Dear Foolish Bitcoin Fan

I have been mocked all over the web for telling you – as long ago as January – that in our curious way of reading data – Bitcoin was heading down to 6,500 – or lower.  It was a real possibility in our work.  Worse, our Dec. 28th data run offering 3,615.92 is still in play….But today? What’s this?

Our modest suggestion to the coiners?  If you’re looking for something “risen again” try a Church.  Good day for it.  Because Bitcoin’s rising could take a great deal longer than three days.

Happy Easter…and it’s time to go chase my bunny.  Next time I deal free advice outside of our reports, do pay attention, ‘K?  Peoplenomics subscribers are a fairly bright group.  We don’t play “follow the rumors” – we simply follow the data.


3 thoughts on “Dear Foolish Bitcoin Fan”

  1. Add to that your correct bitcoin upside call on July 21, 2017.

    For example: While Bitcoins last week were in the gutter, we’re pleased to report BIC’s are fetching $2,764 now. And, in my view, could set new highs in the coming month as the markets are due to roll up higher. How do you say Mood Swing?

  2. Yes the crypto casino is quiet.

    You know the real deal with casinos, right? Everything is designed to disoriente you. Everything from the busy carpet to the plane celing, with the little black bubbles “eye in the sky” looking down on you but you can’t see them. The chairs are designed to give a subtle pull back to the table or slot machine. No clocks, tinteted windows. Feel good music in the background. Flashing lights and shirt skirted chesty waitresses calling out “cocktails” every few min. Security at the door dressed like cops. Etc. Etc.

    It’s all one big “mind f**k”. I do note a few things of “luck” that have been consistent for me. One! If the dealer at the table is Asian. I always lose against them. Not sure why, but I always lose my ass betting against asian roulette spinners. So when they change out dealers and the person happens to be asian, I cash in. And I do note the 666 rule. Which time and time again, I have won betting big after that number shows up on the screen. I also note that if you win a small amount in the “bonus” round on slots when betting large, I usually win some sorta big “hit” if I play 5-7 more spins on slots.

    There is a rythem to winning. I have noticed it. A pattern to it. My friend Bodil from Sweden who won 4 jack pots in 5 hours. She is about as cute as you can get. Natural Platinum blond, tan etc. She told me to listen. Feel the rythem. So, I learned to listen, be patient, watchful and feel my way around the enviorment..

    Now think about cryptos and the casino they are in. Busy lights and hypnotizing ads, etc. Etc. There is rythem to them as well. Albeit a higher rate of beat and tempo at the casino. So I am watchful, mindful of all the distractions designed to disoriente you, pull you in.. and be patient.

    Right now, all is quiet in the crypto casino. So it’s best not to play. But that doesn’t mean money can’t be made from them when the beats start picking up again.

    I do think that cryptos are a viable option to make some money. So, I disagree with you old dude. I’m not slandering ya. Just disagree.

    Took them for another $1000 on Saturday. You have to know when to walk away and know when to run. And took home a cute little 26 year old in a pony tail. And I came to the conclusion that I’m not 25 anymore. Hahahahahaha.

    Off for the day, my dump truck had something break in the pumpkin of the rear end. My daughter on spring break so I’m taking her for a little Daddy Daughter date to the movies to see ‘player one ready’..

    Rich me!

    Have a great day!

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