Dream of “Revolution” and the Warning Meme

I awoke this morning about 2:30 AM from a dream that was quite troubling.  As you know, I occasionally have dreams that are of a precognitive nature, the most spectacular of which was an exact hit published 18-hours before the fact of the offshore oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

The one overnight involved urban warfare.

There were several factions involved, and there was the use of AK-47’s and the like.  So you can imagine how “coincidental” it was to read that Chicago cops have put out a safety advisory about the growing strength and armaments of S.A. gangs which are trying to take over parts of ChiTown.  The rebels were in retreat and the federal soldiers were retaking parts of a mid-rise building area…


Dreams are like that, sometimes.  As noted when I started the National Dream Center website back in 2008 – now run most ably by Chris McCleary – it’s not so much the specific content of our dreams sometimes so much as it can be the background events seen.

It’s this consciousness “gray area” that led me to write my first novel DreamOver.  Such dream/insights show up, obviously uninvited, between the first and last quarter of the moon.  (Tonight is the full moon, BTW, so a word to our EMT’s and Docs who will be on duty.)

The key reason for this part of the discussion?  Well, there has been a sense in America that someone has been trying to start a revolution – a kind of generalized second Civil War where the “sides” are less obvious and flow one group into another.

The insight worth mentioning from last night’s dream was the concept of a “Microlution” such as we are seeing in parts of Europe where majority police tread lightly and where local alternate tribal or religious laws are enforced.

Think in terms of “revolution at the neighborhood level” and you’ll get to the concept.  Picture America partially disintegrating into a  “patchwork” as a combination of gangs and unvetted immigrants – each with zero interest in the Melting Pot concept and order of law – decides to “take” territory.

Waking up to the Chicago cops being warned?  We shall watch Chicago’s “armed sociology” with continued interest.

The Warning Meme

There seems to be a growing “sense of dread” in the country today.  Not something to be easily passed off, especially when serious analysts, like warhammer are up at 4:30 AM running the battle to keep America intact.

“A few of us wok this morning to the Revelation according to Anonymous:


I’m not exactly sure what tea leaves these folks are reading, but they’ve chosen very dark leaves to be sure.

Should folks worry? Simply put, one is always safe planning for the worst, but with a healthy dash of prudence thrown into the mix.

N. Korea’s strategic arsenal is no match for America’s. Yet it only takes one well placed nuke to achieve a strategic victory. An orbital EMP event over the U.S. Is possible, as are smaller ground delivery nukes smuggled into N. America.

Throughout history, Oriental warriors have proven to be the masters of deception and surprise. Add to the mix the observation that vipers tend to strike when cornered, and N. Korea is a very real threat, a deadly cocktail of hubris and extreme paranoia fueled by totalitarianism and isolationism.

Anonymous may be over reacting, but their message should not fall on deaf ears.”

Warhammer is but one of our sources.  Another source, privy to things above our paygrade is the reason we have been mentioning Shane Connor over at www.ki4u.com rather more frequently, of late, and was the heads-up on the “Thirty-Six Stratagems” discussion we’ve been having in slow-mo.

We would draw your attention to the 175 KM altitude achieved by the North Korean April 5 missile test.  Why?

108 miles up is well above the optimal 75 miles up which would make for a devastating EMP event over a modestly-sized footprint.  Toss a couple of Hiroshima-sized warheads into orbit around the Earth and suddenly the dynamics of a North Korea standoff change.

To be sure, some experts have warned of that threat lately, but the counter is that the threat is overstated.

So warhammer continues…

OK, so while N. Korean nuke attacks (especially EMP) are currently on the radar for many, the very real threat of a major pandemic is not.


The somber assessment of the above piece can be summed in one word – inevitable.

A growing world population interconnected by rapid transportation systems, compounded by the rapidly mutating bird flu series of viruses, points to an appointment for many humans alive today with doomsday when the bird flu hops to humankind. Flu vaccines are based upon mutations which have already occurred. The kill shot mutation that spreads like wild fire is not going to be included our yearly flu vaccine. For this situation, getting one’s doctor to prescribe Tamiflu or a similar antiviral drug is a good first step, particularly if someone in your family is at high risk (lung problems, diabetes, heart or blood issues, kidney problems, liver disorders or inherited metabolic disorders).

Face masks, like the ones we always see the Japanese wearing during flu season, are a must in one’s supply cabinet. Hand sanitizer (a small bottle in one’s pocket or purse) is another requisite, plus frequently washing one’s hands and avoiding the sharing of food and drink. Open air coughers should be fined and imprisoned when the mutant flu outbreak occurs.

The looming killer flu is nature’s way of fomenting a weapon of mass destruction attack upon the human race. Chances are high that ‘when’ Ma Nature unleashes her deadly attack, she will win – big time!

States Gearing Up for Zika

Meantime, our favorite County Commissioner down in the Houston area tells us the Texas State Health officials are worried about this year’s ramp-up of Zika as the weather warms.  They’re going so far as to request local mayors and County Judges to…

 coordinate community clean-up of areas known for having items or areas that collect water and allow mosquitos to breed around human habitation;

? host or ask volunteers to host community events for stakeholders to answer Zika questions, conduct clean-up demonstrations and provide educational materials;

? coordinate neighborhood outreach about precautions individuals can take to protect themselves and their families from mosquito bites; and

  ? initiate or enhance monitoring and surveillance of mosquito activity and accelerate mosquito abatement efforts, including use of larvicide. 

This will be a major deal across the South this summer as the bugs are out.


Now the real nightmare.

Suppose the world’s biggest counterfeiter (NK) were to coordinate with some of the large S.A. gangs (MS-13?) as a kind of fifth column in the US, ready to launch the “Microlution” approach while the lights are off?

Oh boy.  Now toss in a recombinant lab output of the 1918 Spanish flu and…

Good thing the markets can “climb a wall of worry.”  This one’s a peach.

NFIB business optimism index just out:

The NFIB Index of Small Business Optimism posted another historically high reading in April, but expectations for future business conditions plunged by eight points, a sign that business owners were shaken by Congress’ failure at the end of March to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Dow futures are up 40.


Notice how California is about to end its ban on communists in government jobs?

Three ways to slice this come to mind.

  1.  Seems to me they did this in the 1960s, didn’t they?  I mean as a matter of fact not law, perhaps.
  2. They should band anyone not loyal to the Constitution of these United States, but that’ll never happen because Kalifornnia is a left of liberal socioeconomic disaster waiting to happen.  Think unfunded pension liabilities that I pencil out to passing half a trillion this year or next. Idiocy is not talking about half a trillion in financial problems while talking about BS and fluff.  Distracto/bizarro land.
  3. And last, but not least, as one of my friends says “You know it’s the End Times when what’s wrong is made to seem right, and good becomes evil….”

Well, that’s about all the fun, fellowship and glad tidings I can stand for one session.  I think I will go push some gas through the law tractor…

Tomorrow:  Peoplenomics focuses on how DRM is working over DIY…

24 thoughts on “Dream of “Revolution” and the Warning Meme”

  1. My barber was telling me how her older male customers (70s and 80s) are now dropping the F bomb in casual conversation. We agreed that its a release word, as many people are feeling the rising tensions in our country and how anybody who doesn’t believe or feel as the MSM and snowflakes want us to are made out to be evil, hate mongering, nazi, fascists… the left and the media are enablers of each other and the actual ones guilty of actions they blame on the other side. The far left now believe that anything they label as hate speech is actually violence, therefore there use of violence is justified.. They’re that F’d up…

    • Well hell we are all messed up, after all we have had only 24 years of peace since the country was founded, no one honors the Constitution as Bush the Stupid said its only a GD piece of paper and went on to prove it, as he run it thru the shredder, and I suppose in time the Bill of Rights will follow it.
      Will we have another revolution why not after all we had the War of Aggression and came damn near another over Nam, and now the two parties can play the part of the North and the South after all when we can’t be at peace with the world how can we be at peace at home…

      • I lean right. Most of my friends lean left. There were some awkward times since the election but we try to be respectful of each others differences and that we sometimes find subjects to agree on. I did recently call a very liberal old friend from my youth out in his claim to appreciate the diversity he misses since he moved from so. California to Tennessee. I said every liberal I know claims to care so much about people of color as they drive home to their safe majority white neighborhoods. I don’t think he appreciated my observation.

      • But it is the truth, Robert, every liberal I know turns conservative when it is their property that has been stolen, their taxes that get raised to fund the sanctuary city policies that benefit the moocher crowd, their pensions that get cut, their yards that gets trashed, their streets that get re-striped for Agenda 21 rules…All is good until it affects them directly and usually in their pocketbook, then it ain’t so special anymore..

  2. Just in case, I’m putting some select items in a metal garbage can, wrapped in cloth. Then foil. An ounce of prevention…….

  3. Yup. History rhyming again. Only a Millennium long reign of terror by Islamists has yielded a body count comparable to a century of socialist slaughter. Reminder: Nazi is short for National Socialist.

  4. You know George,that “spidy”sense that is our God given instinct at self preservation seems to be always running in high gear these days. I don’t think any prudent person should not be at least somewhat prepared for the “what if’s ” in life. Scriptural ignorance is another reason so many folks are “running to and fro” and yes you are correct the we were told to watch for the time when the roles of “good” and “evil” are reversed. So I guess it is safe to say….get ready to meet our maker as we all know the slide from here will continue. And yes,God does warn His people in “dreams” and visions. Be peaceful friend….the final show is about to start, but the Lord Jesus is still in control.

  5. George,

    As usual, you and your sources have your fingers on the global pulse and it is surging to the point of Thrombosis. But, I believe one area is regularly under-evaluated when it comes to the earliest causalties of war: psychological balance.

    We’ve become a totally interactive civilisation that exists on the latest instant input social media can provide – some people literally define their days by what they read on Facebook, etc., then they endlessly share it via texting until the next distraction. This life-by-committee [a “hive-mind” if you like] quickly becomes a security blanket and erases an individual’s ability to respond independently when in crisis mode. SO: guess what will happen when personal communications [including that impersonal but much-needed social media contact] are curtailed [whether by governmental restriction or an agressive EMP] and the masses are told to “shelter-in-place”? Mental meltdowns will be swift and even short periods of confinement will produce crippling cabin fever among even the seemingly well-balanced. There’s a REASON solitary-confinement to break an inmate’s spirit works in so well prisons! People -by nature- NEED social interaction unless they have been conditioned otherwise. Just like chronic insomnia a lack of communication brings on Paranoia -and via cyber warfare it will be a very cheap, effective weapon.

    In a real scenario, if the environment is polluted to the point of requiring face masks or a personal Dosimeter it’s foolish to believe that life will be anything remotely normal as people struggle to adjust. Many simply won’t be able to and it will be those same socially-needy souls who will venture out prematurely and become casualties of their own weaknesses. Sure: they’ll KNOW it may be deadly to go outdoors… but they’ll do it, anyway…. just to keep up with the Kardashians!

    That’s why serious preppers always include psychological diversions among their other supplies: playing cards, board games, a guitar or portable keyboard – ANYTHING to make the endless hours pass will help. Especially when the meds run out! In the pantry, you’ll also find “comfort foods” to help relieve stress. Because, after all: we already know for a fact that stress kills and sometimes very quickly. Our enemies also know this and will do everything they can to ramp up those levels. Remember in WWII when trucks w/loudspeakers blared propaganda to the newly-occupied? “Resistance is FUTILE!” or “You are a BEATEN PEOPLE!” worked back then on weakened populations and it’ll work again today because people have only become easier targets in the ensuing decades.

    Since my retirement three years ago, I’ve weaned myself by gradually decreasing daily public interaction and don’t seem to miss the social connection one bit; and due to my preps, frequently I don’t have to leave my comfy castle for a full week or more. Oh, I always have the option of jumping in my car and taking off but am increasingly content to only do so when I absolutely have to. Clinically, it’s called, “social disconnection” – I call it tempering my survival skills for what may soon be inevitable.

    Still, few people can easily adjust to my type of controlled isolation and it does take gradual conditioning to do so. Most won’t even consider such an option until it’s forced upon them; a good way to guage your own psychological flexibility would be to spend just one full day indoors all by yourself, totally cutoff from the outside world – no TV, PC, phone. You may not leave your house or communicate with another person. And, watch how quickly you crave just that!

    The warning from ANONYMOUS says it all: “be prepared”, because even the venerable Boy Scouts will find it a challenge when [not if] the time comes.

  6. Hollywood has always made films the presaged history mot followed..now zombie(metaphor for a societal collapse?) and dystopian govt’s

    think we all feel something is wrong and we can’t stop it

  7. “At 97, Ben Ferencz is the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive and he has a message for today’s world.” Does it matter? I also have a message, but people didn’t listen before and they will not listen now. It will be to the bitter end, because we were made this way (w/few exceptions!).

  8. Things ARE messed up. Yet there is one thing you can control – you. Each of us controls what we choose to do, or not do. Each of us controls how we react to words, looks and what happens around us.

    This poses a serious problem for those who do not understand this very simple and universal truth. You can choose what to respond to, how to respond or no response at all. Each of us makes conscious choices for the words we choose to utter or write. Each of us chooses what events around us we let upset us or gladden us or that we simply choose to ignore.

    You can’t fix those people who derive joy from others suffering or discomfort – but you can ignore them. You can choose to find many stupid or discordant things amusing rather than let them raise your blood pressure and entangle your emotions.

    This has been the human condition for thousands of years – go read Solomon or Tacitus or any other ancient musings. Take heart in the fact that we have been down most roads before – they are just new to us as we spend our time here on Earth.

  9. Hello, George,
    Regarding ‘Revolution’ or ‘Apocalypse’, there has been a LOT of ‘Growler’ and such ‘activity’ recently in the local mountains (Skagit County). Sounds like ‘war practice’.


  10. I was thinking about the idea of being desensitized to violence from video games that psychiatrists in the media tell us is so very bad; I wonder if it has a positive aspect as well, that they don’t want us to know about? Since TPTB may be about to hand us all violence whether we will or no, couldn’t it be considered a psychological prep?

  11. Jon – I see you as seeing everything this administration does as suspect as your BIAS comes through loud and clear.

  12. “I am not a crook.”
    ~ Nixon

    “I am not under investigation.”
    ~ Trump

    “One difference between Nixon and Trump: when the Republicans nominated Nixon, they didn’t actually KNOW he was a crook.”
    ~Stephen King 7/20/2016

    • So who investigated the family foundation of you know who?
      Who was prosecuted for failing to secure sensitive national security etc.

      No, the left doesn’t get it BOTH WAYS.

      Comey was a shill for the left and 7 months in, still no evidence of collusion.

      Comey waned a cross between a witch hunt and fishing trip. A regular apparatchik McCarthy kind of guy with a side of J.Edgar.

      • I wasn’t defending the indefensible Hillary. Why are you still defending the indefensible Trumpster fire? You know, the first rule, when you find yourself in a hole, is to STOP DIGGING!

  13. There are those amongst our group of readers here that have a decade or more of actual experience working in DC as a fed and can understand why Comey was let go. Within the DC machine, there are certain perspectives, processes, and ways to behave that are simply sacred regardless of one’s partisan political leanings. Without these “sacred” processes, things break down at agency levels beneath that of Senior Executive Service levels. When that happens, mid-level federal managers have a high degree of difficulty managing the people beneath them. In a nutshell, government and industry both work most effectively and efficiently when everyone understands and works toward the same goals and plays by the same rules. Once that process breaks down, the organization(s) involved can quickly go spiraling out of control.

    That’s been seen time and again in DC as a result of seemingly simple changes in policy as dictated from Congress or the Whitehouse. But in this case, the fulcrum of change appears to have been directed by Comey himself and clearly at odds with both the DOJ and the WH. This is not partisan politics (not totally) but a basic organizational behavior issue. George can explain those basics much better than I can.

    That said, from the start of his career (recall he started his government career a LONG time ago) Comey was both a brilliant asset as well as a bit of a rogue and (from my perspective) he clearly and forcefully crossed a line when he elected to steal the media spotlight last year within months (then again within days) of the election. Regardless of who you may have been backing in the election, as the Director of the nation’s federal law enforcement agency, he doomed himself when he inserted partisan politics directly into the heart of the FBI. One might argue that the previous administration was responsible (and that may be true) but once the new administration started to be sworn in, he was expected to get his organization back to where it works best – quietly, without attention-seeking behavior, and with the primary goal of investigating suspects and enforcing the law. Partisan political maneuvering is not a healthy (or legal) activity for someone in Comey’s position – though it seems like he may have been looking for ways to get around that little detail.

    I absolutely guarantee that there were things that happened and that were being planned well behind the scenes that were at the core of why he was allowed to stay on past January 21 as well as why he was fired at this point. People outside the Bureau may not learn what really happened for many years (if at all), but it is certain that Comey was a very large impediment to the AG’s agenda – most likely because he was simply unable to effectively direct his organization any more.

    There may be some high intrigue involved here, but it’s also just as likely this was a simple case of a career civil service employee that became a political appointee, and over time proved unable to resist the temptation to use the office to further whatever his personal agenda may have been. It would not be the first time that a GS-15 moved into the SES suites and tried to use that higher level of influence to further their own agendas – be they personal or political. Or just as likely, he found his status as Director was not the all-powerful J.E. Hoover type of role that he may have wanted, and has been taking actions to revert the office back to that level of power and influence.

    Talking heads and political operatives will spin this for a while, will contradict themselves, and throw dispersions and doubts upon everything they can attach to this event. But in the end, it appears to me that this is truly as simple as the WH has stated – namely, he was unable to effectively lead the FBI. The “reasons” why that happened are secondary and fodder for academics and scholars of organizational behavior. The immediate concern for the AG and the WH (and hopefully Congress as well) is whether or not the FBI is able to perform their Congressionally authorized role or not. Apparently the AG and WH have now had enough time to ascertain that the agency is now unable to effectively and efficiently perform its missions under Comey’s leadership. All else is simply drama.

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