Demographica: Say "Hi!" to Negative Growth Rates

We’ll get to the overnight episode of “5,500 Cruise Ship Roulette” in a minute.  But today is also time to update the mass invasion of the US through the former Mexico border.  And regrettably, the latest statistics back up our earlier contention that the great “Dirty Secret” the Washington Cartel is hiding from voters until after elections and the Executive Reconquista to follow, is that without mass immigration, our economy is going to implode.  Seriously.  Ka-Boom!  Blooey!

But before we get to that, our usual weekend smorgasbord of the  headlines du jour and the enchanting story of “Lazarus, the Options Worker” who made an appearance (guess where?) on Wall Street this week.  So on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen. You, too, Dolly…Where’s my coffee?  And don’t wake Elaine up.  Have you seen the sugar-plum index?

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