I have been mocked all over the web for telling you – as long ago as January – that in our curious way of reading data – Bitcoin was heading down to 6,500 – or lower.  It was a real possibility in our work.  Worse, our Dec. 28th data run offering 3,615.92 is still in play….But today? What’s this?

Our modest suggestion to the coiners?  If you’re looking for something “risen again” try a Church.  Good day for it.  Because Bitcoin’s rising could take a great deal longer than three days.

Happy Easter…and it’s time to go chase my bunny.  Next time I deal free advice outside of our Peoplenomics.com reports, do pay attention, ‘K?  Peoplenomics subscribers are a fairly bright group.  We don’t play “follow the rumors” – we simply follow the data.