Crafting Your Personal "Annual Report"

Companies have them, but why should they have all the fun?  They form the basis for a lot of budgeting work and setting the action and work plans for the coming year.

So why not use a similar approach for yourself?  I mean, you do have a personal income statement  and an expense line or more, right?

With a little diligence, you too can have an 87.5% chance of having a merrier Christmas season next year.

We walk through processes on the way to a fatter bank account next year.

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Crafting Your Personal "Annual Report" — 5 Comments

  1. George
    You comment on a declining trend in the oscillator.
    Is the formation from Oct 2014 to June 2015 the same kind of declining trend?
    I am looking at that and the double down peaks and wondering if that is not the future as well.
    Big Al in B’ham AL

  2. I still think it hilarious that Time calls for 65 million to not pay taxes when they have a mere 3 million subscribers. If it weren’t for the idea being so suicidal and nutty, the online media would not have even carried their little article.

    • Well if it’s acceptable for the billionaire republican president elect to not pay any federal income taxes for 10+ why not the rest of us? Loss schmoss, the guy’s gold plated toilet is worth more than I make in a year.

      • I agree if it is acceptable for our government to allow a 50 million illegal invasion of non tax paying illegals, the rest of us might as well rebel and not pay taxes either. Yes, it is coming to that.