Feds Busting Preppers?

Not really, but takes a bit of explaining.  Especially when you read about how three men in North Caroline have been arrested on charges related to prepping.

According to an Associated Press story, the men were…

“…men fearing a government takeover and martial law stockpiled weapons, ammunition and tactical gear while attempting to rig home-made explosives”

Now, as always, the devil is in the details.

Anyone who can read a balance sheet  can reasonably assume the US Government is in desperate financial condition.  As of this morning, the Public Debt to the Penny was 18,151,322,549,156.91 although it hasn’t been updated for this month yet.  Been stuck at the upper limit for a long time through clever accounting.  Fact is, it’s been pegged at current levels since the end of February.

On the income side, the US Gross Domestic Product is presently running $17.84 trillion in the latest numbers, so worrying about the continuation of (solvent) government in ‘Merica is not exactly a wild stretch.

Some of the charges sound a little fishy.  For example, referring to “ammunition for a long-range .338 caliber rifle” – a common deer hunting gun, is clearly a bit of linguistic “painting.”

So is referencing “planning to purchase an assault rifle along with ammunition” EXCEPT that this one is less of a stretch since it was supposedly going to be for someone whose past convictions would have made firearm possession illegal.

But where the three seem to be in ‘convictable hot water” is over the matter of making homemade pipe bombs.

Government’s got a case, sounds like, there.

To be sure, prepping is a fine thing to do.  In fact, there are all kinds of pointers on how to do it over at www.ready.gov.  Planning to buy ammo for a .338 isn’t a big deal this time of year, either, since deer season is coming up pretty quick.

But where people get in trouble is when they don’t understand that government is very, very wary about people who paint even a tiny bit over “the line” and with recent cases like the church killing, there’s plenty of good reasons for them to have their antennae up.

More Gov’t Intrusion?

While we continue following the vaccine/autism link, it’s interesting to see how the headlines are whitewashing concerned parenthood.

Take the case of a Broward County, Florida mom who has been arrested for “kidnapping” her daughter to prevent vaccination.

Read the story and you’ll see this has all the makings of a TV movie.

Drug and Border Crap

Everyone know that a large portion of illegal Mexicans who come to the US pay for their transport by bringing in Mexican cartel drugs.  The Obama posse gets upset about treatment of illegals.  But a gringo with a weed conviction?  Different standards.

So we watch with interest as a non-Latino fellow, who got life for pot in Missouri comes up for a parole hearing.

Jeff Mizanskey has served almost 20-years…and I think the phrase justice delayed is justice denied fits. 

Meantime, Huntington Park, CA has become the first city to appoint two undocumented migrants to city council positions.

We would have to look at the laws of Brownifornia to see if citizenship is required to hold office (most places, it is), but as we’ve told anyone who’d listen for years, if you live in California, you deserve what you get.

Meantime, it wouldn’t take too much law schooling to figure that “laws” passed by non-citizens aren’t “laws.”  At lease in the once-upon-a-time America…

GOP Wannabe’s

While The Don skipped the event, the rest of the pack (following Trump in the polls) all showed up in New Hampshire Monday and looked sloppy and worse.

Oh, not that their suits weren’t pressed.  It was their thinking that was muddled and rumpled.

Hil’s Liability

Say, this Huma Abedin thing keeps building up with a report out now that she was the “pipeline” for delivery of “favors.”

NOT getting traction (yet) is the idea of Howard Schultz of Starbucks making a run against Hillary.  Good thing about Schultz is with enough bean, maybe some of the sleepers in Washington would finally WTFU.

7 thoughts on “Feds Busting Preppers?”

  1. It’s kind of ironic George, that whenever you talk trash about Karmafornia, something bad happens to Texas. You can expect an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or social problem within the next few days in Texas!
    Your Troll,

  2. Now there’s an apocalyptic scenario. Everyone of the incumbents were to WTFU, at the same time. Saints preserve us.

    Hidebeast gives me nightmares.

  3. California — the place where we experiment with ideas before America thinks of them, and where the Eastern Establishment figures out how to make money out of them.

  4. According to the “details” in the articles, one or more of the “preppers” is a Federal felon, and as such may not possess the firearms they WERE possessing.
    As to Huntington Park in CA, appointing illegal aliens to positions within the City, MOST of Huntington Park are illegals anyway, second it IS a dump of a city in Los Angeles County, the predominant language is Spanish, not English, and not surprisingly has a very high violent crime rate due entirely to it’s extremely high Hispanic gang population.(source: CA Dept. of Justice)

  5. Saw the prepper arrest reports on every “doom whore’s” web page I I usually visit. (Never know when they might actually report something worth paying attention to.) “Poor little” doomsters were unjustly arrested by the jack booted representatives of our tyrannical government. Anyhow, not that the federal government isn’t truly a big bag of human detritus, and becoming more tyrannical by the day; but these guys were making bombs and splashing their intentions all over the web. They are idiots.

  6. Ever hear about the 338 Lapua Magnum cartridge developed for military long-range sniper rifles.

  7. Thanks for calling out the doom porn. The gullibility of people and dearth of critical thinking in the populace is mind boggling. I met a PhD engineer the other day who is prepping in a cave for Nibiru – FMTT.

    It’s a slow, lurching slide to wherever we are heading, because hypercomplexity makes for unforseen things.

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