Employment Costs, the Personal Income Laugh

Self Fulfilling News?

As we grind through the final lousy hours of the election cycle, we’re eyeing a number of stories that smack of media manipulation, to us.  The idea being that if you grind and predict a certain outcome or future into people, they will act in a manner to make it so.

With this in mind, all we need to do is look at the rolling headlines to see what’s fact and what’s projection.  A few examples:

Problem is, the mind actualizes as told (which is why ‘self-talk’ is so critical).  We therefore expect the social/media public to produce the programmed Biden result.  Not happy about it, but clear thinking is not an American expertise lately.

Our Out-Takes?

I was talking with a friend of 48-years (Gaye Levy, StrategicLivingBlog.com) who said “Yeah, we’re going to stay up and watch it…how about you guys?

“Naw.  Another night in the woods.  We’ll get up Wednesday, the outcome will still be debated, and won’t really be “in the bag” until December 14th when the Electoral College meets…”

Between closing of polls, and winner decision if not immediately Biden (though media will proclaim that anyway), the left will be gearing up to “intimidate America” into the socialist outcome despite voting irregularities we expect will come to light.

We also expect “light up prime time” which will reveal Portland as a dry run for the “national coup attempt next week. ” If the election isn’t clear?  When there were be questions…questionable conduct…and it will be on both sides.

Which it may already be.

Biden Bust To Continue?

Probably.  While we’re waiting on the Molotov’s, investors are already “voting with their wallets” down on Wall Street.  In the early futures, the Dow was down 227 and the S&P down more than 27 points.

My view is investors are looking at Biden’s debt to the radical left and are beginning to factor-in the worst case outcomes (though nearly givens):

  • Biden has promised to roll back Trump tax cuts.  This will decrease disposable incomes.  Consumer spending may decline.
  • Biden promises more aggressive CV-19 – which we read as more lock-ins. More intrusion, slowing recovery, driving recession.
  • Biden is likely to impose tough new rules on fracking (lies to the contrary on the stump, notwithstanding).  Which will decrease U.S. energy output, drive us back into the clutches of the Middle East. Balance of trade impacts by 2022.
  • Where we expect Biden will turn around the de-escalation in the Middle East region.  Defense stocks may prosper under Biden.
  • Then there will be Kamala’s Gang of Four Green New Deal.  Biden will rope America back into the Paris Accords.  Further reducing American competitiveness because the Accords don’t treat all countries equally.  It’s mainly U.S. climate-shaming sold by the globalist-socialist alliance with Soros et al behind the curtain.
  • And there’s final round of playing of the “Race Card.” Which is how we read CNN’s Whether Trump or Biden, the fight for racial justice is key.  Offsetting this “He Assured Us He Will Get It Done” – Lil Wayne Meets With Trump On Plan To Financially Empower Black Americans.

One other thing the Bidenista’s are likely to do:  Make up even more money.  Following the delusional track of Mugabe’s Zimbabwe economic disaster.  Doubt me?

A Check of H.6

It’s not like the Fed hasn’t already screwed the Modern Monetary Theory Pooch (and sold the pups) just to hold America together this far.  In  the H.6 Money stocks confessional this week:

Let’s do a little Economics lesson here, shall we?  Let’s begin by going back to April 20 and get a reading on our Aggregate Index of U.S. markets, shall we?

The level then was 24441.85.  At the close Thursday, the Index was 29787.25.

If we apply the M1 inflation to the 24,441.85 level, we ought to be up around 38,471.47.  Instead, we’re at the 29.787.25 number.  This informs us that  not all the made-up money made it into stocks.  Just enough of it to keep the illusion going.

The Fed’s got other things to buy:  Collateralized mortgages, bonds, and lots of other “assets” to keep the bailing wire and bubble gum from imploding.

With such a festive table setting, let’s now sit down to a breakfast of data.

Personal Income

You like sketchy?  Economics that don’t really tie-back to Reality?  Then bubba, this morning’s Personal Income report is your cuppa tea:

Personal income increased $170.3 billion (0.9 percent) in September according to estimates released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (tables 3 and 5). Disposable personal income (DPI) increased $150.3 billion (0.9 percent) and personal consumption expenditures (PCE) increased $201.4 billion (1.4 percent).

Real DPI increased 0.7 percent in September and Real PCE increased 1.2 percent (tables 5 and 7). The PCE price index increased 0.2 percent (table 9). Excluding food and energy, the PCE price index increased 0.2 percent.”

As we are fond of pointing out, things like paying down a credit card can be argued as savings and so can a house payment.  After all, you’re “buying equity” goes the idea.  And there’s some truth to it.

Which is why we tend to focus on consumer discretionary – though that’s misleading, too.  The result if a fog – more subject to hype than rigorous analysis.  With a double-shot of “It is what it is” on the side.

Employment Costs

Here’s another marginally useful number:  Cost labor to build stuff.

“Compensation costs for civilian workers increased 0.5 percent, seasonally adjusted, for the 3-month period ending in September 2020, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Wages and salaries increased 0.4 percent and benefit costs increased 0.6 percent from June 2020.

Compensation costs for civilian workers increased 2.4 percent for the 12-month period ending in September 2020 and increased 2.8 percent in September 2019. Wages and salaries increased 2.5 percent over the year and increased 2.9 percent for the 12-month period ending in September 2019. Benefit costs increased 2.3 percent and also increased 2.3 percent for the 12-month period ending in September 2019.”

After the number, the stock market was trying to put on a “show rally” but our sense is that holding a long position over the weekend going into an election which seems headed for a contentious ending (but not known for weeks) looks like a poor investment choice.

Remember at all times, there are THREE investment choices regardless of what anyone claims:  Long, short, and cash.  Only the last one works as well as melatonin.

The Socialist Agenda Check

The hard sell on climate is coming – back on asAustralia’s Bushfires Burned an Area Twice the Size of Florida. Climate Change Means That’s Just the Beginning, a New Report Warns.”  Hmm…was the Dust Bowl in the last Depression “climate change?”  We will be asking this a lot as the economy craters and Blame 2021 begins.

Over on ZeroHedge, check out Plutocrat Violence And Election-Night Horror: Marxian Analysis Shows That Antifa Is Fascist. Well, of course they are…duh.

Great Trend Data

Seen in  Fortune’s take on how the American Tech picture is changing.  Tech is becoming a  competency not a be-all, end-all unto itself.

Long our view, too. With it,  time to ask if 2020 will be the peak of Bay Area real estate?  Is the California Real Estate Cycle about to head down?  Forbes got a scent of it last year.  But now Fortune fills in data:

“Second, but related, while the San Francisco Bay Area continues to lead the way in blitz-scaling, only 17 of the fastest growing companies this year were based there—and that includes only one of the top ten: Netflix (#5). The companies hailed from 24 different states of the U.S., and six countries outside the U.S. That includes companies like Brooklyn-based Etsy (#8) and Illinois-based Paylocity (#9). Alibaba (#14), based in Hangzhou, China, was the top-ranked company outside the U.S.”

The whole article by Alan Murray and David Meyer is on the  Fortune site here. “What Fortune’s Fastest Growing Companies list says about the economy.” It’s worth a read if only to renew your acquaintance with actual  reporting of trends.  This is not press-release rewrite crap.  Good reporting – well done.

We Just Know…

…you’ve been staying up all night, anxious to learn “How the intricacy of termite nests inspired the design of a Swedish school…”

But, here’s a more pertinent trend:  Pop machines to Pot Machines?  “As new cannabis vending machines hit the market, challenges remain…”  They sell lighters and screens, too?

Say, that reminds me:  Time to head to the liquor store today.  All this election coverage has driven us to drink.  Time we do something about that.

Daylight Democracy Ending

Seems cruelly ironic how it works out.  Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday.  Vote Tuesday.  After springing ahead, America is about to “fall back” next week.

Why can’t America vote on an Equinox – when all things are more equal and balanced?  Instead we get “seasonal affects disorder” elections.

You know January is the “saddest month of the year,” right?  Speaks volumes about inauguration day, mentions Ure, glumly.

Write when you get rich,  (We’ll be in “bubblier spirits” – and back in our “Urban After Sunrise” groove after the election.  Either way, supporting whoever the Electoral College names. Just not the one with the bag man, please.)


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51 thoughts on “Employment Costs, the Personal Income Laugh”

  1. George,
    With all the chin music about the downside of a Democratic sweep of the federal government no one seems to realize that the dems could suspend posse comatatus. This puts a new spin on gun co fiscation. hmmm

  2. Shocking G! just shocking..

    another mossad limited hangout closed down yesterday with the resignation of glen (mossad) greenwald from the independent.

    – which he co-founded with Zio/MEGA $$.

    Assange/Snowden/Greenwald = all mossad/Zio shills. Never once will you find ANYTHING regards israHELL in any of their “stuff”- ever.

    Its ALL Bullshit – Luciferian “masterplan (s)” duhooh!

    Like their vile DO Nothing, but Negative affects Mask Regs.
    Scientific proof ..with colorful charts for slower thinkers to gaze upon..https://thefederalist.com/2020/10/29/these-12-graphs-show-mask-mandates-do-nothing-to-stop-covid/

    Not enough Data/Info to prove that Masks R only for Criminals and Pedo’s. After wacthing the attached HARD, Scientific, Real World Reality Testing of different types Masks and the damage they can do from a actual Fireman. https://www.brighteon.com/3df8edf1-dc69-4e48-bea2-9600fb0e78a8

    ? U need to ask Ureselves is which one am I ? A Pedo or a Criminal?
    The LCN is curious, and while am at it,
    is Abdoul Malik al-Houthi the Mahdi ? If so – when do the spaceships start arriving???

    Still No Worries – cause after Nov 3 – Cryptos will cost even MOAR $$ -yes U can buy FOOD with Crypto. Just never ever forget that the root of Crypto is CRY.
    Mr Ure of course dont have to worry bout that nun, cause well U know..

      • Hahahahahhahhahaha

        Anti Zionism, Anti Luciferian – GUILTY as Charged – thanx.

        Tell me again how 52 People – ALL wearing masks on same Plane – got infected ?

        I Apologize for interrupting Ure viewer enjoyment from of watching & hearing about daily Apartheid – practiced on innocent civilians.

        Again sorry to interrupt Ure feelings of sheer joy watching Women & Children of the wrong religion being brutalized, gassed, nuked and slaughtered everyday by the VILE ISRAELI regime .

        Gonna tell us how much AMERICANS are really loved by Israel/Israilis ?

        Been there – seen the nasty anti American graffiti, felt the anger & dislike- that Never gets shown on the news – Never see all the Hate for Americans spelled out thru out cities in media, just step off main drag away from tourist attractions – 4 those with eyes to see – AIPAC =Terrorist Org.

      • Wow! What a rigorous scientific one minute study! It blows away the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the Cambridge University Press, Oxford Clinical Infectious Diseases and Influenza Journal studies!

      • I agree masks work from the data I have read.
        Some people focus on masks are not perfect, so will not use them at all. With the mask (especially if both parties are wearing) you have the opportunity to get a lower initial inoculum, and allow your bodies response to be faster against the virus replication. But all that said, I still don’t believe our governments should be mandating them. They can and should be advising the population to take the proper precautions, actions and supplimants (Vitamin D) .
        We as free adults take that information and do what we want with it. I also think store policies can mandate or not, their store, their policies (no shirt, not shoes, no mask, no service).

        I think most people that have the greatest problem with masks, just don’t like the government telling them how to live their lives. So even though it seems to be good sense, low cost and no personal risk to wear one, they will still not want to be told what to do, so will fight it. At least it makes it easy for me to pick out those we should avoid in public situations.

      • “Masks work? Not according to this study by the CDC.”
        Neither are surgical gloves.
        Masks and gloves are a precautionary measure..
        For myself Ultraviolet light. Mask comes off in the box..light goes on. Spray them first with an antiseptic spray.
        I have always gotten the removable filter that’s washable.
        Because of my allergies I still get the dust and pollen but it helps to filter out the vast majority of it.

  3. “the report “How a fake persona laid the groundwork for a Hunter Biden conspiracy deluge” is clearly shifting attention. From the Hunter Biden laptop (still being investigated by the FBI) to “distractions.”

    Just think about that a little bit.. the POWER and the CONTROL that there must be to control the investigation to bury the investigation and spread a narrative that paints a sadistic pervert into one of acceptable behavior..
    Now that is some power.. almost absolute power.. or another where anyone that is investigating dies or commits suicide .. or anyone that testifies even and including members of their very own protection staff.. what kind of power does someone like that have.. if two hundred people can control seven plus billion people.. that is scary in just the consideration of it all..
    It is reminiscent of the ancient stories of Caligula

  4. Speaking of employment costs.

    Detroit sold Amazon a large chunk of premium land for $9,000,000. The land is between major expressways and intersecting rail track.

    In return Detroit will get a warehouse complex and 1,200 jobs. But we here @US know the Amazon of the future is robotic. Within 10 years Amazon will be completely automated. How many jobs will be left, maybe 12?

    Note: local realtors are mocking the city sale price saying Amazon should just flip it for $200,000,000.

    The leaders will give anything to bring $15.00 an hour jobs to the people.

    “Duggan said. “We need good-paying jobs and jobs of the future. It (the property) cost us $7 million and I wanted control of this site.””

    “Under the proposal, Amazon would invest $400 million to build a 3.8-million-square-foot distribution center at the site, bringing at least 1,200 new jobs to the city, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said at a news conference Tuesday. The distribution center is expected to open in 2022, and employees will make a minimum of $15 an hour, plus benefits, Duggan said.”


    • There is NO piece of industrial development land IN Detroit that is worth $200 million.

      There is NO piece of industrial development land IN Detroit that is worth $100 million.

      There is NO piece of industrial development land IN Detroit that is even worth $50 million.

      Industrial Development in the greater Detroit area is ALL taking place OUTSIDE the city!! … and even there NO piece of potential development land is worth anything close to even $100 million dollars, even out in Ann Arbor.

      Where do people come up with this stuff? Detroit is a hollow core in it’s industrial areas. It is so hollow that about 20+- years ago when they were getting ready to expand the airport (Detroit Metro) they even considered MOVING it INTO the city and rebuilding it from scratch since the land IN the city was so CHEAP.

      Sheesh …

  5. You underestimate the power of Wall Street George. Most of the PTB in Wall St do not want Trump for another 4 years. They are crashing the market just days before the election as a way to influence those on the fence that Trump has failed them. Jim Cramer has been the loudest voice in the room by saying that a Biden presidency will take Tesla stock to heights never before seen in our lifetime. Why? Bidens green initiative will favor companies like Tesla, Nio, VW, and even stalwarts like GM and Ford buy creating double and even triple the jobs in this sector. Most of mid Texas is rooting for Biden because Musk is betting a whole lot on the build out of its Truck and Giga plant in Austin. That plant will employ over 5,000 workers…The number of ancillary jobs that will feed off that plant will be over 10,000. The green initiative is all about jobs, jobs, jobs. Why they have to position it as climate change is the dumbest marketing positioning in the history of marketing. Al Reis and Jack Trout are shaking their heads. It’s a technology paradigm shift plain and simple. and each technology shift has resulted in an exponential increase in jobs in the sectors they replaced.

    Wall Street is banking on America’s dominance in AI, EV cars, Autinomous cars and technology/manufacturing to fuel the market and with an anti-science, anti-progress dumb America down Trump agenda, they just don’t see that as a sustainable plan for the future of this country. Let’s face it. Trump has made America Dumb Again…just by the virtue of him being a “thing”. WTF! I watch his rallies, look at the idiots in the audience and shake my head and say…What has America become? I am far from an elitist, and I know that comment sounds that way. I am a pragmatist. Trump as the leader of what used to be the greatest country in the world just doesn’t make any sense. We have lost our mojo. We just need someone with a brain and open mind to lead us back. Biden isn’t perfect, but he is not Trump. If a monkey was running against Trump, I would vote for the monkey at this point.

      • The point is Tamarah…the economy will be much better under a Biden Presidency. You can bank on that. All this talk of socialism is just that…talk and fear mongering. None of that will happen. What will happen is that people can stop, take a breath and relax for a change. They can rest assured that there will be no more shock jock type of idiocy coming out of the WH. As a result, real actionable plans will be put in place to get our economy ad small businesses back on track safely and with some real guidance. No more double talk and confusion. Now who doesn’t want that?

      • “The point is Tamarah…the economy will be much better under a Biden Presidency. ”

        That’s an interesting thought Mark…

        so far is all I hear is hes going to give everyone two thousand a month and raise your taxes.
        Although he could get the military budget under control by finding it through sales…lol US SALES MART.. everyone pays a fee to be a member then you get ten.percent off..lol
        The intereston the deficit is upside down..the market and economy has no other option but to tank at some point..they can push it along a while but it will come down.
        Writing checks on an overdrawn account that accrues interest and penalties is never good..

    • Just compare the huge, energetic Trump rallies vs. the sparse, dismal Biden
      groupings. Look at how the economy has grown 33% during the 3rd. qtr.
      I see excitement for keeping Trump’s impressive leadership for another 4 years!

      • If you equate Trump rallies in which the participants are paid to go.. and the idiocy of these Covid super spreaders as a reason for Trumps popularity, then I have some swamp land I would like to sell you. Biden is not looking for crowds at his rallies. That defeats the point the scientists and doctors are trying to make. Biden is leading by example and the Fox Sheeples that Trump lures To his rallies just to brag and make himself look good are just a bunch of brainless idiots that are extending this pandemic and making it worse for the the rest of us that are playing by the rules of science. I hope Trump gets obliterated in the election just because he is a reckless, feckless fool

      • Sparse ?? Now we B calling empty seats, empty fields, empty auditoriums sparse? Cool luv new Word usage.. Yo G’s Cyrpto Wallet is Sparse.

        I like it.

    • “Most of the PTB in Wall St do not want Trump for another 4 years. ”

      This is true. They want Biden because they can influence him.

      “They are crashing the market just days before the election as a way to influence those on the fence that Trump has failed them. ”

      This is not true. Markets always become spastic during a contentious election, because markets can not tolerate uncertainty. If Biden wins, techs and military stocks will boom for a while, everything else in all markets, except possibly rural real estate, will crash.

    • What policy did Trump implement to have such growth in the BEV field, over the past 4 years. Now why do you think Trump would change that path he is taken. It is amazing how Musk is not building these new factories in California because he knows very personally the harm an intrusive government does to a business. American industry has been successful not because of government intrusion, but in spite of it. Why is this so difficult for people to understand? Government stifles innovation because they cannot move fast enough. But yet you and others continue to promote more government, more subsidies and more idiot bureaucrats picking economic winners and losers. I am happy he building these factories and risking his own and his investors money. Make every other industry follow the same model. We don’t need big government plans, their role should be scaled way back, so the election of a president is a non event to running a business. You want people to be more “green”, then convince them with product they choose to buy.

      • And you are out of your freaking mind.your one of those that say kill all the regulations, after all we cannot get in the way of big business and I agree lets take the working class back to the turn of the century and instead of 40 million living in poverty, why we could have a 100 or 150 million living in poverty,and there just went your economy the same as its going now,tunnel vision never helped any man perhaps you should look at the whole picture.!!!

      • Musk is not building the new factories in California for the same reason that GM and Ford don’t build all of their plants in Michigan. They are garnering support for their Cars by employing people in big, influential states that will show pride and loyalty by buying the very cars they build. This is why Tesla is building a $25k version. A cheap car for the masses. It’s not because California is a bad place To do business . It’s just the opposite. We have the worlds 5th largest economy Joe Dish. There’s a reason for that. It’s an awesome place to live and work. I have traveled all over the world…no other place I would live them right where I am. No other place to make the kind of money we make here either.

    • Maybe you should be president? After all, you’re at fkn genius. I get that from your posts you know.

    • wall street and informed investors hate uncertainty and chaos. trump is all about uncertainty and chaos.

    • So when a Kamala Harris and senile joe’s administration take us into the deepest depression the USA has ever been in you cant blame it on President Trump thanks good to know.

  6. Potential declining fertility rates for Covid-19 patients are a concern, especially since many people are voluntarily declining parenthood. Having a sister who looked at her/our family of origin and said, “Nope, not me,” and the fact that I had that same thought at 17, I understand how that could play out. Person thinks they are infertile due to Covid-19, takes no precautions and “WHAM”! Baby on the way -OR- Person looking forward to parenthood unable to conceive due to decreased fertility hormone…Shades of The Handmaiden’s Tale! But is that the worst that can happen to our Covid patients?
    Long-haul Covid-19 is quite the sleeping giant for the world. According to Harvard Health, depending on the study, between 50 to 80% of Covid-19 patients experience lasting symptoms of Covid-19 infection more than three months after initial symptoms. These symptoms include, but are not limited to: fatigue, body aches, primary hypertension, cardiac irregularities, shortness of breath, difficulty concentrating, inability to exercise, headache, and difficulty sleeping. They fall into two broad groups: Those who experience some permanent damage to their lungs, heart, kidneys, or brain that may affect their ability to function; and, Those who continue to experience debilitating symptoms despite no detectable damage to these organs…then there are the people that Dr. Fauci believes will live with these symptoms which are the basis for a diagnosis of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (Also caused by other viral infections.) Another doctor from this article believes that at least 250,000 Americans could end up with this diagnosis from this disease. 7
    That’s a lot of very sick people who will be limited in how much they can work. It is also a very CONSERVATIVE estimate (5%).
    So, how do we know who will be affected with life-threatening and/or long-term Covid-19 sequalae? “Among more than 8,400 patients, 15% had at least one GI symptom. The pooled prevalence of diarrhea and nausea/vomiting was 12% and 8%, respectively. Patients with diarrhea as a presenting symptom of COVID-19 were more likely to have severe disease (odds ratio, 1.63; P=0.01).”4

    What does this mean for patients? Do all people who have serious Covid symptoms have “Long Covid?” As a recent article in Science notes, people only mildly affected by COVID-19 still can have lingering symptoms, and people who were severely ill can be back to normal two months later. However, continued symptoms are more likely to occur in people over age 50, people with two or three chronic illnesses, and people who became very ill with COVID-19. In my son’s case, he was obese, had well-controlled, insulin-dependent diabetes and had just recovered from pneumonia the month before he contracted Covid-19. He continues to battle the disease and sports what he calls his “$100,00 neck jewelry.” He also is only working part-time at 41 years old with a small trucking fleet. Watch for this to play out in the economic side as people are unable to work.

    Ure’s “It’s All a Business Model” Theorum in action: Dr. Aluko Hope, Montefiore Hospital – “It’s not just about medicalizing everything that they have, but it’s also about treating the symptoms when we can and helping them also to feel supported. And I think these post-COVID clinics, the peer support groups – these are all things that I think a robust health care system certainly should be able to provide these patients, given the volume of patients that we’re going to be seeing.”6

    Well, depends, my friends on how many of the healthcare workers don’t end up with Long-Covid or dead. Medscape has a tracker that, while they add names to the roster, the initial article listed 1,800 dead healthcare providers: doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, and hospital ancillary staff.5

    Please follow the pillars of infection control. Wash hands often, people only when necessary, wear masks over the nose and mouth in public and be nice to each other. We are all fighting this battle. Together we can get to the other side.
    BSN RN

    1. Mental Health and Covid-19: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2771763?utm_source=silverchair&utm_campaign=jama_network&utm_content=covid_weekly_highlights&utm_medium=email

    2. Excess Mortality (a numbers game for Ure): https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2771841?utm_source=silverchair&utm_campaign=jama_network&utm_content=covid_weekly_highlights&utm_medium=email

    3. Covid-19 and Delirium:

    4. GI Symptoms and Covid-19 Prognosis:

    5. Toll on Number of Covid-related Healthcare Worker Deaths (aged 20 to 99):

    6. Mayo Clinic Post-Covid Syndrome Statistics:
    7. What is a “Covid Long-hauler”?
    8. My son’s story (three links):
    https://www.facebook.com/kuhospital/videos/937412353433546 (Start at 7:15)

    https://www.facebook.com/kuhospital/videos/578372059503046 (Start at 5:50 – this was an hour after he received the speaking valve)


    9. Who is at Risk for Long-haul Covid?

  7. One other thing to tout my industry a bit and the GDP news, which was a bit inflated, based on where it was in the second quarter…
    Yesterday’s historically high 33.1% third quarter US GDP growth was in large part driven by exceptionally robust sales activity in the housing market….in sharp contrast to prior recessions where housing has often been a weaker sector, or worse, a cause of recession.
    Why has housing been so strong? Here are some reasons:
    1. Interest rates were lower but went even lower to historic lows.
    2. Supply in many areas shrunk notably. Most markets are driven by supply and demand. When there is more limited supply it fuels urgency to make decisions.
    3. Banks have been mostly tougher with their lending standards. While this may curtail some activity, it drives lending to only those who can afford to borrow and pay their monthly payments, real estate taxes and maintenance costs.
    4. Most home buyers are wealthier (relatively speaking) and employed with higher paying jobs. The massive job losses triggered by this recession impacted mostly those in lower paying jobs related to the hospitality and travel/leisure industry.
    5. The 2008/9 recession revealed that the USA had a 21st-century financial system with 19th-century safeguards. Most of those flaws were corrected via prudent new legislation and regulation to help prevent future market meltdowns and reckless banking practices.
    6. Buying a home is an act of commitment. COVID fueled the reality that life is fragile and accelerated decision-making.
    7. COVID allowed highly distracted and over-worked consumers to focus on their needs and wants in their homes. It also fueled the desire for second homes.

    While home sales generate enormous direct transactional economic activity (and tax revenues), as importantly they also generate a spectacular array of other economic activities around moves: moving companies, furniture, repairs, renovations, designers, architects, lawyers, inspectors, landscapers, pool-builders, appliances, audio-visual, etc.

    I am proud to say that my industry was a big reason why the GDP of this country was up. Big purchases like homes and the big ticket purchases that surround them are the reasons why.

  8. My prediction:
    (Like anyone cares, or that I have ANY cred at all…)

    1) Despite the very large number of ignorant “low-info” voters, AND despite the large numbers of university-educated intractable socialist ideologues, Trump wins n a huge, stupefying plurality — if not a raw numbers majority AND historic Electoral College numbers.
    The other missing factor in the polls will be shown as “shy” folks, who simply didn’t want to flap the Red Cape in front of the Angry Bull, hyped on steroids, crack, and general great piss-off-edness at all things traditional.

    2) The Republican numbers INcrease in the Senate to 55 – 45. (Or better.)

    3) The house flips Pubbie. (Nancy gets fired.)

    In short, a heavy repudiation of the Krazies and the moon-bats.

    This is a result of Lincoln being right, and the deep common sense of the common man being Real. (What Hillery calls “The Basket of Deplorables.”)

    This will come to be known as the Reassertion of the Normals election.

    Intelligent Democrats will band together and regain operational control of the party, and will deeply reform it, and re-cast it as a sane but liberal (in the classic sense) party of rational people. This process will take several years.

    Mark it down, and hold me to it.

      • And the lefty teachers get their juice from the lefty lawyers, and the lefty lawyers are subsidized by brown shirt corporates, the CCP, robber-barons, lawyer-gangs and their alphabet guard dogs.

        And where does this rogue’s gallery get their funding from? From you, of course.

        So who is really at fault? Make all these leeches pry each and every copper penny from your grasp, one at a time. Give them nothing freely. Starve the bastards out, each and every one. That’s my recipe for a really great reset.

    • Norway is a successful socialist State because the Crown is sitting on billions of barrels of oil from which it derives a considerable income. With that said, and despite a static population of less than that of metro San Francisco or Phoenix, I have personally seen the Norwegians’ personal income tax rates soar as high as 104% of gross income in some years, to cover the shortfall between cost of service and distributed largess.

      “Young Democrats” can NOT get it through their heads that TNSTAAFL.

      “Medicare for all” is a misnomer. “Medicare” is health insurance that’s paid for by the recipient. A “national healthcare plan” would be “MEDICAID for all” — welfare, paid for by our government, which ISN’T sitting on billions of barrels of oil it can monetize — only the leases.

      “Free education” isn’t, until educators and their schools’ support staffs agree to work for free, and the people who build their buildings agree to supply labor & materials for free.

      The “green new deal” is not physically or logistically doable and if it were, would damage Earth’s atmosphere and environment to the extent it may well kill every living thing on (in, under) the entire planet.

      Each of these three things, taken separately, would cost the U.S. Government more than the combined GDP of every nation, territory, and protectorate on the planet.

      We lament the non-teaching of history and civics, but often forget the degradation of our educational system also includes arithmetic and mathematics…

  9. “And see if this isn’t suspiciously timed: UPS Suddenly Locates “Lost” Biden Evidence, Returning Docs To Tucker Carlson. Hmm…”

    The package was a thumbdrive and a sheaf of printed material. UPS found the thumbdrive; they did NOT (as of mignight, anyway) recover the papers. For this to happen, either somebody on-staff intercepted it, or someone would have to be opening all of FOXNews’ mail and examining every piece.

    “One other thing the Bidenista’s are likely to do: Make up even more money. Following the delusional track of Mugabe’s Zimbabwe economic disaster. Doubt me?”

    As I said, every pensioner will get every cent guaranteed by their pension plan. The buckage might not be worth anything when they get it, but they WILL get it.

    “Over on ZeroHedge, check out Plutocrat Violence And Election-Night Horror: Marxian Analysis Shows That Antifa Is Fascist. Well, of course they are…duh.”

    Western society has suffered for 80 years, from political obfuscation — doublespeak/newspeak, principally from our “news” media. The most glaring example is the naming or identification of groups or organizations which indicate the opposite of the group’s actual identity or objectives.

  10. gee all those sheetcoin people are very aggressive and a touch mind-blowing .. wow we got to be a bit decent . im always right and humble but another lesson is nobody “wins” in these times .. yes its survival

  11. “joe’s administration take us into the deepest depression the USA has ever been in ”

    Its coming no matter who is sitting in the seat of power.
    Trump went in thinking he could turn the titanic and save the value of his money. He gave it a great try to.. made a great deal of headway even while under constant attack.
    I don’t like Joe he wreaks of deception but I get the feeling Kamala is not..and shes drop dead gorgeous to boot..(my opinion) I don’t know if shes a type a person that’s hard to deal with with. Which would be sad for someone who is that pretty..
    No matter who. Is in the chair its coming.

    • Bush43, Obama, [and so far] Trump have managed to sidestep it.

      ‘Thing is, it’s like a coil spring or a bigassed capacitor — The “economy” is settin’ there, just building energy, and the longer it builds, the worse (and more-violent) it’ll be when it comes apart. Mr. Trump has done an amazing job of keeping it contained. I don’t believe any “Democrat” that’s to the left of JFK could keep it together. I really don’t believe Trump can fix it, but I believe he will be able to delay the day the 30th Floor crowd start doing their swan dives, until he’s out of office.

      …And yes, that’s what I said: the S is going to HTF really hard. A Trump re-election means we’ve got 4 years, a Biden win means we have 4 months. I don’t know what the other side of the fan will look like (although probably a lot like East Germany), but I guarantee our trip through the blades will be unpleasant, and ALL of us will (at least) begin that trip…

  12. Comrades,

    The small mercy of falling back an hour last night is behind us, and now coronavirus Code Red mandates come into effect here Monday, Nov. 2nd. This time there is no federal wage subsidy program to keep people out of the unemployment statistics. The expired program had greater than 20% of this province’s population registered for help during the first lockdown. A couple of Sundays past, I routed through a working class neighborhood just as a crowd of people were exiting a church. Each carried a styrofoam container of what I imagined to be their main meal for the day. Everyone was walking; no one appeared to have a car.

    Yesterday on Halloween, a protest group decorated the multi-millionaire provincial leader’s yard, fronted by a 7 car garage, with a cemetery. I don’t believe the householder was handing out candy to trick or treaters.

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