Don’t buy it yet – we are still in the proofreading adventure on the new (non-fiction) book Dimensions Next Door, but we’re now in the test-loading phase at Amazon…but ONE of the interesting items in the book that I’ve mentioned before is the shofar.

Called “trumpets” in the Anglo-centric interpretations of the ancient texts, the shofar was typically a ram’s horn.  March around a city you don’t like with six friends for six-days, and then on the 7-th day, all seven blow shofar horns – and presto – the walls come down.  Only worked at Jericho, so far, but that made it into the record books.  Not sure if it would work on the walls of Quebec City, but to even asks is to risk rendition here on Planet Paranoid.

Having only musical skill in production and electronics – sure and some voice work, too – there didn’t seem to be anything on the web under  So, instead, we picked up an Amazon Hand-fired Modern Didgeridoo – Beeswax Mouthpiece – Easy Player!  It was about $30-bucks, so not exactly breaking the bank…

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When the book is done – in the next couple of days I hope – there will be an announcement on here.  In  the meantime, if the fences around the ranch fall down, I will have hit upon the magic described in the book.

In the meantime, I am looking at the didge and wondering how to get it to make all those marvelous  sounds instructors on YouTube show off.  Also wondering where people get all the breath to keep one playing.

If you’re at the other end of “over the river and through the woods” (paying exorbitant tolls and fees) AND if you don’t mine catching communicable diseases from the kids, it might be something for the old folks to have on hand to keep the “wee people” busy this time next week when Turkey time comes rolling around.

It comes with a bee’s wax mouthpiece and some spare wax.  I’m thinking it is the finest mustache wax ever.

Scheduled Days Off, Black Friday

If you are still working (who can afford not to?) might be an idea to put in for a couple of days off the week after next.  That way, when you hit the online sales on Black Friday, you’ll have someone home to collect the goodies when they land.

Just thinking ahead…

Annual Old Man Web Hosting Sale

We’re still happy with our web hosting services provided by Brian Carpenter of  As happens every year, he has a birthday sale, so you can pick up some deals on web site hosting if you’re of a mind to.

Their shared WordPress hosting is less than $5 a month in honor of Brian turning the big five-zero.  Click over to for details if you want to become a famous  blogger.  (If you succeed, let me know how you did it…I’ll write the book on it and get rich.  I’ll leave you to pay the taxes and provide the fans and a private jet for us for lifetime use.)

Good Letter

Not as a comment, but in a very pleasant email from one of our readers – and the topic is “climate change.”  As I’ve tried to explain, climate has been changing since the volcanos cooled and anyone who is trying to monetize that is a schuckster, plain and simple.

When a get thoughtful letters like this one, I am very pleased that our average reader’s IQ has not been reduced to the temperature of cold bath water..

 “Hi, George,

I just finished re-reading a Michael Crichton book, State of Fear. Publish date of 2004 Mr. Crichton states “This a work of fiction. … However, references to real people, institutions, and organizations that are documented in footnotes are accurate. Footnotes are real.”

The story debunks Global Warming and the footnotes substantiate the debunking.

His book greatly foretells your many comments on this and other issues, especially the development of a “state of perpetual fear” as a means of controlling the populace. He describes the results of 9-11 and the Patriot Act, most likely unconstitutional and very telling of a future police state.

I find his novels very rigorously constructed with scientific information and thought provoking ideas. And here we are 13 years later with Global Warming BS still taking up press time and effort. And as you said in today’s article “We have arrived at a day – long-predicted here – where the over-built media doesn’t have enough “real news” to keep the bloated information channels full.”

A world of Fake News.”

The problem on Planet Stupid is that everyone wants to be a star, no one does their homework, choosing instead to repeat the thoughts of others.

I’ve got a secret for you:  The reasons that religious orders throughout time have taken the vows of silence, simplicity, minimalism, and manual work, is to quiet the mind.

This reader in Atlanta might as well be part of a Lost Tibetan Order – because he’s obviously able to read more than 200 $CHRS before his brainwashing forces a GOSUB and the brain is mired in spaghetti code.

That’s refreshing.

More Holiday Reminders

Yes, we will have a column on Black Friday morning, but Turkey day I have a late appointment to test horizontal polarization issues.

On that note, don’t forget to order a bunch of Tom&Jerry mix  Alcohol-free rum flavoring and the microwave works – and it’s yummy.  If you still are consuming,  Braveheart 92-proof spiced is good.

Just remember, heat and hold over 170-F to burn off the booze, or use the flavoring.  Walk don’t drive, otherwise.  If you have a long ways to go pick up some DEWALT DG5204 Professional kneepads.

Oh, thanks for asking!  No, I haven’t talked to anyone in the NFL about logo licensing kneepads but I think it’s one way to get back in the good graces of those of us spending cold fall winter time out in the shop..

Write when you get rich,