Depression II’s Coming Out

China now owns the world.  It really should piss you off, but the deck is stacked.  Besides “woke” is fake and cover for a China-lite version of Social Credit planned for ‘Merica.

All as the U.S. is suckered into greater racial division (thanks, CRT!) and into hopeless gender bending (thanks sex-pref marketers!), the realities that matter to the real economy are covered up by the complicit Mainstream Media.  Whether on purpose (treason) or just laziness (stupid) we’ll leave  it for history to judge.

Be Sure to Miss

Center ring comedy is due today as Slow Joe focuses on more “hypographical errors” in his vaccination co-marketing appearance today.  He won’t address why Fauci lied/misled Congress on gain of function spending, but hey!  Just drink the damn Kool-Aid, right?  Ignore the marketing intensity of the word “uptake,”  too.  It’s being quickly beaten to death by the automated story re-write software the once vibrant press has become dependent on.

Facts in Plain Sight.

China gets Afghanistan. 

There are trillions in natural resources.  In the wake of the power vacuum left by Slow Joe’s withdrawal (which looked more like a “cut & run” to us), China comes in with minimal cash and takes the prize.  Afghanistan: China to provide Taliban with $31 million worth of food and Covid vaccines.

Let’s see, Joe:  We lose $82 billion in hardware, China writes $31-million and who gets the resources?  Fire the State Department!  Blinken and Nod, huh?

The happy-talk in the investment world is China will “go slow” committing to the new government?  Crockachit.  This is global chess and they will have “mate in three.”

We have a dozing checkers player – and no confidence left.

Chips Are Down

Meantime, the global chip shortage (which makes Taiwan the most strategic real estate in the world because of the micro chip companies there) continues to take-down American jobds:?  Ford to extend downtime at Kansas City plant due to the chip shortage.

The Buy’ed Em administration’s plans seem to be laying out like this:

  • Make billions for vaccine makers with perpetual mandatory shots.
  • Gin  a “Return to Afghanistan” in some form. Increasing risk of terrorism at home, but that will be an excuse for more federal control over honest working people’s lives.
  • Leave the southern border open, encouraging illegal immigration.
  • Some of which will have God-knows-what variants.
  • “Urgently” pass a massive pork plan and build homes for people who can’t afford them…
  • Increase income taxes on working stiffs.
  • Warn Social Security recipients to plan on a leveling-off (then decline) in benefits.

Did I miss any of the big deal points?

Depression II in the Wings

Been a while since we put the whole picture out on the public side.  As of the early futures today, here’s how the 1929 crash and the present inflationary blow-off line up:

Thus, when this sucker breaks, we will likely (in Ure’s view, anyway) make the reversion to the mean and then you’ll live in what could readily become an unmanageable country.  The BSA – Balkanized States of America.

The Fed’s Plan in a Nutshell

To our way of thinking, the Big Tech Coup – which decided the outcome (and essentially stole) the outcome of the 2020 election – has usurped the Constitutionally-elected government.  Because Socialist Media gets “special treatment” from the desperate power-clingers, it makes Social and arm of government already.

Yeah…like Social Media is where “social credit scoring in China” comes from.

Not seeing it yet?  Life in a post-democratic world with digital consensus calling the shots.  This, the most base (reprehensible) divisions (race, gender, religion, national origin) are THE huge money-makers for the Social Coup leaders.  Who, in turn “got the backs” of the vaxdustry.  Which is why vax shaming is so de rigueur.  All that remains for the Global Corporate Order (GCO) is the finishing touches on interlocking directorships.


Well, except we’re pleased to report, despite their neo-Nazi lockdowns, Australia may be able to “Cast off the clicks of Oppression” because News sites are liable for defamatory Facebook comments, rules Australia’s High Court.  If we had any integrity left in Washington, perhaps the Social Media Coup leaders could be held to the same standards as independent (non Sect. 230) media are.  No chance of that, though, huh?

Yeah.  You bet.  Not without the “right people” getting into those stunning social IPO’s, right?

What the Fed Had Right

Was the idea that if they printed enough money (which is why Jerome Powell hid the money supply data making it uselessly delayed) was so you wouldn’t figure out this:

If you print enough money, the hyper-inflation to cover up massive DEFLATION will be covered-up.  Which…so far…it is.

Which brings us to the near panicky Janet, Yellen about the need to raise the Federal Debt Ceiling pronto.

Sounds urgent, but it fixes nothing.  Because Janet will simply green-light additional “Making Up Money” so no one notices the music has stopped and a government-Big Tech coup has seized America’s future.  Death of real industry and innovation and back to virtue-signaling as a new “climate, gender, race, and orientation-friendly” pseudo-industry.

Still, gives current office-holders a way out without getting stuck holding the bag.  But far from an honest game.

Victims?  Yep.

About those people whose extended benefits ended this week.  In Forbes The End Of Federal Unemployment Benefits, And The Return To Work.

Just like 9/11 led to the surveillance state, we can see how social media is leading to new industries such as gender-checking, race-documenting, border-unguarding, and ESL for Persians as huge growth industries.  Which will all be housed in Biden’s big Housing push.

None of which would be bad, per se, except maybe a little nuts…)and we get the tab…)

But the Geezer Class sees stories like “How much money will you lose if Social Security Benefits are cut?”  And sorry, but we just gotta ask:

“Where the f**k is representative government we supposedly live under?  We don’t know anyone who supports this air-headed sell out to technology!

Stalin’s Unemployment Data

While collectivization was failing in Stalin’s horror show, the numbers always looked good.  And we see the historical echo in this morning’s “good” unemployment claims report for the week here in used-to-be-America:

Of course the problem is?

Well, other than a lot of it is from people running out of benefits?  Oh…that part  Ye gads!

America’s Last NEWS Paper?

I’ve about given up on the NY Times and WaPo because of their elite/left view of the world.  They get wrapped around the axles of politics and causes.  Don’t focus on fishing, hunting, DIY projects, or just meditation for our tastes.  (Their gender coverage is also like reading marketing collateral, not news, but that’s another issue…)

So here’s a story unlikely to be see in the parrot press:  Its from the New York Post today which is quickly becoming one of the last outposts of honest reporting “Portland professor slams university as ‘social justice factory’.

Of course, the professor speaks “truth to power” (heresy to them) and it’s a damn shame that a good mind has been hounded out of academia…but get while the getting’s good, we figure.

Academia began screwing the pooch before ClimateGate in Copenhagen years back.  Jiggering data to scam tax money with climate.  (Which, Covid beat them to, but that’s another story).  I’m sure the Prof will have a much better life out of the brainwashing camp.

Follow your heart, the Truth, and the data, and you’ll get somewhere.

ATR: Demising Time

Off to another brutal morning of tearing down the old deck on the front of the house.

The good news?  A lot of the old 2X8 treated joists are still in really good shape.  When I built the deck, joist tape was not a bazillion dollar industry  I used fencing tar.

But the damn stuff works.  As a result, I may be able to save enough wood to get a “bonus deck” off the recording studio when done.

Elaine and I had our first martinis of the fall season out on the screen porch since May, last night.  A little warm still (around 85 at “down time” but still, promise of cooler weather in the South means a lot of summer-heat-delayed projects will ramp up.  Such as the decks.

Lumber prices are in what looks like a several weeks-long bottom now, so while keeping an eye on the pricing over here, we have even more construction plans lining up.

That battery-powered SKIL PWRCore 12 Brushless 12V Compact 5-1/2 Inch Circular Saw has been a pleasure to use.  Lasts long enough to get a couple of hours of real work done before the gates of hell open, and the afternoon heat sets in.  Very happy with it.,

Write when you get rich,

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78 thoughts on “Depression II’s Coming Out”

  1. George,
    FYI, China’s got a few domestic issues of its own:
    Given the tight government control, how anyone can believe a government or financial press release coming out of there is beyond me. Where’s all the “fake news” skepticism that is so regularly heaped upon our media?
    I think Milton Friedman said that political and economic freedoms were intertwined – can’t have one without the other. China should be interesting to watch – might even be fun if lives weren’t at stake.

  2. Did you notice what texas is doing.. they are putting up a huge CO2 filter.. LOL… I of course think that is a great Idea since I have been spouting out that is what they should have been doing in huge CO2 concentrated cities.. but then I have always said they should mount small CO2 filters on lamp posts through out a city and parks an artificial tree cannot take care of the co2 released by an automobile.. you need one for every seven cars…. creates an industry … replaced filters etc.. a big system is good to but just like a huge power plant… they did it to maintain control.. not for effectiveness.. Green scaping cities is the answer.. I doubt seriously that any of that will come to fruition in my life time..China and asian countries will be the one to take the football and run with it.. they have more people and more pollution and it has gotten to the point where its a necessity

  3. “Did I miss any of the big deal points?” Quote from todays column. How about this. China gives the powers that be the option of abdicating the country or we knock your jock off or sports bra depending on gender! Perfect scenario! Take the country without firing a shot! YOU either do it or we selectively you know create some glass parking lots. Or less radical hijack the grid and start taking down infrastructure one painful click at a time. Just a not so pleasant thought either way!

    • Well chuck.. since we don’t manufacture anything anymore.. and the minimum retooling time is 5-10.. those trained all passing on.. they really don’t have to turn anything into a glass parking lot.
      Theres an estimated 97%loss in an emp.. our brilliant legislators sold off our ports,toll roads and allowed for companies to be purchased and ran by corporations outside the country..
      Pop an EMP shut down the country.. stop products from being delivered and let nature fo the work. Come in six months later offering help to those that survived.
      They would have the gratitude and support of those that survived the an example . CUBA. The people alive dont really rememberthe missile crisis of the sixties.. the supply chain brokenand the people marching wanting food and medical supplies.. we told them screw you and your children.. China said..we are here to help.. the support of the Cuban society will not be forgotten anytime soon..
      The new administration had an opportunity and the same as Afghanistan and not evacuating those that they should have first. Threw the opportunity away.
      Of course I have no real clue.. they might just say screw us and let the present administration do the dirty for the puppeteers giving them what they want. Just to see the results..

      • A single false flag would do it. Even if the grid doesn’t go down hard, think of all the consumer electronics they could sell us at 10x the current price. Still haven’t put in that surge protector?

  4. George, I really want to thank you.
    I like to stay informed on all sides of the news/ opinion spectrum. You save me hours per week by not having to look at other sources in the wacky right wing media. Where else can I find the perfect mix of jingoism, racism, climate denial, libertarian survivalism and self agrandisement. Your complete failure of understanding how the policies of your sainted Ronnie Regan led to the globalization of our manufacturing base and the triumph of the financial oligarchs is amazing. Your lack of the understanding that the banker owned Fed is pulling the strings of the Congress rather than the Fed following the politics astounds me.
    So I will keep checking into your site for ability to stay abreast of the right’s conspiracy frame. Thanks again for the time savings.
    Oh, and since your predictions of market tops for the past 5 years, I guess that manipulated markets can remain irrational much longer than your wave theory can remain relevant.

    • Dan, pretty Dan, we see that you haven’t been checking in at all. Come on, Man, you have really missed the boat. All you wrote, you missed the boat, and you haven’t been coming along here much have you, just enough to sink a weight in and spike a spike protein.

      IF you had been coming along here, frequently, there would be no way for you to write what you just wrote.

      Are you woke?

      We resist!!!

    • I don’t think George denies climate change, he like many deny our puny species has much control over its changing. We have a very long history of ice ages and warming periods. We have quite the hubris that we have more power then that giant fusion plant out in space or volcano or asteroids. Many of us also understand government regulations and mandates will do nothing but hurt people. Humans use energy, we always will. I assume you are for turning off the coal plants and just have people freeze or starve. George, if you read how he lives probably has as small of carbon footprint as most any other family. Raises trees, runs off solar, has a modest dwelling and tries to use and re-use vs throwing away. Maybe compare his actions against the green leaders to see who walks the walks and who just spouts rules for others but not themselves. Those who berate us for driving a truck, but will hop all over the world in their private jets. Same ones telling us to mask up, yet are caught all the time not following their own regulations, buying beach front property while telling us of coming sea level rises. Please, go back to your echo chamber tribe and pat each other on the back on how free thinking you are.

      When did self reliance and resiliency become something to which you berate people? Oh and don’t mix up Georges concern with his short positions vs his recommendations for long term money to following his global aggregate moving average. He is a gambler and gets a thrill from the short positions.

    • Not bad for a simpleminded troll, although you should let the person who wrote it for you know that the mock-sarcasm was an overreach and he also overdid the false platitudes. The spelling errors are gold though. They clue the savvy reader in on the author’s lack of intelligence, but at the same time draw attention away from the trolling hooks. A careless read would set the hooks before a reader noticed (s)he was defending against false premises.

      It IS refreshing though, seeing a troll drop some bait written by someone with a 10th grade education. Most trollbait rarely displays verbal proficiency beyond about 6th-7th grade level.

      ‘Guess that means George is finally attracting a better class of greenhorns…

  5. “If you print enough money, the hyper-inflation to cover up massive DEFLATION will be covered-up. Which…so far…it is.”

    Now is a critical point as well… So far they have been pouring water on the table to enable the noodle to be pushed across the table floating on the water surface.. at this point.. inflation is starting to take over..and we have the hard winter seasons to deal with.. a broken supply chain.. store owners will be the first to tell you.. buy it now and get your xmas shopping done.. So what will they do.. giving a couple of hundred a month per child has worked wonders at keeping the markets on top and the flow going.. but those same expenses are increasing as well.. the cost of utilities.. without a price hike freeze.. these necessity utilities will have to go up.. home building price increases.. rent.. does it go up.. or not.. with it all deregulated they will have to make increases.. the local dollar general.. they are closing at five.. most of them are closing for the weekend.. why.. they can’t afford to pay a decent wage or benefits so they can’t keep a staff working.. the utilities keep going up.. they can’t raise prices to compensate.. the gas station the last time there was an increase.. cut hours.. rather than raise prices just to stay competitive..
    Thinking about this.. is it time to dump some more money in the hourly wage earners pockets? or let it all fall…

  6. As the “Power to the Little People” agenda rolls out in America, we only have to look East & South to see the poltical outcome & the ruthless repression of the populace. East – Stalin & Mao. South – Castro & Chavez. There are many more but these four make my point on where we are headed. Evil always rises to the top…add N. Korea in the mix & you see an overweight leader & a skinny population. Remember, deplorables, such as us, are the targets. But all will suffer in the end unless you are marked with the sign of the beast. (& it is not a vaccine card). Just like an Oceanliner, the economy does not turn on a dime. There is still time to wake up, But the rise of Evil will most likely squash that comeback.

    • Ah…. Mason…a self aggrandizing leftie, well practiced in decocting meaning from the scent of his own ordure… weighs in. And with the too cliche adhominems and the usual truck load of unwarranted self righteousness that are the norm for a SJW. The sole purpose of his screed is clear:  To virtue signal and tell the world just how doggone smart *he* is. Word up Mason, you gormless bellend, your jejune post is what mission failure looks like (Lots of *that* going around on the President House Plant side of the political ledger, these days). Helpful suggestion: Go troll some leftie site with your dreck. No one really cares here.

      • “Word up Mason, you gormless bellend, your jejune post is what mission failure looks like (Lots of *that* going around on the President House Plant side of the political ledger, these days.”

        First, I don’t understand a word you are saying. Second, I was just saying we are in trouble & need to do something about it.

      • Wally: I will accept your apology. George caught your error. It was Dan you meant. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Biden’s Executive Vaccine Mandate Order. Please make it understandable so the masses are not scratching their heads after reading it.

  7. ” The End Of Federal Unemployment Benefits”

    The uppity courtesans will be having sales soon.

  8. Hey Mr Ure,

    Can you share Ure thoughts on the fed and treasury playing “hide the sausage” with fiat/usd ? As I look at the numbas rolling in from markets – all I can see is STAGFLATION, everywhere I look. This is a very curious situation ! Under normal stagflation circumstances – Commodities would be in – – mode.
    But instead PM’s have moved Down and Sideways – this makey no sense to the coot. r banks in trouble or something?

    Is the “grande’ chinese financial burrito splatta becoming an issue ? Not even janet & g-rome kerPOWell can print enough to cover derivatives MOAFB ..wonder if that is mushroom cloud seen by RM viewers.

    Harder everyday to stack silver PHYZ – seems like there is not much available in the way of supply.
    – U dont think PM’s are used the manufacture of any modern electronics/medical equipment do you?

    Why even iron ore & steel are are up biggly past 2 years, Copper has popped – but not PM’s – most curious George.
    Death be roaming the landscape – with free weapons and ammo for anybody who wishes to kill another fellow human being – raising the question of what is a Life worth to Us, to the TPTB (reptilians) ? yeah yeah -take a look at an image of human fetus at 14-16 weeks and tell coot we aint got reptilian genes ourselves…uhohh…

    Obviously we have difference in opinions on Valuation – as the coot thinks the most Valuable commodity in the known Universe is You/Us. Wonder what they value Us ? Clue – who are the 4 biggest ARMS dealers the world today ?

    • “But instead PM’s have moved Down and Sideways – this makey no sense to the coot. r banks in trouble or something?”

      If’fn the Coot can figure this out, he should share with the rest of us. PM markets haven’t made sense since before Obama was a Senator…

  9. George. When I came home from a Board meeting last evening and turned on the TV, I witnessed a white woman wearing a black gorilla face mask riding a bicycle and throwing eggs and punching at a black candidate in the California recall race to replace a white Governor. Not sure how then CRT explains this one but I shook my head in disbelief.

    Many years ago, I read “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.” As I remember it was about a gazillion pages long and took me months to read. It occurs to me now that we are living through the decline and fall of the American Empire. I wonder how history will record it?

    • “Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy.”

      That is an exact quote from the Los Angeles Times.

      Bob, if you run a Google search (yes, I mean Google) for “Larry Elder,” you will find more inflammatory, racist anti-Black commentary and race-baiting directed toward Elder from L.A., San Francisco, and Sacramento newspapers alone, since he declared his gubernatorial candidacy, than you would find with a “most-recent 12-month” date-limited search of all known neo-nazi and White-supremacist websites in North America, combined.

      American politics has degenerated into an Orwellian dystopia of narrow ideologies from which society does not permit our matriculation or deviation. We are not allowed to have Black conservative or republican politicians, because to do so would disprove the narrative that “all Blacks are hard-line Democratic voters.”

      The various “narratives” are more important to the “news” “media” than truth, fact, honesty, quality of candidate, or his(her) ability to perform tasks necessary to accomplish the job for which elected. This is why we now have a dishonest, demented, dimwitted, racist, paedophilic pervert as President and a dimwitted, racist, hedonistic, selfish, ethically and morally challenged, immature brat as Vice President (Kammie is part Indian and part Jamaican. She hates American Blacks, but has no problem allowing the term to be used in her behalf, when it advances her “brand” politically), both of whom take orders from Susan Rice, who gets their orders from George Soros, exactly as happened when Mr. Obama was “President.”

      • “This is why we now have a dishonest, demented, dimwitted, racist, paedophilic pervert as President and a dimwitted, racist, hedonistic, selfish, ethically and morally challenged, immature brat as Vice President (Kammie is part Indian and part Jamaican. She hates American Blacks, ”

        I hear ya.. it baffles the hell out of me why all of a sudden those traits are acceptable.. for 4 years all you heard was how disgusting DJT wasbecause he patted some woman on the tush and had sex with an escort of legal age. It was non stop.. now the msm .makes up excuses and legitimizing the sick deviant behaviour that seems to be non stop..
        Although.. she has issues… I still would feel safer with kammy at the helm. And if I’m going to get shafted by a politician..shes dam pretty in my opinion

  10. Mason, mark of the beast, Ewe are the sheeple, the New World Order has this down under

    get your covid mark card or off to camp with you mate. no freedom of choice when the rancher owns your ass

    presidents pushing new world order, you got to push the play button

    Obummer said “ordinary men and women are to small minded to govern their own affairs”

    • History shows,

      Separate but equal like a former African American slave. I don’t see this one at all.

      Gas like a former Jewish German citizen. I don’t see this one, yet.

      Trail of Tears like a former Native American. I see this one.

      “Choose to refuse. No worky, worky. Get the Vaxx, c’mon back.”

      • Trail of Tears.

        ““We’ve been patient. But our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us,” he (Biden) said, all but biting off his words. The unvaccinated minority “can cause a lot of damage, and they are.””

      • the video showed 5 different presidents both dem and repub using the new world order phrase, How you feeling these days? Have you been paying attention to the Maricopa County audit?

    • “Obummer said “ordinary men and women are to small minded to govern their own affairs””

      Yes, he did, but that quote was taken horribly out of context.

      I have little doubt that Mr. Obama believes that statement, unto its own merit, but the quote was taken from a speech in Ure-up in which he was trying to create, then intricately weave (real or fabricated) similarities between the Third Reich and slavery in the U.S. into an “America-deprecating” Black Power talking point. He failed to mention that it was the Americans with whom he shares his political ideology who were both the slavers, and slave-owners. and accordingly failed to make his point to the Urepeeins.

      Understand, Mr. Obama has since gotten much better teleprompter writers…

  11. George,I’ve been posting about Biden and Sept.9th for months now,including one here with just that date.

    Well that day has come and Biden is supposed to announce that all federal workers must be vaccinated or be terminated.

    • “all federal workers must be vaccinated or be terminated.”

      Hmm . It’s kind of like that in the healthcare field already…


    The outrageous negative comments by the media on Ivermectin deserve an objective analysis of the drug. This 30 minute video by Dr. Martenson is excellent. Dr. Martenson has a degree in Pathology with a sub specialty in toxicology. He is about as well equipped as anyone to analyze and speak scientifically and honestly about the subject. He presents facts from the most extensive collection of studies on Ivermectin that has been produced. His conclusions:

    IVERMECTIN IS AMONG THE VERY SAFEST OF DRUGS I’VE EVER STUDIED. it is extremely well tolerated with adverse events being described as infrequent and mild to sometimes moderate. There have been no recorded direct deaths to date.

  13. America was always billed as a “melting pot” due to the mix of the population along with the goals and ambitions of same. Back then, it’s tendencies toward independence and self-reliance powered up an industrial revolution.
    Now it is being torn apart and marketed like it is worthy of no more than a vintage antique sale. “Tear off a piece of America and sell it to the highest bidder is how ‘ya do it nowadays. Build something? Why bother!? Just order it from China and throw away that do it yourself manual, you won’t ever need it again… Sounds familiar huh???
    It is true that in a “melting pot” (such as in a crucible) the scum floats to the top and must be skimmed off and cast aside for the higher purity metal just below. Quality still counts more than quantity.
    Our people have come so far from this principle that they are unable to apply even the basics of the idea. They seem unable to ‘DO’ much of anything.
    Most people have no idea what the analogy attempts to illustrate for them, but what it still does is show that everyone has potential to CONTRIBUTE to the whole in some positive way.
    We have gone from the “melting pot” analogy to one of being a septic tank for the world.
    People who have been placed in charge (by hook or crook) are what has floated up to the top in our modern septic nation. Looks like we are ripe for a ‘skimming’ session.
    Is it time to pump out the tank yet? Our septic system is overloaded…

  14. My deck rebuild project is coming along slowly, about 75% complete. 2200sf deck wraps around two sides of house and was built in early 1990s. Bought the deck boards back in early Spring before prices started rising. Was quoted $9K for lumber and labor that included salvaging the old deck boards instead of ripping them into 2′ pieces. Decided to spend $2300 in lumber and provide my own labor (thank the Lord for 11 yo grand kids that like to help). Surprised at how well the underside of the boards look; now have tons of boards for raised beds, rustic bookshelves, and other projects. Structurally sound but had to do some leveling due to ground sink near septic tank. Taking a while because I have a full-time job, and we have a ‘Sunday is a day of rest’ policy.
    FYI: Prices at McCoy’s Palestine are much higher than at McCoy’s Tyler, but the folks at Palestine will give the Tyler price if you ask. Saved $700 just by asking.

    • Luckily the vast majority of the population is so busy running between jobs to survive as the working poir..they no longer have time to look deep at the situation..they accept MSM and what they are preaching

  15. Ed C.

    “We have gone from the “melting pot” analogy to one of being a septic tank for the world.”

    I immediately thought of this ….

    Ask people to come up with an image that symbol- izes America’s immigrant heritage, and many of them will choose the Statue of Liberty. A gift from the people of France, she has watched over New York Harbor since 1886, and on her base is a tablet inscribed with words penned by Emma Lazarus in 1883:

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    To some Americans, the words of Emma Lazarus are our national credo. Others say they’re our national curse. What do you think? Credo? Curse? Both? Neither?

    Copied from

    I’m all for legal immigration through due process. But sometimes sadly, ya get what ya ask for.

  16. it really is cruel to exploit and overwork the old and frail and mentally slowing like president biden . he should be at home with his feet up sipping tea and looking at the fireplace . should retire

    • “he should be at home with his feet up sipping tea and looking at the fireplace . ”

      Otflmao…you totally forgot…
      Sniffing some ( redacted.. old news totally appropriate actions for today’s media)

  17. i repeat the money markets are freezing up . told you yesterday . default on bonds and inter banking overnites. brace yourself!!!!! no more kicking can george , forget the pretty sketches 2

    • Remember you are no longer a Depositor in your bank you are a creditor and counterparty to their risk – push comes to shove they will nationalize the accounts ……

  18. that statue of robert e lee , what did it do wrong ? bit harsh its only a statue, isnt there one in washington pointing to the capitol or something?

    • It’s a “communist” thing.

      Before the Bolsheviks can rewrite our “history” they have to eliminate anything which could be used as an historical marker, to contradict the “history” they give us.

  19. Mason is not up to date on Kim Jong Un. Recent photos of North Korea’s leader showing a big weight loss. But then who knows with photo shopping.

    Posting is not working under posts for me.

  20. Apologies are in order. It was “Dan’s” codswallop that drew my ire. Mason was collateral damage. Sincerest regret to Mason; Confusion to Dan.

  21. Comrades,

    Ah, what could be more relaxing in 1855 to your Mark Twain than relaxing on the deck admiring a small town’s Iowan sunsets with a glass half-full of a good brew. One imagines president Xi did the same 130 years later as he honed skills for his future mastery of the capitalist world courtesy of denizens of the Hawkeye State.

    Surely it was a mark of genius for “SloJoe” to render a swift departure from Kabul. According to The Guardian, the first commercial flight has already operated from Kabul to Qatar, centre of past Taliban peace talks, with Americans on board amongst other nationalities. Yep, can’t see any crowds storming the runways presently for a free ride out on Uncle Sam’s C-17’s. Gotta buy a ticket now; capitalism is at work, Comrades. No word on whether the Humvee pictured at Kabul Airport’s checkpoint drove there or was towed into place by a mule for the photo-op.

    It must be exasperating for Mr. Xi, princeling son of one of the Eight Immortals, having to pay extortion money to Afghan tribes descended from Genghis Khan for peace on his Islamic western frontier now that the West will no longer play willing fool. Eight centuries after Kublai Khan relegated Xi’s Hu tribe to the dregs of the Beijing societal pecking order, the shameful loss of face is clear to the Chinese populace. Resource depletion, ecological decay, and gender imbalance sure sounds not like a great lead off batting order to the Chinese Century. May as well head back for last call and a glorious sunset from the promenade deck overlooking the “Field of Dreams”. I understand replica Titanic deck chairs can be sourced through the ‘Zon.

    The Firm will as always be looking out for #1 in any “Red Dawn” that follows? Perhaps wise little people will follow the wave?

    From the steppes of Marco Polo,


  22. With everything happening, I’m waiting for emotions to build, like huge swells on the ocean that don’t crash but rather, surge across the land. Tides just keep’em com’in. Water is the element of emotion, land would be things of the earth … should be quite a conscious coastal event soon. People are pissed.

    Was looking at old Polaroids of Christmas, years past. The old house and the tree in the corner near the stairs. Nothing under it and just fake snow on the branches. Not much to celebrate that year, I guess. No decorations.

    Winter is the barren season and some are tougher than others. Those Polaroids got me kind of sad.


  23. The USSR tried to control Afghanistan and failed. We tried to control Afghanistan and failed (perhaps intentionally). Now China wants a turn. I predict if they try to do business there like they do elsewhere, their relationship with the Taliban will quickly deteriorate. Unlike our own politicians, terrorists tend to not have that much appreciation for gifts of money, medicine or whatever. China will start sending in more advisors, then soldiers…..and a familiar pattern will emerge once again.

    An interesting effect of this will be that it puts the Chinese in a better position to fulfill the “Kings of the East” prophecy in Revelation 16, if you take that prediction literally. No need to fight past India.

    • Hahahah – Ure being silly, Trashganistan will be “Uyghured” in less than a year – followed soonly by the USofA.
      CCP/ Commiepinko’s already OWN slojoe, and 1/3 of senate&con gress – all backed by the baby eating ChristiansInAction.

      – Pooters just sitting back watching watching the demolition derby unfold..”ich werde nehman 10 million rubles on cyhnah/iran/syria v us/israhell/saud -der fix ist in !”.tickticktick

  24. Ray, your wet dream of a CA Democratic Gov being recalled got a cold shower, the early polls are in:

    Oh, and to Dan, for his message of gratitude to George:
    I feel the same way, and truly appreciate this ‘live webcam’ urbsurv site for it’s 24/7 coverage of the Republican rat hole, letting innocent bystanders see the rats eating each others’ feces (or sharing their latest propaganda).

    • One Way Liberal Alert!
      When Rs are leading, early poll reporting is decried – “Undo influencing!”
      When the devil we know is leading, it’s somehow OK
      Wanna help a brother out and ‘splain that version of equality?
      Stupid old man in the woods ain’t seein’ it.

      Criticize a democrat and you’re a what?
      Criticize republican and you’re a something else…

      Again, where’s the intellectual honesty in the klan founding equality party…I mean REALLY…

      Try to remember Lincoln – a republican freed slaves helped by conservative democrats.

      The last conservative democrat was last seen in the mid 20th century. Lloyd Bentsen, Scoop Jackson, Warren Magnuson. All great – Constitutional democrats.

      Who is the over-reacher now? More radical than Bernie and reading off the Obamaprompter…
      We’ll all pay the price for Buster Budget, his mark of the Beast, and the House of cards…

      • please – correct a youngster if he bee wrong – but was not John F Kennedy jr a conservative democrat ?
        Kill the poor guy just cause he was divulging the BIGGEST secrets in modern times ?
        Marilyn Monroe !?! I would have voted for anyone tapping that – talk about good taste..

      • George, what have you been doing that’s attracted the attention of these recent trolls? You must be hitting more targets! First it was the blowhard Jon, whom you banned. Then along came the blowhard Mark, who must be too busy sweeping feces off his San Fran sidewalk to pen his usual hate rants. And now, before I’ve even finished reading yesterday’s comments, several new trolls popped up like weeds! These ignoramuses only lend more credence to your writings. Keep up the good work!

        • lol
          I don’t see anything from the jon – just auto-round-files his addy
          Mark is doing extremely well in SF – I hear from him back channel now and then and he is totally all over the south bay re scene doing extremely well…
          The others are more recent and have yet to be too busy being successful (Mark) or so trollish as to be banned.
          We all pick our cattle chutes over time…

      • @ECU

        “please – correct a youngster if he bee wrong – but was not John F Kennedy jr a conservative democrat ?”

        No. JFK was a “New England Liberal Democrat.”

        He was not as far Left as LBJ, simply because he did not have the Southern Democrat’s disdain for Black folk.

        What else JFK was, was a patriotic American.

        This, and the fact he would never have sold out to the communists, is where his ideology differs from that of contemporary Democrats, and also why I’ve said he couldn’t successfully run as a conservative Republican, today, in most Congressional Districts.

      • @Tumbleweed

        A troll is a vandal who gets off on stirring up trouble. They just mostly like to watch other people argue, fight, or threaten one-another, or they troll simply to get attention or recognition from somebody.

        Today’s trolls are lazy, and not nearly as bright as they were 25 years ago. They’re also much weaker WRT English language fundamentals and they tend to use canned talking points a lot more than trolls used to — probably because they’re incapable of original thought.

        It IS interesting that George’s sites seem to be attracting a few, now. Political trolls generally slither in when a site-owner or a significant number of conversationalists at a site begin to see through the media obfuscation and recognize a slice of the Real World which the PTB don’t want to be clearly viewed.

        –Makes me think George is doing something right…

    • Why hello, Mr. Troll.

      You’re not as smart as the last troll. Please ask him to return, or go trawl the local high schools for a better troll-writer.

      Dunno with whom you have me confused. There is nothing in, or about California which does, or even could, foster a wet dream for me. I frankly couldn’t care less whether the Califools commit suicide politically or financially. I also honestly don’t care whether they keep Newsom, just like I didn’t care whether New York kept or tossed Cuomo. I mean, I would like to see people improve their lot in life, but they get to choose the government they deserve and if folks in California believe they deserve Newsom, then so be it.

  25. With regards to Academia, back when Paul Volker was calling the shots at the Federal Reserve, my Econ 101 professor at that time went absolutely ballistics when Tall Paul had the “audacity” (courage) to allow interest rates to rise. Therefore, the following article describing the present views of Professor Stiglitz is no surprise whatsoever:

  26. China is Deep in Debt.. China has massive internal troubles but they control media and nets so hard to hear about it.. ALL of their neighbors are against them including North Korea. All the Stans had prior wars wth China. The weigurs are in Pakistan, and near the China border.. Trouble is There. China is locking down cause the unrest inside China is growing..Many Businesses are leaving China since 2018..
    Amerca is RE Industrializing. Now. 2 chip plants in Phoenix,1 in Texas in or near Austin…
    In times of Change there is DANGER and OPPORTUNITY…
    Finance wise boomers retire but Mellenials take over in 2030 and shit expands again in America, Mexico,FRance,Turkey..
    USA economy is linked with Mexico,they do low and Mid manfacturing. We do high end..Its gonna grow in spite of the Government.. We AMERICANS Will Defeat Them
    So what is deagel saying ,still say only 60 million Americans will be here in 2025??? What is their Algorythym what is source of their Info/Assumptions?

    • “China is Deep in Debt.. ”
      and to think.. they own how much of our debt…..
      I am not to sure about the surrounding countries hating them… seems both china and russia have been busy making allies against the nato forces.. visit with a friend from poland and they are more afraid of what nato forces will do than the russian forces..
      seems when we march in .. we aren’t very nice..
      and .. who owns those chip manufacturing companies.. just a quick question.. my guess is it isn’t an American company venture.. the plant may be on us soil.. but in a SHTF scenario.. who is really in control..I truly believe that without them and their manufacturing skills, anymore we couldn’t fight our way out of a paper bag.. the after affects of dumbing down our citizens and relying on them to keep the products moving….

      • He is actually correct about Chinese debt.

        Also, we are nearly 60% of China’s entire worldwide market. They literally can NOT survive financially or industrially without the United States. WE CAN survive without China, although at this point in time we’d go through about 10 years of serious financial and social pain to home-grow the return of our industrial base.

    • It looks like the PTB assume their bioweapon “viruses” will kill a certain number of people and then their bioweapon fake vaccines will kill an even greater number, some shortly after the jab and most by 2025. This is why they’re pushing so hard for mandatory vaccinations. They have a deadline to meet!


    Read your Declaration of Independence. You are here – it is time: ” . . . That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

  28. Our own Go-Daddy Joe rolled into office on a Stalinist platform. He appears to have found the issue he needs to implement martial Stalinist law:

    The IRS, BATF and the CDC have already mounted a coordinated systematic attack on the Constitution and the courts. Expect the other alphabets to fall in line. I also expect forums like this to come under attack.

  29. “the realities that matter to the real economy are covered up by the complicit Mainstream Media. Whether on purpose (treason) or just laziness (stupid) we’ll leave it for history to judge.”

    Well, I had drunk Chinese fella in my office applying for a job 2 days ago. He as being belligerent and started being in appropriate toward a female applicant. I told him, he needed to be stop, be quiet, wait his turn. He stood up, said I was in the military Mr Andy! and saluted me and said yes sir. I said sit down and wait your turn. Do not talk to anyone.

    I do business and employ eveyone front the guy working to get paid that day to get food to Execs at Amazon and Lumens Field and Microsoft. I treat them all the same. I am not a respectful and if someone is out of line? I am assertive that they need to change their course..

    Then this Chinese fella made a big mistake and said I hear you loud and clear sir really loud, an belligerently and poked me in the chest.

    Poking a man like me in the chest is not a good idea. I didnt yell at him or anything. I just pushed his left shoulder firmly, spinning him around, and I grabbed him by the scruff of the collar and grabbed his back belt loop with my other hand, picked him up off the ground and carried him with his arms flailing and legs kicking, took him out the front door. I Said, you go sober up and come see me tomorrow if you want a job. You be respectful in my office to me and everyone in it. If you come in my office again drunk? It will be considers trespassing and you will be arrested. You hear me?

    As he was standing outside, digging out his wedgy, he was yelling and calling me all kinds of names. I said good day sir. Locked the door and walked back in. He hasn’t been back.

    Then I called the next applicant into my office and they were very respectful. The next dude said, wow that guy probably weighs 200 lbs. You picked him up like he was a toddler! You are pretty strong, sir! I said hi. Let’s see your application. Thank you so much for coming in and I’m sure I can find some work for you. What are you looking for? He said and I said let me go to to work for you and get you to that money. He said thank you sir.

    Eveyone was very respectful after that.

    Should my life be a reflection for the “shape of things to come.” Well, if the other 1.8 billion of them may end up with wedgies too. That is alot of wedgies. Just saying.

    If ya ever get back up this way George, ya have to come by the office and we can run over to the Chelan Cafe and get some biscuits and gravy. They have the best biscuits and gravy there. My treat.

    I’m Truly Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope that you are as well.

    Cue: ~ Damn Sure ~
    Laura Gibson.

    • Apparently the gentlemen has an uncorrected eyesight problem, in addition to the un-rehabbed mean drunk issue. His luck is holding up; however, having survived a close professional encounter with a professional headhunter with no serious damage other than wounded ego. Maybe he will dry out and come back to see you again, unarmed. Sometimes people have to fall down to that lowest level before they accept the hand up.

      I can see you have found the gig which best suits your MO, the missionary headhunter. Best of luck, and get people off the streets. There are a lot of angry young men and women with limited futures awaiting that you can give that hand up, if only they listen. I understand their anger (except when it is directed at myself), but I have limited opportunity to give them the one thing they need most, a livable wage. You have been placed in a position to do a lot of good for the many. Your Dude friend has a track record for picking champions; try to make him proud.

  30. Uhem, ” am not a respectful and if someone is out of line? I am assertive that they need to change their course..”

    What I said but stupid auto correct changed that is, If someone is not respectful, and I’d someone is out of line ? U am assertive they need to change their course..”

    It seems, lately my phone has a mind of it’s own. The ghost I the machine.

    1.8 billion wedgies. Hahaha.

    You remeber back in the day George at the end of the magazine like Heavy Metal, or Hustler, or Mad magazine where they had the adds for “x-ray vision” and “Sea Monkeys”. Get 14 tape cadets for a penny, if you buy 1. Even when I was a kid I always stoped and thought long and hard about the advertisement that said. “I will sell you the secret to becoming rich for $2. Send a blank stamped, self address envelope, and Ure $2 to this address with a letter that says, Tell me how to get rich! “. It occured to me this morning that if a smart fella, smarter than me, Could run that kind of advertizement again and get 30% of 1.8 billion wedgies to reply? That is alot of money. Alot of money.

    Well best fire up that coffee pot. And get @ it!


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