May I present this morning’s brain-teaser to rock you into another stellar week of average performance?  Go ahead…try to guess what E.O.Q.W.D is…

OK, then, time’s up!

End of Quarter Window Dressing

I have this crackpot theory that says in addition to short run-ups before major holidays, the stock market may also have a tendency to pop a bit (like late last week) and maybe carrying over into today, as the en d of quarter bonus marks are set.  Run that Dow puppy up 80 at the open!

If this crackpot theory holds true, we may then see a run down to lower levels later this week as the “commercials” drive down the price of stocks in order to buy lower before selling higher sometime this summer. 

At least, maybe.

About the only news due out today should be the Chicago Purchasing Managers Index.

Tomorrow – which should be a National Holiday, being April Fools and all (we qualify, right?) – will see construction spending and auto sales, but the real point of getting up the next four morning will be to arrive safely at the Friday morning release of the unemployment figures.

So no, a major earthquake has not shoveled L.A. into the Pacific yet, and the Yellowstone caldera  is still cauldering (or whatever it is calderas do),

But this morning’s first coffee-induced brain-spasm is to view the week as a race between competing shaky outcomes:  Will the market go?  Or, will the earthquakes?

Japan and China were both up overnight.  German and French markets are sleeping late, but the kneeler’s deal is up a bit, too.

About the only cloud on the horizon is the prospect of another Dust Bowl, like the 1930’s.  There’s been a lot of dust blowing into Texas from out west, New Mexico, and so forth, and the possibility of climate driving food prices through the roof looks like almost a sure bet, now.

Rather than worry about this, why not worry about who said the $3-trillion in “fake bonds”: entering the Vatican Bank this morning were really fake? It’s make a hell of a TV show or movie. 

Or, how about them Swiss, naming 8 banks (the usual suspects) in a Forex manipulation probe?  Time to get out the whitewash, again,…

Climate Baiting Continues

Yes, the earth’s climate is changing.  But it has always been changing.  It’s just that we’ve never had good enough communications about it to turn it into a cult/religion.  And it’s not being widely reported how former Greenpeace insider Patrick Moore laid out conflicting data about climate to a Senate committee last week.

And if that’s not enough to get you to wondering about things, how about the report this weekend in USA Today that this March could go into the books as one of the 10-coldest on record?

Oh, no, says a UN report…the climate is dialing up global security risks.  Like nukes and ebola on the loose in Africa don’t matter?

Around here, with our steely eye on economics, we can’t help but notice that “BP calls for global carbon price to avoid the ‘worst impacts of climate change’.

I’ve said it often enough that you’re likely sick of it, but ever since no one explained how particulates from Beijing pollution are bad and volcano particulates are good (and ditto for SO-2 levels) we’ve been warning that there’s a big money-game in play here. 

And the odds of a global tax for the New World Order haven’t changed over the weekend despite headlines like “Climate Deniers have won” last week haven’t – and can’t possibly – deter climate.

You see in the great economic balance of Life, the main thing to remember is that we have run out of resource to make things at the same stupid levels as we have in the past.  And we have to give up on planned obsolescence.

The economic problem is that the whole world has bought into an economic model that requires continuous growth.

Wait!  If there’s no more resource, what do you do for growth then?

Make up bogeymen, of course.  The “War on Terror” has employed how many?  TSA, the .mils and the private contractors.  And the droners and moaners and gun-grabbers and more cops than you can shake a stick at.  MRAPs for local cops?  I don’t believe there has been a grenade go off in Texas anywhere off a military post in probably a hundred years.

Vaccines got a bad rap…so toss that options but hey, let’s stampede the people into another massive make-work with a good climate scare and then tax the shit out of them on that, huh?

The Universe, being a balanced and graceful place, the Truth is often in plain sight.

Example:  The White House looks to regulate cow flatulence as part of fighting climate change.

While I agree with may have a problem with bullshit, the problem is likely closer to Washington and further from the feedlots.

Speaking of Cops

My ex-pat friend Bruce down in Ecuador has a theory that the reason some cops abuse power is “because they can.”  I argue with him, but I know I’m on the losing side.

So we’re watching a case up in Idaho closely where a man was “Arrested, searched, for marijuana solely for having Colorado License Plate.

If the Idaho cops were a little more tuned-in  to the vaporista community, they;d have figured that with the weed laws in Washington and Colorado being pretty (how do we say?) loose, there’s no financial incentive to bend anything.  It’s like smuggling air.

So yes, this will be an interesting suit to watch, but maybe its really an IQ test. (And yes, Bruce is right:  some people do abuse power because they can…)

Speaking of Cops II

A report out this morning says the Obama administration has released tens of thousands of illegal criminal aliens.

Now, in fairness, this is not because the illegals didn’t get popped – they did.  It’s just that some idjits up the fed food chain don’t want the law of the land enforced.  Instead, they go off SWATing gun-pointing at innocent licensed airplane pilots (about the most sober and law abiding group I can think of) in the middle of the country.

Some people would call this selective enforcement for political reasons.  A more Constitutional view might lump it as treason.  Laws are meant to be what?

Oh we need to instill fear in pilots and have checkpoints in the middle of America.  Why?  (Paraphrasing Bruce again) I suppose they can so they do…yeah, yeah….

Free Advice for Joe Biden

This gets me to the Dear George part of today’s report:

The story out this morning that “Joe Biden warns: ‘We could lose” to Ted Cruz!” demands a little truth in politics comment.

I have NEVER seen a political party or officeholder lose an election if they were a) doing the will of the people b) communicating well, and c) not simply outbid.

I’ll leave it to you to figure what 2016 shapes up as, but for now three for three sounds like why the demos will lose.

Did I Mention Healthcare?

I don’t have the time or patience to recite all the stories about how this is the last day to sign up for healthcare.  So here’s a Google search with a zillion hits on point.  Blah, blah, blah…

BUT I sure would like someone to answer this:  Since Chief Justice Roberts referred to ACA as a tax, isn’t it all deductible? 

I mean, I hate to ask the obvious, but if it’s a gunpoint deal, it’s a tax.  But then I always thought car insurance should be deductible, too, since it is required by government, know what I’m saying?

And, since I work and my previous health insurance was deductible (small business owner cost) isn’t my Medicare as long as I’m working and earning?  And if it’s required….oh, my head hurts.

I’ll just keep writing checks out to Guido and Luigi, of course, but this is the damnedest protection racket you’ll find. 

And you think Ukraine is f/u’ed?

OCare website issues are back. Trah-la, trah-la…Tomorrow is April Fools but we’re running ahead.

Other Monday Adventures


Don’t forget the coronal mass ejecta from the sun pops this weekend show up tonight and into the 3rd of April, so quake alerts continues.  The experts say the southland is overdue


North and South are shooting again.  100 artillery rounds with no injuries reported.    Say!  I’d bitch to the manufacturers, if it was me…What are they blowing up, Double-Bubble?

Why to Stay In Bed

Now for a little Monday morning de-motivating:  The AP reports the Dodgers set a record payroll of $234-million.

I’m not sure what it means when a country bitches about crooked pols, rotten taxes, greedster CEOs and then doesn’t take on sports figs.

But why can’t Occupy occupy some sports arenas and at least bring down ticket and hot dog prices?  Priorities?

Everyone’s in it, aren’t they?     When the bread is short, you don’t attack the circuses.