Coping: With 3-Finger Aliens and Phones

A bit of something for everyone this morning,.  I mean if the aliens aren’t of interest, surely your telecom costs are?

The alien story – now this is something.  Got an email from Chris Tyreman up at

“I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but the Jewish blessing is done by holding your hands like Spock’s greeting, live long and prosper.  I always wondered if it was not a mimick of the Originators when they originally blessed Adam and Eve….Then these guys show up.  (Link to 3-finger alien story)

(Continues below)


The three-finger critters are pretty darn interesting…not sure who was breeding who (or is that whom….) but it certainly goes along with the notion in religions of others being here prior to, oh, the iPhone 6, for example.

Also related:  Story in the Washington Post this morning about how “Humans bred with this mysterious species more than once, new study shows.”  Question then morphs to “Did 3-finger visitors around 800 AD visit Peru and breed there?”

Three and five finger Monte, perhaps?

“Evolve or die: “Why our human ancestors learned to be social more than 320,000 years ago” sayeth the L.A. Times.

Sex & marketing – things never change in the barnyard.

Danger for Budding Capitalists

By the way, don’t know if you remember, but Chris’ son Judah has a remarkable business up in Saskatchewan called “The Sesula Mineral & Gem Museum” in Raddison.

Recently, his business was burgled.  Made the papers up there under the headline “Thieves hit museum of 13-year-old rock collector in Radisson...”

He’s set up a GoFundMe account over here which we’ll drop a few bucks in.

There’s a lesson in here about alarms, insurance, and all the rest…but I hate to see a really good start-up by someone as young run headlong into the “world’s an evil place” – but it is in case you missed it.

Communications Costs

Mentioned that we have our new cell phone going and we now have coverage down to “hog holler” which is 0.8 mile hike to make a call if the land lines and satcoms go out.

Oh, and if I don’t hit the autopatch on the ham radio repeater, too, I suppose.

Friend warhammer sent in some good shopping ideas to consider if becoming ruralized is in your future:

“We had shaky Verizon cell coverage in my neck of paradise, so we went with Vonage 7 or 8 years ago.  I’ve since switched mobile carriers, first to T-Mobile, now to ATT.  Each has their good and bad points.

Vonage is VOIP.  The company sends you their router free of charge.  As long as your cable modem doesn’t block the Vonage VOIP data, their router works like a champ, all for $40/mo with taxes and fees in the Quaker State ($25+ all the hangers’ on gov’t stuff).  Along with great coverage (as good as your Internet service), you can call to most overseas countries, unlimited, for no extra fee.  You can also get a Vonage App for your (non-flip) cell phone that allows you to call for free (including overseas) the same as the home Vonage service.  Home phone can also be call-forwarded to your cell for when you travel.

We’re happy with the company and the service.  We had one problem and after speaking with a customer service rep, they sent a new Vonage router free of charge.

Most cable companies also offer VOIP, however, most do not provide unlimited overseas minutes as Vonage does.

If you don’t have a wireless set, you can get one from Walmart/Sam’s Club or Costco (recommend one which can connect to your cell phone using blue tooth).  With these box stores, you can always return for a full refund if you don’t like the quality or the phone and/or the Vonage service.  Each location has it’s particulars.  I’m not sure what Vonage has for their return policy, as it’s been so long since we first signed up, but I recall it being fair.

My two cents.”

Good shopping info.

We’re STILL waiting for the turn-up to high speed here, although our Exede/ViaSat is now 10-down/4-upping OK.  Should about double when the new modem is turned on..

Balanced Reading?

This weekend, I’m not doing a “making” column Sunday.  In fact, that whole idea may end up being shelved.  To busy “making” and writing takes time.

Not that occasional features on ham radio won’t come along, but I am drawn to writing a second novel and that’s got more “temporal carry value” than  do one-off Sunday columns.

I’m trying something new that you may wish to consider in your studies:  Trying to “feed” all three of my “brains” about equally.

For the right brain, this weekend’s book is “Urban Shaman” by Serge Kahili King.  Story about his path into the ancient huna traditions of Hawaii…which (when mastered…lead to being a kahuna.

For the left side of the brain, I’m munching slowly through “A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra” though honestly, I’m more interested in a visualization approach to the underlying computational parts, as I think in pictographs, more than spreadsheet cells…

And while that feeds the two sides, the Middle Brain – the ante chamber of bicameralism? – is still soaking up Rothbard’s “America’s Great Depression.”

There’s  a mega-project on the Peoplenomics side that I need to get huge blocks of time for.  I’m integrating the m ajor day-by-day news of the 1928-1930 period with the roughly 2,000 pages of Federal Reserve notes from the period.

This weekend a collection of “rhymes” off present news from the Library of Congress collection.

(Library of Congress is a joke.  We know congressoids don’t read crap.)

Non-trivial stuff but time-consuming and there’s only so much “me.”.

Thing is, to be a good writer (non fiction as on PN) there’s only one way to fly:  Continuous mountains of additional facts, figures, and logic, though to borrow from the phrase from the old Donovan Leitch song Roots of Oak….

“Let me not hear facts figures and logic
Fain would I hear lore legends and magic”

“Fain” is olde-enggy for yes, I’d love to..”

Which leaves only the mountain of test gear in the shop as I try to build a “lifting sound” using fragments of sounds  (know what fractional cycle modem technology is?)…oh, and the garden’s got to be in…

So, too busy doing and making to make a Making…while making non-making makes work.  Perfect clear.

UK Radio Interview

Other than predicting a market crash for next week, our next interview about projects in Old Man Labs will be on British radio Sunday.

Will be on (with Howard Hughes – not the dead reclusive one) and there are lots of listening options: streaming and apps for mac&droids.

BTW, has anyone built a Mac software program called “Cheese!” yet?  Mac & what?

Been one of those weeks.  The pun police will have the place surrounded any minute.  I better go cover my dangling participles.

Write when you get rich,

11 thoughts on “Coping: With 3-Finger Aliens and Phones”

  1. George
    The three finger alien was indeed once alive. X rays of the body show a skeleton and internal organs. Also there are the skulls in museums that are elongated but not cradle boarded. The sutures of human skulls are not present on these skulls. And there are the giant skeletons that the Smithsonian likes to grab and hide away. Lots of strange history going on!!

  2. Ooma offers VOIP. $200 up front for the hardware, but then only $4 monthly for taxes. Includes voicemail if you want it and 911. Works great. Better long term value than Vonage.

    • MagicJack is $130 for 5 years, and you can call any magicJack customer in the world plus all USA and Canadian numbers for free, and you can transfer an existing number to that service. You can also plug a cordless phone system into the router and you would never know it wasn’t a land line.

      Skype is $80 a year for a USA/foreign phone number, but the service is not as good.

  3. We have been using magic jack for almost 18 years now.. we haven’t ever had any problems with it.. before that we had vonage.. local land line is just to expensive here.
    Three fingered aliens.. phew.. well lets see my curiosity was satisfied a long time ago in the early eighties by someone that would know..
    Now whether or not you choose to believe is totally a personal choice..
    My question is this.. almost every country except the USA has disclosed things.. did they say everything they know .. absolutely not.. there are things that should be kept secret.
    Now.. why aren’t they saying anything. Maybe we wouldn’t like to know why they are keeping what they know secret.. Or have they already disclosed what is going on…. I have said for years that there aren’t any secrets..they tell everyone everything then spend millions of dollars to discredit what they have disclosed.. you know that way when it is proven as fact they can say heck I have been telling you this for decades I sure don’t know why you didn’t believe it.plausible deniability. the stories that catch my interest are the ones where a story is out.. its such a stupid story that anyone reading it would figure it to be a trash story and not pay it any mind whatsoever.. then spend millions and millions to prove that a story you already assumed was trash that it is trash..
    Kind of like Trump.. lets see.. has there been any news story that hasn’t bashed trump since he got into office.. that alone tells me it is all malarkey being generated to discredit his administration by some very powerful people..instead they spend millions and millions to try and prove bogus issues.. yet a huge issue that even the members involved in gets buried .. that one tells me that that is the real story.. especially when the deeper you dug the uglier it got and not one soul would even touch it.. because it involves some very powerful people in the world..
    Now question.. If the Watchers are watching and keeping us from destroying ourselves.. why are they letting us get so close to mutually destroying ourselves or the planet making it uninhabitable.. lets face it there maybe billions of planets inhabitable.. but the distance isn’t possible in many lifetimes.. and why not just take care of the one we know will work for us..
    you would think they would step in and just say ok enough is enough.. lets face it .. we definitely deserve to be set straight. our species definitely deserves a sodam and Gomorrah incident and if they are watching why haven’t they intervened to set our species straight..

    • Speaking of ‘3-finger’ controls…

      If you want an inkling of how controlled the internet has become, see link below. You can chase it down on 4chan if you want, but it’s being reposted today in several places. It certainly explains a lot of the reasons that social media companies stocks and membership have skyrocketed, even though most families and businesses are long past saturation point.

      Not sure what it would look like, but IBOR might not be a bad thing if it is worded right. Otherwise only the leviathans will survive, and make us eat their excrement.

      Either throw it open wild-west style or IBOR – what we have today is the perfect setting for leviathans, and leviathans only. Wild west style meaning let everything be legal, and things will sort themselves out. Wouldn’t be long before there would be pedophile hunting parties online, were it not illegal…

      • In today’s world it seems like it’s the wild West but on the opposite side of the spectrum. Just about everything prohibited when I was a kid is now celebrated whether people like it or not.

  4. Pete Peterson, who was tasked with figuring out how the control systems operated in recovered ufo’s, said, in a Gaia interview, that all the controls were designed for beings with three fingers. As a corollary, he also stated that he suspected that these devices were designed using a base 3 or base six mathematical system, not the base 10 that humans use. He said when a base 3 numbering system is used, pi is an integer, not a fraction, and all kind of interesting things become apparent in the construct of the universe when a base 6 is used. Remnants of this numbering system are apparent in the time system which is basically the same as the degrees in the circle which also uses minutes and seconds. At one time, the number of days in a year was also 360.

    He also suspects that humans were genetically engineered to have 5 digits on each limb as a means of concealing this knowledge of the universe from them.

    • Perhaps appropriate this day when tomorrow we celebrate a ‘Celtic saint’, it might be noted that the ancient inhabitants of those regions used a number system based on twenty (vingt) that currently survives in how they count digits.

      It is thought that it is based on ten fingers and ten toes.

  5. If you are having trouble with cell service, simply buy a retransmitter. They are commonly used in Ecuador in the mountains, and in the USA primarily in warehouses and buildings with poor cell reception. They all use a modest solar system for power down here. There are also tons of WiFi boosters available too. I would be willing to bet you have a cell signal at the top of your ham tower.

    You could probably split the cost with some neighbors. There is actually software available that calculates the ideal location with the contours of the hills programmed into it and tells the height of tower necessary for best signal. Any rural WiFi provider would probably calculate this out for you.

    Apple planned for this years ago, and I can answer/call on skype, magic jack, WhatsApp or the Ecuadorian land line from any iPhone, iPad or computer in the House. Since most people here use prepaid cellular, the old time expats call each other on magicJack for free. Prepaid data is 20 cents per MB, so a few bucks gives me all this when out of the house as well.

  6. I live in a rural which lacks a lot of infrastructure. I miss the 1960’s excellent computing and communications capabilities where they sent men to the moon and was able to talk with them all that way. Cellphone and internet coverage where I live is less than adequate. Meanwhile, the radiation from a Fukushima is still an issue and I haven’t heard they are using those fabulous space suits to help protect the workers from radiation. Just saying.

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