Crash Picking!

Step right up, folks!  With the long-term market peak in, we’re gonna play Crash Call!  It’s a game where everyone can win – and everyone can lose.

Get the date right?  Got the right financial instruments in your pocket?  You could be the Big Winner.  Why the odds would embarrass Publisher’s Clearinghouse.

Except, for one thing:  The money in play is not especially reliable.

But we’ll get into this after a few headlines and the ChartPack which is really a doozy!

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67 thoughts on “Crash Picking!”

  1. “illegals are rushed off to government housing ”

    And we all thought flash bang wasn’t being thoughtful.. see problem solved.. if the half million a month are just taken to Willington Delaware they get housing jobs( probably at the post office) instantly just take them all there..


    • The “illegals” Are being shipped to Delaware then being dispersed into the country. DeSantis has opened an express port of entry. People cheer.

      I’m trying to find a way to house ‘migrants’ for profit. Britain has programs for renting personal residences to Uke Migrants.

      “Letting your property to refugees really is a win-win – you get your regular rental payments and a refugee family gets a home. On top of this, the community is enriched by the refugee family’s presence. You benefit, the family benefits, and the community benefits. I can’t recommend it enough.”

  2. CatmanDu,

    Dont forget to plant ure fall dental floss crop, Tex.

    Also will need at least one Bee hive, can give away the sweet stuff, but keep the wax..for melting down and applying to Ure freshly harvested dental floss.
    *Glass blowing pipe and bong making peeps – always bee hitting me up for bees wax..slackers.
    Zircon encrusted tweezers are recommended as well, not exactly sure they have to bee zircon encrusted..unless of course Ure Nato country on border of nazi ukraine. Come to think of – if you could hold off a couple more weeks, prolly be able to pick up all sorts of “hot” zircon “encrusted” products, on ebay cheap like.
    -you hear that “whoosh’?
    -what whoosh?
    -see that fla_____________________________

    Back in the ring to take another swing with PSU -2.5 & Under 47.5 same game parlay at Auburn.
    “We Are – Penn State”
    $50 to win $113, total payout $163

    lite up the silver bulletz, great advice hear –

    JA- do Owls scheisse in da woods?

  3. “Things that make you go “Hmm…”

    Hmmm… have you noticed the troop withdrawal in ukraine….and the recent bragging by the USA…hmmm.. Vladimir Putin surely has no illusions about how much the U.S. and NATO are arming Ukraine with weapons and intelligence, but it gets scary when American officials start to brag in public about playing a role in killing Russian generals and sinking the Russian flagship, killing many sailors. I believe that this is creating an opening for Putin to respond in ways that could dangerously widen this conflict pull back as a way to drag the U.S. in deeper than it wants to be.
    It is even more dangerous when senior U.S. officials say that because of our actions and involvement along with Putins situation changing and his ability of adapting to our efforts is becoming obvious to them that Putin’s behavior is not as predictable as it has been in the past. And Putin is running out of options for some kind of face-saving success on the ground — or even a face-saving off ramp.
    When the Roman’s were bent on the idea to conquer the world.. Hannibal decided enough..

    It sure does look like The poison pawn trap…from my perspective.. Russia to still be Russia has to continue and escalate..there wasn’t an off ramp for this to de-escalate..China the same thing if Russia falls so will china.. NK Kim is the only one that no one will mess with..
    If it never goes to war we are destroyed by the lunacy of this administration that hasn’t ever had to work.. if it ends up going to war we have weakened our ability to defend the country..and they have been able to spread out and put themselves in the position that the world has dependency on them..
    We went for a number.. sold our souls put the global survival all hinged on a number..

  4. “Nested problems” are big problems.

    “Talent Hits a Target No One else Can Hit, Genius Hits a Target No One Else Can See.”

    – Musk

    Crash? The East is done with Western “asset stripping”. It’s pretty clear The West will close the curtain using a Sampson Option.

    “(*forgiving debts) ” Aren’t the debts merely transferred.

    Recall Sears as example. Sears didn’t have to pay their pension tab, taxpayers are paying the Sears pension tab. Sears was forgiven, the pensioners who let it happen were forgiven, our hot dogs went up in value over 100% since January 2020. Sears was the genius of Eddie.

    Reverse assets stripping. The diamond IS in the crown. LOL

    Nikki Haley 2024!

    Scandal behind $591 million royal diamond: ‘Stolen’

    A diamond believed to be worth $591 million and worn by the Queen Mother during her coronation is at the centre of a royal scandal.

    The famed Koh-i-Noor is a diamond Britain reportedly forced India to hand over in colonial times.

    It is one of the largest known diamonds in the world with the 105-carat rock part of the Crown Jewels.

    • Nikki Haley –
      “Early life. Haley was born Nimrata Nikki Randhawa to immigrant Indian Punjabi Sikh parents at Bamberg County Hospital in Bamberg, South Carolina. Her father, Ajit Singh Randhawa, and her mother, Raj Kaur Randhawa, immigrated to the United States from Amritsar District, Punjab, India.”

    • “Reverse assets stripping. The diamond IS in the crown. LOL”

      the problem is inflationary spending.. costs are shooting out the roof.. the working class no longer have the funds available to dish out.. and the rich go out of their way to avoid paying more.. ( why should they.. there should be a flat tax and only poverty level deduction not tens of thousands of pages of ways to not pay taxes. and in my honest opinion .. with the drive to move their companies outside our borders so they don’t have to pay taxes.. then they should not be allowed to make any money in the USA either.. make a buck pay a tax on the buck..)

  5. “The People’s Garden | USDA A colleague sent me a note this week and point back to source: USDA Opens People’s Garden Initiative to Gardens Nationwide.
    Where I found this part almost like a Stalin-lite collectivization plan with a heavy helping of Official Narrative and big-shotting”

    Now I am for greenscaping and have it as a primary rant for decades that since we consume 55 acres a minute we need to expand 55 acres a minute to keep the cities battle against co2 and global food availability but this people’s garden is not the way..there again it’s not for the people but for control of the people..

    • That’s how it read to me LOOB – wanna put your place on a map for everyone to come rob you of whatever prepping you’ve done? Let alone the first hungry woke burueaucrat?
      Sorry, govt has lied one too many times for Ure’s taste. While they mean well in good times, when the shit hits the fan – like all those NOLA people who had guns illegally confiscated? Yep – jr. Hitler badges waiting for an opportunity.

    • Please define “consume”. By your numbers, in a ten year span we ‘consume’ nearly every acre of arable land in the country.

    • presactly – UN peace keeping troops gonna need sustenance to keep up their “peacekeeping” mission while in CONUS. Whats for their dinna – Ure gardens home grown vitals. Dont think they wont be eyeballing Fluffy either..
      -if the feds&dreds dont get to em first.

      the drooler in depends is just a caretaker anymore – which is a very sick joke -seeing as how he cant take care of his own dam self.

  6. Math doesn’t lie – people lie about the math.
    We are simply betting, because that’s what it is, betting, that our math is better than their math.
    – On May 4th & 5th the Simple 280 Day MA on my aggregate rolled over and has been on the down slope ever since. It has lost just over 4,500 points since that date. [ The Dow and a couple other indexes I look at have done the same.] Confirmation. Math.
    – My TI Scientific puts it during the last week of October – variables apply – but that is the window time frame. Also, the New Moon is on the 25th, a Tuesday.
    – .., and – there is one more salient point about the last week of October, but it’s not in my notes and i’ll be damn if I can remember what it was.

  7. “I think I’ll go work in the unregistered garden now, while I can. ”
    – Think that will eventually become a Class C Felony w/ confiscation?

      • More likely, they’ll just avoid the feeding part. Sure, you’ll get a room, or part of it, but little to no food. Perhaps they’ll just decide that a bullet or gaseous “shower” is cheaper.

        The worst part of the ever-present threat to steal your assets and labor is that it encourages you to do the least possible. Sometimes the grasshopper approach is better than that of the ant. You get to live and have lots of experiences before you die. The ant just gets to work until it dies.

  8. A friend of mine, who “knows people” told me that USDA will also be sending out notifications and pamphlets to all high school FFA groups regarding their new garden registration program.
    I couldn’t confirm this bit of info.., but it does make sense.

  9. 11.175 has changed quite a bit. (As has 8.992, closely related.)

    These are USAF backup and admin channels of very low-importance stuff. Mostly NG cargo and some very few VIP movements. Mostly it’s about “souls on board,” ETA, fuel needs, and air stairs needs at destination, and lightly obscured references to limos and ground cars. This info, and much other, also all flows by encrypted satellite, and the HF is purely exercised backup.

    But when it gets extra-busy, or goes mostly silent, three weeks later, sometimes, Something Happens.

    It’s a First Derivative of significant activity. When, exactly, or where — dunno, and can’t guess.

    But it’s like three A.M., and all the lights are on at the Pentagon, and pizza delivery trucks are lined up for a quarter mile at the dock entrance, and the parking lot is mostly full, that sharp-eyed reporters once thought Something Was Up a few years back. (They don’t allow that sort of thing any more. Surprise.)

    The group call has changed about two weeks ago from “Mainsail” to “Evolution.” It has been Mainsail for well over ten years. This is probably not significant or meaningful in itself. It does suggest some changes behind the scenes are happening.

    Two points:

    The positioning — staging — of “logistically significant” supplies often takes place about three weeks or so out from a known or guessed day of operations — they stage “beans & bullets” ahead of a likely start of activity. (“They” don’t always know for sure when a particular thing might happen, and they do stage drills — so it’s not easy to know when channel business or relative silence Means Anything.)

    To my relatively educated ear, the dispatch point and personnel have also changed. Dispatch sounds more remote — electronically tied in, and the voices are different — may I say “more serious-sounding?”. (Plus other long, detailed, boring background material you don’t need.)

    Historically, these transmissions originated at Andrews AFB, and Suitland, MD. Now? Sounds to me like they’re still there as opposed to anywhere else. (Based on typical day/night propagation.)

    Three weeks out from the changes fits not too far off from 9/24.


    7299 day 3999 night. Self-organized / No “HQ”
    “fifteens and forty-fives”
    When / If the balloon goes up.

  10. So during the Presidential campaign and beyond, Biden clearly told immigrants to come across the boarder and he would help them, during his first 100 days. – and it was never stopped.

    Sanctuary states were deemed so by members of our government, (while other states opted out) but seeing all the bitching from Democrats when immigrants are actually sent there, is outrageous. They deemed themselves to be sanctuary but, failed to prepare and basically, lied. – And thus, the arguing began.

    Just like when the police were being defunded until those who promoted that insanity were in need of police.

    It’s interesting that there is much attention to the mass graves recently found in Ukraine. But little if any attention given when Putin told of mass graves of Russian speaking people in Ukraine, BEFORE the war there.

    I refuse to downplay what Putin might do, regardless of what the media tells us. – there’s a reason why military things will go across the line but … NATO won’t. I’m pretty sure, Putin has an ace up his sleeve.

    In the meantime, dissolve America’s assets and confound the people with more and more problems and fallacies to argue about. Keeps us off guard, while our enemies become stronger and grow more angry with us.

    Only people in high places can piss off entire nations. But us low-lifes always take the brunt of it.

    I read headlines like, “The Queen is gone, the future of the Commonwealth is uncertain.” Oh, bullshit !! Again, no one prepared for the day … and future. Charles seems reluctant to really play the part … this is where the great intellect is suppose to be? Com’on man.

    I remember when there were attributes like, Class and Culture, Charisma, Charm and Respect. Wisdom … anybody seen Wisdom?Now, Leaders are as dumb as the peasants they’ve dumbed down.

  11. If I were a Russian strategist preparing for a conflict with the West, knowing the state of QEII’s health, I think I would have recommended the smuggling of a small-to-medium nuke into London earlier this year. Assemble it in an upper story apartment, babysat by a pair of KGB agents posing as a retired couple, and on the day of the funeral (Monday), set the timer, leave town and decapitate the entire leadership of the West in one swell foop.

    Then act completely surprised.

  12. Folks,

    Ground your tinfoil hats and enter the static fray with the usual precautions. Perhaps your connection to the Moscow-based Russian state news agency Novosti will be refused as it is here. However, SANA, Syrian Arab News Agency, is available with a Novosti story from a week ago. According to them, Gazprom has allegedly been pumping 41.2 million cubic meters (per day?) of natural gas to Europe via Ukraine through the Sudga connection “as confirmed by the Ukrainian side” while Nordstream 1 is shut down for maintenance. “The Ukrainian side continues to refuse gas requests through the Sukhranovka station.” Sniff, sniff, hmmm,…gas shortage in Europe? Does anyone smell a leak?

  13. Sure sorry about the “C02 fiasco” that is still drifting around.
    At an atmospheric level of less than 2% and yet being the crucial component of the greening cycle for ALL plant life on our ‘Spaceship Earth,’ it just seems so obviously ignorant to hold a position that acts against people in the worst way by calling for the actual removal of the most crucial of the atmospheric components absolutely essential for growing our food. How can so many be so stupid about so much?
    Phineas Barnum was correct about a sucker being born every minute.
    When the idiots finally bottle up enough CO2 to satisfy their demands for its removal from the air of the planet, no one will know. Likely due to their having starved to death in the interim as food production diminishes to zip…
    Remove the “greenhouse gas” to end the functional greenhouse & people relying on it for their food.

  14. Since you’ve focused on picking crash dates, and I mentioned Shmita cycles the other day, I thought I’d share some data of previous crashes correlated with Shmita years, which I got from a web post. FWIW ..
    As far as dates, your German video link suggests 24th event, which would hit markets on the following Monday 26th. Others say 23rd is the last trading day of the Shmita year, which end the 24th.
    . Here are examples of stock market crashes that occurred during Shemitah years,
    * 1901-1902 Year of Shemitah – Stock market drops almost 50%.
    * 1916-1917 Year of Shemitah – Stock market drops 40%. United States enters WWI. Germany, Russia, Austria, Turkey, Great Britain suffer economic collapse.
    * 1930-1931 Year of Shemitah – The Great Depression. The worst financial crisis in modern history.
    * 1937-1938 Year of Shemitah – Half of the stock market collapses sparking a global recession.
    * 1944-1945 Year of Shemitah – End of German Reich and Britain’s hold on territories. Establishment of America as the world’s superpower. Bretton Woods Conference giving the U.S. Dollar Global Reserve Currency status
    * 1965-1966 Year of Shemitah – Stock market drops almost 25%
    * 1972-1973 Year of Shemitah – Stock market crashes almost 50%. Global recession; US oil crisis.
    * 1979-1980 Year of Shemitah – Global recession – Prime Rate hits 21%
    * 1986-1987 Year of Shemitah – “Black Tuesday”; stock market crashes by 1/3.
    * 1993-1994 Year of Shemitah – Bond market crash.
    * 2000-2001 Year of Shemitah – 9/11. Markets open on final day of Shemitah, September 17; the stock market falls 700 points.
    * 2007-2008 Year of Shemitah – On the last day of The Shemitah Year, September 29, the stock market drops a record 777 points.
    * 2014-2015 Year of Shemitah …correction…Greek/EU bailout….European Debt Crisis
    * 2021-2022 Year of Shemitah …8th Jubilee for U.S.A – A world drowning in debt with a “bubble” economy

  15. George
    It seems the week of September 24/25 has got those with the talent of foresight all worked up.
    Greg Hunter of had Mr. Bo Polny on his show on 9-10-22. No is a Biblical researcher who uses time lines from the Bible and how they coincide with modern events to predict coming major events. He predicts the 25th of September as a crash day for stocks. His track record is said to be very good.
    I view Astrology from a Hyperdimensional physics perspective. Rotation, rotation, rotation to quote mister Hoagland. And so the Astrologer Joni Patry also notes that September is the opening phase of many Huge changes here on Earth. Some good, some very bad!
    I could quote other commentators on coming event, but no need as you George are in alignment with their prognostications! UFORTUNATELY!!!!

    • He did mention a stock crash but then backed off and just said something big was set for that day but didn’t know what. Bo can be fun to watch simply for entertainment reasons but I’ve got my popcorn ready. With so much crap going on something might as well happen on that day as much as any other. Let ‘er rip! I’m tired of waiting.

  16. George
    How do I turn off the auto correct on the commenting software. I am tired of retyping word that the system changes that were correct to begin with! Like peoples names.

    • It is not a part of WordPress, it’s on your computer and functioning as a feature of your browser. Try your browser’s settings…

    • I’d assumed you were on your phone but if you’re on your computer my spell checker comes from the installed version of M$ Word. It doesn’t auto-correct, just indicates it doesn’t have a correct spelling for what you typed in.

    • It does NOT happen to me. The WEBSITE allows me to do one typo right after another … why I try to proof read every post before I make it (and still don’t catch every problem). I post via 3 different computers, 2 Windows 11 machines and one Windows 7 machine and the same thing applies to ALL three of those machines. (I always am using Chrome for my surfing of Ure favorite website)

      I would imagine the “Auto-Correct” is in YOUR software inside YOUR computer. I know some Microsoft products have that option (MS Edge has it I am pretty sure) , and I think Chrome does too as an add on. There are also add on programs that add that capability too (so people don’t make typo mistakes all the time)

      Take a look at the programs on YOUR computer and make sure all the Auto Correct features are turned off. Although not a techie since it has NEVER happened to me I would bet it is inside YOUR computer.

      Good Luck!!

      • “I try to proof read every post before I make it (and still don’t catch every problem).”

        I once put a program on a friends computer in his office as a joke.. ( before internet ) and what it did was as you typed if you mispelled a word.. it would come up and give you heck about your spelling.. and if you typed to slow.. it would say is that all the faster you can type.. LOL LOL LOL.. yes I was a smart azz.. just like the joke with the receptionist.. she was a broom flyer from hell.. you would have thought she was that one lady politician.. anyway I did the national urine bank.. had a really nice bulletin board poster made up and convincing cover letter.. LOL LOL LOL what if you were in an accident and needed to give a urine sample right.. LOL LOL.. and then set out boxes of sample jars.. even the bosses gave her a jar of urine LOL LOL LOL..
        the one I got caught with.. ( by a lady in the next department ) was the because current thefts we are going to tatoo your employee number on you arm.. LOL LOL LOL.. another one that was good was.. when you can apply for vacation LOL LOL LOL by the time you got done.. you didn’t know when in the heck or if you even could take a vacation.. ( they had a strict one week a year was when you could take it.. and no sick time )
        Anyway.. I totally believe that some smart azz at google.. ( all your messages photos etc.. go to google to do with what they wish) I believe some smart azz is doing a joke.. to change the spelling when you submit it.. would take much.. the program that said.. you need to go back to school because you are making so many mistakes.. or who taught you how to spell should loose their jobs.. or why can’t you type any faster than that my hundred year old grandma can type faster than you.. was funny.. and it was affective.. I got a hoot out of watching him type like a maniac.. and it has nothing to do with microsoft.. some smart azz in IT programming.. wanted to get a laugh..
        One place I worked at kept records of everyones phone conversations.. one young girl would call her boyfriend at break time.. the nurses meeting was all about what they were talking about.. then you have the wasp vans.. that do the same thing.. in whole neighborhoods..

  17. Earthlings,
    Is gravity holding you down down a bit? Yesterday a certain Mr. Finch from NASA’s Office of Communications helped lighten the mood. It appears that even following expanded sanctions rolled out on Thursday against Roscosmos, “US-Russia civil space cooperation on the space station” (ISS) will continue.

    Speaking of stars, Ringo Starr is on road. Who knows how far out the show get. In the meantime, yes, it’s DJ George at the controls not holding back on the pepper with a staple from The All Starr Band:
    “With a Little Help from my Friends”.

  18. I did some googling and it appears the clip was taken from a February 27 video and Merz was referring to the invasion of Ukraine and misspoke September 24 instead of what he meant to say, February 24.

    The question is, was that a purposeful misspoke to telegraph a date known months in advance?

  19. Two video links.

    Have you ever heard of the Mike Tyson “Everyone has a plan until…” quote?

    In the video a guy had to make some maneuvers in the vehicle and the vehicle’s anti-collusion sensors kicked-in. What a time for the plan to fail.

    When Shots Are Fired, Curbs Become Suggestions

    The other day someone mentioned Eugene’s axe.

    Flipped The Script On Them: Dude Pulls Out An Axe And All Hell Breaks Loose After Being Jumped Inside A McDonald’s In NYC!

  20. My recent illness has left me with natural antibody numbers which are a sizeable multiple of what I could ever get with jabs. If auto-immunes don’t get me, I think I am now free to move about the country (as the commercial once said).

  21. Current Fractal Analysis:

    Collapse Nadir Valuation target for Global Equities, CRB, and cryptocurrencies: Tuesday 27 September 2022.

  22. I like 10/19.
    It’s always a good day for a crash because that’s when the Earth passes the NYSE Natal Saturn position, and Saturn will square Uranus for the 3rd and final time late Sept, as it did prior to the 1929 crash. This alignment occurs ~ every 45 years.

    However, If I overlay the 2008 fractal on top of the S&P500 (which I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of folks do these days), we still have to break the June low, then retrace back up 38.2% to the 8/11 high to be following the same analogue and be set up for the crash wave.

    Basically, the market needs to continue down, then retrace back to about where it is now, then crash (if we get a similar pattern) and so far this fractal has worked.

    In 2008, the top came on August 11th, so inform your consigiliere that although he is correct about when highs usually occur, we had an exception in 08. I do not believe we are going back up any higher than the 8/16 high (I don’t think you implied we were) as that would crack the entire downtrend line of the pattern for the year & present an extremely bullish case.

    Technically, my entry is 8/16, since that’s the top of the wave, so unless that breaks, I win. Sarcasm aside, I really like 10/19 but I think it’s too soon to complete everything I described above. Put me down for 10/28 as the interim high before the crash, but as I said, I doubt it’s much higher (if at all) than where we are now.

  23. Vaccine Narrative Collapses as Harvard Study Shows Jab More Dangerous than COVID

    As boosters that have not been tested on humans are being rolled out across the country, a new study indicates that the jab is far more dangerous than COVID-19 itself. And the CDC has provided false information regarding their tracking of adverse events linked to the vaccines.

  24. Biden Administration Orders 171 Million Bivalent Booster Doses After Successful Eight-Mouse Trial in Which All the Rodents Got Corona Anyway

    Last week, a day after the FDA authorized the new “Omicron booster” targeting the dominant Omicron BA.5 subvariant, the CDC’s vaccine committee formally recommended the shots for Americans as young as 12. Pfizer’s Omicron boosters will be available for people ages 12 and older, while Moderna’s new shots are for adults ages 18 and older. The new mRNA composition contains two half components of the spike protein: the ancestral virus strain and BA.1 or BA.4/BA.5, which have identical spikes.

    • Ron blames Joe. Joe blames Don. Don blames Hillary. Get the migrants in.

      Are there more, less or about the same since Ron Reagan?

      Make some extra money to top-off foodie caches. Chicago has some great offers.

      Thanks to generous partners and volunteers, the H.O.M.E. program provides Housing, Opportunity, Mutuality (Transformative relationships), and Empowerment for asylum seekers throughout the Chicago area. By providing rental assistance and social support, World Relief Chicagoland helps asylum-seeking families rebuild their lives during the long, stressful asylum process.

      RefugeeOne will welcome 850+ refugees to Chicago this year. Although most recently arrived families are from Afghanistan, we anticipate an influx in refugees from other parts of the world, especially Ukraine.

      Will keep looking.

      • The south (east) side of Chicago doesn’t scare me. The southwest side of Chicago houses more Latino gang-bangers than most cartel-run Mexican cities. They migrate in by the thousands, every year — no warm-n-fuzzy sounding or commie-backed organization needed…

      • Those programs are for a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what’s come sloshing across our border. The full effect of the invasion has yet to be felt.

  25. Complexion, dialect and fashion style is unimportant. The signature on a lease is all that matters. Commerce.

    “One week a refugee family is fleeing the brutality of civil war and living in a shipping container near the Syrian border, and the next they might be moving into a furnished apartment in Cleveland.

    Completing this trek from war- torn villages to safety in the United States can take years and involves a complex apparatus of donors, volunteers, nonprofit organizations, and State Department personnel. But the resettlement process ends just like every American apartment rental story: with a signature on a lease.”

    • “Completing this trek from war- torn villages to safety in the United States can take years and involves a complex apparatus of donors, volunteers, nonprofit organizations, and State Department personnel.”

      …And is patently illegal, based on the policies of both the UN, regarding refugees and asylum-seekers, and the U.S. State Department’s own policies and guidelines.

      • I’m not saying you are right/wrong on legality.

        I look out my window. My area is being flooded with ‘migrants’ of all kinds. We’re way past any tipping out. The hoteliers are getting action. If I can get on the action why not?

        The websites I posted are leads for readers who might be in Chicago.

  26. Keystone meat alert.

    Currently by me $WMT has the 28oz can of Keystone chicken ‘on sale’ for $8.48. That’s been the price. The new price after sale is there, $10.98.

    I’m not saying people here will eat cricket….. but for about 35 cents a scoop you can turn that old bowl of oatmeal into the nutritional equivalent of a steak & egg breakfast. Maintain that ‘full’ feeling ’til lunch. *chirp* *chirp*

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