I awoke this morning about 2:30 AM from a dream that was quite troubling.  As you know, I occasionally have dreams that are of a precognitive nature, the most spectacular of which was an exact hit published 18-hours before the fact of the offshore oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

The one overnight involved urban warfare.

There were several factions involved, and there was the use of AK-47’s and the like.  So you can imagine how “coincidental” it was to read that Chicago cops have put out a safety advisory about the growing strength and armaments of S.A. gangs which are trying to take over parts of ChiTown.  The rebels were in retreat and the federal soldiers were retaking parts of a mid-rise building area…


Dreams are like that, sometimes.  As noted when I started the National Dream Center website back in 2008 – now run most ably by Chris McCleary – it’s not so much the specific content of our dreams sometimes so much as it can be the background events seen.

It’s this consciousness “gray area” that led me to write my first novel DreamOver.  Such dream/insights show up, obviously uninvited, between the first and last quarter of the moon.  (Tonight is the full moon, BTW, so a word to our EMT’s and Docs who will be on duty.)

The key reason for this part of the discussion?  Well, there has been a sense in America that someone has been trying to start a revolution – a kind of generalized second Civil War where the “sides” are less obvious and flow one group into another.

The insight worth mentioning from last night’s dream was the concept of a “Microlution” such as we are seeing in parts of Europe where majority police tread lightly and where local alternate tribal or religious laws are enforced.

Think in terms of “revolution at the neighborhood level” and you’ll get to the concept.  Picture America partially disintegrating into a  “patchwork” as a combination of gangs and unvetted immigrants – each with zero interest in the Melting Pot concept and order of law – decides to “take” territory.

Waking up to the Chicago cops being warned?  We shall watch Chicago’s “armed sociology” with continued interest.

The Warning Meme

There seems to be a growing “sense of dread” in the country today.  Not something to be easily passed off, especially when serious analysts, like warhammer are up at 4:30 AM running the battle to keep America intact.

“A few of us wok this morning to the Revelation according to Anonymous:


I’m not exactly sure what tea leaves these folks are reading, but they’ve chosen very dark leaves to be sure.

Should folks worry? Simply put, one is always safe planning for the worst, but with a healthy dash of prudence thrown into the mix.

N. Korea’s strategic arsenal is no match for America’s. Yet it only takes one well placed nuke to achieve a strategic victory. An orbital EMP event over the U.S. Is possible, as are smaller ground delivery nukes smuggled into N. America.

Throughout history, Oriental warriors have proven to be the masters of deception and surprise. Add to the mix the observation that vipers tend to strike when cornered, and N. Korea is a very real threat, a deadly cocktail of hubris and extreme paranoia fueled by totalitarianism and isolationism.

Anonymous may be over reacting, but their message should not fall on deaf ears.”

Warhammer is but one of our sources.  Another source, privy to things above our paygrade is the reason we have been mentioning Shane Connor over at www.ki4u.com rather more frequently, of late, and was the heads-up on the “Thirty-Six Stratagems” discussion we’ve been having in slow-mo.

We would draw your attention to the 175 KM altitude achieved by the North Korean April 5 missile test.  Why?

108 miles up is well above the optimal 75 miles up which would make for a devastating EMP event over a modestly-sized footprint.  Toss a couple of Hiroshima-sized warheads into orbit around the Earth and suddenly the dynamics of a North Korea standoff change.

To be sure, some experts have warned of that threat lately, but the counter is that the threat is overstated.

So warhammer continues…

OK, so while N. Korean nuke attacks (especially EMP) are currently on the radar for many, the very real threat of a major pandemic is not.


The somber assessment of the above piece can be summed in one word – inevitable.

A growing world population interconnected by rapid transportation systems, compounded by the rapidly mutating bird flu series of viruses, points to an appointment for many humans alive today with doomsday when the bird flu hops to humankind. Flu vaccines are based upon mutations which have already occurred. The kill shot mutation that spreads like wild fire is not going to be included our yearly flu vaccine. For this situation, getting one’s doctor to prescribe Tamiflu or a similar antiviral drug is a good first step, particularly if someone in your family is at high risk (lung problems, diabetes, heart or blood issues, kidney problems, liver disorders or inherited metabolic disorders).

Face masks, like the ones we always see the Japanese wearing during flu season, are a must in one’s supply cabinet. Hand sanitizer (a small bottle in one’s pocket or purse) is another requisite, plus frequently washing one’s hands and avoiding the sharing of food and drink. Open air coughers should be fined and imprisoned when the mutant flu outbreak occurs.

The looming killer flu is nature’s way of fomenting a weapon of mass destruction attack upon the human race. Chances are high that ‘when’ Ma Nature unleashes her deadly attack, she will win – big time!

States Gearing Up for Zika

Meantime, our favorite County Commissioner down in the Houston area tells us the Texas State Health officials are worried about this year’s ramp-up of Zika as the weather warms.  They’re going so far as to request local mayors and County Judges to…

 coordinate community clean-up of areas known for having items or areas that collect water and allow mosquitos to breed around human habitation;

? host or ask volunteers to host community events for stakeholders to answer Zika questions, conduct clean-up demonstrations and provide educational materials;

? coordinate neighborhood outreach about precautions individuals can take to protect themselves and their families from mosquito bites; and

  ? initiate or enhance monitoring and surveillance of mosquito activity and accelerate mosquito abatement efforts, including use of larvicide. 

This will be a major deal across the South this summer as the bugs are out.


Now the real nightmare.

Suppose the world’s biggest counterfeiter (NK) were to coordinate with some of the large S.A. gangs (MS-13?) as a kind of fifth column in the US, ready to launch the “Microlution” approach while the lights are off?

Oh boy.  Now toss in a recombinant lab output of the 1918 Spanish flu and…

Good thing the markets can “climb a wall of worry.”  This one’s a peach.

NFIB business optimism index just out:

The NFIB Index of Small Business Optimism posted another historically high reading in April, but expectations for future business conditions plunged by eight points, a sign that business owners were shaken by Congress’ failure at the end of March to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Dow futures are up 40.


Notice how California is about to end its ban on communists in government jobs?

Three ways to slice this come to mind.

  1.  Seems to me they did this in the 1960s, didn’t they?  I mean as a matter of fact not law, perhaps.
  2. They should band anyone not loyal to the Constitution of these United States, but that’ll never happen because Kalifornnia is a left of liberal socioeconomic disaster waiting to happen.  Think unfunded pension liabilities that I pencil out to passing half a trillion this year or next. Idiocy is not talking about half a trillion in financial problems while talking about BS and fluff.  Distracto/bizarro land.
  3. And last, but not least, as one of my friends says “You know it’s the End Times when what’s wrong is made to seem right, and good becomes evil….”

Well, that’s about all the fun, fellowship and glad tidings I can stand for one session.  I think I will go push some gas through the law tractor…

Tomorrow:  Peoplenomics focuses on how DRM is working over DIY…