Coping: Crowd Research Call on “Co-Dreaming”

imageThis morning’s column  was going to be an email to Chris McCleary, who operates the site and who is working on his fourth or fifth Masters in  dream-related work.

But, instead, I want to throw out a wild theory, or three – and get some feedback from you – to see what we can evolve on the coming art of Co-Dreaming.

There are two bits of important background to have before we delve into the concept – and then on to why we need crowd research on it.

The first point is that  my novel  DreamOver is based on some very personally “real” dream work I’ve experienced.  Specifically, parts of my first novel are autobiographical. 

The part where the fisherman or worker personality was wandering around what seemed like a marine hardware store in a former Soviet client state on  the edge of huge lake or arm of the sea…that was objectively “real” to me because I dreamed that dream.  So was the small child who dreamed about walking down out of the hills in South America, only to be chased through the edges of town by a group of bullies/toughs.

The title of that novel gets to the idea of dreaming-over and finding ourselves experiencing other people’s lives.

So, let’s set that concept aside for a moment.

Next to the second bit of data:  I see my wife Elaine every once-in-a-while in dreams.  But only as a glance.  She’s doing one thing, and I’m doing another in the dreams.  Seems that I’m also a passing apparition in hers, as well.

I look forward to sleep because it’s like going to I-Max – the dreams are that real and all encompassing.  Not a sense is untouched.

In last night’s vivid dream, there were two major plots going. 

One the plot involved a neighbor of mine who was just moving into our area.  In my dreamland, Elaine and I have a modest (but still sprawling/large) home on a saltwater beach area.

In this dream, there was no fence between the neighbors house and ours (until we worked out our differences).  He had a yapping dog as well as a miniature camel (about 5-feet high, two humps, who spits and tries to nip).  We got the fence issue sorted out, though, and that would keep his Michael Jacksonian menagerie off our slice of heaven. Chain link in dreams…who’d have thought?

The second plot to the dream was there was evidence of a criminal being down in our boathouse.  In our dream-home, there is a covered boathouse that zigzags out into the water, you see.  There are six or eight slips that are covered – and out at the very end is our big family yacht.  Nothing to pretentious:  110-feet four-engines and the finest interior ever. 

But that’s not the point:  A police officer showed up and said he’d like to check out our boathouse.  There’d been a crime of some kind.  So, being a cooperative fellow, I led him to the boathouse where there was a Coast Guard RIB boat standing by.  The Coasties had spotted this partially submerged car in one of my slips.

The car was a curiosity:  Bobbing slightly, it was a four door blue Hillman or Citroen 2CV-looking thing.  Although it had a rear engine.  Somehow (this is a dream, remember) the car was floating.  It was kept afloat by air trapped in the large wheel wells and by the fact it was remarkably waterproof.  Oh!  The Engine of this floating car was also missing.  The cop and the Coasties were not sure how the hell that happened.  And I was wondering what this car had to do with what was supposed to be my dream…

I was with someone who was there are a different matter (off-camera guide, perhaps) but we had been down to the big yacht earlier and there was no blue floating Hillman/Citroen and that meant (in the dream) that the floating car had been placed there sometime after our jaunt to the big boat which would have placed things around 3:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon.  (It was another perfect day in Dream Land…filtered sun, 75, or so.  Elaine was doing something up in the house while this was going on, etc..)

Hell of a backgrounder, huh?

At last, we’re to the interesting bit of speculation and why we need some crowd research done.

I awoke from this dream with a burning question:  Why aren’t Elaine and I spending more time together in these dreams of mine?

And this leads directly to the matter of what I call “Co-Dreaming.”

The idea of co-dreaming is very simple:  You have someone who is your “soul-mate” and you go into dreams that are cooperative in nature. 

I’ve already “dropped in” on enough other personalities that accessing those in a dream state seems possible.  And I’ve had enough of those real woo-woo moments that I know with absolute, unshakable, unquestioning belief that there is real knowledge transferred around in the dream state.

But, as we’ve noted in past commentary, it’s not every dream, every night, or any of that.  Proper dreaming requires the right vitamins, health, personal energy levels, quiet in the emotional background of the dreamer…and who knows what else.

Then you need to do a fair bit of dreaming.  That includes things like learning to intend in dreams.  It goes without saying that we each have a super-power or two in dreams.  They turned out, in my experience, to be a little stranger than I’d been expecting.

For example, personal flying:  In order to do it there are two or three major “deal points.”  First, it doesn’t work as an experiential dream with me if there are more than one or two heart-level-connected people around.  In other words, flying in dreams is not something that can be done in front of large crowds or, interestingly, as an exercise of ego

When you fly in dreams, there is also a kind of buzzing in your chest and one other thing (I don’t want to ruin your dream work by telling you my experiences…).

Snapping back to the serious here and now for a moment:  We are all (e.g. the whole world) in the process of inventing Co-Dreaming right now.

But understand we don’t call it that – yet.

What we call it is SOCIAL MEDIA – but you see?  It’s the same thing as “co-dreaming” – just with a “rev-limiter” or “governor” on it. A physical crutch in the form of a keyboard – because we still need it.

And, by the same token, we are all stumbling as a society toward telepathy.  Except, again, we are absolute dunces when it comes to doing Telepathy so we pretend and call it TEXTING.  Keyboard as a crutch.

Who needs it?  Apparently, all of us.  Because we are not yet doing the research that matters.

One of the “lessons” of last night’s adventure-dream was that Co-Dreaming can be done, but it must be done as a pairing.

And when I thought about the information that was streaming in from Source, it was that as humans evolve (or perhaps the word rediscover is better) their higher abilities, we need to do so in a very gradual way.

Two people learning to share.

The way to discover telepathy (as was explained) was to realize that the absolute total sharing of being is frightening, shocking, and completely disorienting at first.

What’s more, when it happens, there is a mandatory precondition: a perfect state of Truth between people. 

Apparently, the way things work in The Realms is that the tiniest little smidgeon of lies or deceit will gum up the works and prevent heart-to-heart bonding and nurturing of the telepathic “bridge.”  Or, if you’re not “clear and clean” the shock of direct interpersonal contact at the heart level can be devastating. 

Since this is so shocking an experience, as to be fatal if done wrong (or causing Eternal damage at the spiritual level), the way to work in the direction of telepathy is to first conquer “Co-Dreaming.”

As an evolutional spiritual “process map” it would be:

1.  Lives as diverse humans.

2. Interconnected lives (telephony)

3. Interconnected graphics (television)

4. Interconnected personalities (texting)

5. Rediscovery of Truth (social, the net)

6. Discovery of Co-Dreaming Technology  (shared psi)

7. Discovery of paired telepathy (entanglement theory is key)

8.  Social telepathy.

That process, went the explanation, happens as you work with your (or a) soul-mate to gradually deepen your relationships and work on stomping out lies and deceit that are (turns out) what keep us divided from one-another.

Tribes on social media would eventually come around to global consensus, but not just year.

Along the deepening path, there is a related spiritual practice (work) among Baha’i’s, if memory serves.  I forget whether it is something done at the LSA’s (local spiritual assemblies) or if it is otherwise organized.  But the practice is simply called “deepening.”  (The Baha’i dedication to personal investigation of the Truth scares the hell out of certain Middle East religions which vest truth in a power structure, not as a distributed spiritual tool.)

The point is, if last night’s dream is any indication, the deepening process is largely working on coming to absolute common ground of as close to absolute Truth between people as possible.

The benefit?  Well, if I could spend some time “off-planet” with Elaine (of if you could with a soul-mate) it would sure remove a lot of the fear/stigma of death.  It could become simply a gentle transition to a place where the dream goes on…

(And I wouldn’t have to wake up to write a damn column just when we were getting to the interesting part of the floating car…and I wanted to get back up to the main part of the house to see what Elaine was up to…she might have been cooking…)

Which gets me (“Praise be..Ure is getting to his point!!! Hallelujah!”)  to the…

Crowd Research Call

Are you aware of, have you experienced, or do you have any research/sources that involve people (soul-mates) learning to appear in each other’s dreams and sharing those times?

What I’m after is a protocol.

It might be something like:

1.  For 2-weeks, concentrate on clearing yourself with your Co-Dreaming partner of all secrets, lies, deceptions and so forth.

2.  During this period, work on going to a certain place that you both like.  If you don’t have one, go find one.  Make it a place that can only be approached from one direction however.  This is because in Ed Steinbrecher’s work (The Inner Guide Meditation: A Spiritual Technology for the 21st Century) work on the inner Realms is done best on a single path, and one that is ‘ahead to the to left, then ahead and to the right’ which is when you emerge into the ‘inner landscape.’  (And this is where some very meaningful change happens, including working with your inner aspects of Tarot.  No, this is not about card-reading; it is about those Aspects of your personality.  Working with those is an amazing experience because it’s like working directly on your “personal engine.    

3.  When this has been done, after one month, or so, you will begin to catch fleeting glances of your soul-mate as you work in these inner Realms.  Then, it is a matter of following the advice of your true Inner Guide and then meeting with your soul-mates Inner Guide and then…

Of course, this is NOT the probable protocol.  Maybe there is something else.

Perhaps it works based on DNA.  And no, I don’t say this lightly.  I understand a bit about telomeres, strand length, aging, and such and if you’ve read DreamOver you’ll get this part.

There is a very high probability that at some level, the DNA of what we eat has a great deal to do with our spiritual vibration level.  So perhaps, part of the Co-Dreaming protocol is dietary.

Even more “out there”?  Consider the concept of “blood brothers” in this snip from Wikipedia:

Blood brother can refer to one of two things: a male related by future birth, or two or more men not related by birth who have sworn loyalty to each other. This is in modern times usually done in a ceremony, known as a blood oath, where having each person make a small cut, usually on a finger, hand or the forearm, and then the two cuts are pressed together and bound, the idea being that each person’s blood now flows in the other participant’s veins. In modern times, some gangs have also been rumored to make blood pacts. The process usually provides a participant with a heightened symbolic sense of attachment with another participant.

Let’s really go “out there” for a second and assume that remnants of all of your ancestors are really with you at some level you are not even aware of; the DNA level.

And this brings us to a fascinating question:  Could it be that many practices of Life – such as blood brothers in this example – are actually very small DNA transfers in order to share (down at some unbelievably low-level) ancestral aspects and attributes that modify how we think and how we relate to one-another?

And, as lone as we are on this DNA track, it does point to some very interesting aspects of sexual congress, as well.  After all, is this not a sharing of DNA?  And does it not “bond” people?

Not to get too far afield, but just how much DNA material is there in various body fluids?

I seem  to recall (from a very small bit of tromping around jungles of Peru years ago) that one of the sacrifice elements was the drinking of an adversaries blood.  Again, we circle back to this DNA uptake area.

And similarly, how much DNA (if any) survives the burning process? Or, could DNA be ‘vaped?”  All curious things.  When human blood is burned does the DNA enter via our lungs?  Hmmm…

What we don’t know for sure is how much DNA would be required to actually rise to consciousness levels.  But there has been plenty of fiction evolved around being taken over by the mythical  “transplanted murderer’s heart/arm/hand/body part” or whatever.

So there you have it:  And odd crowd research call.  The main characters of my last novel have to be doing something at the lake home on the southwest side of Lake Tahoe.  And this “Co-Dreaming” stuff seems like it may have come up on their agenda.

Send your research as a comment in reply to this article (below) or email directly to  I’ll send a note to McCleary up at the Dream Center and ask him what’s in the literature about “hooking up reliably” in the dream Realms.

Is there really anything else that matters?

Write when you break-even,



15 thoughts on “Coping: Crowd Research Call on “Co-Dreaming””

  1. I think you have the gist of it George, good health, peaceful and loving emotional demeanor, and intent. And this is the most powerful impetus of all, INTENT. Do you come from a loving space and is the other person receptive and open to an understanding of THE REALMS. Some people you can not be convinced that you can astral travel in dreams, or that their true self is bodiless and limitless. The most important thing is to exude love and acceptance to those you wish to communicate with. Think of the impression the dream left on you for the true meaning of the dream, and ASK! Spirit always welcomes your questions, and provides appropriate answers for your current ability to accept the truth.

    You are a remarkable man Georgy. GOOD JOB !!

    • Well said Curtis, love is our natural state, but it is only detectable because you have something “unloving” to contrast it with. It’s why we choose to focus on this dimension. We came from love, we stay here for and sometimes even get addicted to the contrast. Communication with a little hatred once in a while certainly makes the experience more interesting. If this were not true, it would not be so universal to the human experience.

      Consciousness does not enter a fish because it wants the experience of water. It can only experience water if it jumps on the bank and hysterically flops back in.

  2. wrt ‘co-dreaming’:

    “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
    “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
    “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
    “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

    ‘All the world is queer save thee and me, and even thou art a little queer.’

    iow..No. I prefer that my knowledge base be acquired – and delivered -‘al fersco’.

  3. I would label today’s post as the laymans version of fiddling while Rome is burning.

    Nothing is wrong, but “nuthin’ ain’t right!” It’s called the American Dream, because you gotta be asleep to believe it!–Carlin.

    My goal in life is definitely not to develop the ability to read other’s thoughts. It isn’t like on tv, because once this happens, you can’t turn it off.

    My research indicates that at least 90% of what I dream is not mine. When we sleep, we leave the body, and other entities that are attached to us (call them orbs) that are unable achieve birth in a body use our brains and memories to then create what is for them the closest thing possible to a physical experience. Most of these orbs are a match to our vibration, thus dreams don’t get too bizarre. But ingest some serious chemicals that disrupt the psyche, and one can pick up an entity so powerful it can initiate that dream process in a near waking state, and dreams can get really powerful, really, really dark and even start manifesting as the entity not only takes over the brain/mind but also the body. It’s like the people who commit acts of violence or maybe physically function while blacked out and then have no memory of what happened. It simply wasn’t their dream. Sleepwalking is the simplest example.

    When we remember our dreams, it is an indicator that something like stress is keeping us too close to, too aware of our bodies while we sleep. All spiritual teachers I have found that use mediation as a tool to self realization advocate deep dreamless sleep as one of the goals. It’s the only time the “soul brain” working with the body has an opportunity to refresh and renormalize itself. You could say it reboots the consciousness as we know it in the waking state. Keeps us from placing too much importance on the dream we call physical reality. And sometimes these are not dreams. We may actually travel to places and communicate with beings that actually exist. We remember these as 3D experiences, because they only make sense as 3D to out brains. We can’t even conceive, much less express how orb to orb communication occurs.

    A true spiritual teacher will also use the dream state for disseminating knowledge and teaching. It bypasses the ego and turns off the noise of judgement, comparison and labeling that often blocks us from really acquiring new information. It’s the teacher’s dream, but for the chela’s benefit. It’s also why one never dreams of their teacher unles the teacher desires that.

    Chronic failure to partake of this reboot process is a guaranteed path to psychosis. People that wake to alarm clocks remedy this with napping.

  4. So in the Dream, is it representative of the fact that while all looks peachy on the outside, that once one investigates matters, there really is nothing to the US economy keeping it afloat, engine wise. It is airtight and floats because of that, but there is no means to drive the economy.

  5. A Hillman? I remember riding in a Hillman, alone with the future Miss USA and Miss Universe. And no it was not a dream, but it was an interesting memory. We went down to her Dad’s Hardware store to get some supplies – paints or something – around 9:30PM ish. South Miami, But yeah, … Or is life itself a dream? Hell yeah. We come, we go, we observe our thoughts. Source? A Master Dreamer, multileveled. Us.

  6. A spontaneous thought sprang forth as I finished your post –

    Our real life is lived in dreams, sleep-travelling
    Where time, space — The Illusion — unravels
    While heaven arises on Earth.

    Maybe the beginnings of a poem. Always enjoy your wild theories!


  7. My dog and I often share dreams together. We actually communicate better in dreams, then while we are awake!

  8. My wife and I have been married for 38 years. Throughout our experience, we have had times when we are linked telepathically. I can’t tell you how many times we have called and the other person has had the phone in their hand getting ready to call. On a number of occasions we have reached out when there was a problem or emergency things were happening. I was in NY she was in California, I sensed I needed to call her asap. I actually hopped out of a car to make the call. An earthquake hit while I was speaking with her. There were no calls coming or going for the next few days, but I knew she and the family were good and safe.

    I have dreamed about her on more times than I can count. But I have never thought or desired to dream with her. Not sure how that would be, but I think we will have to discuss the possibilities.

  9. Don’t you know that many of your dreams are just wake up calls to fart or have apes before you wet the bed. My wake the feck up dreams are usually claustrophobic type or really disgusting blocked up toilets or really annoying kids or parents. What’s ures

  10. I think there are gifts of the spirit. Telepathy is one of those gifts, however, if one is not born with the ability, the ability can be learned with effort. Most people will not put forth the effort. Telepathy can also occur due to love and caring. That is how my experience happened.

    My Mother is fighting Stage 4 breast cancer. About 1 1/2 years ago, early in the morning, I was woken up with hearing her voice as distinctly as having the radio on. I heard her thoughts speaking to herself, which I picked up as if she was right there in the room with me, she is 5,000 miles away. I heard her words and felt her regrets. I stayed tuned as long as I could even though my mind was struggling with the experience it did not disconnect me or interfere in the communication or duration (that mental struggle in myself). When the telepathic link ended, I knew, even as it was going on, just what it was. There was never a concern over going crazy or imagining things. It was simple to understand for me as I love her, she is sick and she is far away. I pray for her and think of her very much.

    So, what to do with the experience? My Mother is an atheist and has resisted all discussions of the spirit unless she can end those discussions with a slam on religion and a haughtiness of there being no God as not only does it not make any sense, but she had decided in grade school that one cannot know the unknown, and that religion is the opiate of the masses to paraphrase.

    So, I wrote her an email telling her in detail what had happened, what I heard, etc. She took 3 days to write back. She confirmed what had happened. This had occurred on my sister’s birthday, so I had the date and the date meant something to her as it was one of her daughters’ birthday and she related how she was laying in bed thinking of that daughter which led her to review her life. And that is the conversation that I heard.

    My email got her attention.

    I told her that it was not me but it was God in action in our lives and for her to remember that the force of God (concept of he or she or both) is aware of her and her life and that her life matters (that is what was conveyed to me).

    This brought her comfort and opened her eyes somewhat, but 77 years of resistance cannot be overcome that easily, however, this unexplained occurrence nudged open a road block within herself.

    Dreams can be precognitive as the dream website shows, as many people have documented throughout the centuries, as people are still experiencing today. I have had many myself, they warn, advise, encourage, answer questions, make paths straight, heal, inspire, solve problems, bring solutions, bring un-manifested things into manifestation, reveal the past, uncover the hidden, etc., to bundle them all up in a negative light or an immature person light or any of the myriad lights of nonsense, makes no sense as they are our inner spirit communicating with us.

    Read Elisabeth Haich’s book, “Initiation.” She explains how to practice and develop the spiritual gift of telepathy. She also explains a lot about other gifts also.

  11. There could be a protocol already. I am reading Campbell’s “My Big Toe (= Theory Of Everything). In the autobiography section in book 1, he describes a dreaming/inner space/out of body experience that was shared with a co-worker under blind testing conditions. Their two accounts of the experience matched closely. So a protocol for for intentional shared dreaming exists. This was done at the Monroe Institute. It may have made use of brain entrainment to alpha or delta wave states.

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