Data Collection for 2019

With my consigliere landing this afternoon to work with me a bit on the upcoming Annual Outlook issue, I thought it would be useful this morning to kick around some of the specific data we’ll be looking at.

After we dodge a few bullets in the news headlines and scroll the chart by you, along with several strong cups of The Bean…

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George Ure
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30 thoughts on “Data Collection for 2019”

  1. Bitcoin and Litecoin a very conspicuous in their absence from Ure FOREX comparision chart this AM – what gives? Why are U playing “hide the sausage” with Cyrptos in this AM’s report? Not to mention..currency “trading” is now a taxable event in the good ole USofA, better keep good records.
    G – nearly everyone whose family has been in this country for several generations should be wealthy. Unfortunately, circumstances often undermine our best efforts to conserve resources.
    De Bears’ “sainted” Granny never let a moment go by without reminding us of the desperate struggle the Grandparents went thru during The Great Depression to save assets for the family.
    There is a myth that upward financial mobility is easy in this country. The TRUTH is probably closer to upward financial mobility is more limited in the US than any other country except the United Kingdom. That is why conservation of family assets is SO important for subsequent generations so that they will have some of same advantages and security as we have had.
    I think current economy characterized by unconscionable growth of assets of the wealthy and inability of the average citizen to accumulate even modest assets makes the building an inheritance especially worthy.
    Investment Advice of the Day…Your long Bitcoin/Litecoin or Your Wrong.

    • The reason digi-tulips are not mentioned is that IF/WHEN the central banks go crypto, they (the gov’t and proxy central banks) will be under sno obligation to convert tulips into their digital specie. You miss that.
      Rather than be critical, you might want to hop a jet to St Louis, though you will be late for today’s conference:
      St. Louis Fed Research Group
      Wed, Nov 28 12:00pm
      Speaker: David Andolfatto, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
      “Assessing the Impact of Central Bank Digital Currency on Private Banks”

      Just as you can’t trading Monopoly money for BTCs, you won’t be able to trade BTC’s for lawful money of the banks. See that yet?

      Can you convert Habro “money” into FRN’s? I rather think not!

      If Monopoly money was blockchained? Tell me how that changes the convertibility issue?

      • I still see crypto as a means of exchange for things that are otherwise difficult to pay for. It’s OK to own some if you mined them(during winter while heating the house) or otherwise got them in the course of trade, but they should be spent at the first good opportunity. I don’t see them as a store of value in most cases. If you’re buying something from overseas, they can be a low overhead means of exchange. I can’t see them having value in 1000 years or even 100, unlike the PM’s.

    • Dear – the reason people don’t have any savings is that they get greedy & invest in things like bitcoin & lose their money & then never invest again until the next crazy idea comes around & lose again. In the USA, you have to work & study to succeed, but it is still the best country for an opportunity to become wealthy. You seem to be a negative nellie.

      • I agree ECS. dandebear’s claim that “upward financial mobility is more limited in the US than any other country except the United Kingdom” is ludicrous. Any other country besides UK?? I could list many dozens off the top of my head – from every continent on the planet. …negative nellie for sure

  2. George, can you comment or perhaps write about “velocity banking”. It’s not useful for me, but I do know of relatives and friends for whom it might be applicable. It seems to me that it’s a way to arbitrage terms of alternate financing. Obviously, it requires serious discipline, but it’s an interesting concept.

  3. RE: “Lawful money” & BTC’s, here we go again..Some splaining of PTB thinking regards Bitcoin/Litecoin.
    Try to imagine ( I know requires brainpower) human nature as a collective whole and consider what happens to the idea of TRUST of this collective (Humanity) in any Government, Corporation,Central Bank, or Private Citizens’ “backed” Crypto Currency???
    Go on really play out in your mind how this world of Authoritarian CONTROL will ever gain the trust of any Human being here on spaceship Earth should they try to invalidate Bitcoin/Litecoin. The idea that Bitcoin/Litecoin wont be convertable into Govt. Digital Currency is absurd, Govt’s desperately need more “money”.
    “Its the law” , good luck with that going forward into 2019-20
    The old school ways are dead or stubbornly dying – Bitcoin/Litecoin, and Blockchain is THE future…and the future is now, just keep shaking that buggy whip at financial news regards Cryptos , its cool “Gramps”

    • Um…think this thru carefully.
      1. Cryptos are the coin of the realm of digital mobs? That’s what you’re telling me?
      2. You didn’t s’plain any reason why government should give BIC or any other coiners a freebie…

      Still waiting on that.

      Still, someone has put something on the ELF/Cell phone tower control circuits – we see BTC is up and so’s the Dow, lol

      • Gold has a LONG historical association with human psyche! No matter what effort is made to displace gold with some other cheap replacement, it will not work. Already substitutes piggybacking on bitcoin popularity is making rounds, but those substitutes have more long term inherent value than digital ones.

        This not an advert for this product, but to show how difficult it is to remove inherent value and create a speculative one. In penitentiaries, packs of cigarettes are money. IOU notes are not. Cigarettes have inherent value, notes don’t. One cannot default on a pack like they can on an IOU. Thousands of IOU’s can be printed, packs of cigarettes cannot. That is what inherent value is about.

        OK what is this “mystic” power gold has held over the ages? First of all it has many uses, but its foremost use is making jewelry. Jewelry is the love of women. (if this is sexist, so be it, let it be in the eye of the beholder!” Its a love triangle, men, jewelry, women. Ask yourself, when in high school, what were most fights about? I can tell you it wasn’t for better food in the cafeteria. Connect the dots, as long as there are women around, gold will have value.

    • I lost my trust in the PTB long ago and don’t see any way it can be restored. As more people lose faith and trust in the PTB, their system breaks down. If cryptos give you faith and trust in the PTB, you haven’t been burned as many times as some of us old “gramps”.

      • Yah mean the ones who believe in paid up land, a gold coin for taxes, and stored foods and ammo? THOSE gramps?

      • Not seeing mentioned why the PTB would love to “own” a crytocurrency of their issuing. Every transaction is recorded on the blockchain and validated by “miners” ensuring the accuracy of that distributed ledger. Imagine how much more power that information would provide. Combined with the ‘war on cash’ already well under way, pushing / strongly urging billions of people onto a crypto of the PTB’s choosing could be worth massive value in control/power. If that happens, as seems likely to me, I expect they would allow conversion from other common crypto coins / currencies. It’ll be quite some time, though, since scability is a major issue with crypto. Still, as compute power will continue to increase (Moore’s law, etc.), the general principle that those in contol-ish won’t be able to stay on a side opposite such promising tech seems like a sound premise to me. That’s my two LTC on the matter.

      • Amen gramps…right with you on that..

        The Dollar that’s nothing but paper or a number.. BTC that’s nothing but a computer number…

        Since we let the legislators be corrupted and manipulated well We deserve it then..
        What I find funny is that from everything I’ve read.. The Saudi’s are not being played as drooling idiots like the rest of the world leaders. Could it be that if..the puppeteers tried it to them and was discovered to be manipulated by them that things could turn totally bad for the ones doing it..just think about it… You don’t hear of refugees marching to their borders to enter illegally either in fact they are not welcome at all. You don’t see riots being funded by wealthy puppeteers either.
        Why not..

    • Dbear: If you like blockchain, & I do believe in it, consider AMD instead of bit/litecoin. They have the chips that run blockchain.

    • Trust is not an essential. Lenin, Mao, and Stalin proved that. Off a few million people, imprison/enslave a few million more in places from which there is no escape and work them, literally, to death… Word will get out and the Ruble will be King, irrespective its internal, or international value.

      TPTB will not convert any crypto into any “coin of the Realm,” even if that “coin” happens to be a crypto because, well, they don’t have to, and as the source and keeper of exchange wealth, probably also wouldn’t be disposed to share their authority…

      There’s nothing wrong with cryptos, as long as one accepts the facts they aren’t real and have no intrinsic value. Buy, sell, trade, or whatever, but accept as true fact: Whatever you’re caught holding when the music stops, is an absolute loss. After the dust settles, the Union isn’t going to give you Jack for your Confederate Dollars…

  4. Anyway I’m just telling you like I have before George build an Earthship you’ll make money you can make a million bucks.
    If you invest $5,000 right now and digibyte who have over 4 million dollars in January if you want to pass up that opportunity that’s your decision but don’t blame me next month after in January when you go like Bryce was right again

  5. Okay George I’m coming down on you again here. lol
    You know your son if he follows your advice he will be broken 20 years but if he rolls with the flow as a young person or an older person like me he will exceed your expectations.
    I know how cautious you are how you examine every detail.
    I know how organization is your key factor in life.
    I know how you meticulously retain information for a long-term.
    But now George you and your wife or older and the new is coming in and if you could just give him that advice he will never have to go through any recession or depression in vain.
    The future of your life is yours to decide and the Richer you are throughout this next year the more influence you will have on bigger populations.

    May all beings be lovingly fulfilled financially fulfilled and readily fulfilled so be it.

    Everybody loves George but George is that a turning point in his life.

    I hope you make the right decision.

    Of course you could just be playing The Devil’s Advocate.

  6. You know that thing that you buy stuff from punch into Google and find out they’re getting ready to go on the blockchain we’re going to have to wake you up George I think you’re sleeping. lol

  7. I have a long list hear George all you got to do is say shut up Bryce be quiet. lol..
    Or listen and get rich and make all of your descendants rich during the time table that set forth to expand.

    You see in 2019 I’m going to make you a believer. lol

  8. And the other truth is Mark will be overwhelmed eventually he’ll see the truth he’ll come around all his family all his relatives all his descendants and all his past Spirit beings will say yeah Trump is the guy who kept us from going under but even mark is reluctant to admit

  9. Hey big brother George. lol ,you keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and we’ll see who has the most toys in 3 years.
    It’s called a complete system change you knew it was going to happen and you know how resistant you are to change so you’ll see it as it’s happening and your go like yeah I wish I would have done that but you know that’s the story of your life right George. Respectfully , your old follower Bryce from the lazy porch Garden group. lol

    Do you remember the movie The Matrix and you remember that black woman who played the oracle.

    Well guess what I’m not the oracle but I think I have found that person long with hundreds of other people are you ready for the future that’s changed everyday about 3:30 in the morning who are time traveling agents of government and finance.

    So every morning when you wake up or every day when you wake up and your case something has changed some things out of place and that’s what it is multi-dimensional time traveling who are government agencies from the future and from the past it’s one big battle that’s going on right now and it’s mainly over being spiritually which way we want to go and you know those choices without saying them

  10. Tosay demonstrated again that “Elliot Waves” can’t be used for trading, or? ;-( Just my opinion, and traders should not read anything. No bad feelings GU. I still think you’re doing a great job, but not for traders. IMHO!

  11. urban survival isn’t going to go anywhere you said you were you want thousands of more viewers urban survival isn’t going to go anywhere until you shift gears you’ve been in first gear for a long long time.

    It’s time to shift into 2nd gear and they’ll be a time when you’re going to have to shift up the Third I just don’t know at this time how many gears you got into the future but anyway have fun shifting it always gets us when you got lots of horsepower and your pop that clutch and we are driven back into her seat from the next gear

  12. Becoming 5G will have more than the purpose of communicating with a cell phone it will also have the purpose of being able to scan out into the distance anything that’s there and Disturbed what’s inside of that thing or underneath clothes or behind a physical object this is the future that’s why you do not want to be around 5 G

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