Coping with the WoWW: A Great “Falling”

What happens next in markets may be a huge reversal to the downside beginning this week, or maybe next week after options come off late this week.  And I suspect this why?

There has been a “Great Falling.” 

A what?  Allow me to elucidate:

The Universe talks to us…often in ways that are too subtle for our busy minds to hear, but that’s mostly because we have such busy schedules and we’re texting so much drivel that we miss the signs when they are thrown in our faces.

From experience, though, sigils and signs are a lot more common than people realize.

No, I’m not talking about when you get a flash of intuition that if you turn down the next line of parked cars at the mall, someone will back out right in front of you, leaving the perfect parking spot close to the door.  That’s more gut feeling and being in tune with your higher self.  Of just being flat-ass lazy.

Technically, a sigil is a “thing” that has been inscribed with symbols, in a particular order and a particular way that imbues the thing with magical power.  Amulet with writing, kind of thing.

Sometimes, though, Universe writes the SIGIL out over the whole cloth of your existence.

Happened to us Saturday afternoon between 4:45 and 9:00 PM. 

.Here’s how the symbols read:

1.  About 4:45, my buddy, the retired Major fellow, called to report that he and his bride would NOT be going over to Lake Chelan as planned.  They’ll be staying home because while putting the roof racks on their VW Taureg (which tows a small trailer), the Maj. didn’t place the ladder right.

It slipped and he went Humpty-Dumpty, complete with the “Crack!” noise as his ankle hit the ground.

It was too puffy to get a good X-Ray of it by the time he got to the docs, so he will be get another foot-selfie Tuesday but he’s down for the count on crutches with a baseball-sized foot.

Falling event #1 complete.

2.  By the time that call was done, we were outside Elaine’s son Brandon’s place where we walked in and were treated to fresh home-smoked sockeye salmon – totally delish.  The kids outdid themselves.

But my ears perked up at the mention (mid-bite of salmon and a vodka water) that that very morning, Brandon had been working in the yard and the ladder he was on (for no apparent reason) broke.

That sent him to the ground…no injuries, but he will feel it.

Fall Event #2 complete.

3.  Later on in the evening, around 8 PM, or so, we drop in with the kids to a party (kids of the ‘hood when Elaine was raising Brandon” and Aerospace Rick (who drivers a mint magnum-like Ferrari, told how his daughter, and attorney, had just be sidelined with a sprained ankle.

She had been wearing high-heels and one of them just keeled over. Broke her ankle so down for a week or longer.

Falling Event #3 complete.

4.  We get home and I mention this has been an odd day for things “falling” and as the conversation drifted along, I noted a funny thing in my mouth.

A gold cap on a tooth has fallen out.

Off to the emergency dental place Sunday morning to have it repaired.

Falling Event #4.

Near as I can tell, this is a seriously improbable series of things falling around us.

As we head back to Texas Thursday morning, we will have rain falling, but that’s not as “in your face” as the Saturday news arriving at our ears:  Great Falling.

We’ll see if markets listen, though this has all the hallmarks of being an entirely forgettable day in the pre-open.

It’s all Interconnected…

So there we were:  Daughter Denise, Elaine, and me having a dandy brunch of everything good on Earth out at Ivar’s Salmon House on Sunday on Seattle’s Lake Union in Seattle  when somehow we got on the topic of how everything in the world is interconnected.

(After a neat conversation about when Bitcoin will get hacked with a recent UW grad in molecular biology who is what?  Waiting tables at Ivar’s which should tell you reams about the condition of the US economy for non-banksters, but that’s a long rap for a distant Monday…)

Not that we would argue the point, about interconnectedness, but Denise told us a marvelous story that somehow didn’t make it down to media in East Texas and it’s quite a story, if you haven’t head it:.

The long and short of it is that last fall, there were some sacred Indian relics that were to be moved from ta local museum back to one of the Puget sound islands.

To get there, the museum folks put the relics in a vehicle and caught a  ferryboat to take the relics to their final (and more proper) resting place.

As the ferry neared its destination, something never-before seen happened:  A massive pod of more 35 killer whales appeared and  seemed to dutifully escort the ferry on its trip …the kind of thing that for humans would be almost like marching in procession with a casket.

Hasn’t happen before, or since, explained Denise.  evidence enough to her – and us when sitting by the lake watching the boats go by and recalling our own connections with the sea from our sailing days – that there is a connection that is both timeless and non-local.

A connection we ignore (every day) at our own peril.….

I assume you know killer whale brains are bigger than human brains?

Different point, Denise’s garden up here is till putting out tomatoes (yes, urban gardening is alive) so that takes one concern off the table (so to speak).  I should mention, though, that the length of the growing season is a bit different…

Ink Removal

It amazes me, sometimes, how far we can get in life without knowing the simplest of things.

When we were over at “the kid’s” Sunday, the granddaughter age 23-months, was going through the learning what pens are go.  Eventually finding my left khaki pants leg.

Not to worry, though.  The grandmother-in-law announced that isopropyl alcohol would take out the stain – and sure enough, it did.

I can’t count the number of shirts that have been tossed because of a leaky pen – only to find out now that there is a simple solution.

I’m kinda slow, that way.  I’ll try not to make Hints from Georgaouise a regular feature, but it really was one of those “No kidding?” moments.

The further good news is that the older we get, the more there is to learn…

Print Option Or post Rankings?

I don’t want to junk up the UrbanSurvival site (tell your friends about it, by the way)…but which would you rather have:  Printing of posts (experimentally added) or Post Rankings?  Let me know if you have thoughts on this…

I’m thinking post rankings might be the most useful…who prints before breakfast?

Hidden History Dept.

A nice email from Patrick Geryl came in about the seemingly never-ending fight to get at the real history of humanity.  A place called the Labyrinth has been found in Egypt (2008) but so far not excavated due – in part – to the costs of dealing with the not-terribly-stable of late Egyptian government.

There is, he tells me, a new fund-raising project starting up to get at whatever it is about human history that is locked in 3,000 rooms worth of walls with hieroglyphs on the walls..

Egypt’s antiquities department has been been controversial for longer than can be imagined – almost like they have the PTB backing them to keep things under wraps.

Who DON’T You Trust?

There may be a lot of buzz about the Chief Changer’s golf game, but when comes down to the latest Gallup Poll figures, it’s really congress that has the lowest all-time poll numbers, here later.

Even more interesting (as an indicator of the public IQ) is that the Court system still has a 61% rating.

That’s unconscionable given the midwifery of the Supreme Corpses on things like the Citizens United case which says (in effect) corporate rights to buy elections shall not be infringed.  And then the Senate, run by political idiots, can’t get off its butt to fix that.  Democorps blocking Republicorps while the K-Street Mob calls in the plays from the sidelines.

A while back I suggested that an online party be created, but even that’s problematic: How would you keep the trolls and the professional state-actor stool from swamping the honest folks?

Politics is like the prick who won’t let you merge in heavy traffic, except with guns and a bigger budget.

UFO Department

We haven’t had too many biggies to report this year, but a streak in the sky over Contra Costa County (Bay Area) early Friday morning has been kicking around the net this weekend.  Some folks think it was a rocket, others a UFO – and some think mosquito spraying, says local media.

Even more curious are reports that a “transparent” UFO has been captured on night vision gear in North Carolina. That one was less than convincing (to me) due to the beacon – which sure seemed to be like commercial aircraft lighting and atmospherics. 

And in Australia, there’s been a call for a government project to investigate sightings.

UFO sightings are a problem that’s bound to increase because of one simple fact:  When people get highly stressed, not only does there judgment become impaired (as evidenced by the “ready for Hil campaign) but they also look for simple-answer/silver-bullet solutions.

I figure the UFO/Space Alien Industry has generated several BILLION DOLLARS in revenues: Sci-Fi books, all those Trek and Alien movies, it’s all been a fine and debatable question that provides employment.

Movies where the space aliens are strawberry ice-cream eaters are fine and all, but until I get some face-time and better science, sorry to remain skeptical to claims from both sides.

Which gets us to the last thought of the morning:

Schrödinger’s Paradox may be wrong.

In the (thought) experiment, a cat is placed in a box with exactly one molecule of matter that gives an exactly 50-50 chance the cat will be alive, or dead, when the box is opened.  The way Schrödinger figured it, it was expectation of Life or Death that would determine if the kitty lived or died.

But what if Schrödinger stated the classic quantum mechanics question incorrectly?  What IF there is a deeper question within the Paradox.  Like what?

Well, take the cat’s existence when the box is opened, for example.  Both the Live Cat and Dead Cat people would be mighty disappointed, for sure, but what IF the box is opened in its non-Cat mode and there simply is No Cat to be Found?

The Observer State then becomes a much more interesting game, does it not, Neo?

And that has me down to thinking about how and why Armageddon is couched, as it is, in religious texts.

I think it’s pretty clear that the World Ends just afrter the start of WW III.  Since the Pope says we’re essentially in WW III now, all that remains is for the so-called “God Particle” to be isolated by the worker-bees at CERN and what happens?

If you believe one of the world’s “designated smart guys” (Stephen Hawking), then there is a chance that the discovery of the Higgs-Boson (the so-called God Particle) could set off a reaction that would effectively blow-up the whole Universe.

That would put the end of the Universe some thousands, if not billions of years into Earth’s future, even if true, we’re reassured by the smart folks – because that is how long the explosive wave of collapse would take to propagate.

Ex-squeeze me?

Like the unstated assumption of Schrödinger, the Hawking comments (and anyone involved in the debate misses two major, major, HUGE points.

The first is that the implosion would likely NOT originate from the Center of the Universe.  Rather,  suppose there is a CERN-like group of [whatever’s] that live and commute on Alpha Centauri? That’s 4.365 light-years distance from wherever your office is.

If the God Particle were discovered on that hypothetical planet about the same time as here,  and if the blast were not Centered, but started from the discovery-point, then the way I do the math, the Judgment Day/End of Time could show up rather soonish.

Maybe this has occurred to Hawking and he’s being polite, not wanting to ruin Life as we knew it from last week, but do the math on the number of stars in the Milky Way and you come up with some pretty frightening possibilities.

Even at low population-densities, there gets to be a “discovery ring” that is close enough such that it could arrive concurrently with the outbreak of WW III.

Maybe the Dali Lama is also being polite, too, in saying that there’s no need to be out looking for his successor.

And what if all the hiding of human history has been about this very thing from the beginning:  What IF it’s not just a Universe of Black and White, but of Black, White, and Substrate?  It could already be over.

I just hope that if it is, it happens before the damn snooze alarm goes off again.  Unfortunately, though, looks like another work-day until we get to the WW III writ large part of history.  Soon come, mon.

Happy Monday – write when you break-even, or break out of bondage (one of those kinds of weekends, what it?)