Economic Causes of Civil Wars

Curiously, Issue 650 comes the week I turn 65 – a sobering time of life when one looks both back and ahead and realized time is limited.  As a result, the importance of using time wisely (nearing the finish line) comes more into focus and with it, concern for the future of the country and our children who are, as my late grandmother pointed out,  really our legacy and immortality.   So we look this week at what civil wars are, how they start, and the degree to which economics figures in.  And then we look at the hardest question of all:  Could it happen, here, again?  Ukraine?  The numbers matter.   After coffee, headlines, and charts, of course.  We can’t  be marching off into a battle against cloudy thinking unarmed, so we’ll prep with 20 ounces of  Mrs. Olson’s finest, backed up with reinforcements  – a tablespoon of beans from Kona…

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