Biden Bust? Kam Crash?

Depends on  Your Zoom Level

In the study of qi (qigong), the adept is advised to look for the mysteries on at least three levels:  The transient mysteries, the  great mysteries, and the  Grand mysteries.  (Some qigong practitioners prefer subtle wonder, mysterious wonder, and incredible wonder as classifications.

Qigong teachings date back  thousands of years, emanating the mountain range/upthrust region that divides northern and southern China.  Old adages – standing the tests of time – are occasionally useful even in modern times.  The “level of mystery” context was used because “zoom level” made no sense predating, among other things, the telescope.  At a secular level, “zoom levels” didn’t go viral until smartphones: the mid-1990’s.

Adroit use of  “zoom levels” reveals the gearing of heaven.  Which aids as we climb into the clouds to where few hermits persist in caves around the mountain Tailaoshan, Fukien province.  Mentally preparing for writing  Peoplenomics for this weekend:  “The ROI of Speed.”

Today’s Transient Mystery

This is easy:  Mechanistic.  We have been tracking the market decline from September 2, realizing if the market was unable to better those levels, then recent weeks of rally would only amount to a large Wave 2.  Begins to look that way.

Aggressive declines this week (coincident to end-of-month settlements) hint the decline at least begins a Wave 3 down.  Although (on early futures) a pause briefly for fresh rounds of hype-nosis is likely.

Although it would be graceful to see a brief rally to above 3,300 on the S&P, it might only kiss the 4-day or 13-day moving averages.

The lower blue band in this chart snip suggests if we break below the wave 1 down, then the lower edge of the right “trading box” could materialize.  For now, we’re not anticipating that until we “Pass the Election and  Enter Chaos.”

If Chaos drops by, then a “stopping point” 10% down (around 3,000 on the S&P) might be an interesting level to watch.  Opinions are like what?

The Greater Mystery in Data

We have several numbers to consider (so early!):

GDP is the first.  As combined with the soaring Fed printing, we will take a guess this weekend at the crater created by imploding velocity.  For now, the “recovery happy talk” such as it is, reads this way:

Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 33.1 percent in the third quarter of 2020 (table 1), according to the “advance” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the second quarter, real GDP decreased 31.4 percent.

If you’re thinking “That chart doesn’t look right…”

Well, you’d be right.  But, let the old dime-store MBA explain it.  Say you have a baseline 100 and you drop 33%.  Now you’re at 66.  Then you go up 35%:  are you even?  Hell no!  You’re at 89.1.  But the CHART looks good to people who are gullible and don’t grok math!

Similarly, the weekly new unemployment claims keep piling up, but it’s not the end of the world.  As long as  you’re not one of them:

In the week ending October 24, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 751,000, a decrease of 40,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised up by 4,000 from 787,000 to 791,000. The 4-week moving average was 787,750, a decrease of 24,500 from the previous week’s revised average. The previous week’s average was revised up by 1,000 from 811,250 to 812,250.
The advance seasonally adjusted insured unemployment rate was 5.3 percent for the week ending October 17, a decrease of 0.5 percentage point from the previous week’s revised rate.

Not sure of the Greater Mystery?  Let us assume that the September 2 highs hold.  Further, that the pending decline will continue (in chaos) down to the blue band.  Perhaps by inauguration day.

We would expect a “great fake-out” to appear in January.  On words of comfort from the president, much pomp and hyping-stance about new vaccines, and a nice progressive “motivation session.”

Which should wear off in mid to late Spring.

CV-19 Waves 1 and 2

The longer-term danger of CV-19 coverage in the [ungrounded] press is what we believe will be seen in the future as premature labeling of Wave 2.  In our view, Wave 2 isn’t remotely here yet.  Common sense and belief in waves of Nature, offers us a view ahead like this:

Our simple (and sole) guidance is the “run” enjoyed by the Spanish flu that ran “February 1918 to April 1920.”  That’s a 26-month run.  To even articulate that Wave 2 is underway now reflects, I think, “a storm of mental confusion.”  Overdose of  hopium, perhaps?

A late winter pop in 3-4 months (beginning Wave 2, 1 up), seems more realistic when calibrating economic expectations.

Curse of Lazy New Consumers

Information warfare is not hard to apprehend:  When media and one political party line up on one side of an issue, cognitive dissonances within the newsuserpop becomes unavoidable.  That, Trump “Russia Collusion” – has been disproven, remains widely  believed, while “Hunter as bag man for Joe” is comparatively more solid yet censored by leftist media, belies the Digital Uprising.

But, it doesn’t matter.  Because exploiters of Digital Mob Rule – include Zuckerberg and Dorsey – are manipulating toward a leftist future.

Can’t fix that, but it’s useful to become research-driven if you’re not already.  Sadly, when it comes to a simple  medical outlook, people are too lazy to “search the science.”  Easier to drink the mainstream Kool-Aid.

You need to know that on the low side, the Herd Immunity Threshold (HIT) for communicable disease runs 33-44% getting sick for flu and Covid-19 from 50-80% of the population infected.

If that’s the case, and given America has 326-million people, a “high flu, low CV-19) level (48%) would be needed for herd immunity to  begin.  That’d be 156-million Americans with CV-19.

In our projections, that implies Peak Covid based on HIT in July 2021.

While this might be moderated by a successful new vaccine, our plans are to avoid vaccination until at least the 1-year general distribution level.  Until then, we will continue self quarantining (and Cloroxing all arriving goods).

For now, it’s all looking like a Big Pharma Bailout for $1,250 per dose medical experiments.  We’ll pass.

We’ll monitor, but post-election, we’re anticipating a change in the Covid narrative.

As I explained on the Peoplenomics site, I’ve had a recent vivid dream that told me the most critical thing to security in 2021 will be food supplies; “money” isn’t the problem.  Urban Survival is.  Water, Food, Freedom…the first two of which will be controlled to steal the third.

The Grand Mystery

Global Depressions change the economic balance of Earth.  Like the one we see forming.

As the 1930s event rolled out, London was the financial center of the Universe.  But, just as the U.S.A. ascended to the “throne of international economic supremacy” (a decades-long coronation ceremony that includes a World War) after 20-years challenging, we see events “gearing” to install China as the new Center of the Economic Universe.

The Big Change begins with the Ant Group IPO.  While the Wall St. Journal says this $34-billion offering will benefit some elites (“Ant IPO Promises $8 Billion Gain for Elite Group of Foreign Investors
In 2018, the financial-technology giant raised $10.3 billion in its first and only private sale of stock to institutions outside China”), there’s more to it.

This will not be a one-off event.  We understand that China is planning a series of IPOs in coming months that will suck HUGE amounts of money into the Asia markets dominated by China.

Since China’s already a U.S. creditor, the situation will result in a “post economic war” setting that will leave the (Covid) emptied valleys of Wall St. reprising the role of the (sour grapes) City in London.  The airs of economic superiority will persist, but the Ant Group IPO is the lever (fulcrum, then?) about which the financial universe is being rearranged in the Grand Historical Context.

All of which now circles us to the headline of today’s column:

Biden Bust or Kam Crash?

Assembly of the “daily mystery” of markets (down) and the weekly-monthly zoom (more disease to come) results in a Grand Mystery of power replacement of the USA by China.

Having cleaned out useful U.S. assets, China’s new five year economic plan stresses ‘sustainable’ growth—and self-reliance in the tech sector.  Oh, and that includes mastery of drone-swarm technology to kill American air power.  Or, Taiwanese….

Toss in the growing drought, however?

Clearly,  there is potential for a future where food is the weapon of choice for one side and [more] epicanthally-targeted bioweapons the choice of the other.


Psst…wanna buy a war?  “Russian Agents Offered 10K Soldiers to Aid Catalan Separatists – Reports.”

Screw the voters?  Did you see the press release on the latest hiding of data from voters?

“SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Federal district court judge Maxine M. Chesney (a Clinton appointee-gu) has dismissed the American Small Business League’s summary judgement motion for the release of the names of all firms that received PPP loans. The ASBL has requested the information under the Freedom of Information Act. Judge Chesney vacated the ASBL’s summary judgement motion, which means that it’s highly unlikely that the names of firms that received PPP loans of $150,000 or less will be released before the election. “

Gee, why are we not surprised?

Warming up the radicals: More looting hits Philadelphia despite curfew.

File under “Turd with the last Word” Pelosi Accuses Mnuchin Of Dragging Feet On Stimulus Compromise.  Both parties got crooked on this, let’s be real, here.

Several years ago, we laid out the battle between Amazon and Wal-Mart in “Bezos & Bentonville: Barbarians at the Mall. (PN Library)  Today, we continue tracking that macrotrend by bringing “Walmart turns four stores into e-commerce laboratories as online sales surge to your attention.

That’s more than enough to ponder, don’t you think?

Back to the fall in the Fall now.  Just don’t slip up and miss tomorrow.

Write when you get rich (but 3 comments per day per reader max, please!)  Unlike socialist media, we do care what people post and since we haven’t bought off political parties for favors to protect us in turn for election rigging…

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81 thoughts on “Biden Bust? Kam Crash?”

  1. Here’s a thought experiment that hopefully will be a ‘real’ experiment some day SOON. There are lots of so called ‘Covid’ tests. There is not just one test. So, let’s say we take the top five tests and select a random group of 50 volunteers. We test them every day for a week using all 5 tests. In other words, each person get 35 tests over the course of a week.

    So, what if, just what if, all the tests do not turn 35 positive or 35 negative tests? So, which test is correct or were all the tests inaccurate? Btw, I know the answer here, but it is a great experiment because it shows the ridiculous proposition of the current testing and certainly calls into question whether states or countries want to base entire national economic policies on the most unreliable of testing.

    Of course, no worries. The CDC would never conduct such testing because it would raise too many common sense questions about the testing, and most importantly, about the entire ‘covid’ thesis. I recommend the work of Jon Rappaport to understand the underlying context here.

    • Throw in the convenience of a world wide liquidity lockup, the need to print log normal gobs of paper to allow the money flow and vig to continue at the Fed repo window, sprinkle in the fear of hyper inflation. The answer is to lock the econ down and put the patient in a coma so that the money velocity tanks thus postponing Weimar 2.0…. Now if they can keep the patient comatose without killing same until a cure (reset) or vaccine (federal reserve note swap for the new treasury $) becomes available, everything will be roses again. The treasury $ BTW will be issued as CBDC.

      • “until a cure”

        I have my doubts to a cure or a vaccine .. for which mutation… pick a couple of the more deadly aspects and work towards that the rest I assume we will Just have to suffer…

  2. Your comments on China this morning are so bang on. Their global grand plan is playing out in real time. Maybe Biden really did see this coming and planned for it for the past several years.

    So glad my days are numbered.

      • The IPO’s being listed in Hong Kong (which is simultaneous with a listing in Shanghai) use the Hong Kong Dollar

        The Hong Kong authorities try to keep the peg at $1 to $1 US

  3. Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand choked out Europe. An invasion force 5x the size of Normandy.

    Chinese billionaire planning new city on outskirts of Dundalk to visit area soon

    “Ivan Ko, chief executive of the Victoria Harbour Group (VHG) revealed in July that he was searching for a site to relocated 500,000 Hong Kong nationals, on an autonomous 500km sq plot in one of six Irish sites.”

    Boris Johnson Pledges to Admit 3 Million From Hong Kong to U.K.

    “Describing it as one of the biggest changes in visa regulations in British history, Mr. Johnson said the roughly 350,000 Hong Kong residents who hold a British overseas passport, as well as some 2.5 million who are eligible to apply for one, would be granted 12-month renewable visas that would allow them to work in Britain and put them on a path to citizenship.”

    And they know violence is on the way.

    Scottish Bill Would Criminalize ‘Hate Speech’ in Private Homes

    A controversial bill making its way through Scotland’s Parliament would criminalize hate speech even if the offending words were uttered in someone’s private home.

    • There are too many people in the world looking to create problems of one kind or another. ;–((
      “Self respect” is greatly undervalued, IMHO.

    • Awesome, just how are they hearing your conversations in your private home? Oh yeah never mind I’m typing on mine LOL..

  4. Hey G – how comz U R not mentioning the SHOCKING islamo-terrorism taking place in Paris recently..just a couple of Be-Headings?
    Why even sf RE guy – could see mass immigration of military aged Males into Paris, France was a In Ure Face (IUF) pre-planned/pre-staged Military Pys-Op.
    *”roths” & co really really want that Oil in Syria- and france is the “sword of rothchild”
    Okay maybe not sf mark, as The Department of Give Credit where Credit is Due just ruled –
    “no credit 4 sfmark!

    Is the High in 4 the year – BTC ? “prolly” – buts thats okay because the even moar “worthless magic numbers” (LTC) are to accepted by PayPal – so worthless !

    knock knock: whos there?
    knock knock: The Future
    knock knock:The Future Who?
    knock knock: the Future Ure Missing!

    Litecoin 4 All!

    • LCN,
      Why bash me? You do know that I have a massive amount of bitcoin, bitcoin cash, lite coin, Ethereum and Chainlink? We are compadres. It’s been a really good month for digital currency, with much higher returns to come.

  5. “Opinions are like what?”

    Germany and Japan fixed their systems to their satisfaction after WW2 ‘-) why can’t we do same?

    • Um, WE fixed their systems to OUR (plural) satisfaction — check out McArthur’s postwar treatises, and never forget, there were two reasons we nuked Japan:

      1) End the war without a million additional U.S. casualties and 10-30mln Japanese casualties.

      2) End the war before the Soviet Union could deal itself into the Pacific bargaining table.

      • And number two was number one,I wonder why people keep up the old gag that we had to nuke them because we wanted to prevent the casualties,for God sake Japan is an island that we had surrounded nothing going in and nothing going out, and the Japanese had been trying to surrender for months the only sticking point was the emperor,but trying to cover our ass for the genocide we had to come up with something other then showing those Ruskkies out new toy as Truman put it,another dick head one of many to occupy the oval office.!!!

  6. as a lifelong advocate of ocean voyaging it has become clear that to manage to live on the seas has been ‘discouraged’ by this global scam for power. do the PTB fear the panic if people know about Nibiru? is there some forces we literally cannot see that have always been quietly influencing the evolution of humanity and now are finally putting the boot to our collective face, showing the truth to those who dare see? Sail drones, starlink (communication or observation?), and a long developed culture of cognitive dissonance seems to have made it possible to subjugate an entire planet. never before has there been so much collective stupidity.
    GTFOH has taken new meaning. this should be a war, a war of real warriors fighting for the soul of humanity… because it’s souls they harvest, the little nanometric sentient rulers. the virus, or whatever, lives in our minds. better clean that space if we want to survive.
    the oceans may be too huge in our scale to be worth controlling. waterworld could easily be coming when the dirt is no longer anything but a site for our prison.

    • “the virus, or whatever, lives in our minds. better clean that space if we want to survive.”

      Lots of truth to that statement, because in our minds that’s where all trouble start. Me too!!

    • “do the PTB fear the panic if people know about Nibiru?”

      Think about NIBIRU… Now figure a dwarf star or planet passing in close proximity to the earth in an elliptical orbit.. I am no scientist.. but get on a moped and ride on the interstate and have a big rig go by at eighty miles an hour..
      you can see how the affect would be from the magnetic draw..

      as for there being a planet.. that has already been pretty much confirmed.. I doubt seriously that any of us have to worry about NIBIRU…

  7. George, you wrote…‘We’ll monitor, but post-election, we’re anticipating a change in the Covid narrative.“

    I agree. When Trump gets body slammed to the mat, two things will happen. Twitter cuts his feed and GOP Senators that got voted out will have one final task…invoke the 25th Amendment as retaliation against the bum that cost them their job. Then…we can get back to real plans to thwart the pandemic. First and foremost… That means schools, with the help of the government, will have real, solid plans, PPE, added teacher assistants and video assist to open up our schools, spread out the student teacher ratio and stop the stress with parents in the home.

    • Solly Chalie -Trump is killing it in early voting ..llllllllLANDSLIDE!

      – even the mass Voter Fraud Organization bribem/the muzzie/kilary co. put together has been unable to twart. A bad joke by the looks of it.

      covert19 is a Corona Vrus – fact

      Influenza is a Virus that kills roughly 650K/yr -fact

      2020 has seen a whooping 98% Reduction in Flu infections versus 2019, it has virtually Disappeared.

      U two geniuses gonna tell me ALL masks – no matter what kind can Distinguish between Virus particles from covert19 versus influenza, only Allowing covert19 to pass but blocking influenza? yeah yeah “smart masks” right?

      See recent study 2020 – at YALE Univ. – found that out of 13,000 patients admitted to major Hosp. w/Respitory disease – no one had Cold and Flu at same time, in fact lung tissue exposed to Cold/Corona virus was immune to Influenza.

      Got some Splainin to do, no ?

      splainin – Not spinnin.

      * see last name

    • That change in the narrative: Stick it to the little guy, Employers and Employees will be picking up those huge medical bills, not the one percenters! And don’t forget who gave the Pharmaceuticals a giant hand out with no restrictions (Trump):

      Trump lets the Pharmaceuticals charge whatever they want:

      China’s got a $30 vaccine:

    • “I agree. When Trump gets body slammed to the mat, two things will happen.” OTFLMAO
      To save yourself from the upcoming tax man narrative and your having to help pay ole sweet uncle sleepy and his sadistic pervert kid.. send your donations to those of us that could use some of that moldy money you keep buried in the backyard.. they don’t accept fifties and hundreds here but fives tens and twenties LOL LOL LOL or a check.. LMAO
      Just a thought you could consider LOL I for one would make sure it stays in circulation and actually does some good for people LOL

      • I actually remember an ad a long time ago in the Journal that said.. send your tax free donations to.. and the guy got so much from people reading that ad..
        the one company I worked for that is how it started and is very successful today.. it was designed to be a money loss.. instead it was a money gain because the dupe they gave the money to was smarter than they had thought he was LOL…

      • No, another lie. I mean lifelong GOP patriots that have a brain, success, empathy and integrity and don’t buy the con job of the dumbest politician in the history of World Politics! The entire world is rooting for him to sink into the abyss.

    • “Madison Ave cranking out some pretty damn good commercials.”

      Ha,ha,ha, there is nobody left on Madison Ave. ;-)
      They seem to have escaped for the Hamptons?

      • Nope they are diaspora literally pouring out along the East Coast shore line on their way to parts South and Florida. New cars, temp tags, out of state tags and/ or travel trailers in tow, neighborhood homes doubling tripling up on vehicles in the driveways with escapees staying at relatives homes until they move on. You’d think it was Summer on the Shore with the traffic. I figure the new cars belong to Urban mass transit dwellers that needed a means of mobility, and some of those “new” cars are very used… meaning the impacted are representative of all economic strata. More alarming are the food lines appearing at churches and signs asking “need food? Call xxx-xxx-xxxx. “. Thankfully Im on an island, the chief of police speaking at a neighborhood meeting once referred to the place as Mayberry RFD. For that I am grateful. Look around, because that city flight is going to begin to bleed out into the rest of America soon.

    • “Here is one from our GOP patriots, the Lincoln Project.”

      As I look down the roster, I see a lot of “GOP” but no “patriots.” Just a bunch of oneworlder neosocialists who’ve been conspiring since (at least) 1982 to build a global empire with us at its pinnacle. That’s not patriotism, it’s despotism…

      • Ray, there are major GOP names on that roster and it goes deeper than what you will find on their web site. Despot by definition is a ruler or person that holds absolute power, typically one who exercises it in a cruel or oppressive way.

        Hmmm. Sounds like an orange colored baboon that I know. Trump demands loyalty of him over country (That would check the absolute power box)…He blasts, name calls, mocks and slanders anyone that isn’t loyal to him or challenges his 20,000+ lies, (that would check the cruel box) and he tries to suppress his base of the real facts and lies incessantly to maintain control of the conversation and wants to rob us of our 1st amendment rights by denigrating the media. ( that checks the oppressive box)

      • “Ray, there are major GOP names on that roster and it goes deeper than what you will find on their web site. Despot by definition is a ruler or person that holds absolute power, typically one who exercises it in a cruel or oppressive way.”

        We are in total agreement on this.

        I stand by my previous statement.

    • Hi Mark,

      I’ve mentioned before that historically a large proportion of Lincoln Project advertising dollars have been spent at marketing companies owned by the project’s leadership. Now disillusioned republicans pinch-hitting for deep-pocketed democrats (not disclosed as donors?) strikes me as a classic “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” reality. But hey, it’s a great gig of a business model that’s paying some households’ bills. Certainly though one recoils at the notion that shameless hucksters could be appropriating the good name of a noble person held in the highest esteem of your nation, and to observe it hung out to dry as a tawdry banner for pretenders’ jingles. Frankly I think these lost souls need to make pilgrimage to The Potomac, approach the Lincoln Memorial on bended knee, and meditate on the intents of the Reflecting Pool with a deep introspection towards a restorative path forward.

      As a Great Man once said, “whatever you are, be a good one”.

    • Very few CEO’S couldget a job without their connections or capital..
      There was a show out a few years ago that took wealthy and connected, the object was without the use of their connections or cash educational certificates etc. They had to get a job,find a place to live etc. For 30 days. Only one was able to do it and he said it was the hardest thing he had ever done.
      Now.. on the other hand.. I would have a hard time fitting in at the society level he’s at.. and I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea how to survive homeless.. and would have a difficult time adjusting.. the same way you would to..
      So that scoped ad to basically mean mouth our president means absolutely nothing. I could see an ad similar about joe to..suspected of pedophilia and corrupt business dealings has a son who’s laptop hard drive filled with photos and videos of torture and pedophilia and has been suspected of using his influence to hide the results.
      Of course those things are not covered and as we all know. The candidates that stand before us are the best, most honest and has a higher level of integrity than all of us thr voters. So vote for who you want I cannot vote for sleepy just because I get this uneasy feeling when I see him speak. Is he lying my gut says whenever he opens his mouth. Now his running mate.. I don’t have that feeling about. I get the she believes in what shes saying..

  8. I’d encourage folks to look up Dr. Alvin Moss, M.D. regarding vaccines. The flu vaccine causes the most injuries in this country. 40% of all vaccinations are flu shots in this country. One cannot sue for injury or death from a vaccine, so there is absolutely no incentive to ensure they are safe. There is only injury compensation from the gov. From the vaccine injury compensation program, 60% of all compensations are for injuries from the flu shot. Flu shots are also less than 50% effective.

  9. George. Just fussing.
    “Information warfare is not hard to apprehend”, should this not be ‘Comprehend’

    • Simon – I know full-well what comprehend means. I used the word I intended. Colloquial? Guilty as typed!
      You may wish to broaden your filters a bit – in older literature (1800’s early 1900’s which I’ve been reading a good deal on lately) apprehend was used extensively manner such as “…a more refined concept to apprehend…” Meaning to “fully capture” essence of a thing. As information warfare should not be difficult to fully capture. Having [werd] smithed a bit… From the Middle English ‘comprehenden’ from Latin comprehendere (“to grasp”), from the prefix com- + prehendere (“to seize”). It’s at the seizing (apprehend) branch that I used in the oldster context. Some number of readers (older) may recall its use in earlier (Retroculture) eras.
      Hope you understand. Don’t get hemmed by a 10,000 word vocab!
      Also, when the voice goes off in your head, ask it gently “Are you so sure there’s not more being said here?”
      And it was so.

  10. What happens in schools is not entirely federal business.. “the real plans” are made by local politicians, local school boards, local teachers, local union halls. They could be doing things differently already, why is the federal government on the hook for that? Oh yeah, people are stupid, don’t know civics, and don’t care about the person next door. Just looking for a federal savior. Somehow that’s going to be different this time. Uh huh.

  11. “we’re not anticipating that until we “Pass the Election and Enter Chaos.” ”

    We’re already there…

    The media’s not talking much about the overnight riots in D.C., Portland, and the other “usual suspects.”

    Sorry, the cops did nothing wrong. Everyone who’s trained, is trained to the standard that an antagonist with any hand-to-hand weapon is a deadly threat inside 25 feet and every policeman I know was trained to shoot-to-kill inside either 15 or 25 feet. It’s SOP because at 25′ a perp with a knife can make you dead before you can bring your gun to bear and shoot accurately, ~25% of the time.

    “Oh but he had mental issues…”
    Really? Show me one law which says:

    “If the perpetrator of a violent crime has ‘mental issues,’ when confronted by police, the officers on-scene must allow the perpetrator to attack them at-will, until they can restrain him(her) without violence”

    and I’ll shut up (and move…)


    There are generations of HK residents to whom Christianity is a primary belief and Chinese is a second language. They need to be elsewhere, so Xi doesn’t end them. With that said, what do y’all suppose the underlying plan is for Hong Kong, once the natives — potential insurgents — are out of the way?

    ALSO, this is flat f’in scary:

    “Scottish Bill Would Criminalize ‘Hate Speech’ in Private Homes”

    That’s like THX-1984 – the worst precepts of each movie, combined, and coming to fruition before our eyes…

    • “It’s SOP because at 25? a perp with a knife can make you dead before you can bring your gun to bear”
      Stupids, as well as the media fail to get it.

    • “Everyone who’s trained, is trained to the standard that an antagonist with any hand-to-hand weapon is a deadly threat inside 25 feet and every policeman I know was trained to shoot-to-kill inside either 15 or 25 feet.”

      Lol lol when I was in DC.. I shared an apartment with a guy that spent a day or two to long in Nam..
      Anyway our apartment was right on the edge of the bad area..he couldn’t stand feeling constrained so all the doors and windows were always open. No screens wide open.
      You never entered quietly.. he had so many guns .. anyway he slept with this mini cannon.. I fell asleep watching tv and the third member of the apartment was reading a book.. all of a sudden you could hear the chamber of that mini canon sliding a shell in..we ran to the kitchen where he was that thing shoved down the throat of some guy trying to sneak into the apartment through the kitchen window..dragging him into the apartment eyes wide open..while the two of is begging him to not kill him..
      He let the guy go and that was it.. now our apartment was the only one that wasn’t robbed ever..

  12. 1980’s British Rock star Billy Idol is missing a chance to cash in with this virus by not having his own line of face masks with his smash hit placed prominently on the front:EYES WITHOUT A FACE.

  13. Chapter one:

    I remember back When the United States of America was on the edge of Civil war. When Chaos, Confusion and disease was rampant and there was much fear in the world because of a few evil men and women and their agenda. Then God said let these evil doers perish under a Blue Full Moon night on Hallows Eve in what was then the year of perfect Vision 2020.

    God said, Let these workers of inquity be removed from this world because the Veil is thin between being the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead.

    And God said, let these Evil workers be snatched up and taken through the veil to the land of the dead and be no more. Let no one of them escape or come back across the Veil from the land of the dead into the land of the Living. Let only those evil doers and workers of inquity who created the fear, confusion and disease and who’s hands desire chaos and control in the world be shut out from the Earth I created. Which is Good. Lay waist their plans to destroy the world.

    And it was Good.

    And it was so.

    Then God said, Let Abundance and Prosperity return to The United States of America. Let it be filled with Inspiration, ingenuity, opportunity, happiness, health and joy.

    And God saw that restoring the United States of America to being the Land of Abundance, Prosperity, Inspiration, Opportunity, ingenuity, Health, and Joy was Good.

    And it was so.

    Then God said, Let all the men and women who remain in the United States no matter their race, religion, creed, culture or place of birth being born equal be afforded Abundance, Prosperity, Inspiration, Opportunity, Health and Joy.

    And God saw that it was Good.
    And it was so.

    Then God said let the nation of the United States return to being govern by it’s Constitution where it’s first word is We, not I. Let the Nation of the United States return to its Values and be a Shining Example to all nations of the world by being helpful and encouraging other nations in their advancement and growth in Abundance, Prosperity, ingenuity, inspiration, health and growth in the areas of Spirituality, Science, Math, technology.

    And God saw that it was good.

    And it was so.

    And God saw that former evil men and women in the Governments of the World, Finance, Business and that of the Vatican and Zion who had become a perversion of entities and were the workers of fear, disease and confusion who had become drunk on power and pride, that because of these few evil men and women who were no more. Once again These Governments of the world became trusted servants to and for their people and the great fear, confusion, disease and fear around the world was no more.

    And God saw that it was Good.

    And it was so.

    Then God said, restore the Earth to its Lavish Beauty. And the Earth became Lavish and Beautiful once more.

    And God saw that it was good for the Earth to be restored to its Lavish Beauty.

    And it was so.

    Then God said, Let all the inhabitants of the Earth who remain be filled with Love, Hope, Joy, Companionship, Mutual Respect, Honor and Long lives.

    And God saw that it was Good for the inhabitants of the Earth to be filled with Love, Hope, Joy, Companionship, mutual respect, Honor and Long lives.

    And it was so.

    Then God said, Let Humanity travel among the stars and create civilizations among the other planets that I have made for them among those stars and become all that I intended them to become.

    And God saw that it was Good.

    And it was so.

  14. Covid-19 is a special coronavirus it’s got MERS,SARS and AIDS in it,
    So it just depends what position the virus is in which determines which of the three of the corona you will get.
    This is going to be around a long time 10 20 years that’s why they want to keep giving you shots every 6 months the combat this population reducer.
    Regular viruses have one thing this has got three different things and you can’t predict which of the three is coming at you so I predict this will be around from over 10 to 20 years, and the global elite will get their wish which is to reduce the population through that through economics through food through weather manipulation through travel restrictions through re-educations at home through downright mental depressions, the question is how can one man president Trump with his great Q team combat this,

    I know what I’m doing just like in the 19 20s or 30s Spanish flu there was a town of 2 to 300 people were only one family didn’t get sick and that’s because the mother gave the family every morning a glass of water with the half a tablespoon of baking soda in it. Baking soda keeps the immune system alkaline and up and ready to fight any of those viruses,
    And as that video I gave you a long time ago about, hem hof breathing techniques where he was injected with viruses and he overcame them ,wore them off with his breathing techniques,
    I take baking soda I also take vitamin c D2 I have some zinc and some multiple vitamins and elderberry and tart cherry extract and my coffee has coconut oil it has shaga fine mushroom powder ,ginger, cloves,cinnamon, olive oil ,baking soda, lemon and some milk.

    My objective is not to grow a garden but to grow herbs and spices according to Chinese legend the man that lived 500 years grew herbs and spices and teas and that’s what he ate or drink and he passed that down to a man who lived 250 years and he did the same thing raising the herbs and spices and then finally that’s been passed down there are people that live to be 150 but you don’t hear about them cuz they’re not documented but the way they do that is they drink lots of liquids in other words teas through herbs and spices in other words you can take a crock pot and put all kinds of stuff in there and just drink the broth and you’ll be healthy oh I forgot I put garlic in my coffee,
    may all beings be lovingly fulfilled financially fulfilled and readily fulfilled so be it while you’re at it have a nice day

    • I do drink lots of liquids — spiritual that is — and one needs to keep a sense of humor getting old.

  15. Comment number two if you are having trouble in the morning and your knees hurt your body just don’t feel right when you’re in bed do some setups yeah do a bunch of them then once you get out of bed do some push-ups off the end of the bed I’ll tell you that’ll get you going better than anything even when you’re sick and tired and can’t hardly move,

    You know that thing called ibuprofen the people take for pain reliever well I swear if I can’t sleep I take two of those I think the 200 mg each and I can actually sleep and plus I have great dreams and I feel better the next morning so maybe that warning about heart attacks for ibuprofen only is just something that has been advertised so that you can’t feel gooda

    • Yeah, but Ibuprofen is hard on the liver, also, and toxic at high levels. Try the amino acid GABA at bedtime for a good night’s sleep. It’s a neurotransmitter the brain uses to quench overactivity. Calming and sleep promoting. Best thing I have found and it’s all natural.

      • GABA is valuable for many reasons at bedtime. It’s not only calming, but tends to trigger growth hormone release – something we’re all low on in the second half of life. The FDA has this substance severely restricted in the USA, but it’s available for those who have enough money to go to Europe or elsewhere. There was almost an amendment for medical freedom in the Bill of Rights, but it was dropped for expediency.

        Too bad.

  16. Way off the chain.

    Michigan bars, restaurants must now collect names and numbers for COVID contact tracing

    Michigan bars and restaurants must now collect names and phone numbers of customers for COVID-19 contact tracing under an extended epidemic order, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) announced today.

    Health officials said these are requirements and the businesses must operate under the rules to protect public health.

    • WTH? Michigan is 95% wilderness forest (and waterways.) Why would they mandate such a thing and not limit it to Marquette, Chippewa, Grand Traverse, Kent, Ingham and Kalamazoo Counties, and those Counties in the Tri-Cities and along the I-94 corridor?

      Stucking foopid…

      Please, please, please send Whitmer and a bunch of those legislative prigs in Lansing back to their (now-failing) businesses…

      • KISS. If a restaurant collects the information that means the restaurant management chose sides.

        “I was just following orders.”

        – Hagenbach

      • Yeah, I know. It also means the restaurants are getting millions in data, for free, which they can peddle as “confirmed, and working” current names and phone numbers. EBM!


        That now makes Michigan a bigger pain than Ohio. I really wish y’all would settle the damn’ border war and learn to play football with a smile. It’d do wonders for attitudes in Columbus and Lansing.

        Ohio’s a PITA because they have strictly-enforced customer capacities — ain’t nothing like standing out in the cold with an overflowing bladder you can’t empty because a cstore has a “capacity” of 3, and some trailer park queen and her 4 kids (2 at a time in the store, and running in-and-out in shifts) are picking out which candy bars they’re having for supper… And yes, that was a slice of my last experience stopping, while driving through the Buckeye State. If I weren’t also waiting to pay for a tankful I’d have driven 6 miles to the nearest bush. I’m now back to carrying a pilot’s helper…

    • Brilliant! Im sure that will really help the struggling businesses.. such madness over a 0.26% infection fatality rate as per CDC, along with meaningless PCR tests that are neither definitive or specific! Mass non-compliance is the only rational response to the ongoing casedemic!

  17. “You know that thing called ibuprofen the people take for pain reliever well I swear if I can’t sleep I take two of those I think the 200 mg each and I can actually sleep and plus I have great dreams…”

    I’ll give it a try tonight — thank you! May YOU be lovingly fulfilled, and while you’re at it have some pleasant days ahead of you.

    • He’s been a neosocialist since the 1970s. ‘Love his music. Then he got political. I watch entertainers to be entertained. Unless I’m at a Christian music festival, I expect to hear no preaching on any subject. When an entertainer dashes my expectations, I dash all future financial support. Of nearly 200 major concerts I’ve attended, only “Hall & Oates” dashed my expectations via their performance. Others whom I no longer support did it with preaching, usually political and nearly always Leftist.

      • What gives you the right say whether or not an entertainer, sports figure, musician can or can not promote his or her political views? In my opinion, their success has earned them the right to speak out! They are more qualified based on their success to bloviate their views more than you and I. To say otherwise is a form of oppression. The shut up and dribble message is sickening to the core. What if we said to a firefighter…shut up and hold the hose…or a builder…shut up and hammer. We are a nation of one person one vote and each of us are entitled to our views and opinions. Unless Ray, you are s closet fascist commie…and hate our 1st amendment rights.

      • “What gives you the right say whether or not an entertainer, sports figure, musician can or can not promote his or her political views?”

        Nothing. I don’t have the Right or ability to do so.

        What I DO have is the right and ability to choose whom I support, both actively and financially.

        The First Amendment guarantees people the Right to free speech. It does NOT guarantee them an audience…

  18. hi George .. only 1 post today . its getting very interesting on my analysis .. very very interesting but not funny !!! anyway keep up all the guru stuff and reseting and gold stories . weather is nice here , suns out and my 18 year old cat is like a kitten again in spring .

  19. You know, if you take out your dusty copy of “Report From Iron Mountain”, and substitute the word ‘war’ with ‘pandemic’, it sure does clear up a lot of confusion….

    • It’s my contention it’ll be like that for a while. The markets run on optimism fed by stability. Planners can cope with a Trump Presidency and they can cope with a Biden Presidency. What they can’t cope with is uncertainty, and unlike previous times, the election results are likely to remain uncertain for weeks.

      I’d not be surprised to see thousand point pops in either direction, or both on successive days, although I believe the general trend will be downward until Trump is confirmed, when it’ll rocket, or Biden is confirmed, when it’ll crash…

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