Datamocracy: Can the Internet Replace Government?

We’re going to ponder upgrading America to Internet-based democracy this morning.

In a 1979 paper, a very forward-thinking researcher described the problem of “datamocracy” and proposed “Strategies against computer abuses and in information tyranny.”  Unfortunately, that horse if out of the barn now…so it’s time we look at some of the options ahead.

After suggesting innumerable times that Congress adjourn after immediately installing a secure online “Congressional Session” software package, and seeing that nothing is coming for such forward thinking….well, about here we get into some really revolutionary stuff.

First, though, headlines and coffee, but then back into the hard questions:  What exactly is it about government that can’t be translated into an online service, any more than any other information entity can’t be translated into big SQL database which we call “online banking” and such?  I don’t suppose you’ll need too much help understanding some of the concept in this morning’s report (birthing the electrofascist state is self-explanatory).  The problem is “What do we do about it?”

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