D-Week for Markets Ahead: Forest or Trees?

After a most interesting week of vision problems – which I won’t waste you time with, except to say that Peoplenomics will not be deterred easily and things are in “critical mode” right now – what we have this weekend is about as close to a “fork in the road” for markts as you’ll find.

Rather than get into an overly long discussion of some esoteric points of history, we will simply look at the market and see what is there to be seen – because when Fed decision time comes up this week, we could see a violent melt – either up, or down – depending on how the Fed makes the interest rate call.

A few headlines, but then into the thick of it, starting with “The Forest and the Trees Problem” that faces everyone when it comes to making investment decisions.

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8 thoughts on “D-Week for Markets Ahead: Forest or Trees?”

  1. Great piece today George – it has been widely reported by BOA that all 3 sectors of their equity business (hedge, institutional and retail) have been net sellers for 11 consecutive weeks and the only buyer? Corporations buying back stock – this move has been fueled by buybacks and massive short covering rally’s. Add to that a couple of unexpected meetings by the Fed, calls from Yellen to the BOE and the ECB as well as central bank meetings and we find ourselves in a position that may mean life or death for the FRB – is there continued existence more important than the Obama legacy? Are they inextricably tied together – Are they about to make a fatal black swan mistake? Will China surprise and just imply the Yuan will be tied to gold? Has the FRB asked China to raise the price of gold to $50k plus to benefit all? We are at an interesting crossroads. Majors are reducing or eliminating fixed income operations at a frantic pace – will there be a liquidity event? Saudi’s threatening to sell Treasury’s if implicitly tied to 9-11, no agreement at Doha – Peak Ure discontinuity?

  2. Hey george im glad your able to be repaired when i read your symptoms i was thinking the worst well tonight i finally decided to become a subscriber (bad procrastinator!!) but my phone kept kicking security warnings for the site can you help thanks and stand by for some weather and take care ! Greg

    • Great question:
      BOE Bank of England
      ECB European Central Bank (BCD nat refer to British Central Bank or other name, but unlikely)
      FRB Federal Reserve Bank (*US)

  3. anxious to hear what life is like in Ecuador, from the expat bruce, when his internet is working…

    prediction was for a mass shooting not an earthquake, unless I’m mistaken…

  4. Fed interest rate call. I vote no raise stays the same. I,m short SP500, long silver.

    Today’s blog not bad for a one eyed guy well worth the money, You gave a close up view of a dozen tree’s or so in the forest. Don posted comment gave a view of the Forest. lots of black dove’s and some black swans to look out for

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