Fed Prints, Market Jump Plus Friday Woo-Woo

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The Fed: Making Up Money (MUM)

Two things to keep an eye on today as the markets were set (earlier) to open around flat.

First is the NY Fed Market-Maker’s Dashboard over here.  I don’t remember what time they put out the daily numbers, but there’s a lot of discussion around the net as to how the Fed tossing our money faster than candy on Halloween, that it may have something to do with the market hitting sequential new highs this week.

For example, the Wall St. Journal Thursday offered this hint into cause and effect: “New York Fed Adds $115.14 Billion in Short-Term Liquidity to Markets .”  As a  sometimes pattern day-trader, seems there are been an unusual number of sessions where a real market run will happen from about one hour into a trading day, with investors regaining some sense of reality in the closing 15-minutes, or thereabouts. Is this an effect of loose money for a day?

Second point is the H.6 Money Stocks report.  The long window view of money supply, Table 1 here, shows 90-day M1 going up 7.6 percent annualized while M2 was going up at 7.0 Annualized.

In the Thursday data releases, after the close, however, the picture has changed in Table 2 (ending October 28).  M1 (90-day) was annualizing out at 7.0 while the M2 (90) annualized at 8.0 percent.

Concurrent with this, US Treasuries were growing some goanies, too.  The  MarketWatch story “10-year, 30-year Treasury yield hits three-month high as trade optimism powers bond selloff” offers some good insight.  Not to be missed as the Fed’s “talking heads” who are hinting that they and  not seeing a case for any additional rate reductions.

Since everything in economics is linked, we expect the Fed will be slowly trying to take the crack way from the Street, but that’s a dicey game because the case for continued “growth” in the economics is more an accountancy issue than anything.  If you make up lots more money to chase the same goods and services, of course, prices will be higher.

But, Global Deflation is another major fear to deal with.  And there are some hints that Global Deflation isn’t done – at least yet .   Forbes has a pretty good article this week – worth your time to scan – because it lays out some of the background linkages, if you hold your screen just so…  “These 3 REITs Could Plunge In 2020” lays out some critical drivers to juggle into your calculations.

If you’re new to UrbanSurvival (we’ve only been here since 1997) you may not know that REITs are  Real Estate Investment Trusts.  They are bog pools of capitol that invest in major shopping malls, tall buildings (with a single bound), and some industrial kinds of properties.  The idea is that inflation and demand will work their magic in time, the property values will go up, and the gains will be large enough to distribute healthy returns to investors.

But, when Fed rate dancing doesn’t keep 10-year borrowing costs in check, then the cost of the REIT’s money goes up, the amount leftover for distribution goes down. It wasn’t always this way.  REITs didn’t used to be so heavily “financially engineered.”  When you optimize one direction, though, there can be a “bite-you-on-the-ass” in the other.

Markets Treading Water

After some nice (for the bulls, anyway) gains this week, the market looks to open about flat today.

The biggest (or most personally useful)  financial story of the week (out here in the real world) is that Intuit has released this year’s TurboTax product: TurboTax Home & Business + State 2019 Tax Software [Amazon Exclusive] [Link defaults to Mac Download, so use the tabs to select PC download or Disc as needed].

Good news is the download is almost instant, but we always get the disc.  Not much of a collectible, but we have about 15-years worth of past editions.  Only downside to this is the disc may not get here (even as a  Prime Amazite) until December 9th.  Still, in plenty of time to dial up, or down, on the Q4 2019 quarterly stick-up.

This is what?  Stuff that really matters, and is actionable.  Shall we venture deeper into the Land of Delusion, now?

The (Mostly Useless) News Flow

Let’s roll with some of the useful things to know, first:

If you’re thinking about buying a small business, this ought to be encouraging, I’d think: Business Brokers Say Fear of a Recession is Driving Down Small Business Valuations.

You know national marijuana reform is getting closer when Former NBA commissioner David Stern says league should reconsider marijuana ban.

Environmentally sounder oil drilling? The Permian paradox: Texas shale players go green to drill more.

And remember the other day when I mentioned how Iran was planning to bust all the rules in the nuclear deal?  And how Tel Aviv wouldn’t sit idly by?  Well, here comes Iran claims it downed ‘unknown’ drone over Persian Gulf, Pentagon says all US devices accounted for.  If we had to make a wild guess as to whose it was….

Onto the Useless Stuff

Lefty’s and coup leaders are having a field day with a new Trump-slam book: Book by “Anonymous” is said to paint “chilling” portrait of Trump.

The dems will have issues keeping their stories straight: Exclusive: Contradictions in key Trump impeachment witness’s testimony about contact with Dem staffer.  We look forward to Adam Schiff being called as a witness for Trump in the Senate Trial.  I’ll get extra popcorn for that…

And gee, given Joe Biden bragged about holding a billion worth of aid hostage until a prosecutor going after Hunter Biden was fired, Tim Scott doesn’t believe Trump committed an “impeachable offense”.  NSS.

Friday Woo-Woo

Had the strangest dream last night, which, for a serious  oneironaut is going a fair piece.

I was in an elevator in a building which was under constructiuon.  The elevator was going up — and down – and the door would open (dangerously) between floors and would begin moving again.

The building under construction wasn’t too tall.  Perhaps 8-12 stores.  The rehab underway had taken the front half of the building off, but the back half and offices served by the elevator, were still intact.

This “still in use” portion backed up (and into) a hillside.  But, it was a vibrant downtown area.

There was only one person in the elevator when we got to the top (besides me).  A non-descript woman.  The elevator was obviously unstable, so I elected to exit the open door first.  Then, with the concrete cracking around my feet, I held the elevator column while the woman safely exited.

The shaking of the elevator calmed down, and the concrete holding the top it is hasn’t yet broken completely.  Seriously cracked, though, and I made a note to be sure and tell someone.

With that, I was off to a meeting with Elaine on the upper floor of a 20-30 story building down the street.

As we were in that building, there was somne serious swaying.  The b uilding we were in swayed 5-10 degrees and Elaine was looking afraid.

“Don’t worry, dear.  That was just the elevator column in the building up the street collapsing.” I explained.  I had a short winge of guilt for not mentioning the elevator instability to someone before coming to the meeting, but even in dream Realms,  time is always of the essence.

I didn’t get around to looking up “collapse” or “elevator” until about 7 AM Central time.

The closest match was a story from 3-weeks ago that I don’t consciously remember reading: Brazil building collapse: Seven-story block crashes down in Fortaleza.  The size of the building was right.

But there was also an event last month, again not reported and no conscious recall of it, in New Orleans at the new Hard Rock Hotel site.   And this one involved a key player:  The elevator.

Then there’s the elevator construction mishap reported in the  Khmer Times where 3 workers were killed (falling 16-stories will do that) in another construction/elevator accident.

Then there was the collapse of a building, injuring 9 people in South Africa.

All of which leaves me wondering about the mechanics of all this:  Construction accident clusters aren’t my “regular beat” – and I don’t remember seeing any of them before a scan of headlines this morning.

But is it  possible that one, or more, of the headlines had registered with my subconscious brain in the past few weeks, and with nothing else pressing to “dream process” it just came welling up?

Or is there something still ahead?  Some building/elevator mishap yet to make news…in which case the dream might have precognitive aspects.

Ah…we shall see.  But the dream world continue to offer as much entertainment and adventure as over here in the waking state.

Most interestingly, though, when you get to be a highly effective “dream rememberer” there’s no difference between the “recall of a dream” and the “recall of a  lived in waking state event”

And that poses both remarkable questions for science as well as potentially unsettling answers about the nature of consciousness itself.

Dream well this weekend and report back.

Oh!  Don’t miss the Mercury transit this weekend on the home telescope…

Write when you get rich, too…


57 thoughts on “Fed Prints, Market Jump Plus Friday Woo-Woo”

  1. Morning George. I prefer the comments in the order received as it is easier for me to scroll down to read the comments and follow on.

    Had a sailing friend of mine wash up on the shore in Fortaleza after his vessel went down. No passport or $$. He slept under a boat for awhile until the Embassy could help him out. Only people that really took care of him in the interim where the local whores. Some interesting people that I know.

    • Comments in order received makes far more sense to me. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting for the rest of us George!!

  2. George, I have the sneaking suspicion that the whole “impeachment debacle” is nothing more than misdirection. The sordid Epstein affair is no longer of interest to the mainstream media, my how easy people are manipulated. All by design I say. So if impeachment won’t work, how about we crash the stock market just before the election and POTUS is blamed. I have to admit that this web site attracts some of the smartest people in the room. I have learned much from the commentary and links. In order to get it, you just have to get by the “cognitive dissonence” of the realities of the world in which we live. To all here, keep up the good work, I look forward to the commentary.

    P.S. People ask me why I don’t vote, I just quote Groucho: I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.

  3. George, per today’s column, perhaps the elevator signifies the state of the U.S. (building) and the stock market (elevator). The elevator did go up, but cracks are showing in ‘the floor’ (as you ‘get off’) and appears worrisome (you are worried about others, but not Ure-self, as you ‘got off’ before anything bad happens. Noises ‘up the street’ could be other markets crashing.

  4. Good morning George,

    I don’t think it is a big issue but give a slight preference to listing comments from oldest to newest. Perhaps because there might be a better chance of catching comments on comments.

    I do admit that I enjoy your “on to the useless stuff” segment.

  5. Yo G – look out below..incoming..timber..the Bond market is acting like a pirate hooker from whore island – going down!

    Gold manipulated down to the 50% fibonacci retrace line..how convenient, no?

    The big question on my mind is WHEN will treas. sec. mnuchin click his computer mouse and reset the stock market – need a correction and Recovery ongoing into election cycle..”its the economy stupid” – bill PEDO clinton

    Saturday is 11-9 and is cause for concern regards the luciferian freaks and their obsession locking in evil acts with “magical numbers” – heads up see something say something kinda weekend.

    Never mind the record breaking cold temps and early snowfalls as the Super Solar Minimum phenom is obviously a load of horsehockey pucks.. Sun has NO effect on our global temps or weather – hell U dont even need sunlight to grow Plants let alone affect temps..those 11k “scientist” cant be wrong – right Mike? too bad only 250 of the “Scientist” are actually Climate Science types like Metorologists – look at the list brainiacs – its public.

    Overheard in tel aviv recently…”bomb bomb bomb. bomb iraaaann” talk about what will be a BIG mistake..
    Inshalla..”cause out on the edge of darkness
    there rides the peace train
    peace train take this country
    come take coot home again” -Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam

    • “need a correction and Recovery ongoing into election cycle..”

      Hmm.. I wonder .. wouldn’t they want the correction from hell begin before the election?
      That way the disgusting bunch could lay the blame on DJT even though he was voted in because the general population wanted to avoid it and seen that the political system is totally broken and tarnished. I think
      The puppeteers have been successful at complicating his chances of making any corrections to a system totally broken..

  6. Either way is good by me. But the mug in the yellow hard hat 7 times in in one short span is a little much don’t ya think?

  7. Order received works for me also. But either way is OK. There are so many interesting thoughts and angles in a lot of these comments. Have to be careful as they can be a huge time sync though.


  8. When you press the comment tab it takes you to the bottom of the page. So having the oldest comments at the bottom of the page makes it easier to follow by simply scrolling up.

  9. George,

    I’m looking forward to seeing the new ‘flow’ in the comments section today.

    Interesting notes on the elevator dreams. My only observation here is that building collapse at the Hard Rock in NOLA has been in the news quite a bit lately and that may be the culprit. It would’ve been hard to miss for folks like yourself, but then again, maybe not.

    I’ve mentioned before that I’m not much of a nightly dreamer. I’ll occasionally have a dream that I can consciously recall, but that’s rare. Lately, that’s changed. One thing I never talk about here, because it’s not relevant to most discussions, is that I stay pretty physically fit. I have to because of my lifestyle and the things I like to do for recreation. With that I experiment with different types of exercise regimens and diet and I mostly tailor things to my focus du jour. I’ve upped my intake of protein, calories and supplements and I added ZMA to help with recovery, which I take about an hour before bedtime. Apparently, ZMA is known to cause increased dream activity and it has for me. It’s not lucid or overly vivid dreaming for me, but I’ve had memorable and elaborate dreams every night that I’ve taken it. It seems that there’s a correlation between diet and dreaming.


    So, that brings me to my thoughts on Ure dreaming escapades. Do you think it’s possible that something in your diet helps to increase your dream activity? Is there something that you’ve taken or eaten on a regular basis over the years that could be involved or are you just naturally wired that way?

    Finally, the article on the ‘Permian Paradox’ is another fine example of propagandist sleight of hand. They don’t actually say what the solar and wind energy is used for in the field, but instead let the reader infer that it’s used to actually somehow remove product from the earth. The reader would further infer that the renewables are, therefore, truly viable. In reality, the solar/wind is most likely used to keep the job trailer lights powered and cell phones charged. Everything else is ran off of large generators. If the amount of energy needed to power the rig could be generated through solar and wind then you wouldn’t need the rig to start with.

    • I think I can answer to you about Georgia dreaming, it’s because he interrupts his sleep and then goes back to sleep this way you have feasibility to remember the dreams more clearly the more times that you fall asleep and wake up the more dreams and more clearly they will appear for instance I’ve tried this myself waking up four times a night and each time I would have a dream and the dream is more clear compared to sleeping all night through and waking up with only one dream which could be half foggy so the same thing applies with people who are doing remote viewing or psychics or anything in that nature is to be on the edge of sleep that’s what Edgar Cayce did. Hence the Sleeping Prophet

      • This is why successful businessman take a power nap.
        During that nap or dream state they give their intentions before going in and when they come out they have the answer to the problem or question or iII stats.

      • “This is why successful businessman take a power nap.”
        Worked for me for years now, makes you look smarter than you really are!
        George- thanks for the old-to-new top down comment structure.

      • georgia, blpg has been trying to hook up with you for a long time, just go get a room already….

      • Google Voice Mike you’re fired ,Google Voice mic you’re fired , Google leave Georgia dreaming alone. Google leave George’s dreaming alone..

  10. George:
    Let’s not be short sighted. Do we really want to dilute and replace domestic constituencies with foreign ones?
    When the Conservatives exonerate Trump, they will have normalized and legitimized foreign intervention. A new norm. Which, like with steroids, the D’s now MUST emulate if they want to keep up.
    So whole new foreign constituencies will overcome domestic ones.
    Such as Trump countering longstanding US security policy to contain Russian aggression because they can throw a few percentage points his way (by doing the illegal dirty work his campaign can’t do directly).
    And in turn thereby forcing his opponents to offer the Chinese a sweeter deal still to overcome it.
    Remember this the next time Trump (or the next president) sells out the Farm Belt, Manufacturing or US security to the Chinese, Russia, Turkey or Iran. Best, Mike.

    • Again, your reading skills are deficient.
      To repeat the sequence
      HRC bought “opposition research” by Ms Ohr
      It was handed to Steele and paid by the dems
      Ukraine interfered in 2016 FOR HRC
      Comey et all may yet receive criminal prosecutions

      So what are you referring to in this horseshit ref to
      “When the Conservatives exonerate Trump, they will have normalized and legitimized foreign intervention.”

      When you lie around here, you get caught up in in.
      Roll in TO 1:19 – where Biden admits to sitting on $1-billion (with Obama’s approval) if Ukraine didn’t sack prosecutor trying to look into Hunter’s crooked deal (which sound like a payoff to any rational person).

      Seriously Mike, get some effing counseling and stop denying that demos shit stinks, too.

      You’re only welcome here if you pass the “reasonable and rational” test. Denying Biden’s more crooked than Trump just doesn’t meet that test,

      • I’m starting to think Mike and Mark are one and the same. Both lacking in either brain cells or reading comprehension.

      • I can assure you that Mike and I are not the same. While I detest Trump, and will never change my opinion of him due to personal friends who have known him and his henchman over the years …(I know who the real Trump is ) I also contribute in other ways that are not the same old “Mike-isms”. There was a time in the early years on Urban and PN that I had a conservative voice. I have been following George for many years now and we have actually talked on on the phone. He knows who I am.

    • Somebody replied to an earlier article that China has bought up several major ag companies. I know China is also trying to buy the world’s major ports. I wouldn’t be surprised if China is trying to convince Bezos, Zuckerman, and Gates to become Chinese citizens…

    • Mike,

      Based on your earlier comments, it seems that you believe that foreign interference in elections of the U.S. started with 2016. The MSM left it for you to infer that that’s the case and you processed the script. The truth is that there is, and always has been, foreign interference in our elections and in the elections of every country that has them. Also, there’s a long lineage of American politicians encouraging and fostering said interference. That’s in the public record. The MSM choses not to mention that. Why? Also, why do you care now and only about certain individuals? Had the other team won the election would you still care or are you willing to accept it as long as you get what you want? I have my doubts.

      The other thing that bothers me about American thinking these days is that it seems that people will, on the one hand, condemn in the harshest terms, one person’s behavior while, on the other hand, giving a complete pass to another person who behaved in a similar or even worse manner. You either condemn bad behavior or you support bad behavior. I find it difficult to fathom how a human can maintain this duality of mind without going insane. The only logical line of thought is that said person actually supports the type of behavior that they publicly condemn, but they’re pretending to NOT support it in order to damage someone, impress others in their peer group or perhaps they’re gaining financial incentives for doing so.

      Perhaps you can explain it to the group. Me, and probably the others, are at a loss to explain it.

      • Mike exhibits all the traits of a paid propaganda troll. He has an agenda, and is “Output Only”. Notice that he never responds nor learns from all the rebuttals he gets? It is like arguing with a loudspeaker. You will get no acknowledgement. Why bother? I read him only for the incredibly bad hogwash he spouts that is so humorous.

  11. I like your oldest to newest comment format, it would seem the most logical to this old geezer. e.

  12. George, I prefer this new method of of posting in order received. Since this is not Twitter with thousands of comments, it makes sense. Also, it is the way my mind thinks. It gives the comments a nice progression.

    • By listing from the oldest to the newest causes confusion. If you look at the comments more than once a day, you don’t remember where you left off. Unless you jot down the time of the last post, where do you start. Old people don’t remember where they left off or what the have read. In a previous post on this subject, I said, “Don’t over complicate it”. I subscribe to the KISS principle. Have mercy on an old man & post the newest first.

    • I may possibly be out voted, but, I believe, I am the only one who seriously analyzed this conundrum. I specialize in the minut. Back to the internet preferred way…most recent first. Everyone will secretly thank me.

  13. Rub a dub.
    If you’re having problems trying to reach the old age of 150.
    Because your mind is so distracted by all the pains in that old body.
    And you thinking about pain relief alcohol pills smoke meditation nerve in the reverberation, and the list goes on but there’s one thing that works and if you’re married in your old age it’s called Rub-A-Dub you can rub the pain right out same thing for waking up in the morning if you rub gently slowly you will become a wake and you’ll become a new person.
    Remember to keep the vesta going .(FIRE).
    What ignites your fire,
    From George’s point of view everything is a business model so if you don’t have a ,spouse you better have some money, so that you can have someone come into your house once or twice a day and give you your one-hour massage rub a dub so now you better think Hard an wide about the money you’re going to need for retirement. lol . Or either get a big pussycat with clip claws like a tiger or a lion.
    If you do not think about these things in your future you will be a shipwreck.
    Happy colors and happy coins and happy concealment from your thoughts have wings.

  14. George – regardless of which way you go ordering your comments section have the link to the comments under your titles go to the oldest comment – top or bottom. As it is right now having the first in at the top does help with the flow of reading. Either way, though, as one of Clint Eastwood’s characters in one of his movies said – I adapt, I adjust, I overcome! (Cutesy, goofy joke of the day and NO science!)

  15. My most special dreams are in memory banks and I’m able to recall them as easily as life events. My youngest age dream memory is about the crush I had on Roy Rogers when a little tyke. LOL

  16. I also prefer the oldest comments first. Thank you George and all the peoplenomics subscribers for letting a freeloader like me be a part of your great community.

  17. The economic classes which are subsidized are the classes that grow. The short term liquidity doesn’t help the middle class. But it does help the rich.

    The middle class is “shrinking”. Recall the 1970’s, What couldn’t the “middle class” deduct from taxes? Even credit card interest was a deduction. Back then the rich were still paying their fair share.

    Today generally the “rich” get the tax breaks and the middle class get the standard deduction.

    I don’t blame Trump for turning down the presidential pay. I’m sure it would screw up his taxes.

    If we want an economic boom for the middle class change compensation to reflect that of the rich. 10% in “income” and the rest in “awards” of one type or another.

    “Barra’s pay package included a salary of $2.1 million, unchanged from 2017; stock awards worth almost $11.1 million; options worth more than $3.4 million and a performance award worth almost $4.5 million, according to the proxy. “

  18. “Except that currently on the web, there’s a slight preference toward most recently received first.”

    Oldest to newest unless of course the oldest is the newest then I think it should be newest to oldest.. heck toss a quarter heads newest to oldest tails oldest to newest.. I enjoy them all it doesnt make any difference to this old man.. keeps this old mind pondering..

  19. “You know national marijuana reform is getting closer when Former NBA commissioner David Stern says league should reconsider marijuana ban.”

    I had an interesting conversation with the top dog of a big hospital. He brought up marijuana reform. (Negatively) I being the debater I am opposed..( he seen me for how I dress and that dam ugly hat) we had a great conversation one he wasnt quite ready to end..what was funny was he hadn’t even read any of the research materials from the very college that gave him that piece of paper..didnt have a clue on statistics etc. I’ve been a proponent to legalization. List the good list the bad then draw an opinion.. the good so out weighs the bad it’s just stupid to not legalize it. Would save hundreds of billions of dollars and open up industry

  20. Hey George! Been working on my own projects and spending time on a huge number of other sites for the last 2 years or so but finally worked my way back here. NICE UPGRADE TO THE SITE! Good to see you’re still addressing important, timely, and interesting things.

    Been busy helping the Admin wherever I can, and that take A LOT of time these days considering the deranged left’s fever dreams of impeachment and waht they’ve been up to for the last 4 years especially. All I’ll say is that it’s not going to end well for many Dems and a few Rs. In fact, that’s exactly what the “impeachment” farce is all about. They know, we know – hell, everyone that’s awake knows how this turns out. Dems are simply trying to delay the inevitable in case a miracle happens (it won’t). In case any readers don’t quite understand yet, Trump will be re-elected in a huge way. Dems? Well, we may not recognize many of those few that walk into the Capitol Building in January of 2021.

    Keep up the great work George, and as I get time to contribute again here I’ll be in touch.

    • Been doing a lot of work on propeller modulation as part of the 3-blade conundrum. Lab work startsd when my consigliere gets here on the 23rd – more to come on the PN side, but read up on all the time machine art5icles, especially the last one…

  21. Science!

    Former Greenpeac member now says CO2 is good -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6sKPSKkvVs&feature=youtu.be

    • everything is it the state of change, including the climate. The same ole, same ole, will drive you to total boredom.

  22. oldest at top and newest on the bottom works best when viewed on my phone, just need it to index to the top of the comments, when we touch the comments button
    when read on my computer , it doesn’t matter to me

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