Fed Week

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If you thought things were shaky in Nepal, this weekend, how about this being Fed week?  The meetings start tomorrow with a rate announcement Wednesday:  No change, but playing the game of “Spot the New Adverb in the Fed Statement” is always fun.

The market is set to open higher this morning, but what I’m getting to is the possibility of a buy the rumors sell the news kind of week.

Tomorrow sees the Housing Data and then the Rate Decision Wednesday and then comes the Jobs report next week.  All kinds of fun and games ahead.

Strong Dollar Blues

OK, you’re a major corporation.  And since you like to keep taxes down, you pile up money offshore.  Oh, and those foreign sales are so delish, too….

Problem:  When the dollar rises, the value of the offshored cash stash sinks and  exchange corrected revenue sucks….

How do you solve that?  Uh…ask Apple, maybe?

Bundler Bye-Bye

One of SOWWDS’s key bundlers has reportedly stepped aside because you-know-who hasn’t answered a bunch of ethics questions.  Solid dude.

A reader called me out on my reference to the Hildebeast and said reader may be right.  I should have used a more polite term.  Does Brunhillary pass?

[I would have shared the whole email with you, but I couldn’t find it on my server…]

Not That the R’s are Any Better

Since we hold both corporate parties in equal disdain, it’s fair to mention that George W. has laid into Obama before a group of Jewish donors in New York.

I thought there was a kind of gentleman’s agreement among Ex’es that they didn’t bad-mouth one-another. 

Meantime, the WaPo is reporting that W. won’t be out campaigning for Jeb…trying to avoid the dynasty charge.  Which would apply to the C’s as well, just saying.

Am I the only one who would support a One President Per Family Amendment?

Meantime, a poll shows J would beat H in Virginia, but any poll that puts Christie ahead of Rand Paul just confuses and befuddles me.

If the R’s don’t run a woman, Hill would win…so the only strategic move would be a Bush the X and Carly ticket.  But that would make sense strategically, so we rest assured republicrats won’t let it happen.

Which means None of the Above could win if It runs.

50’s,  Shade Of…

Oh, fine, now Google is getting into the fashion trend business.  And, if my eyes don’t deceive me, the lady up the street wore almost the same exact thing pictured in this article in the late 1950’s!

Terrorism or Budget Time?

Much was being made by the LEOs this weekend about an ISIS terrorism alert for this weekend – which thankfully didn’t happen.

But, say, isn’t it about budget time?  Nothing like a spritz or two of “hot warnings” when interdepartmental budgeteering is going hot and heavy in background, is there?

California is Sinking

As water is drawn from down under the surface, land sinks.

I figure since water also lubricates fault lines, it could build up….oh, let’s not go there.

Making Up Climate Change

This article in The Telegraph is a must-read.  There’s been so much data-fiddling we could start a symphony.

Waiting for Global War

All of this stuff is really pretty boring when compared with a flash global nuclear war.  And if you’re not following the foreplay closely, you might have missed the head of the Iranian Guards calling the Saudi’s traitors to Islam.

Lumping the Wahhabi supporters in the same batch with Israel is not subtle and we’re guessing it may be worth a megaton or two when things light off.

Around here, it’s an article of faith that the Iran talks won’t make progress – or if they do, it won’t pass the Senate – so this whole deal is basically D.O.A. and who’re we kidding?  (Besides gullible voters, I mean?  Were those Nobel folks prescient, or what?)

This is one of those stories where you really want to read everything in the NYT about because it’s all about footwork and things/ideas like broadening the talks with Iran is just another attempt to restart a new clock and the point is those centrifuges are still running right effing now.

Fortunately, the NYT also has a fine article about how Iran Won’t Give Up It’s Revolution, which maybe the OFPP should read (assume you figured that’s the Obama Foreign Policy Posse since you should be well into the bean by now…).

It’s like the cops showing up to deal with a noise complaint.  Instead of talking about turning down the noise, the perp wants to talk about late trash pick up three weeks ago.  And the neighbor’s dog that barks…

Any clear-headed person can see it as diversion, but wrapped up in enough techno-babble, and policy-speak, the American public has proven that we have too much heart and not enough brains a good portion of the time.,

If you’re sitting on one of the biggest puddles of oil in the world, you don’t need nuclear plants.  Events will conspire in the direction of use it or lose it, near as we can figure.

In the meantime, what neither political party in ‘Merica is honest enough to own up to is that we are the ones who screwed up that part of the Middle East, in the first place.

The Ure family crest says non quam obliviscar – which means “We will never forget…”  What exactly is lost to history, but one of these days someone’s gonna remember.

In the meantime, try these,…


3 thoughts on “Fed Week”

  1. “Not That the R’s are Any Better”. I like Ure concept of …None of the Above could win if It runs.

    All it would take would be for the States to support a Constitutional Amendment to the effect that the choice, “None of the Above” be added to all election ballots. Perhaps, a provision that a new,clean ballot/election be held within the Nov-Feb time to neutralize big-expenditure candidates?

    Interesting thought but it would take a real optimist to make it happen (sadly).

    • Voting for none of the above, in a CLEAN election might be one of the few things that might cause me to register and vote again.

      Until then, I regard voting as an endorsement of the system, and I don’t endorse corruption.

  2. “If you’re sitting on one of the biggest puddles of oil in the world, you don’t need nuclear plants.” Yeah – but if you don’t want to “pollute” your own air – and you can get big bucks for the black gold elsewhere – hey – let’s go nu clear power.

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