Data Dense Thursday, A/C Down

This morning’s report features an air conditioning failure in the main house, so I’m just “cooling it” in the office today.  Funny how “Spidey sense” works.  It was just two weeks back air conditioning was on my mind.  To the point of ordering a new window unit for the office (this one).  Even went to far as to think about getting a new starting capacitor to “have on hand.

Sadly, I didn’t do that.  And – based on the compressor not starting, it seems like yep – got to pay closer attention to “senses of future” when they come a knocking.

Why, I could write a whole column just on the importance of listening to your higher self.  But no, that’s not the main focus of what we do around here.

More to the point, it’s the hottest part of summer now, and unsurprisingly US Grid Operator PJM Declares Level One Emergency Amid Scorching Heat. Even with our solar, we still had a surprisingly large power bill last month – a reminder to me that those 80-foot-high trees shading the house were actually very useful energy conservation tools.  But then they began to split, it was time to go.  Sometimes there’s just no winning move.

Other than move to Canada to avoid the heat, of course.

Post Fed – Rally?

As is becoming clear in our Aggregate Index work, the U.S. market may be making a last-ditch effort to set a marginally higher-high.

Futures this morning put our Aggregate Index at 39,305 and change while the Aggregate high last week was 39,290.  See how close things are?

Aggregate Index
Wave counting is always dangerous business but at least post Fed we are seeing the markets remaining firm Which to us is insane

Which gets us to the data that’s flowing this morning.


We are huge fans of widget counting.  Because it’s just so damn easy for governments to make up paper and just add zeroes. Notwithstanding the obfuscation via the printing press…

GDP looks semi-stable
Chart from Bureau of Economic Analysis

“Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 2.4 percent in the second quarter of 2023, according to the “advance” estimate. In the first quarter, real GDP increased 2.0 percent. The increase in the second quarter primarily reflected increases in consumer spending and business investment that were partly offset by a decrease in exports. Imports, which are a subtraction in the calculation of GDP, decreased.”

The good news – and it comes into focus as a rising turnover in Money in the system (velocity at M2) is that things are getting “better.”

Velocity of Money at m2 chart
Still even with the modest upturn in velocity it remains sluggish and at levels never before seen in most peoples lifetimes

Next Come Durable Goods

You’re welcome to think of this in terms of “flywheel effect” of the economy.

GDP is up
Hotter than some had expectedshould kick the market to marginally higher highs early At press time the Dow was up almost 90 and the NASDAQ was showing >1 percent increases

Of course, durable goods require a labor force to make things.  Which segues right into the latest read for the week on new unemployment filings.

Unemployment filings
Notice that the new filers were down and the insured unemployment rate improved a bit in this report

The last page of this report is always our favorite.  Because it shows which States are really hot and which States are really not.

States with big changes summary
New York bounced back a bit after being on the big layoff states side of the ledger a week or two back

This view of labor isn’t the be-all, end-all.  There’s the matter of international trade, too.  Because nothing those legal fictions (corporations) love more than offshoring as much as possible to least-cost manufacturing anywhere but in America…

International trade
The deficit on international trade going down is a good thing for American workers

With this, we’ll see how the market digests things, but throw in a handful of good news out of Ukraine?

War and Pieces

After fears of Wagner eyeing Poland, and the Ukrainians pulling back forces, seems the balance has shifted again today.  Ukrainian forces advancing north and south of Bakhmut – General Staff (  Along with War update: Ukraine’s Air Force launches 13 strikes on enemy targets.

Also, Ukraine grain exports are on the rocks. Zelenskiy Visits Dnipro As Russia Launches More Deadly Strikes On Ukraine down in the Odessa region.

On the other hand, there’s a larger political game afoot here.  Russian media: Belarus has submitted a surprise application to join the BRICS! Which we point out because as the entire planet keeps eating its way out to the Petri dish walls, resources will continue to matter.  BRICS has lots of resources.  I think my worst global geopolitical outcome would be BRICS attracting more oil producers into their fold.

Related to BRICS?  What happens when Dollar Hegemony collapses in a heap?  ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Predicts USD Crash After This Crucial Coming Event.  Can you spell Global Depression?

Hold the Party!

One contrarian sign?  Bitcoin has not rallied with stocks and was trading around $29,500 earlier.

Two other notable crypto developments.  First is Singapore High Court Recognizes Crypto As Personal Property, Equates It To Fiat Money ? ZyCrypto.

The other?  Interesting note about presidential hopeful RFK Jr. Democratic Presidential Candidate Invests Significantly in Bitcoin for His Children – Cryptopolitan.

A further security note:  If you are an Apple fan and have a wallet, pay particular attention to ‘Realst’ macOS Malware Hijacks Cryptocurrency Wallets Via Fake Games | Extremetech.

Quippishly Ure’s

California governor presidential bid positioning becomes apparent in this Exclusive: California Gov Gavin Newsom May Be Back Channeling in Actors, Writers Strikes Against Studios | Showbiz411.

Rumors are flying again (still) as to where this will be the day for a Trump indictment to be handed down: Trump teams prepare for possible Thursday grand jury vote. Meanwhile, the rest of the GOP is finding new and improved ways to attack Joe Biden’s second run: McCarthy, House GOP tiptoe toward Biden impeachment inquiry.

ATR: ShopTalk Thursday

After a certain amount of whining in last Sunday’s ShopTalk column – about the lack of industrial arts training in America, I’ve decided to do a two part report (Sunday, of course) on the process of repairing electronics.

I’m going to walk through repair (and the logic) of fixing an old vacuum tube voltmeter.

Been spending a fair bit of time at the workbench, lately.  In fact, yesterday’s effort was resurrection of a Yaesu FRG-7 HF radio receiver.  Took it from totally DOA to working just dandy.  About 4-hours of bench time.

The lone problem remaining is the signal strength meter is not bouncing around like it should.  Which has me eyeing the blue capacitor circled in this picture:

FRG-7  IF and AF board
The blue wire goes off to the S meter The cap is across this line

You’re not seeing the humor of George’s life, yet, are you?

Well, let me lay it out for you.  The problems of this radio were mainly what?


Yes.  And the problem with the air conditioner?

“Oh I get it…Starting Capacitor…”

Exactly.  The Universe is telling me in no uncertain terms: Be Sure to Menion Mercury Rising. August 23 to September 14.  And since I’ve told you how often “I run three-weeks ahead of Mercury’s rising….

Seen a calendar?  Something about carrying capacity of World being hinted at?

Weird, just totally weird how my life stitches together.  Always on the verge of woo-woo.

Write when you get rich, or when the A/C is running again…

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65 thoughts on “Data Dense Thursday, A/C Down”

  1. At the weekly confab with the Executive Committee my Consigliore brought up the question, “What do you all think about the fellow telling Congress yesterday that we have flying saucers and bodies of aliens locked up somewhere?” All I could think of is Hunter must have done something really bad for this to come out at the same time as Hunter’s day in court.
    The meeting adjourned after a consensus was reached that with the current leadership if it can even be referred to as that, is that we are all screwed.

    Stay safe. 73

  2. Good luck George with A/C … I bought spare capacitors about a month ago … $15 each … cheap, bought 2 actually ……. as the NDX continues to defy logic … but that’s fine, markets fool the most, most of the time …. and this “Wave 2” (if that is what it is and I sure don’t believe it at these levels) has fooled many. All the best, stay cool. btw … what’s the latest on this AV 9 date? If the world ended, I don’t seem to notice, yet :)

  3. Cmon man!

    Yo Chief, way to blow over and blow off the most important and powerful topic you have ever covered – Our Higher Selves.
    No not Ure ego’s, and there are some massive ones in this community. (Side note = transparency, been in a life long battle with mine, very HARD to kill.)

    Fully “realized” with your higher – for Dudes, She is Female, for Dudettes He is Male.

    Once UNION of the 2 Separate halves is fullfilled/complete, da modern Human be complete, and able to connect with “hyperspace- quantum consciousness.

    Deep meditation, pre-“mapping” dream work prior to SLeep and lucid dreaming, hallucinogens..some of ways to sync with our higher selves. Pre working dreams is nice way to “manifest” physical in the material..

    Says here nothing more powerful on the Planet than Ure own “Complete” Mind. See Placebo Effect for real world results..

    Altogether now..BuyBuyBUyBUY – BTC !

    “just a lil taste”, VERIFY me, you’ll like it!

  4. LOL! I was watching Glenn Beck’s program feed over on YouTube and as he was talking about Mich McConnell’s freeze-up YT suddenly said “This video not available”. That was after criticizing Climate Change and other sacred cows of the Left. How inclusive and tolerant of them! I’m really surprised he got that far and even has a channel at all on YT.
    We’re living in historic times people! Or at least we’re watching the historical repetition after an 80 +/- year hiatus of official repression.

    • “Dollar Hegemony collapses in a heap”

      The problem is credit distorts until prices do no make sense.

      Recall the olden days when serfs couldn’t buy bullion with credit cards. Spreads were always tight and competitive.

      Today I took a look at King Kitco.

      Kitco is selling 1/10th ounce eagles for $326.41.
      Kitco is buying 1/10th ounce eagles for $193.42.

      People go for it but that’s a distortion. A serf will never make bank with those spreads, which can change at any moment.

      Kitco does have competitive prices on kilo bars, $63,253.55 ea or $1,807 per ounce +/-.

      I’d bet most folks do not have 65K limits on their CCs.

      • like anything that is the issue..
        you can have all the gold ,silver, bitcoin or dollars you wish..but if your the only one with a pound of flour or wheat and someone comes up and wants to give you much is that pound of wheat worth..if there’s only ten collectors of gold.. you have to take what they are willing to pay for it..

        • – silliness.

          I would suggest that people sharp and astute enough to incorporate and practice portfolio theory in their “prepping investment philosophies/decisions (USD-CashOnHand/PM’s/Crypto), are more than likely to have invested in non perishable and semi no perishable food items.
          Like suggesting these peeps who “have all the gold,silver, btc, dollars you wish” only shine the front of shoes, never the back, or wash only their faces, and never their butts.

          Histroy is replete with stories of owners of hard money – Gold & Silver gaining incredible advantages in purchase of Land/Titles/Goods during times of global economic terrorism.

          War is a foot & hard times call for hard Men..

        • Just means you need to know your marketplace. It’s all about leverage. If you don’t have any to extend or exploit … keep your mouth shut.

      • I had an account with Kitco once many moons ago with the idea of trading back and forth between gold and silver as the ratio changed. The cost of that, I found out, didn’t justify the effort so I never did it with them. ‘Way back in time when I was in the Navy I had an account with a company named Bullion Reserve, if I remember correctly, and did have a lot of luck with that as their cost of swapping one for the other was very low. This was all over the phone, too. I’d amassed a fair amount of metal so one day this little bird started singing in my ear to go ahead and have it all sent home. The agent I talked to on the phone said it was probably the smart thing to do. When I asked him to repeat that he wouldn’t do it. I don’t know how long it was after that the CEO of that company blew his brains out as he’d been playing with everyone’s money and got stuck with no way to pay it back. I was just one of the few lucky ones to get out in time.

        JM Bullion is, right now at 6:55pm CST, selling 1/10th ounce Eagles for $299.46 for 1 to 49 coins. $297.46 for 50 or more. Still a hefty premium and there are other companies out there like APMEX that breaks their pricing down to dates and condition. The cheapest tenth ounce Eagle is a random year coin for $264.56 which is what I’d go after if I was buying. I don’t care what kind of stamp they put on that slug unless it’s around a hundred years old or more – gold is gold and silver is silver. Buy it as cheap as you can and forget about it.

    • that has been happening a lot.. videos taken down by big brother because they say things against the the views they want pushed

    • That’s why, when I find something I want to watch, that’s more elaborate than a music video or movie trailer, I use a downloader and grab it.

      Before you ask: I bought and use “4k Video Downloader.” It hates to start up — I oftentimes have to knock, er, click three times for it to get going (it updates whenever Youtube updates anything, which is every couple days, so you have to put up with the updates) and will launch, then autolaunch its updater. Once it is up and running though, it will d’l a two hour concert (much more demanding than an RTV talk show) in a few minutes.

      • I’ve used Real Player’s Real Downloader for a good while now. You have to check for updated versions for it to work all the time. There are a few videos on YT that seem to be protected but I don’t recall being able to download any videos on Rumble, Bitchute or any other streamer site with it.

        • 4k seems to be a crapshoot on Bitchute. Rumble is a flat no-go. I have grabbed vids from foreign sites with a fair amount of success. The biggest determinant seems to be the way the site applies its revenue stream, which is likely site-specific.

          I’ve got probably a dozen downloaders and site rippers. Each seems to work sometimes, and for some sites. Combined, I can, most (but not all) times, locate a tool to accomplish the desired goal. Having to look for the proper tool can be a PITA though…

  5. More info on synchronicity w/ 1929 …
    In September 1929 —
    Babson break
    followed by
    British industrialist Clarence Hatry corruption incident that led to a large British stock market adjustment.

    Is the ongoing incident about British billionaire Joe Lewis and massive insider trading a rhyme of the bell?

  6. Just read and opinion article in Fox news that says heat index was 4 times higher in the 30s

    • In convenient facts. Greenland used to be tree covered (ergo GREEN). And France used to be too hot to grow grapes. Things change ABQ – and glad folks like you keep up on actual data. Thanks

    • That could be true, but in our area, I think it was a lot wetter back then. That would crank up the heat index without necessarily raising the temperature. It’s been in the 90’s most of the month and in the direct sun, I add 50 degrees. Even with a hat, it’s too hot for most outside work, except in small dabs with breaks inside. I can feel when it’s so hot that I have only about five minutes to find shade or A/C. Hydration is a bitch – I’m drinking like crazy and most of it goes away as insensible sweat.

  7. Speaking of your AC my washer failed the other day. I live near a Repair Clinic so can get parts and replaced the controller card based on the evidence ($175.04). No resolve.

    Then I noticed a troubleshooting guide/schematic tucked into the unit. The guide tells how to get the motor to run error codes. The motor code indicates “check lid switch”. I’ll replace that later today and see what happens.

  8. Just made a run to pick-up my monthly ‘allotment’ of silver. [ friend of mine buys it., I buy from him – no names on the transaction.] It only costs me a six pack of Guinness Stout.
    Same order as last month [ one ounce and half ounce ‘bars’] but four dollars less. Interesting.

    ., and while I am thinking about it:
    1] I don’t know you.
    2] I am pretty damn sure I DON’T want to know you.
    3] Your inane, woke rhetoric is some of the best I have read., congrats.
    4] I have suspicion that you plan on running for political office.
    5] Please, do us all a favor and check you meds.
    6] I do not know if there is such a thing as counselling for overwhelming psychological fear of facts and truth, but I am sure there is some ‘guru’ near you that can help with your on-going phobia.
    7] Your latest post proves, without a doubt, why California is so screwed-up.
    8] Good luck !

    • It only takes one “awe sh*t” to wipe away a thousand kudos. Judge not lest ye be judged. What one construes as normal is relative to the holder’s experience and point of view. Nobody is truly a disinterested third party. Et al, etc.

    • Mark’s epistle on EV’s was quite verbose, without citing any real data, and so repetitive that it could have been written by AI.
      Here is real data, EV’s sales are growing:

      Oil is a finite resource, could be gone in 50 yrs, then what will your great grand children do:

      I disliked the lengthy tome that really said nothing (except that Mark likes his EV), however, the data does back him up.

      So you all get triggered by monotonous grandstanding with no data? Sounds like the bullies need their bash-fix!

      • Oil’s well that ends well?

        The extremely heavy electric vehicles will put a lot of stress on the road surface requiring more frequent asphalt repavings.

        “Asphalt is the sticky black residue that is left over from the processing of crude oil. It has been used in paving for more than a hundred years. When asphalt first came into use, oil refiners would give it away. Today, however, it is a highly traded commodity that demands premium prices. These prices have increased dramatically.”

        • TBF, they’re not that heavy. The battery pack adds about 900 pounds to a small sized (Corolla, Jetta, etc.) car. I would guess additional weight for a pickemup would be in the ~2700 pound range, and probably ~4500 pounds for a semi.

          It takes about 45 minutes to bring a small car battery pack from 20% to 80%, at a cost of about $1/minute. It would take about 3hrs, at a cost of ~$5/min, to make it so a semi could travel another ~240 miles.

          Are y’all ready for shipping times to double or triple and the actual cost of every single thing you buy to increase by a factor of four, not counting the breathtakingly-underreported level of bidenomics inflation?

          Welcome to the world Bernie Sanders and Sandy Cortez want you to live in…

      • Current battery technologies will continue to limit the acceptance of EV’s outside of metropolitan areas. There are technologies under development that one hears about. “Solid-state batteries” is one you hear talking heads hyping, without a clue is to what they are talking about. Most the of the solid-state batteries are sulfur-based, and while energy densities of demonstration cells the size of a hearing aid battery look good, service life is in doubt, and overall costs are not likely to improve substantially. EV will continue to be the urban yuppie upgrade choice for the second vehicle. Ask Mark if he still has a gas or diesel powered vehicle in the garage.
        For someone like G____, with excess solar generating capacity, a small EV for supply runs might make more sense than for Others.

      • Earlier this week I did a search for how much of Texas’ electricity is generated through burning natural gas. Turns out it’s 61% and I don’t know what is lost between the fires in the turbans and the plug in the charging stations but I have no doubt it’s significant. EVs around here run primarily on NG.

        • “I don’t know what is lost between the fires in the turbans and the plug in the charging stations but I have no doubt it’s significant.”

          As a general rule, I figure stuff is 80% efficient. This puts me on the “pessimist side” for antenna connections, but the “optimist side” for electrical transmogrifications: Nuclear turbines were between 17% and 21% efficient (admittedly many years ago when I checked.) An atomic pile puts out such an incredible amount of power that even at 20% efficiency, the nuclear power plants are very cheap and highly cost-effective. Coal and NG fans are much more efficient. Still, I’d figure on 80% to generate, 80% to convert, 80% to step up or step down, and a 20% transmission loss, down the wires. These numbers are never actually accurate, but for figuring stuff in your head, will always put your bottom line estimate in the ballpark…

        • And that won’t change until everyone has their own Zero Point power unit in their houses or under the hood. Believe me when I say they’re out there.

  9. “Thaaat, thaat”

    “Dude, dude look like a lady” -Areosmith

    Quicky quick Urbalists look surprised, Noodlesnuland been named second in command US State Dept. All you allz remember the other mannish women ( Bag o cookies for the accursed ukeies, and hearty “F! the EU” . Short of zombie in chief, the most undiplomatic ugly ass vile warpig I ever laid my sore eyes on.
    Every time I do lay my peeprz on that forfeit POS meatsuit, I wonder what sort of blackmail details enables a demon infested meat suit to gain office/positions at State, like that one does.

    Oh well like the song says “the darker they are, the harder they Fall”
    – into FEAR.

    * consider It “on the docket” ie dark to light..Spiritual like “lotus light” incoming.

  10. “Weird, just totally weird how my life stitches together. Always on the verge of woo-woo.”

    Now you sound like Andy! ‘The DUDE’ leaves clues… you just have to pay attention.

    Your ‘Mercury Retrograge’ offset is strange. You must be a cosmically out-of-phase being. Which then begs the question: “What planet are you on?” My retrograde experience seems to be right on with the dates, and I have some critical things to finish before going into ‘retro-cruise’ mode and waiting it out,

  11. “US Grid Operator PJM Declares Level One Emergency Amid Scorching Heat.”

    Does this mean we need more electric cars?

    Or will horse drawn carriages live again?

    G.A. Stewart’s great-grandfather was in charge of that stuff for Garibaldi in Italy back in the olden days…


    lol lol lol and a judge removed from her position on the holding an old soup can and a sign outside saying need work..
    lol we know this isn’t going anywhere.. if it does I will be shocked.. decades of beavis and butt heads in charge and nothing ever getting done..blatant dual standards..and thinking a low level judge can change lol I doubt it..the spin today had you thinking that trump was behind her and I wouldn’t ever get away with it..

  13. Age/Position, kill most Caps. Just drying up. Back EMF hurts them too. Especially the newer A/C (as in 3phase) drives. They utilize a DC harmonic spike embedded in the sine wave with amplitude and frequency control. the spike is what gives the motors all the torque. E bikes must utilize the same methods. DC to A/C inverter, with torque circuitry. Old drives used 5v Fet, ramping it up through 3 to 4 transistors. Very interesting to trouble shoot, transistors died and Caps blew out due to back emf. Major frequency crossovers occurring sending large fireballs out of drive.

  14. Guess you may call this Dense Data. Purchased raw organic almonds from health food store last weekend. Tuesday, 25 day I decided to have a breakfeast of gooseberries and black razberries with almonds (Fruit&Nut) as the berries were in full bloom.
    30 min. later I have numb feet and hands, nausea, shaking, almost dry-heaves and vertigo. Took a while( till now Thursday ) to mostly recover. Still some wobbling.
    Only thing that had changed in my diet were the raw organic almonds.
    Search @ almond poisoning at you desire. All public-med sites stated that eating 24 almonds would make your very ill-eating 50 could be fatal. I ate maybe 12 or so. Magic ingredient is arsenic. At 7 decades I did not know.
    Processed almonds may be different but raw are animals of another Mother.
    Just a heads-up to all I respect.

    • Not arsenic, cyanide. Cyanide gases all smell like almonds, which is how people who work around cyanide know to “run or die” when they “smell almonds.”

      Nearly all commercial almonds are GM now. They’ve lab-modified the nut to make it easy to process into almond-derived products (like almond “milk” and flour.) I believe wild (non-organic) almonds have to be roasted or blanched, to flash the cyanide (not sure, I’ve never read up on this) before they can be safely eaten by humans or domestic animals…

      • You are correcting me Ray. Thank you.
        So many poisons around, insecticide, infanticide, strychnine, arsenic and governic; just cant keep up
        with it all.

        • Please don’t take offense. I used to work in a lab which played with sodium cyanide. It is what is used to make brass really shiny and “brassy-looking.” Sodium is the least poisonous of all the commonly used cyanide compounds, and it is still 100% fatal. Nasty stuff…

      • I guess the Blue Diamond company that makes the raw and roasted almonds I love so much knows about this. The nut companies have been at it for a long, long time and I’ve never heard of O/D’ing on almonds or any other nut, seed or kernel these companies produce.

    • Remember, Edgar Cayce said 3 almonds a day keeps cancer away.

      Try 3 and let us know how you do.

      You might have a bad batch.

  15. “In fact, yesterday’s effort was resurrection of a Yaesu FRG-7 HF radio receiver. Took it from totally DOA to working just dandy.”

    Hey, just got an FRG-7 that’s DOA. Pretty little thing. ‘Hope I can slog through the 200 projects that’re ahead of it…

  16. “This morning’s report features an air conditioning failure in the main house”

    I’m glad to see you’re finally doing something about global warming.

    These numbers are over 20 years old, but:

    How does an air conditioner work? It takes heat out of an area, and transports it to another area, then releases it.

    The basic window air conditioner takes heat out of a room of (say) your house, and expels it into the atmosphere. ‘Thing is, it is a mechanical device, so there is an inherent loss of efficiency. If it is a 5000 BTU device and it’s 90% efficient (which is pretty good, but not stellar), it is going to remove 4500btuh from your room, and expel 5146 btu of heat into the atmosphere, because it is going to create 146w of heat, performing the work required to move that heat from your room to outside.

    Air conditioners in use in y2k, expelled over 2 quadrillion BTUs of heat into the atmosphere. *

    ANYONE who believes global warming is an issue, and does not immediately and forever cease using air conditioning, is a dishonest, selfish, self-serving hypocrite, and should have their opinion stripped of any legitimacy, and be forever ignored, both by their contemporaries, and by history…

    *Bet’cha it’s a lot more than 2,000,000,000,000,000 BTUs in 2023!

  17. A Root Cause Of Mental Illness: Harvard Professor

    Mental illness has been an enigma and point of confusion for many researchers and scientists. Despite medical advances, the root cause of mental illness has remained unknown. However, a recent breakthrough in psychiatry may be the missing piece to this mysterious puzzle. Dr. Christopher Palmer, a Harvard professor of psychiatry, has been connecting the dots of thousands of research articles regarding the relationship between mental illness and mitochondrial dysfunction.

  18. School district bans opt-out from LGBTQ lessons because too many families opted out

    An affluent liberal D.C. suburb has a simple explanation for why it won’t honor parents’ requests to exclude their children, some as young as 3 years old, from “storybooks” with sex workers, kink, drag, gender transitions and same-sex romance for elementary-age children: It’s hard.

    • Today it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to have all the kids that don’t want to hear or see that crap all gather down at the principal’s office and have a sit-in. Free speech works both ways even on a school campus.

  19. Nicaraguan president rejects ‘Nazi’ Zelensky

    Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has accused the EU of “hurting” the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) by forcing it to adopt a statement in support of “fascist Nazi” Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky at the EU-CELAC summit on Wednesday.

  20. IMF Cancels Speech by Nobel Prize Winner in Physics After He Expressed Wrongthink on Climate Change

    Earlier on Saturday, my colleague Nick Arama wrote a couple of stories on disruptive and—in one case, dangerous—protest events staged by climate change activists in various locations across London, U.K, this week. On Friday evening, Junk Science founder Steve Milloy alerted everyone to just the latest foot-stomping move by radical climate activists — this time at the International Monetary Fund (IMF): IMF cancels speaking engagement for 2022 Nobel prize winner in physics for saying:

    “I don’t believe there is a climate crisis.”

    • Wrongthink. From Orwell’s 1984.

      “How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?’
      ‘And if the party says that it is not four but five—then how many?’

      What could a Nobel prize winner possibly know about science?

  21. Re: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?


    Chef Prighozin was pictured by the “Daily Mail” working the room on day one of the two day Africa St. Petersburg 2023 Summit. The jovial looking Wagner leader dressed up for the occasion with a pair of worn jeans and an ill-fitting golf shirt stretched over a well-fed tummy paunch. An unidentified delegate from the Wagner protectorate of the Central African Republic looked on.

    “Tass” scouted the St. Petersburg airport Wednesday to spot arriving dignitaries. Amongst the number was the president of Guineau-Bissau. His Gulfstream jet bore the registration N8900A. Public FAA records identify this as a Beach B35 domiciled in the USA. Some 18 years ago the registration may have been an evergreen planted around Wilmington, De?

    Perusal of the conference schedule indicates that Russia intends to export grains to Africa through “its Baltic port”. They also plan to stand by traditional values of marriage and family which are alleged to be institutions facing corruption by the West.

  22. ” California – In 2035, it will be illegal for dealers to sell gas-powered vehicles.”
    This means an extra 12 million vehicles will be utilizing the grid to get a charge. That would require triple the amount of power coming off the grid along with five times the number of solar and wind farms production over the past decade, a CalMatters investigation found. Triple the current power produced and five times the number of wind/solar farms have produced – over the past ten years.

    To put it another way, if people in California began using mostly electric cars, it would take five nuclear power plants just to accommodate them all, a Stanford University study said.
    Every year, environmentalists and members of the public mount campaigns to shut down power plants across California. This started with the environmental movement in the 1970s, and now only one nuclear plant still operates out of the six that had been built.

    A survey by researchers at Columbia University found that nearly 30% of households in California kept their homes at a temperature that was unhealthy or unsafe to save on energy costs. “Because turning on your air conditioner will cost you an extra $500 a month.” [Medium size two bedroom house.]
    One in eight households in California right now are behind in their electric bill. The demand for energy will force the rates to go even higher and the demand will be forced by all the electric vehicles.
    “Lots of bold talk about emission control and mandating electrical vehicle use. The tens of billions that will be needed to be spent to accommodate the electrical demand create by millions of new EV’s, but I have not heard one word on how this increase in demand and higher electrical rates are going to help the nearly 20% of Californians who right now, can not afford to run air conditioners.” Union of Concerned Scientists [ a California science advocacy organization.]
    California’s budget deficit has grown to nearly $32 billion, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Friday – May 23rd, 2023. Three years ago they had a surplus of $97 billion.
    Newsome did state that with cuts to some programs and reduced spending in others they will be able to cut this deficit to $9.1 billion. There is a $10 billion dollar construction bond measure that has been sitting idle in the Senate for over two years – and now it is doubtful it will ever be issued, because of the way it is written and the ROI is now less then the federal governments guaranteed ten year bond.
    With all the infrastructure that is required to accommodate the EV mandates, just how is California going to afford to build all the shiny new electrical plants, charging stations, and power distribution that will be needed?
    Tout all the benefits that EV’s will produce, and there are some, but until you can provide the electricity to charge those millions of vehicles, from an electrical grid that is constantly on the brink of collapse, the largest electrical provider in the state filing for bankruptcy mainly because they do not have the billions required to rebuild and improve the decades of mismanagement and delayed maintenance old grid currently in place, and no money to even begin to build what has been required by law – it simply can not be done.
    Right now, it is a friggin’ joke ! An environmentalist’s wet-dream.
    [And despite what has been repeatedly stated in the California Senate, hydrogen extracted from natural gas is “not” a sustainable, renewable resource.]

    • And that utility (PG&E) is now embarked on a program to bury 10,000 miles of secondary transmission lines, at a current cost of $1,000,000 per mile. Of course, the rate payers must pay for this cost to avoid wildfires caused by failed secondary transmission lines.
      I’m lucky to be served by SMUD (Sacramento Utility District), a county owned utility. Even though it shut down a perfectly good nuke plant at Ranco Seco, my rates are significantly lower than PG&E.
      I’m glad I won’t live to see the traink wreck in 2035, but I;m fearful for what my grandkids will face.
      Even though I’m debt free, I would probably be homeless if Prop 13 (to limit tax increases on homeowners) hadn’t passed.

    • California – In 2035, it will become uninhabitable, for anyone not wealthy enough to own their own helicopter…

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