Coping: With “Texas Nationalism”


First thing in my face this morning were some of the most insulting comments ever received from a Texas reader, I’m embarrassed to say.

Whether they were actually posted by a government-paid “troll” (which really do exist, using multiple personality software developed 10+years back) remains to be seen.

At any rate, the insults were thick but not uncommon. We’ve run into them before here in Texas.

Most Texans, you have to understand, are not so shrill. Far and away, the vast majority are honest, hard-working folks, who have an “I’m free to do what I want, and so are you…” attitude.

Yet there’s a streak in a small number that holds Texas birthright as somehow entitling them to be above all other humans; giving them right to judge and insult, as their way of thinking runs. As happens in this morning’s comments in the Comment Section people often claim heritage dating back to the Alamo and before.

To be sure, it’s an honorable thing to have in a family’s background, no quarrel there. Having kin who died in the Revolutionary speaks to longevity as Americans no doubt.

But the “B&R” (born & raised) in Texas bit gets overdone.

Even to someone like me who has friends in the Republic of Texas movement and who’s written about that from time-to-time.  I may have to send a note to my bud Grover – perhaps he can set me right.

In some families, love be damned, if a spouse isn’t also B&R, it’s a bad marriage and is not embraced by the whole family. I’ve seen this recently in a “mixed B&R” family we know.

While it’s true that having relatives who fought at the Alamo also speaks well to that ancestor’s character, it is muted as to what the present generation’s done. Last time I checked, Alamo fight ended in 1836.

Fighting and ancestry issues aside, what anyone’s forefathers (and sixmothers) did does not the current person make, except insofar as values were passed on directly by a parent or grandparent.

Despite the B&R’s denials, Texas is a land of immigrants, just like the rest of the USA.

Some of us have just barely arrived (a mere 13-years for us) while others will move here next week. That’s how the modern world works.

This morning I’d like to ask your help in a research project, if I may?

Where is a book or reference citation that can tell me more about these “above it all Texans” that places them at the right-hand of the Almighty?

I didn’t see any references to Texas in Bible. There’s no mention or legal description of when a person can describe themselves as “Texans” in any public document…So where does this come from?

I was shocked at the nature of this morning’s insults – and refering to president Trump as the “oaf in chief” but maybe this puts the commenters in the LBJ/B&R/democrat category.

Government (or NGO Soros) troll? Perhaps. While I have a pretty thick skin, absent an apology, I may have to ban a second reader. (The good news is, that will leave just you and the one other reader in Nevada.)

Near as I can figure it, we’re just now coming up on the part of the Trump presidency where we will find out if he can “fish or cut bait.” Looming over his plans and efforts is a Congress led by Paul Ryan who we have more than a few reservations about.

But if you could help clarify our thinking on the superiority of Texas super-nationalism, any documents and cites would be welcome.

Weekend of Prepping and Limbing-Up

This weekend was like one project after another around here. No big home run type events, but the kind of maintenance that sometimes you just have to buckle down and ‘git ‘er done.’ Yep, that kind of weekend.

Toilet Repair:

If the crap ever hits the fan you’ll want your crapper to be in top condition.

Elaine had pointed out that the guest quarters throne was flushing fine, but the water wasn’t coming back up as high as it used to.

Sure enough, the little hose off the valve assembly that is supposed to point down the overflow pipe had come out. Jiffy to fix, but it’s that kind of thing that if you get too many of them can make life miserable.

FTA TV Receiver Change-up

Since we went with the UHD TV in the living room, having the old satellite on Galaxy 19 for various multinational news inputs wasn’t running. Troubleshootizing hat on again, it quickly because apparent that the old receiver’s HDMI wasn’t going to play nicely and when the new $40 receiver was plugged in, there were no signals to be found.

Out comes the ladder and it was determined that one of those damn f-6 cable connectors had broken, so time to cobble up a jumper from the tracking motor to the LNB…

Still to come, shot alignment on Galaxy 19. For now it’s on some other bird but the CGTV Chinese television programming, especially the English documentaries, like the one on King Fu I got sucked into…we’ll, no hurry to re-aim the dish.

As long as the ladder was out, it was time to do a spring trimming on the ficus (or however it’s spelled). We could wait until summertime, but we lost on of the bushes that got too high (and hence top-heavy)… So a preventative routine there.

Elaine helped rake up the mess which landed on the burn pile, and so that was set off.

I’ve got about half a dozen burn piles to light off in the next couple of months.

But before I lit off the first one (small), it was time to “limb-up” some additional trees. Like this one:


About here we get to the “real-deal” of prepping. Notice around the bottom of this oak-looking tree that didn’t drop all its leaves that there’s a pile of limbs which Ures truly and his (black And decker battery powered pole saw) took down with about 10 minutes of work.

The reason I categorize the “limbing-up” of property is not that it will stop wild fires entirely, but you have a much better chance of saving a home from one if all the trees are bare for about 10-12 feet up.

The thinking if you can catch all the grass and (around here) mat of pine needles on fire, and it can burn its little heart out without touching off the major part of the tree’s “crown.” The reason some forest fires have been so devastating is once the fire starts to jump from crown to crown, you only real options to stopping it (short of water tankers) is top drop trees and run a line around if with a bulldozer.

In this picture, you can see how this works out:


Notice that there is little other than pine needles and dead leaves…and while they will burn, when we’ve had forest fires around us here in the Outback, the places easiest to STOP a fire from getting bigger is to have done the limbing-up to deny the fire a good fuel source. Once you have limbed up trees 10-12 feet and you have a series of fire trails – ideally 10-feet or wider and never allowed to grow more than 4-inches high, then if a fire comes your way, you just drop the brush hog down on it’s rails. This leavea a furrow an inch or three wide, and with the grass chewed down to dirt, it becomes a good stop.

The other thing all this limbing-up does is opens up the ground so you can see all over your property:


Since we’ve been slowly working on this project for almost a year, the place has a much more “tailored” or “state park” look to it.

Side benefits? Besides fire suppression?

Well, with less brush, there are fewer places for snakes to winter over, and less food for field mice and the like. We have a couple of owls and a family of what sounds like four or five red-tailed hawks now. Between then and the LBC (little black cat) that we feed when Zeus is napping, we figure to have really squeezed-down the food supply for a bit of the area around the house.

Over time, we will continue working at this since it’s one of those jobs that never really gets “done.”
You just get to stopping points until it grows back and needs another treatment of pole-sawing and tractorfying.

Much more fun doing this kind of work in good working weather than when it’s 90+ and humid…

Last Prepping Item

I’ve been playing around with SDR radios for a while now. That’s software-defined-radios and the dongles and the software package called SDR# (ess-dee-ar-sharp).

If you remember back a few months, I was thrilled to be able to pick off the NOAA polar weather satellites which pass over between 2 and 3 times per day.

Problem is? I haven’t had time to build up the right-hand polarized quadrifilar antenna on 137.5 MHz to get things right, so for now, my images are still sub par. But I can say that a dialed-in 2-meter FM rig on the wide bandwidth setting does a better job than the SDR toys on the same antenna.

Dang, and I so wanted it to work…

Oh well, still more projects to come including figuring out how to get geostationary weather downloaded. For that, I have a six-foot dish and assorted LNBs and such.

But all that has to wait for the rest of the winter projects like…Oh. Reminds me: This week it’s off to the garden to get the plants set out on a heat mat. Damned if we’ll pay $2.49 for a 3” high tomato plant again with we can building dozens of them for the cost of seed, water, some potting soil, the cold frame, and electricity for that other grow light (red light) we picked up for just such events.

Unless you own stock in your local Big Box store, this is the week (new moon later on this week) to get the little guys a head-start so you can be eating fresh sooner than later.

New Moon was on the 27th and waxing crescent now – prime for new plantings, so I’ve been told.

Write when you get rich or caught up on projects…

27 thoughts on “Coping: With “Texas Nationalism””

  1. G., you can not put out the “teaser” of banning a Tex-a-can, without prividing some small sample of his Insults.
    Must have really been something to put you into the state of “banishment”. I guess that terrible “oaf-in-charge” comment was the last straw?
    Way more insulting and disrespectful than those hundred’s of disrespectful and derogatory decriptive comments U and Ure followers have made towards the former POTUS and H.

      • Interesting “tag-team” approach to deliver the “Texas Takedown” for Ure-Outsiderness!
        Them Texas boys-n- girls are Putin’ up with Ure kind simply to show they can show that “Texas Hospitality” to All “God’s Creatures”–Well until, of course, the outsider crosses the line of “Tex-a-canousness”, Statement of God Ordained Law”– wherein, them that have wandered outside the regions of nonTex-a-can consciousness, shall be put upon with the full vengeance of the Lord of Texasness!

      • See, that’s what I couldn’t find in the Bibles around here. Maybe it was mimeographed and inserted later?

      • Well, there was that Lone Star that shown over Jerusalem in Brazoria County … or was that Palestine?

        Bad Bill! Bad Bill!!

      • Criticism must be banned:
        (how dare anyone challenge Trump’s edict)

        Romney had a bigger lead in 2012 than Trump in 2016 (Repub vs Dem).

        While George can be quite caustic and myopic with his comments, I thank him for providing the cyber soapbox for all subscribers.

        Dueling ‘I’m more Tx or more American than you are’ goes nowhere….25% of the U.S. is now foreign born.

        Condescending to the those not keeping up with the Jones’ (living in a trailer, etc) just means you think that status crap will get you into heaven…it don’t…and neither will your stock returns….

    • And then George is supposed to say “You mean Bethlehem?” After which you say “Oh yeah, I knew it was one of those East Texas towns.”

      That joke was old when I read it in a book I checked out of the El Paso school system library over a half century ago but Ure was fishing.

  2. I’m sure there are folks out there that had family that fought at the Alamo, but on the side that WON …..

    • I’ll always enjoy that movie. They ATTEMPTED to imitate the “Texas Twang” in that movie which is an accent I probably have not heard since the 70s. I do miss it. It may still be practiced among some in Austin but even out here in West Texas it seems to be extinct.

      • That twang must be contagious. One of my best friends I grew up with in Illinois went to Texas and became a chemical engineer in Houston. When I saw him 10 years later he was speaking with a Texas Accent!

  3. Texas has just as many idiots tied into the class system as any other place. Obviously the entire MOBILE HOME thing is class-based.

    I went to a party this weekend at a 5500 sq ft house – complimented the owner on it and asked a simple question, “How do 2 of you even keep this monster cleaned?” Reply involved gardener, cook, housekeeper and pool guy along with using Google translate to make notes in a certain foreign language… No, they seem to be nice people, but the truth is they have no idea how those of us not making $500k a year live. They do not even have jobs per se, just have to manage their portfolio as their work or so he told me.

    When he found out where I lived and what I do for work, he was elsewhere. Within a half hour, there was nobody speaking to us, but rather they congregated in little hubs and when we approached, the hub shortly broke up and reformed elsewhere. We were obviously at the wrong sort of place for our type, and thanked the woman who invited us and departed. This isn’t the first time we have run into this in Texas either.

    The point here is that judging people by appearance and social status isn’t ever going to go away – ever. Online appearance is even more sinister, as the online ‘appearance’ is generated within each persons brain, and that can be quite the odd place to form images – very prone to emotional state of the moment.

    We are the richest country in the planet – and it shows. It shows up in the form of a ‘personal resource’ based caste system that is reinforced at all levels. You can play the game or not. We choose not, as we value people over “stuff” and appearances.

    • Which is why, my friend Jim, you and I have been friends for a long-time.
      Thing is, I known you’re part coon-ass and me? Well, when can I claim Texan status?

    • That reminds me of my friend’s husband, who like her, is [Asian] Indian. Indians talk to strangers who are also Indian, and the talk invariably leads to occupations. Tired of all the judgmental crap, the husband told the stranger at the airport that he was an auto mechanic (he’s actually a doctor/former surgeon). The stranger left very quickly. So this is universal. I hasten to add, these friends of mine are actually 3rd generation Indians from Africa, now USA, and may have different attitudes than their genetic countrymen.

    • Well, hate to bust your bubble, but the ‘treatment’ you got happens all the time ALL OVER THE WORLD and in America, in every state, city, county, town among all people of all races, creeds, and colors and income strata, IT is called LIFE on EARTH! The funny thing is, I am guessing you have a ‘humble career and life’, however, the irony is that YOUR life may be a RICHER life and actually a more secure life than the people you mention! We are to treasure all what we have done, become, are, and ever will be as there is not another one like us on this earth and none of us really knows the future OR whether we will be paupers, beggers, rich people, or paycheck to paycheck. We can plan all we like, but are WE really in charge? There is a reason there are so many rags to riches to rags to riches to….stories….

      Your values are in the right place! We can’t take any of this stuff with us!

      Did you know that financial problems are the #1 destroyer of marriages?

      I like to cultivate my friendships from all walks of life, but that doesn’t mean those others like to cultivate me, their loss!

      Those people lost out on you and your wife’s friendship and it is really a reflection on them.

      Enjoy your life, no need to compare yourself with others, remember, you get to build your life and your relationships to the best of your ability. I know one thing, my Dad was not rich, but wow was he loved by his children and grandchildren and that MADE him richer than anyone he ever knew!

      I know of what I speak, my husband is a humble mechanic. I am a trained secretary, I have worked for multi-millionaires and had some as friends and been dumped by them (and some I dumped) and even been dumped by billionaire friends, too, who I knew when they were humble people themselves!!! Ah ha!

      They all had the very same problems all people have, they just had more money to hide their problems!

      I have a few GREAT stories that I try to never forget as it keeps me humble and reminds of the GOODNESS in the world! I was 19, working in downtown Dallas driving from Arlington, first job, greenhorn all the way and scared of my own shadow – no worldly life experiences like the teenagers of today have!!!! First car, OLD replaced engine Vega, bought it that way for $740.00 as it was all I could afford, had no a/c, no heat, and got 2″ of rain in the floorboards every time it rained, but it got me down to the richest part of town, Turtle Creek, (back in those days) for my job at an oil company as a secretary to the VP. There I am in the fast lane, BOOM, flat tire, first flat tire ever, car shaking everywhere, finally figure out what was going on, veer across 2 other lanes to the exit and end up on the side of the road on the exit lane. What the heck was I going to do? I was wearing a white linen outfit that day (yeah, I even remember what I was wearing, I am now 57!) I sorta knew how to change a tire as my Dad had showed me, but never done it myself, Nope! I wasn’t out of my car 3 minutes when this 18 wheeler came zooming by and stopped, a man got out, didn’t even speak to me, just grabbed the wheel jackie thing out of my hand and got to work and replaced my tire! I was stunned! I was so grateful and humbled! He barely accepted my thank you, didn’t want any money and took off as fast as he showed up. Fast forward 12 months later, after work, I go out to my old beaten up looking car in the parking garage, I have a flat, a RICH guy, a man who I work with, walked right by me, even after me speaking to him about my flat, he had no trouble leaving me to my flat tire. I did manage to replace that flat with my spare. See, to him, I was low class and not worth his time, he didn’t even care at all.

      Who do you think I’d rather spend eternity with?

      Read the Mary Summer Rain books, that’ll humble everyone!

  4. Hey… I got banished just for agreeing with a
    previous,comment… not even an original thought. And I never called ANY BODY any names. I think relatively speaking I should be “un-banished”.

  5. Lone star. Ahahahahahah
    That deserves 3 out of four stars for good humour!
    Sorry I’d give you four, but he last star is owned by Texas.

  6. George – That attitude is not limited to Texas. When I moved to Oregon for law school (from California) in 1989 I was informed I could not claim “native” status until I had been there a full 25 years. I was dissed as a Californian until I informed them I was a poor college student and had no way of overpaying for a house and screwing up the housing market. One of my best friends was a native Oregonian. He gave up on the Leftward slide politically there and now lives in Texas!

  7. Hi George,

    Alabama is as bad as Texas in some regards. I moved there from California in the late 80’s to manage a Radio station, and the first burning question I was asked was I on ‘Bama’s side or for Auburn. When I professed NOT to choose sides, it was bluntly explained that to live here you MUST choose a side, else you’re just a carpetbagging Yankee! Geesh!
    Anyway, I found this SDR side located in the might want to check it out:

  8. I completely understand. I am a B&R Okie and lived here all my life. We Okies tolerate our Texas neighbors “attitude”, but we do enjoy beating them at their state religion, football, and especially like recruiting their “rejects” and making them stars.

  9. I have no idea where the Texan “supremacy concept” is documented, but after living in Houston for 3 years in the ’80s, it seems the documentation you seek may reside only in ZZ Top and Willie Nelson songs… and in the minds of native Texans out near the Odessa and Midland area. But I could be very wrong on that. That said, I can surely confirm that the B&R concept (and all it entails) was alive and well in TX in the 80s.

  10. I guess ones perspective is what truly matters.

    Texas , or places similar , looks really good to me considering my life in the SF Bay Area.

    35 years ago , this place was wonderful. Live and let live. You do your thing , Ill do mine and as long as we didnt interfere with each other , all were left alone.

    Slowly over time , this has turned into a truly sickening area regarding peoples attitudes.

    Sanctimony , narcissistic rage , exclusivity to the real “truth” has this area in a bad condition.

    Choosing between ‘Bama and Auburn looks really good right now !

    Had quite a few business trips to Texas the last few years and we have always commented how socially accepting and polite people are in Texas. All races , sexes and sizes. BUT , the heat AND humidity … WOW !!!!!!

  11. Do ‘Texans’ really want to claim what many in Austin are doing. is what Texas is really about…..seems to me it is time for those that claim to be true Texans to clean out that ‘Swamp’…then maybe your bravado will be understood…..imho

  12. For what it’s worth…my family started settling in Texas only 10 years after the Alamo. We owned no slaves as far as I know (so as not to trigger Jon Jon right off the bat).

    I must confess that in my 52 years on this earth I have never heard anyone, supposedly born and raised in my fair state, ever sound like such a buffoon as the guy who took the pot-shots at you. And, I endured 7 years in Austin!

    With that being said…Texas…like the United States itself is so vast that you can’t help but have a few rotten apples.

    There are so many reasonable commenting on your Web pages that we could stand losing this guy.

    He’s a troll. Don’t feed the trolls.

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