Fed Week and Futuring

imageA rap on the “Ballistics of History” to start the week.  Stretch some neurons and follow along.

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If you are not familiar with our odd ways of looking at the future, including our web-scanning software over at www.nostracodeus.com, here’s the short version of what the future looks like for the next 5-years.  Tack this up on the fridge  and see how well the flow fills in:

1.  Between now and election time, there will be a generally rising sense of optimism.  That will bolster the markets.

2.  The Fed may actually do something besides talk-talk on rates this week.  Initially, that should result in a market decline.  It should end this week, or next, but down maybe a couple of hundred points from here, if history replays perfectly.

But in the longer-term, that will force huge dead pools of capital to come out of the closet and seek something better than ultra low-interest returns.

3.  With this, we should have a massive rally in the stock market in 2016.  Money seeking higher yields will drive the Dow up, I figure, to 23,000.  Between you and me, though, it could be closer to 30,000. 

The precise target, if you were to hold my feet to the fire, is 30,663 on the Dow.  By January-March 2017.

4.  There is one other thing that might be driving the Dow.  The arrival of a rate increase may signal the decline of the American dollar.  It could very well touch off hyper-inflation.  But only in certain asset classes.

We know that is baked in the cake because hyper-inflation (oh, and world war) is the ONLY proven way out of a Depression. 

5.  The run-up should last until September of October of 2016.  And after that, the market will be watching things closely.  Not later than April of 2017, however, and more likely March, whoever the new president is will have a major falter/stumbling, or misfortune.

This could be anything:  A crazy lone gunman, a stroke, a plane crash – who knows.  But whoever the Vice President is would then be thrust into the limelight.

This personality of the VP  will serve the historical role of Herbert Hoover.  Smart, but a half-load short when comes to charisma.

As who which of the likely pairings it would be?  Ah, there’s the rub.  We don’t know.  Biden, Bernie, and Carson as Veeps would be the best Hoover-like profile, though.

6.  At any rate, after the collapse of confidence, the market begins a huge, three-year decline which will take us to the most painful (and I should I mention violent) low in America’s economic history?

At the end of the decline, in 2020, home prices will be reduced to rubble.  In other words, if you have a $350,000 home, expect in purchasing power terms to have a $50,000 home in the spring of 2020.  Pray for better, but plan for that.  It could be a million or it could be $10,000.  Point is to compare loaves of bread rather than “money” because money is crooked.

7.  The profile of this collapse will be outlined in a new book I’m writing – and getting away to a casino this week actually helps me write, sometimes.  The title of the book is “Gambling on Your Future. Should come out in January.

Polarization Arrives

In the Great Depression, there were multiple “national personalities” that emerged.  We saw the Bonus March – people demanding money from government for WW I service.  There was the rise of Socialists, opposite that were the National Socialists, and let’s not forget Technocracy and others.

Even this morning, we can begin to identify the new “divisions” of America in the Greater Depression.  Donald Trump’s focus on immigration issues has caused large number of Hispanics to threaten to over-run the polls next year.

Which is just about a perfect fit:  The refugees from Mexico will flood here and rather than adopt the Melting Pot and become part of the solution, they will instead be the New Problem:  Which is bringing the corruption of Mexico to the USA.  I hope the La Raza groups figure out how they are being played, but, honestly, I am not very hopeful.

It will be another example of destroying the good guys.  We do, for example, have tens of thousands of former Mexicans who have become US citizens who want to live under a single language, shared dream world where private initiative is rewarded.  But the militants want to bring in cultural separatists by the millions (just as the jihadists do) and that’s all for the purpose of dividing America against herself.

And it sucks.

Still, like it, or not, the drill for the next year or two should be a huge market run-up,  widespread disappointment and loss of confidence setting in by the spring of 2017, and from there a spiral of either deflation (or hyperinflation) that will collapse all asset classes.

Once you have this perspective firmly in view, you can see where in terms of prepping, we have another year, or two.  Relax, enjoy, but don’t waste the time.

There’s no particular urgency for Elaine and I to move, nor sell our airplane until August 2016, or so.  The problem will be determining at that point, which asset class is least likely to roll over and in what order will others follow?

There are, you see, two ways we can get to the Dow 30,663 target around election time next year.

One way would be the massive flight to yield of low rate fixed investments.  The other would be a collapse of the purchasing power of the dollar (hyperinflation).

I don’t particularly care which one it is, since we like to stay hedged in such a way that the problem isn’t whether we will get a “Return ON our Investment” but rather whether we will get the “Return OF our Investments.”  ON will get you killed.  OF will see you through.

Which gets us down to where we are this morning.

Global competitive devaluations are slow to organize.  But we can learn a thing, or two, by watching Oil.  West Texas was down under $35 this morning while Brent (EU oil) was in the $36 and change area.

We also see that the price of gold is getting kicked around, but at the same time, our War Indicator, the price of copper is firming.  That is not from housing demand for wiring, friend.  Yes, there is still spec home building because of “free money” but what you need to remember is copper equals bullets (shell casings, but it’s too early to get distracted with a word-quibble).

Copper Tells Future News

As if to underscore this relationship (copper and war) we have to judge the Russian firing on a Turkish ship in the Aegean Sea overnight to be the most important story of the day.

That would explain the contrary move of the copper (up) because Turkey’s president Erdogan is really in a position to drag the West/NATO into war with Russia.

In many ways, a war between Russia and Turkey might slow the second Muslim invasion of Europe…which would be fine, I suppose.  Except that it brings with it a risk of regional escalation and the Russian leadership knows full-well that a simple EMP device (exploded in spade above the Kármán line) would be deniable.

They’d claim it was an exploding asteroid that blacked out the West coast…

Yet with it would come a probably US counter-strike and then we are fighting with stones and bottles after that.

If you wanted to pencil in an EMP “accident” in Q1 2017 as a possible high-point for markets, rather than a great presidential misfortune, that’d be fine with me.  Particularly if the (whoever is president) doesn’t respond, thereby showing weakness and that points to the exit door with “End of American Exceptionalism” painted on it.

No, the LAPD blasting a suspect with 33-rounds is not the driver of copper prices.

The Week Ahead

So we have the Fed meeting tomorrow and announcement Wednesday afternoon and immediately thereafter, a short decline, perhaps into next week.  But then, our rally gets organized as soon as we get past year-end tax selling.  Lock in them deductions!

Consumer prices will come out tomorrow morning.  We expect those will be in line with exceptionally low inflation expectations.

There is a big asterisk, however.

That is the current decline in the CPI has been heavily weighted by the declining cost of energy.  This means, other parts of the index are going up like crazy.

What will happen after we get the bottom in the price of crude oil is that the return of inflation will come into view.

When it does, the prevailing rate of inflation should be heading back up toward the 3% range, or so.

One reason the Obama administration has such a hard-on for bringing it as many people as we can swizzle is that there is a huge Social Security obligation coming down the road.  Despite the promises of a “Trust Fund” back when, Everyone knows Social Security is a pay-as-you-go system.

With the lock in place at zero for Social Security increases, there is a window during which top-loading of more workers (who pay into S.S.) ,makes sense.  The problem is striking the right balance between raw numbers on the one hand, and what portion of the new payers either as) hate us and want us to kneel to their sabers or b) they want to import the bullsit politics of Mexico and the rest of the Corrupto American Countries (and cartels) to our south.

For now, we will await the tiny bump in core CPI tomorrow, see if the fed raises rates.

We will hold off on buying a retirement home in Houston until the size of the crater from oil imploding can be more accurately measured.

And then we will sit back and see how history plays out.  California is already going the way of French Separatist Quebec…and it’s just a matter of time now before there is huge demand for teachers of Bugravian in order to fill out Court-ordered ESL nonsense.

The melting pot is about to tip over, but not until it all comes to a full boil.

And we’ve got a ways to go on that, yet.  The fires of history burn hot.

Whew.  Makes slot machines seem downright friendly, don’t it?

Now…where were we?

25 thoughts on “Fed Week and Futuring”

  1. George I’ve been watching you kick the ball down the road for 10 years. Now it’s 2020. Give me a break!

    What this shows is that the system is in fact not trying to run this country into the ground. But it is struggling internally with corrupt elements which tend to derail the program.

    • Perhaps, CD, but there are economic cycles and there is made up money like never before.
      It’s just a matter of time. This Titanic keeps backing off and running into the same iceberg over and over again. One of these days she’s going to sink.

      • Spoken like the truest of bears! someday I’m gonna be right and she just has to crash! Then you’ll see!
        Just to darn funny, been reading you for many years and you are always kicking it down the road. I think you are truly very smart but a absolute BEAR at heart!
        At least your consistent!

      • Never mind the naysayers George. While, the fear addiction gene is a cat of more than nine lives, the salient point to all is to prepare. It’s either your brand of “doom porn,” the likes of a fellow with the name of a bird that rhymes with “sale,” or some Islamic nutball with a web site. The end of the world as we know it happens everyday to someone, by man or nature. The take away as I see it, is prepare for the worse future as best as one can, but don’t forget to live for today.

        One last bit about the subject: I like reading a wide variety of prognosticators and trying to distill a consensus. The difficulty with that is trying to find the positive futurists that are not obviously shilling for the PTB.

  2. I’m just getting tired of the doom and gloom. This stuff is keeping me up at nights now. I’ve got enough stuff to worry about without having to burden myself with the “end of the world” BS. This weekend, I had almost talked myself out of reading this crap anymore.., but here I am, still sucking it up. Man I’m mad at myself !!

  3. Hate to tell you, but the corruption in the USA is equal to that of any Latin American country. You just can’t see it, and trust me, you don’t want to look for it.

    There is absolutely no difference between passing a law that is mandatory for each citizen to pay (you would call it a tax) and a cop who stops someone and shakes them down for $20. Check out the date for “tax freedom day.”

    And your financial system, where the institutions reap hundreds of billions in profits for fixing markets and laundering drug money and penalties are less than 1% of profits and nobody goes to jail.

    Forfeitures to law enforcement in the USA are greater than the national budget of many small countries.

    Need I go on?

    • No, because we see ‘oil laundering’ going on right under the USA’s guided noses in Syria to Turkey, so we getcha!

  4. Just a thought on SS “workers”: Just because unemployed and unskilled foreigners arrive in our country, even with work authorization, it doesn’t mean that there are any jobs for them. There are few enough jobs for Americans already.

    How will they pay SS tax if they have no earned income?

  5. You may have nailed it,George.The boys don’t want Trump crashing their little game,so they’ll do anything to force up this market to unseen heights.However,they can’t do this forever so they’ll get out and bring it all down early in Hillary’s term,risking that Trump won’t be around in 2020 ,leaving a less charismatic figure in his stead.

    In his 1970’s book,Murray Rothbard speculated that prices could keep rising during the next depression.I don’t think that this will happen until Neptune goes into the fire sign of Aries in the mid to late 2020’s.

    Personally,I’m gambling that the Munis will hold up given the power of the states to squeeze the taxpayers’ testicles to make the interest payments.I believe that Real Estate will be really,really cheap in 2020-2021.

    Here’s a wild scenario for you:Hillary wins,but has a fatal stroke before the Electoral College meets.The ensuing chaos will make 2000 seem monastic.

    Finally,there is gold.You may remember that for years I’ve been telling you that the price of gold and the fortunes of the Phillies move in tandem ever since gold’s re-legalization in 1975.When the Phillies’ big star destroyed his ankle in the fall of 2011,I told people to sell gold.They all laughed.No more are they doing so.The Phillies have been making all the right moves to move up later in this decade.We’ll have to see how that plays out.

  6. “… which asset class is least likely to roll over and in what order will others follow?”

    I went through 6 month of intractable pain during 2015, and I have learned that health is the asset most often ignored. Once you’re in pain all other asset classes diminish to none existing. ;-( Do your planning and put acceptable health above all!

    • I am so proud of an educational system the lets someone get to adult hood and not understand the brass is mostly copper.
      Or, drop out in the third grade.

      • Wholly mygawd: From Wikipedia folks:
        Brass is a metal alloy made of copper and zinc; the proportions of zinc and copper can be varied to create a range of brasses with varying properties.[1] It is a substitutional alloy: atoms of the two constituents may replace each other within the same crystal structure.

        By comparison, bronze is principally an alloy of copper and tin.[2] However, bronze and brass may also include small proportions of a range of other elements including arsenic, phosphorus, aluminium, manganese, and silicon. The term is also applied to a variety of brasses, and the distinction is largely historical.[3] Modern practice in museums and archaeology increasingly avoids both terms for historical objects in favour of the all-embracing “copper alloy”.[4]

  7. Hello Mr. Ure,
    Your six points with the rest of your column this AM must certainly rank as one of the most monumental thoughts you have put pen to. The specifics should cause your readers to pause and reread. If my appraisal of this AM’s column is accurate, there will a large number of both comments, criticisms and requests for more explanation.
    Along with printing and ‘sticking to the refrigerator’ of today’s column my $40 is on the way. Five inches of new snow this morning may slow my trip to the post office, no paypal.

    Respectfully, MGL

  8. I’ve been watching for years too, but it is difficult to suggest a particular line when the line gets interrupted by secret combinations unexpected, i.e. all the bailouts. Who would have known what top minds envisioned beyond historical precedence.

    • The design is to offset the cycle.
      So far hasn’t worked for shit.
      Cycles ands drivers and kinda immutable, know what I’m sayin’?
      You can stretch but when they break (2017/2018) OMG we are F’d

  9. George, this column is ringing a bell with me. Have you read Mary Summer Rain’s books: “Spirit Song”, and “Phoenix Rising”?

    Your column today has many insightful tracking big picture items that she wrote about in 1984. 1984 – imagine all that time ago, and someone had a clue into the future.

    I highly recommend these books; ignore the BS on the internet calling her a fraud she is not, yet, she, too, would be called a can kicker and she does not have the way with the mathematical words or models such as you, but she has reached the same conclusions albeit from a different direction.

    You will love her take on the real estate market and decline in the value of homes. You will love her take on the banks, money, and the crash. Where SHE really GRABS one’s attention is the prediction of the UPTICK in murders, suicides, and white collar crimes and some diseases including bubonic plague rearing its comeback.

    She grabs one initially with the prediction that most of our factories would be taken off shore, and the USA would have their service men/women in MANY UNDECLARED wars ALL over.

    Stock Market: “That will fall like Big Tree in Forest.”

    Supreme Court: Passing several BAD laws.

    Massive civil unrest.

    Tax Resistance and refusal of paying taxes.

    I’ll leave you to read the book for the answer to the nuclear question and many more things too numerous to mention. Surely an EYE OPENER if nothing else.

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