Crypto Burns – Rollover Monday?

Peering ahead at the day, we see that Gold is down about $16 bucks going into the U.S. open (no, not of golf!).

This will place gold at $1,754.70 according to the Kitco charts.

Let us do the math for you on how Ure’s Crazy Values Theory says things might work out today:

  • The starting price of gold was $1,771.30.
  • Therefore, the price is down almost one percent (0.9906).
  • Since the S&P 500 closed Friday at 3,992.93…
  • We can bracket 3,955.40 as a possible trading area for this average to transit today.

And we will go further by assuring you this will almost certainly be wrong.  Although, if we could jump in a time machine and pop right to the close today, a 37-point decline in the S&P 500 would be a marvelous dart toss.

BUT the S&P futures were down a mere -12.50 (FinViz) or -17.30 (Yahoo) around click time.

Which leads us to possible futures that include:

  • Price of gold could have a rally to recover some of its decline which would make present S&P futures prices rise, or…
  • Wall Street doesn’t get my outlooks and trade on them.

Hmm… any idea which one might be right?

We are at the top of a (likely end of rally) for (large yellow3 is not shown, but is implied and we give you credit for enough brain cells to figure out it would be down and to the right somewhere and will become more obvious when) Wave 3 (2) finally winds up:

We sure like the notion of 3 (2) being finished as of last Friday, but who the hell knows.

Don’t forget the Center for Financial Generosity (and delusion) at the NY Fed will be re-funding $2.2 trillion worth of repo’s today and there’s some bond action, so anything can happen today.

Except Joe and Xi are in Bali and that gets me to…

Lavrov Down?

The Biden-Xi love fest won’t make as big a splash (or be of similar scale) as Hunter’s scenes on social, but the thing catching our eye this morning is how the Russians have been written-out of the program.

It began with a series of headlines like Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov taken to hospital after arrival at G-20. Same story, different sourcing, was also fed by A.P. Indonesian officials: Russia’s Lavrov treated at hospital.

Well, except maybe it didn’t really happen: Russia denies Lavrov was taken to Bali hospital and treated for heart condition ahead of G20 summit.

We may never know, but it’s sure interesting that the PR gangsters are swinging hard and heavy at the Bali High. Marginalize Russia game-on?

Market Crookery School

This is options week.  And with our Aggregate Index closing Friday at 33,653, we look to the previous option expiration (October 21st) when the trusty Aggregate closed at 31698.52.

This means our equal dollars allocated model of multiple stock markets is up how much for a month?

6.1 percent!

Well, you’ll have to exsqueeze me, but this is stupid and manipulated.

We just had a deniably “straight” election with how many billions spent on political persuasion and we get a virtually identical clown posse back to reprise their roles as losers?

From a marketing (and social moods) standpoint, it just doesn’t make sense.

There was no point to the Elections, if this was the case.  America had already achieved Nirvana and Balance to the degree that there was virtually no change.

“Bullshit!” Screams the inner voice.

The only plausible (and not very) are the reports that people’s behaviors actually have changed because of the armed and dangerous jabs.  But this doesn’t pass the smell test, either.

Or does it?

Although it is far too late in the making, one story to put in the tickler file for follow-up is “University of Minnesota research project will study impact of long COVID on brains.”

We think this is important because Research shows that multiple COVID infections could lead to severe health complications. So, could multiple jabs have a similar effect as actual infections?

And, in the meantime, here’s another slowly evolving, but we’ll try to track anyway: Myocarditis after Covid vaccine: Research on long-term effects underway.  How long before this is buried?

Inquiring minds want to know.

But in the meantime, let’s mix everyone a new happy jab, shall we?  New drug shows promise for fighting both COVID.

But it’s like I tell my doctor:  “Forget all the medical debate. We won’t sign wavers of liability under any condition.”

If an insurance carrier won’t touch coverage, I won’t either.  It’s really that deadly simple.

The Life You’re Buying?

I hate reading stories like this one:  Crypto crash and gold sell-off show there’s no place for investors to hide.

Well, kiddies, there are lots of hiding places.  The most obvious is between our ears.

Keeping up with the Joneses and all that is one starting point.  Which leads to having a little extra money, which can then be parlayed into becoming debt free.  But that’s to anti-business, for some, I suppose.

Living out of the city and shuttering in, we have limited our contact to mainly electronic, save the odd visits (from my son and upcoming our consigliere) because of an emerging theory:

We figure Death is contagious.

Yes, that’s right.  If there weren’t other people around, might we live a hell of a lot longer?  Methuselah, for example:  Not as many people around back then.  He lived until the time of the Flood (which we would put a long while back).

But here’s the point:  Is it possible that The Flood took down a previous High Civilization here on Earth?  And that the previous civilization was much longer-lived?

Elaine and I were watching a Graham Hancock series on this “missing high civilization” that so many are in a hurry to write off as never happening.  Ego-jerk reaction, sounds like.

But here’s the thing:  Is it possible that in addition to almost killing off mankind, the period (pre-Flood) when we know somewhat reliably that a javelin thrower living to 969 years of age, that an ancient DNA bioweapon also reduced human longevity?

We managed to stay awake for the first several episodes, but it was an interesting idea to sleep on:  Not just that there was a Flood – global coastal event, anyone?

No, it came from reflecting for many years on what a similar continental subsidence could release into the biosphere of our modern world:  Chemicals, DNA, all that bioweapons lab shit and how many fuel rods do you want to cook it with?

Is it possible that in the wake of a modern (Flood) analog there would be enough (seriously deadly shit) that the “natural selection processes” would opt for “Shorter growing season for souls” in return for coping with environmental contamination of a massive scale?

Much more interesting to think about than the mit-wobbling glad-handers in Bali.

I’m sure there’s something I’ve overlooked.

But if you come out of this morning’s report with sketchy elections that don’t unbalance things and no, the markets are not really 6 percent better in the last 3-weeks – then my job is done for this morning.

We have runaway excess to plan for – the Black Friday events are less than two weeks away…

Write when you get rich,

64 thoughts on “Crypto Burns – Rollover Monday?”

  1. Folks,

    G20 leaders at the 2021 summit in Rome posed for the traditional “family photo” gathered under a banner reading “People, Planet, Prosperity”.

    The “family photo” event will not feature at Bali 2022.

    • By the way…about that meeting between Mr. Xi and Mr. Biden…

      The American delegation had to drive to the meeting site from their hotel to the Mulia Hotel, Bali where the Chinese delegation is based. Mr. Xi is a busy man.

  2. huummm,, Trypanophobia for long life
    seems that “long covid” is a disease of the vaxed, not the un-vaxed

    Oh ya T-rex skull from South Dakata,,, flood evidence?
    “Worlds in Collision”? Immanuel Velikovsky has his theories
    I like watching Graham Handcock also, interesting, very.
    Or maybe it was “climate change” that killed the T-rex, they refused to pay the “green taxes”, jab jab poke poke ;-) joke joke

    Darrell’s theory is that everything is in a state of change, I heard from some theorists, it could be a conspiracy

    • “Mus-mus” in Gin-A-Bul (heavenly bestiary) matrix language – could not be controled, too stupid – dangerous.
      a group decision made..
      – Hello tractor beam- torsion..slinging/slingshotting asteroid (s). See Gulf Mexico, Northern earth pro, just a few.
      This is also how Enlil destroyed the planet Mulge (original Venus) – this massive explosion – conflagration wiped out the surface of Mars, collateral damage, wiped out 100’s of female reptilian-priestesses = light workers – Kadistu/Planners living on Mulges moon Mulge-Tab.

      This is THE event that Boiled the solar system, on Earth they saw it in the skies, knew it was coming..this is where the Benu originated from, as well as the Ben ben stone-aritz the eye -originally mounted atop the great pyramid.

      ? for the community is What Are, in intelligence world, the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria?……Hint – not Spanish sailing “ships”

    • “disease of the vaxed, not the un-vaxed”

      Agreed but the COVIDiots snare us in the bailout.

      The Vaxx’ed humping around stroked out, “I can’t work.” We can’t very well euthanize them, can we?

  3. Come on GMan – really..still falling for the bullscheisse, as usual..geeze Louise!

    Who-What is/are PSB in USA and IRD in Not great britain ???

    Psychological Strategy Board/Informational Research Department. = Directorate OU812

    Propaganda Against the People (PAP) – You, me, Us, them..constant war on Humanity.

    “Democratic Society has NEVER existed,and so far as we can see, NEVER will exist . Society is by nature Oligarchical, and power of the oligarchy always rests upon Force and Fraud…Power can sometimes be Won and maintained without violence, but never without fraud. -George O.

    ftx – slushing up the demonrat party apparatchik- “create a problem”.

    – “Big guys” approved this clusterFk. of a fin services co. being setup – they approved, assisted and funded it..big banks&authorities.

    We were “blackswanned” -wait for the leverage fallout to follow. bad as make people beg for MOAR REGULATION…PULEASE en-slave Us more. We cant handle our own affairs/money, we need to have OUR money Controlled..”PULEASE”

    who is harley pasternak (handler) and what did he tweet kayne ? that kayne published right before he was attacked for calling out the “darkness’
    quote from pasternak to west that world _______ is trying to supress ?

    “If you dont do as I say, Im going to have you Institutionalized, you will be will be shot up with drugs and you will never see your kids again, or somethinglike that”
    How many hollywood types do think have these intel agency handlers ?

    ” If there Black, its a Gang, If their Italian, its a Mob, if their Jewish, its a coincidence and you should NEVER talk about it.” – Dave Chappelle saturday night live 11/12/22


    • “How many hollywood types do think have these intel agency handlers ?”

      Harley’s handling about a dozen Hollyweird celebs, by himself.

  4. Why were people long lived? Note lifespan drops off after the great flood/tsunami. The tsunami was created by seven waves of asteroids being impacted into the ocean over 40 days. This impact shock also blew off a lot of the atmosphere. Note that rainbows only appeared after the flood. Lower atmo, lower angle of light, rainbows appear. The lower atmo, lowered the lifespans in a few generations.

  5. I read somewhere that after the Tower of Babbel the “gods” did something to change humans so that they were not as smart and didn’t live as long. Maybe it was adding lead to the atmosphere.

  6. Maybe The Flood left Egypt covered in sand?

    “Gurdjieff claimed to have found, in his expeditions, a map of pre-sand Egypt. The supposed map was evidence of a civilization that had existed before what we know as dynastic Egypt, an advanced pre-historic culture responsible for humanity’s subsequent wisdom. In those times, sand had not yet transformed northern Africa into what we now call the Sahara Desert, and the continent was a the most thriving and civilized place on the earth. Man was closer to the earth, to the heavens – and most importantly – to himself.”

    • A map that is proven to exist is the Piri Reis map of 1513, compiled by a Turkish admiral. Since it shows Antarctica as it was before it became covered by ice, the map is presumed to be based on a much more ancient map. Tools of modern times have shown that the coastline, rivers, and mountains on the PR map, which are now buried under several miles of ice, are accurately mapped. Antarctica became ice-covered 34 million years ago, so an obviously advanced technological civilization must have existed in an unknown historical time that drew the map, either before the continent froze or later with tools that were at least as advanced as our own.

  7. “Is it possible that The Flood took down a previous High Civilization here on Earth? And that the previous civilization was much longer-lived?”

    Ancient civilizatons from what I have read.. used MOON phases as their calendars… ( except if you go way back in some ancient writings.. and the moon wasn’t in their writings. it first showed up on the Nebra Sky Disc around 4000 bc and the first writings were chinese mythologies around 2700 bc…) so.. considering that.. at 930 years old for NOAH.. if they calculated his age by moons or star maps…. he was seventy seven years old.. One of the friends I have in our spare room..He isn’t sure exactly how old he is.. ( they didn’t keep records and he was born at home.. so they gave him a birthday … )
    why is a dogs life considered to be seven years to our one..

  8. I guess to know the truth about our planet’s history, you’d need a time machine … one big enough to take everyone, cuz if you don’t, no one’s going to believe you.

    Archeologists have found many things, but who cares? Ancient writings and drawings are categorized in the files of hoax, lies and of course ancient aliens, which is all under the file of conspiracy theory.

    Ancient folks tell of a time before the moon. Religion says the moon was created during the 7 days as the earth and universe. We go to the moon, we get chased away. It’s a hollow craft. Then there’s the folks who say, we didn’t even go … some of the same people who do believe in the space station and satellites. Go figure.

    Remember the big UFO/UAP Disclosure? Now there’s this …

    Some people believe in elections, while some people know that if one state can get results in 24 hours, it’s just a different method that takes fucking forever … never questioning why it takes certain election results to be truthfully tallied. – other folks don’t care and don’t bother voting.

    7 or 8 Presidents before George Washington. Why don’t they count ?? Why are people just finding out about that?

    Some people want green energy and dump fossil fuel usage, but don’t see the gap being created in between. Dangerous place, that gap … but for some, who cares.

    Vaccines. – The Flu … the only illness with its own season. Get rid of medicines that work and replace them with nano-tech that doesn’t.

    Bitch at humans for Co2 when the earth makes it too. Wtf George?

    If there is a next human civilization, those folks are going to be mutated AF !! But who cares? Just follow the guidelines and the narrative.

    It’s all bipolar and schizophrenic. The Truth Will Set You Free … but we’re being told to fear the Truth.

    • “7 or 8 Presidents before George Washington. Why don’t they count ??”

      I am right with you on that one..I debated with the census taker for quite some time on that issue..
      but George was the first one under the Constitution?.. now my family ancestors landed and lived here long before the revolution.. on one side of the family..the other side came in the 1800’s.. so my debate was.. since my ancestors were here before we became a nation.. then I should be considered from the usa or native american.. they insisted no your from another country.. lol.. so then I said how about heinz 57 since there’s a lineage variety of continents.. well they wouldnt accept my debated

  9. The Coasters should make a comeback:Over the weekend it was reported that it was 7 come 11,not in the boys gym but rather in a small New Hampshire town of 700 that reported 1100 votes for incumbent Senator,Maggie Hassan.
    Wake up,America.
    Maggie-and many others of her ilk-stole the election.
    And that’s what really hurts.

  10. FTX closed Friday and they filed for bankruptcy. Saturday it was reported that $515 million disappeared from customers’ accounts., Sunday it was reported that the amount was closer to $650 million., this morning it was reported that close to two billion in customer funds has vanished. Hacker, or insider? Does it really matter? Trusting, albeit foolish, customers are out $2 billion.

    • lol lol.. that’s why I quit using one accounting couldn’t count.. it was always off a few cents here or there.. at first I assumed it was a miscalculation..but the thought of a woman in a retail outlet kept haunting me..the books added up..but there was something funky on the till print and the money they put a camera. after they figured out it wasn’t the teller they put it on the money room.. one gal working accounting was changing the amounts..on checks.. like 21 to 22.. not much.. my sibling was telling me of a neighbor.. that was let go.. opened a printing company..then would send out a bill under ten dollars for printing services to very large companies.. the companies and the customers would see a discrepancy of a really small amount and would not question it.. the guy got greedy and got caught..the girl the same thing.. so just in case the program was doing exactly that same thing I dumped it..especially after they moved all the control to countries outside the usa. a quarter discrepancy isn’t much but.. if it’s a quarter from 700 million customers a day. then it’s an issue..
      needless to say I wasn’t going to take that chance.. with what I make 5 bucks is a hamburger or a gallon of milk .. oh and since I went back old school.. the only discrepancy I have seen has been from my miscalculation.

  11. CMC Crypto 200. Is, as the name implies, an index of the top 200 crypto-currencies. In Nov of last year it was trading at just over $1,635.., this morning it opened at $390. That is a 76% drop in one year.
    On Market Insider this morning there were two stories about how investing in crypto-currencies “right now” is a wise choice against inflation. Since the rumors started flying about FTX, BitCoin has lost over $4,000.
    .., but somehow, crypto is a “wise choice”.., “Right Now”.
    People really are that stupid ? I retract that question.

  12. That COVID Vaxx mixed with the knowledge of the Internet was great. Just about everyone became a bona fide expert overnight using Google results that were skewed.

    Good for them.

  13. The Chinese have a fairly detailed account, of what they consider an ‘ancient folk tale’., and it reads very similar to Noah and his family., right down to the number of days that the ‘flood’ occurred and hung around.

  14. “We will continue to strive for peaceful reunification with the greatest sincerity and the utmost effort, but we will never promise to renounce the use of force,” Xi said of Taiwan.
    “The Taiwan question is at the very core of China’s core interests, the bedrock of the political foundation of China-U.S. relations, and the first red line that must not be crossed in China-U.S. relations,”
    Biden ” I see no imminent threat of China invading Taiwan.”
    Given Biden’s track record, that implies China will invade within a fortnight?

    • what an interesting article… Canada is doing some phenomenal research on cancers.. so is the UK and Australia..
      five years ago I was seeing an oncologist because they thought I had pancreatic cancer.. from one of the studies that they were doing on ancient chinese herbal medicine on sweet wormwood.. and the success rate.. I originally bought the herbs for a friend that had brain cancer.. unfortunately they passed away before I could get it to them.. I decided what the heck.. if I had pancreatic cancer.. I was a gonner anyway.. so do you wait to get your free trip to disney world.. or take it.. I took it.. when I went back the oncologist had the strangest look on his face.. all the tumors everything was normal.. I keep it in the drawer.. all the time..

  15. Shhhhh..on the down low..


    about that $33 million ukrainian “kicked back cash” burning a hole in Ure backyard.

    I have 3 very unique NFT pieces of Art that I can offer for sale to you on FTX exchange.
    At $11 Mil a piece – You and Ure “hot” money will come out of these 3 transactions looking squeaky clean.
    My fee for facilitating the acquisition of the aforementioned pieces of one of a kind artwork(child porn) is a measly 11% – broken down as 5% buyers premium and a 6% finders fee.
    “washed” free and clear for $3.63 million.
    Please advise how and when you would like to proceed.
    * MBLA membership discounts apply.

    ** Walnut Sauce ? pricing avail at attached link.

    • “6. Matthew 18:10
      “See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.“

      May those that do these atrocities burn in… HELL..

  16. The U.S. Backgammon Open in Los Vegas started today. That is the only open that I am aware of. Keep up the good work and info!!!!!

  17. Thousands of years ago things weren’t that bad, Earth just needed a rinsing (Flood). This time its so bad its going to need to be incinerated (Fire). Human caused or by the SUN, either one will do.

    • Did you mean this one…..
      “As much as she has glorified herself and lived in luxury, give her the same measure of torment and grief. In her heart she says, ‘I sit as queen; I am not a widow and will never see grief.’ 8Therefore her plagues will come in one day— death and grief and famine— and she will be consumed by fire, for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.” 9Then the kings of the earth who committed sexual immorality and lived in luxury with her will weep and wail at the sight of the smoke rising from the fire that consumes her.…”

      Or this one.. this is out of the aramaic bible..
      ““Because of this, in one day there will come upon her plagues, death, sorrow, and starvation, and she will burn in fire, because THE LORD JEHOVAH is powerful who judges her.”
      or this one..
      “2 Peter 3:11-12
      Since all these things are to be destroyed in this way, what sort of people ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness, looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens will be destroyed by burning, and the elements will melt with intense heat!”

      similar verses appear in all religious texts of all religions…. but then all religious texts come from the same starting point..

      • the POS jehovah IS the OG bad guy .

        he is/was Enlil – Zeus/greece – Setes/Egypt, Satanyanna/Egypt going into Saudia Arabia, after final battle on and in great pyramid.

        This battle was initiated by Horus , retaliation for the murder and later nasty desecration of Osiris & burial monument.

        Operation was launched as Benu/ Ari-Kheru was making a very close pass to Earth. Benu described as planet9/X in modern times. Earth was being covered in hot, burning “rains” , the Air was said to be “screaming” for 2-3 days during the passage.
        The FIGHT ended up back in Egypt after traitors involved in Osiris murder were held to account for their actions.

        Horus armed with a Girku Crystal (like jedi lite saber action) versus Enlil/Setes armed with star-iron sword and whip. Horus was very young, reincarnated Enki/Osiris also had the “Hammering Falcon” a Felid fighter versus the shiny silver disks of the Annuna..looked like a sea creature from ocean floor.
        Ra was on the scene with kingu babars (tall whites/nordics). Ra aligned with them after his creator/ lover/mate Nammu (Earth mother Goddess/Enki’s mother and lover) was vaporized on Mulge-Tab by Enlil the marduke, the great satan.

        Ra & Enki/Osiris shared the same Mother/lover/Creator, who imbued them genetically with amphibian blood (Cosmic Frogs Ah & Wa = “Changer” in ameri – Indian lore.

        Horus lost his eye(temporally), lizzies regenerate automatically, to Enlil’s whip. See the Wedjet Eye of protection in ancient Egypt..

        In the end Horus struck Enlil a fatal? a “laser” blow to his Reptilehood, horus stating “he would never RAPE another innocent again”. For that is what he was is infamous for /RAPE and Destruction of Human slaves/pets. Enlil was strapped to back of an ASS and sent into what is now saudi arabia.
        myth ? fiction?

        What is a Dark Star?
        hint – they are Females.

  18. Folks,

    The media has noted the American hotel of choice in Bali, “Island of the gods”, is a same chain as some previous official journeys elsewhere, a Hyatt. One imagines a dreamy sleep in luxury will be on offer courtesy of one of America’s wealthiest families headquartered in Chicago whose Patriarch immigrated to the Niewe Worlde in the 19th century from Kiev.

    Speaking of Chicago, I did not view yesterday evening’s ABC offering “The Light We Carry”, a conversation between the former First Lady and Robin Roberts who has not had to make good on a summer promise to “have burned the place (ABC) down”. Mrs. Obama’s book is out tomorrow.

    I however have begun reading “The Premonition – a Pandemic Story” by Michael Lewis. The pandemic story begins with the science fair project in 2006 or so of a junior high/middle school grade daughter of a Sandia National Laboratories researcher into abstractions from nature. As an aside, The Fed and the Dept. of Energy are named as Lab clients of the similar thought process of identifying ripples of disaster that could turn into a flood.

    By the way, the only time “Sandia” has appeared on ‘Urban was March 22, 2019. George was contemplating his casino opportunities. A year later the Russian military was ferrying covid-19 medical supplies to Italy.

  19. um 73 .. i think its time to get on . bit of straddling never hurt nobody WD didnt like it but i think its time . i can tell 73 is really pissed i have known him for to long . and when hes pissed he is a good bloke . lets go get em georgey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lets git those zombies !!!!!!!!! der der der .. only found out the spike protein takes out their pituary gland !!! der der der

  20. I’m going to paint you all a tale. Tall it may be, but is supported by various research. Call it the grand unified conspiracy theory of Earth’s history. There was a planetary cataclysm sometime between 4000 and 10,000 years ago. Velikovsky was correct in his basic assumptions, despite being lionized on irrelevant details. A planetary body came into the solar system. The newcomer was larger than Mars, and in a very close pass to mars (which may have been inhabited at the time) the gravitational attraction pulled the water and atmosphere off of Mars. Evidence? Water channels on mars. Bozo scientists say this happen ‘millions of years ago’, but… Mars has regular dust storms and wind erosion. Those water channels on Mars are more likely only a few thousand years old. They are not eroded enough to be ‘millions’ old.

    Next our wandering planet makes a close pass… or several… to Earth, which is larger than the interloper and gravitationally ‘sucks’ the atmosphere and water to Earth. Evidence: “The Great Flood” recorded around the world. The ancient preserved text of the Kolbrin speaks of ‘the destroyer’ coming from the heavens and flooding and upheaving the very planet. Look at the continental shelf of the oceans, where the shoreline used to be. It took more than ice melt to raise Earth’s ocean level that much. It was a planetary sized input dump!

    After several flybys noted in the Kolbrin writings, and advanced astronomical observations by the Mayan culture, the interloper settled into a stable orbit and is what we now call Venus. The Mayan text and observatories were all focused on Venus for this reason. Physicist James McCanney has also discussed this theory.

    The planetary cataclysm was very rapid, and tilted the Earth’s physical poles to their present 23 degree tilt. Evidence? Tropical mammoths with green food in their mouths found frozen in Siberia in a flash storm and extreme rapid climate change. Geologic evidence seems to point to the former north pole being somewhere north of the great lakes in Ontario. This would also account for old maps of Antarctica showing the shoreline, before the cataclysm put the south pole right over the Antarctic land mass and buried it… and possibly an advance civilization… under miles of snow.

    This is the world we live in… hidden in lies and deception.

    • Have you been reading or watching The Thunderbolts Project? I think that’s where I heard most of what you’re talking about but sometime or another I think they suggested that Venus was the wandering culprit that put the great gash in Mars’ surface before it settled into its present orbit – if I remember correctly.

    • I love that story.. I keep a copy of the cataclysms of the earth at my side.. the fun version of it.. but put in a story mode is the HAB theory..
      and it does raise some pretty interesting points..
      It was required reading in school for discussion.. but really didn’t hit home until I was at the museum of natural history and seen a mammoth that they found where the food hadn’t digested in their stomachs yet.. then had to go back and read it again..
      and why are all the animals clustered that were all from various environments.. mixed.. why are there several past poles..

  21. 6 December 2022 is the expected nadir low valuation for global composite equities, cryptocurrencies, gold in USD, the CRB index, Evergrande, the Bank of Shanghai, et. al.

    From March 2020 a 8/16/11 of 12 month 3-phase fractal growth and decay series contains the 8 Nov 2021 Wilshire and Bitcoin peak valuation. This valuation growth and decay fractal series directly corresponds to a Central Bank (CB) too long too low interest rate and covid easy money fire-hosing policy followed by the CB’s 89 degree quick turn of a 90 degree money/credit shut-off valve.

    The last 12 months start 24 January 2022 and follow a 31/72/73/47 day 4-phase fractal decay series. The last 47 days started on 30 September and are composed of a (9-10)/20/19 day series. The last 5 days of the 20 day second fractal form a 5 day base for a (5)/10/10 days series with an expected 10 day second fractal low on 22 November.

    Monet tightening has been at a historical pace. Asset devaluation ending at the 6 December 2022 nadir will also be historical.

  22. The Hindu Yugas contain an explanation for shortened life spans. According to this cosmology, there is a repeating cycle of four Yugas/ages. During each cycle, mankind starts out as nearly perfect in the first Yuga and then devolves during each of the successive three Yugas to lower and lower states of virtue and wisdom, along with shorter life spans. The four Yugas last different lengths of time, and each ends in a cataclysm. At the end of a 4th Yuga, the cycle repeats. After 1000 cycles (4.32 billion years), the universe will end. We are now in a 4th cycle, a Kali Yuga, which brings the lowest levels of virtue and wisdom and the shortest life spans.

    The state of the world at present might make it hard to argue that we’re not in a Kali Yuga, but who knows how this cosmology originated or if it’s true.

    Another explanation for shorter life spans is that humanity has been tinkered with by aliens. This theory, and many more, are in Zecharia Sitchin’s fascinating series of books, “The Earth Chronicles.”

  23. Folks,

    Turn out the lights. The French language Wikipedia page of today’s alleged and charged Chinese spy employed by Hydro Quebec, Yuesheng Wang, was suppressed two hours ago by an editor claiming residence in the Paris area.

  24. Heard jimmy Cramer was crying on tv the other day . He gunna cry for his sins alright then bye bye . Only red button the biggest ever can fix this

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