrat my whole life when all of this started I was embarrassed and ashamed of the democratic party and members of the party that seem to have justified corruptive activities and denounced every facet of our own constitution.
          the best we can expect from all of this is the worst depression in history a currency that will or could be worthless.

      • till Trump put his sorry ass in front of everyone, folks believed Fauci,,, surrounded by or put on stage for public view?
        swamp draining does not remove swamp creatures, it just exposes them, buckle up, the second act is approaching,,, retribution for them, that is removal,,, where ya going Kevin Mc [RINO], exit stage right
        -the end,,, my butt, it’s show time

        the PUBLIC needs to be shown, ya can’t just tell them,,, or they will act like you and @c
        it ain’t just America it is a global problem,,, look around, we are being invaded, can’t ya see?

        • the swamp.. or more politely called the snake pit.. watch out for those vipers.. they bite..

    • “Trump declines to rule out abusing power for retribution if reelected. ”
      they get you to say “abusing power” ”

      phew big thoughts on that…what part is retribution and which part is justice..heads of agencies covering over for the family business refusing to answer questions of a congressional hearing..making up crap to destroy political adversary..billions spent to make false claims and destruction of evidence..what would you like to bet that the laptop has been destroyed..only copies of it remain. right next to the cell phones and server of hildabeast. how many members of congress have received money ,job offers ,vacations, sexual favors, stock options etc from some outside interest..
      an administration…not even counting the what if the president was involved..had children and siblings that were pushing sale of contact and compliance from the USA administration.. he openly bragged about holding back funds from the people of the United States to gain exactly what his son was selling to one of his clients and employer.
      handed over laptop with passcodes and access to the DOD top secret websites with everything accessible..
      the sad part is the deeper that you dig into this whole situation the darker and more evil it becomes..the usa cannot afford another battle the interest on what they have borrowed already is unsustainable. the biggest percentage of citizens recognize this whole thing as some activity to profit only the oligarchs and the family business. So from what I hear people saying is why should the average family send their loved ones off to some horrendous battle to put their life on the line for such a vast corruption business network when they themselves are not willing to be involved.
      then consider all the perverse videos that are now only open to his friends but displayed such deep and deviant lifestyles that were open to anyone willing to watch them.there’s even references in the published memoirs of the perv showing just how far the nut falls from the tree..

      (the younger son of the current President, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. Hunter, describing his childhood in Wilmington, Delaware, told me that after church his father would sometimes drive him and his brother, Beau, through wealthy neighborhoods, where they would sneak onto empty estates that were either abandoned or on the market. If the front door was locked, the boys’ father would hoist them through a second-floor window, and they would run downstairs and let him in. If a real-estate agent arrived when they were there, Biden, who at this point was a senator, would charm the agent into giving them a tour.)


      seriously when was the last time you broke into someone’s house to just look around..

  4. I am not fan of Trump, as he is quite the narcissist and wants the job to much. But I will certainly vote for him against almost anyone on the slate on the democrat side. I would prefer Vivek vs most of the other republican candidates, but that is not very likely.

    But your comment about retaliation… I am sure if only one side ever uses the power of the government against the other, they will never stop doing it. So sure I guess it matters what kind of retaliation. But certainly the biden crime family needs deep investigation, they need to investigate and prosecute every single rioter as harsh as J6 people. The democrats have no fear of abuse of power because that is what their voters want. If there is never any other risks for them, then there is nothing stopping them in criminally punishing everyone that is any kind of threat to their power. They know they can successfully punish any “conservative” for any crime they like in their friendly cities like DC. Jury of your peers…right.

    • Sen. Durbin (D. Il) probably intends to recycle all the AR-15’s his buddy Gov. Pritzger intends to confiscate from the good citizens of Illinois come January.

    • A FOXNews reporter cornered him and asked why he refused to give Sen. Marsha Blackburn access to Epstein’s flight logs. He flat lied and said she’d never requested them — at which point the FOX pundit du jour played videos from two separate Senate sessions where she had done so, in open Senate. Senator Durbin has things on his plate which he feels need to disappear, and the Leftist mindset is: When something is making unpleasant noise, simply make a bigger noise, and the former will be lost & forgotten.

      Durbin is an America-hating gun-grabber who’s not known for his integrity. He got into politics about the same time as Biden, but was a loser until his district was jerrymandered to make it majority-democrat. He’s been a primary cause of the bleakness which has descended on Illinois, since about the mid-70s, although he was not elected to Congress until 1982. He became a Senator in the mid-1990s and “Senate Whip” (2nd most powerful Democrat) early in the 2000s, somehow passing a lot of other Dems to do so.

      Two of his specialties are narcotics and Ukraine…

      • would you expose it..
        A list of the people with the most powerful world wide…the ones that destroy whole countries to gain what they want..
        I wouldn’t either..look where it got Epstein…I believe the only thing keeping the woman alive is she has a file and videos.. hidden away someplace safe.. then again.. everyone thought that the laptop was big enough proof to keep them safe..

        • McAfee had terabytes of files and videos, and was one of the most-savvy programmers and network specialists on the planet. Despite making a very strong point that he’d never commit suicide and said files & vids would be released, should he die before his time, after a few days in an Iberian jail, he “hanged himself,” his terabytes disappeared, and no one questioned his death.

          Words cannot describe how powerful some anonymous people are, nor the lengths to which they will go to maintain their anonymity, and their power.

          Ghizzy is still alive because she knows nothing that’s of much importance…

    • same pedophile who is blocking the release of epStain flight logs/data logs in Senate investigation.

      Can only wonder WHY?

      *Christian In Action(dvd) compromised traitor – EXPOSED

    • or… was the army of illegals sent here to make a checkmate move.. like in the poison pawn trap

  5. Shortages.

    I just got back from a Wallymart run. They were short on just about all of the Band Aid products.

    I wanted a box of the 1″x3″ Band Aids and they had none. The last time I bought some they were $6 and something for a box of 100.

    I ended up settling for a box of the Great Value (store brand) at $4.97 for a box of 60.

    Just another thing you may want to make sure you have enough of.

    I go through a lot of band aids and antibiotic ointment.

    • go to veterinary supply..lol lol I ordered what I thought was 12 4by4’s and got a lifetime supply lol..

      • I do that, as well.

        BTW, tranks and pain pills that’re prescribed for Fido are often exactly the same as those prescribed for people — I flitted through a bunch of puppyscripts a few months back, running the pills through the WebMD pill identifier. Every single one of the vet scripts have the same size, shape, and identifying marks as the people pills — everything, except the pharmco price. They are simply identical.

        Not advise or a recommendation. Your mileage may vary. Prices higher in Delaware. No animals were killed or hurt in this investigation.

        Do your own research…

    • Dear Offgrid ,
      look on AliExpress under their ” deals under $2 ” area. I found boxes of 100 and 120 standard band aids for about $2.00. Other medical supplies as well. Looks like pretty good quality. Good , on time delivery from them so far.

  6. I don’t know how Israel survives, but they cannot let animals cross their fences and kill their children and wives and not retaliate to put those human animals down. If there is a non militant portion of Palestine, then they should turn in or terminate themselves those Hamas monsters. What a world where representatives of two of the great religions commit such atrocities against each other. You can understand why in our history, the victors in such wars, might kill or enslave all the men and adolescent boys. Maybe complete victory is the only way for the cycle of violence to break. I wonder what would have happened in our lands if during the Indian wars the US just stopped and declared peace for east of the mississippi. Would the indians have ever stopped their own incursions trying to right the wrongs of their recent past? Over time I guess it ultimately never stops, just different groups become the victors and the losers who can never live with their loss.

    • Guess you missed the memo about October 7th being a false flag, hmmm? Oh yeah, and there was another memo that the IDF admitted to “mistakenly” opening fire on the participants of the concert. They killed their own. Oops, their bad.

      I have no horse in this race, and I am not going to take a position, but I’ll leave you to ponder something I saw a while back:

      “Yes, there are two sides to this war. But only “one side” has a Navy. Only “one side” has guided missiles. Only “one side” has phosphorus bombs. Only “one side” has tanks. Only “one side” has an air defense system. Only “one side” has nuclear weapons. Only “one side” controls the water supply, electrical power, and food supplies of the other. Only “one side” has freedom of movement. Only “one side” gets three billion a year from the US Government and an “unwavering” pledge to refill their stockpiles of depleted munitions.

      Food for thought.

      • “Guess you missed the memo about October 7th being a false flag, hmmm? Oh yeah, and there was another memo that the IDF admitted to “mistakenly” opening fire on the participants of the concert. They killed their own. Oops, their bad.”

        I’d like to see a cite from a reputable source for those remarks. I’ve seen video of the Hamas air assault that led the ground assault. Where is the video of the IDF involved in that?

      • I am on the same mindset your on.. first it could have been avoided.. everyone knew about it.. then those doing the horrendous destruction and death should have been punished.. all those innocent lives had no part in this.. destroying them is as horrible as the destruction and death the terrorists did.
        from my perspective there’s to many holes in the surprise attack scenario..

  7. Greg Hunter brings Karen Kingston on to describe the status of Ken Paxton’s lawsuit against Pfizer for its MRNA “vaxxine”.

    “Kingston explains, “What Paxton and his team are going to do is expose thousands and thousands of lies that you were told by Pfizer and, specifically, CEO Albert Bourla. Albert Bourla went on a campaign of deception and a lying spree that resulted in a killing spree, and Bourla knew it. Ken Paxton and his legal team are charging Pfizer under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act of Texas. There are five counts they are being charged with across 18 violations. The 95% efficacy was not what you thought it was. . . . There was no evidence that it would stop transmission and infecting others. There was no evidence it worked against the variants. Then . . . there was the charge of scheming to suppress the truth about the failing vaccine. . . . This is huge.”

    How big is this? Kingston says, “It could be $350 billion in fines for Pfizer, and they cannot get out of this by going bankrupt.”


  8. Thou hast scrivened thusly:
    “It’s about the ugliest scenario we can imagine: A massively coordinated lightning war on Israel, but also the West. A few nukes, but also an instant energy crisis and Russia playing a key role. All very awful to even contemplate but it’s taking less imagination by the day to “go there.”

    I think this is what will happen. And soon.

  9. Your PN subscriber theme for today sounded a lot like give some get some. You didn’t seem to pick up a lot of new converts by the look and feel of the reader comments.
    Personally, I am suffering from information overload. Everything is way too complicated, and expensive. And people are so disruptive and petty. Living for the day looks therapeutic and cheap. I may give that a try some day.

    • Then you, my dear n____, aren’t going to be prepared for next year. I’d start digging a hole right about now.

    • hEY there, n___

      I’m not a sub, so probably shouldn’t be here on Wednesdays, but I have enjoyed the company of George and his beautiful wife, Elaine, on his front porch for an hour of conversation.

      I, too, have decided information overload is deleterious to one’s health. I’ve arrived at the point of simply reading headlines, shaking my head and laughing at the insanity of the world. (or at least those writing about it).

      That 3 letter tax agency is gonna shit their pants when they see my “economic research” deductions for the last 6 months of sitting in bars of restaurants watching, listening and enjoying some adult conversations with East Texans.

      Just so ya know, “Living for the Day” ain’t cheap. I’ve spent more on 1st class plane tickets, hotels and restaurants since August than the average American earns in that time, and just booked 6 weeks next summer on the SC beach in a 3 bedroom condo… $6K/week, just so’s I can fly my daughters and grand daughters out for a week or 3 on the beaches with me and their Aunt/great Aunt.

      Finally, as a Vietnam Vet when I flew home 55 years ago this Feb to the sounds of “Born Free”…


      I had NO IDEA what this country was about to become. Like Joe Sixpack, I didn’t have the time to look around keeping my nose to the grindstone to raise a family. Even missed this until recently because it came out the year after my 1st was born !! In the last half dozen years, every month or 3…

      I turn up the volume and SMILE !!!

      Eat your heart out Swiftee’s and wannabees, you can’t compare !!


  10. I have priced that out before. Hidey holes deep enough to really work are obscenely expensive. And worse, the excavations are visible to every airplane flying into the nearest metro airport. Unanticipated final resting holes are on the heirs or the coyotes.
    Don’t be too sure that unsafe winds won’t carry close to home. I’ve had a look at Stu’s Scientific American graphic, and it substantially more grim that just about anything else I have seen, and it didn’t include Andy’s false flag trigger incident list, or a whole bunch of port and secondary military installations.

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