Economic Impacts of Anti-Gravity Tech (1)

U.S. Navy “mass reduction” patents have been surfacing lately. That’s obscura for anti-gravity.

Like it, or not, we may be, as a civilization, on the cusp of a greater breakthrough than atomic power, electricity, or anything else we have been able to realize so far.

But, there may be some dark sides to such a breakthrough as well.  This morning we will run through some of the potential impacts and possible workings of the new technology..

First, though, our usual cup of coffee over headlines and charts. 

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26 thoughts on “Economic Impacts of Anti-Gravity Tech (1)”

  1. The native American spiritual practices have used smudge sticks and are still using them very effectively. I have some around the house and use them every so often.

  2. I am finding the term, electrogravitic thrust / propulsion mentioned more on the internet recently. T Townsend Brown discovered it in the 1950’s. Brown wrote up a proposal for the Navy in 1952, Project Winterhaven, which was funded with 5 or 6 contractors. Paul Laviolette PHd in Physics explains how it works in his book, “Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion”. Chapter 2 and 3 explains the electrogravitic progress of Project Winterhaven from 1953 to 1959. When prototypes starting working in 1959, the military classified all programs, “Black, Special Access Programs, Unrecognized”.
    Red Dog

    • Before 1950, Coral Castle and the black hand of government. We are being allowed, don’t be so surprised.

    • It is 2019 & not the 1950’s. Ever wonder what happened in the middle years kept secret & now all of a sudden a bogus patent. Ask your Burpley Dr. Of Pysics friends. If they don’t know, the military has done a good job of keeping a secret or the Burp’s are incompetent.

  3. Back in 1971, I was having a conversation with a senior physicist at the Columbia University Cyclotron lab. I we were just bantering about electronics and physics and I asked innocently why after all this time, money and effort, we don’t have the ability to control and affect gravity the way we permute electrical and magnetic fields. He got a bit more serious and replied “That’s classified information”. This was in a lab that didn’t require clearances of any sort at the time.

    I’ve wondered for decades about the intense financial and energetic concentration on research at CERN and other massive accelerators. Unlike much other basic research, very little seems to have filtered down to normal society, yet we continue to build larger and larger machines to explore these high energy interactions. My gut tells me that there’s something more to it than just being able to write scientific papers and produce Ph.D. theses.

  4. Here, we’re talking about anti-gravity, and another question seems to be: “What is a royal baby”?

    Is the general population really that retarded?

    • “Is the general population really that retarded?”

      in answer to your question Bruno my thoughts are……

      yes… on average I think the vast majority are nothing more than drooling idiots to consumed with finding an illusion or working to many hours chasing an illusion..Its all a grand plan put in place many years before I was even a thought. this isn’t the book but gives you the general idea..

      • I agree ECS… there’s no way that a patent would be allowed of something that sensitive.
        If that happened anyone could build one. Instead turn it into a very complex puzzle. Without the key the rest is useless..
        Although I knew a woman that I took care of. She loved puzzles.. I bought her the puzzle a thousand pieces with the same image printed on both sides. She put that puzzle together in a couple of hours. I was impressed.

    • NO….I don’t think so..

      Even though I personally don’t think there’s any secrets because I think we live in an open society where IF there’s a dramatic failure no one can come back with why weren’t we notified of this potential release then discredit …

      Like most issues that are sensitive in nature keep the process secure and insure that the inventor keeps the rights to the process he’s developing.
      Then researchers will file on Minor segments of a project independently so that they are patented, but not as a total process in completion.
      Most people aren’t willing to spend the time to research the different processes.
      Nor capable of connecting the confusing dots by putting the different processes together.
      Of course that’s just my opinion

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  6. Back in the 60’s when I had a paper route, the comic strip Dick Tracy by Chester Gould’s character Diet Smith invented the magnetic-powered Space Coupe” which looked like a tube with stalk-mounted receptors that would attract and repel gravity. Want to leave the Moon and travel to Earth? Then attract Earth, repel the Moon and off you go! With the use of this vehicle, Tracy and company landed on the Moon in 1964, finding there an advanced race of humanoids whose high technology meshed remarkably well with that of Smith’s. The Moon race looked like Caucasian humans except for having abnormally large eyes and giraffe-like horns on their foreheads.
    He also invented the precursor to the smartphone….the “2-way wrist TV”.

  7. The pictures of the space ships look exactly like the UFO Art Bell & Ramona saw in Pharump, NV in the 90’s. No noise, running about 20 miles an hour so the only source that could propel it silently & at such a slow speed would be anti gravity as discussed by Dr. Robert Koonz on another Art Bell show. On Dr. Koonz’s website he has pictures of UFO’s he took in 2002 in Altoona, PA. Same slow, silent anti gravity propulsion as Art saw.

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