EU-Bashing: An Alternative to Trump-Bashing

As readers know, I am a huge fan of equality.

This week especially, since there has been mostly nothing but a parade of Trump bashing on the mainstream media and it’s been old since the election which the die-hards on the left can seem to accept they lost.

But there are other targets for the public’s ire worldwide, and this morning we line up some of the going-on in the European Union which has been enjoying something of a free pass with Trump being the press lightning rod of late.

But that ends this morning after a few headlines and our charts on where the market goes next…

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13 thoughts on “EU-Bashing: An Alternative to Trump-Bashing”

  1. Will be interesting to see how ero people respond hang dragoo possibly. Another topic rud paul wants to intro a bill excluding medical phara from anti trust charges turn coat -u-k. How Trump handles to me will indication if does care about little America

  2. Will be interesting to how ero people respond dragoo hanging possilbe. Rat paul is introducing a bill that would release medical phara from anti trust laws turn coat rats. Have been waiting to how Trump responds to the need of America from these price monopolies

    • like i said a hundred times, there are scumbags on BOTH sides of the fence, Repukes and LIBTARDS!! what that means for USA is they the scumbags on both sides have been BOUGHT and PAID for to WHOM ever would give them money etc etc. and THAT FOLKS is what this is about!! until WE the PEOPLE STOP this corruption we have NO CHANCE OF SAVING THIS COUNTRY!! so you stupid brainwashed idiots who keep spouting off about the left or the right, your full of CRAP and are just adding to the destruction of this country!! GROW-UP and start to work on the REAL problem, NUMBER ONE!!! got to stop the CORRUPTION!! period

      • mmnm, I am mildly interested in what blog site, or media event has set you off into such a blither?
        Didn’t your “pappy” ever tell you: “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.”
        Catch up day for all the News that makes you Oooze!

    • This worries me to no end as well. I’m squarely on the side of the Native American’s fear of an all-too-certain “accident” will ruin their lake and home forever. We’ve faced eminent domain threats to our ranch before so I can empathize with these people. Oil has been behind all of the wars we’ve waged in the ME and the oil companies have demonstrated time and again they don’t mind messing up our country either. Both “D” and “R” parties have been complicit in this as well. This is why we need not worry about breaking some eggs cleaning both houses in the most vigorous way possible.

  3. I don’t care if you have a bias in favor of Trump. We all know he’s not the perfect candidate. No one is. I use to identify with left of center and voted for Obama twice, but the left is too focused on personal identity politics now. America first is two dirty words to a small but vicious part of the left. The dems are such sore losers. Their reaction is part of the everybody’s a winner syndrome where everybody gets a prize and they feel cheated, so theyre rebelling and will tear the country apart until they get their way.

    Amazing how Obama could implement a ban on immigration in 2011 for some regions and not be challenged or marched against.

    All this rebellion is only going to move many in the center and left to the right as the majority grow tired of this incivility.

    Political correctness is out of control. America first. Theres nothing wrong erroring on the side of caution. We see what’s happening in Europe. Why does the left want to bring those assimilation issues to America?

    • I’m sorry, George, for your loss but if she wants to cozy up to Hillary, her only other choice, how long would it be before the Hildabeast fed her to her husband?

      Mendacity reigns supreme in the snowflake and far Left mind. I would rather have a person that has been “to the dark side”, repented and cleaned up their act than someone that honestly and openly thinks it is their due to continue using, raping and ruining people’s lives as a form of entertainment. No leftist pundit during the campaign would face the question of what it would be like to have Bill C. stalking the halls of the capitol once again.

    • … seems to me it’s neither ‘left’ nor ‘right,’ but colour. (It may not be politically correct to post this in public, but who where the people making history-for good or bad? Look at the demonstration pictures. Form your own opinion). God bless people of good will!

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