EU Grabs the European Midlands

I appreciate your interest in economics when there is so much other great material on the net to pick from this morning (like “how to talk to fish”).

But this is where we hold the financial séance daily and where dollar’s make sense.

Like the EU’s Great Land Grab of former Soviet Union lands, Ukraine, Moldova, and Schneepenheiser…no, make that Georgia.

But it’s not over till the fat lady sings and if you wade through the fine print of this CNN report, you’ll find the Ukrainians are still referring to Crimean territory as part of Ukraine.

And that means only one thing:  More conflict to follow in the region. The Fat Lady may return.

And for those keeping score of such things, the EU effectively picked up more territory this week than ISIS/ISIL.  But for the long haul, the pen is not mightier than the bomb, so roles will reverse next week, we’re sure.

The EU is running out of countries to annex and Vlad ain’t interested.

Shoot & Bomb Dept.

Human Rights Watch says it has located an ISIS execution site.  Number of dead could be as high as 200.  More comment on the roll-out of the Global Caliphate in the Coping section which follows.

On the other side of the war front, the “Torah conditions for 3rd Temple now met?” wonders WorldlNetDaily’s Bob Unruh.

And the money machine is already gearing up, reports warhammer:


All this responding to armed chaos is getting expensive:


So much for all that sequester bluster. Thank goodness the U.S. Money machine can print cash at will to support our military strategy and policy.

Oh, wait – we don’t have a military strategy or policy! My bad.

Anywho, I’m sure our defense industrial base (aka DIB) is deeply grateful to the administration for this sorely needed financial boost.

I’m thinking a second round for Turkey and the Ukraine might be in short order.


The prospect of “more war” are high for the defense industry in the short-term, but at some point, this is likely to become regional to global crapstorm to end Life and that’s when things’ll get dicey for markets.

Futures are down about 24 on the Dow early on but silver was holding around $21.  Even if you never need silver for spending, one never knows about vampires…

Inflation in Japan

Now running 3.4% which is piddling compared to America in the early 80’s, but Japan hasn’t seen inflation like this in 32-years. Newbies panic at this stuff.

That’s when they entered massive deflation – when the Nikkei collapsed from its peak in 1989.

Good news?  This might help keep the price of made-in-Japan cars up – sort of like how I drove a Porsche free in the 80’s due to German inflation of new car prices.  Only this time it may impact Lexus and Infinity drivers like it did Mercedes and Beamer drivers in the past.

Ever think an old SC-400 would be an investment idea?  Seems to me they might have some long-term potential…

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Borderline Grandstander

Nancy Pelosi comes to Texas this weekend to welcomes hoards of democratic walk-ins.

And as if that’s not insulting enough, the president is scheming ways to get around the Laws of the Land through presidential executive orders.

Apparently, the Supreme Court telling Obama that his recess appointments weren’t valid wasn’t enough of a reminder he’s not king of this country.

Not sure why Justice Scalia thinks president excess could become a weapon.

Seems to me that ship has sailed.  Anyone can see this administration is not a slow (ahem…) Lerner.

And as if this situation isn’t sick/disgusting enough, worries about swine flu in some of the shelters in ‘San Antonio are now circulating.

But the idea of sending more illegals to NYC is just dumb.  We need to dump them back into Mexico.  (Or send them to Congress which is the root of inaction on this…or the White House to do a little walk the talk.)

Covert Affairs

Call Annie, quick!  Verizon is being dumped by the Germans for all their spying, says this report.

Damnedest Things to Vote On:

Whether to have a suicide net installed under SF’s Golden Gate Bridge.

‘Course it would ruin the base jumping….

Attention Inventors

You know one of the best ways to pick up “free” energy is to recover waste heat, right?  So check out the report in Physics Today about how a simple compound manifests record-high thermoelectric performance…(not a free read).

But imagine the car with no alternator…just using waste heat from the exhaust system…

On a less useful tech note, researchers have figured out how electric eels evolved.

But that brings us full circle back to fish, so here’s hoping you get fillet this weekend…