“Factor Three” Stock Bubble Behaviors

We will be focusing on the one reason Peoplenomics exists:  To make money by outsmarting the herd when it comes to managing our personal retirement accounts and such.

Remember, subscribers have been long this market for 15 weeks and some – using triple levered ETFs – have gains north of 30% which is a huge success by any measure lasting.

This morning we look at a couple of past bubbles and consider what’s the “bubble factor.”  How many times can a market multiply from its baseline?  The answer is….no, you gotta subscribe for that, sorry.

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8 thoughts on ““Factor Three” Stock Bubble Behaviors”

  1. Wondering if your medicare tout was an inaurance company shill? I see at the moment little difference in cost to the ongoing rape and rape salesmen!

    • WTF medicare tout are you talking about?
      You’re not a subscriber and we didn’t talk about mc today…no comments allowed on subscriber reports unless you subscribe and read the whole report…

  2. Only trouble is, gee whiz, Mexicans have been leaving without Trump’s plan.

    p.s. maybe work will be available for Americans desiring drywall installation, farm work, roofing or housekeeping (all at or under minimum wage)


    Quite a hit to U.S. economy when they leave:


    • Yes, it will present a dilemma because many Americans just don’t have the desire to do those jobs. Hopefully Trump’s actions just get rid of those with criminal history’s and then its back to normal. These ICE raids are not uncommon. Just the news coverage of them. Obama did it the most of any president and there was hardly a peep from the media who very rarely challenged him. They were afraid of being called racist? You know what racist means in today’s world? Its what the left calls people when they don’t have a legitimate argument for said subject. Kind of like how fascists has been redefined to be anybody who doesn’t agree with the left.

      • PS – I might add, those re-definitions of racist and fascist by the left (and they are fluid just like gender these days), are the reason I know longer identify with the left. Not saying Im a full on conservative, just that I lean right of center, rather than left.

    • BS, they do NOT work for minimum wage, many millions make $15 – $25 an hour! IF you add in all the freebies, they are doing FAR BETTER than working and middle class American citizens. Shame on you for your racism against citizens and your obvious bias against America. Millions of Americans did a of those jobs and will again.

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