Coping: With the Ongoing Personal Chemistry Experiment

It’s not going in the Guinness book of whatever, but Ures truly is making considerable progress on my slow-motion road to seriously improved health.  Thought you might appreciate an update.

The first item of the agenda this morning is to state emphatically that THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE and I might even go so far as to say you’re a dang fool if you don’t involve multiple healthcare types in a consultative role.

Recapping the Experiment:

If you’ve just tuned in to the craziness around here,  the Great Personal Health Experiment is a semi-organized way of optimizing how you feel.

Core to the idea is that your body will give you all the feedback you need – provided you give it a chance to tell you.  That means becoming aware of your body’s signals.

Everyone lives in a water & bone bag of some sort.  The awareness part is learning to recognize the feedback at something other than “emergency medical” times.  Which means listening to your breath while stressing, exercising.  Feeling your heart and being able to pretty accurately peg pulse rates and so forth.

Then there’s the chemistry angle.  The six most important additions to nutrition – for me – have been the addition of:

  • Magnesium
  • L-Arginine
  • Very high quality Men’s multi-vitamin
  • Eye supplement
  • Large doses of Vitamin C
  • …and Apple Cider Vinegar tablets

There are also two important deletions from my nutrition.  Except for the occasional cup of cocoa, sugar is gone, and along with it: Wheat.

Update on Results

One part of this operation has been managing blood pressure – which was kicked off three or four years ago when I went to the doc for PVC’s due to too much seriously strong coffee.  In the process of doing the 12-lead, I was found to be 156/90’ish on the blood pressure which was too high.

The medical response was HZTZ (or some such) which dropped about 10-points instantly.

My objective now is to reduce the BP far enough that I can wean off the prescription meds.

119/67 pulse 73 was the blood pressure as I began writing this morning.  And that was after spilling a cup of coffee on the rug and cleaning that up.

Last night, after the “adult beverage” at about 6 PM, my BP was all the way down to 93/53 which frankly, is too low.

Being a data-driven guy, I found the single most useful thing to do was set up a log in Excel of each day (or two) messing with the treadmill and making careful notes when I go through extreme exertion.

The most useful reference data I’ve found is Vaughn’s Summaries Systolic/Diastolic Pairs Chart.  Pasted into Excel and massaged, I’ve got increments of 5 instead of 10 and it’s a great training guide.  Did I mention Free, too?

The hardest workout yet was no on the treadmill, but mounting a tractor tire that weighs some incredible number (like 130#) which is no mean feat because they are devoid of handles and such.  That got me up to 119/97 pulse 119 which is admittedly was pushing things.

The Weight Loss Side

Ending sugar, wheat, no alcohol from grains (Viva los Sanchos is great) and confining eating to an 8-hour period has reduced weight consistently.

Down 24 pounds in 38-days so far, I should be more than ready for the flight physical due in early May.  Two years ago I tipped in at 226 and I’m already below that.

Although it’s an expense, the airplane is actually the best personal training device I have. Not only is the airplane performance better when I weigh less – there’s an actual improvement in rate of climb.

Plus the routine maintenance of washing, waxing, lubing, keeping the hangar clean – it all adds up.  It’s as much work as 3 cars or 2 SUV’s  to keep up with.

Personal Life Extension

This is a key one.

Go over here and put in your data.  At 220 pounds, my life expectancy is 85-years as a middle range number and 91.22 at the high end.

The shocker for me?  Discovering in multiple runs that a couple of drinks a day is a good thing – adds time to the clock. YMMV.

There’s a shorter version of the calculator here.

What’s important about this one is that it shows the effect of exercising.  If I only exercise 3-hours a week, I’m expected to hit 84.5.  On the other hand, with an hour a day, life expectancy rises to 86.5.  But get this:  If I work out 2-hours per day, the life expectancy jumps to 89!

The biggest killers turn out to be things like not wearing seat belts, not smoking, not driving legal speeds, and so forth.

For what it’s worth, I figure I can live another 20-years with a chance at 30.  And that means “retirement” could be nice and long.

And that’s a good thing because there’s a ton of things left I’m planning NOT to do.

Meantime, you saw where the world’s oldest documented human – a 116 year old woman  – has passed away?


These are the things I’m finding interesting:

  • When the body is weaned off caffeine the jitters that go with weight loss are reduced.
  • Similarly, taking out sugar and ESPECIALLY banning any intake of high fructose corn syrup is good.
  • Blueberry extract (2 grams/2000 mg) per day and policosanol seem to help with leveling energy.
  • The 2-drinks a day no penalty (in the calculator, YMMV) was a surprise.
  • The real knee in the curve for return on exercise seems to be around 1.5 hours per day.
  • Diet cravings with lots of supplements don’t seem to exist – at least for me – but you have to be off sugar and wheat and manage blood sugar.
  • Getting too thin invokes a penalty – those calorie restricted diets may not have such a high payoff after all.  But the evidence is inconclusive.  One thing for sure:  Eating less saves money.  And the penalties for some calorie restriction may be related to certain nutrients falling below the RDA – so supplementation is still likely a solid investment.
  • Women still outlive men – by a LOT.  Elaine’s expectation is somewhere north of 96-years…
  • Manual labor ain’t a bad thing.

But the SINGLE most important thing I’ve done is walk on the treadmill.  Nothing violent – a mile or more per day at 2.5- miles per hour.  The combination of exercise AND diet is what kicks the body into high gear.  I started off slowly – like anything else.

Having a television or a Kindle handy on the treadmill and a cordless phone with speaker turns treadmill time into useful time.  I doubt that I will run out of books, motivational talks, TED Talks, training videos, news channels or phone calls – so staying in motion is what pays off.

I’ll post notes about one a month on how this is going, but it’s all been a very interesting journey.  I figure if I can do it, anyone can.

Deep Ocean Obelisk?

Interesting story over here about a [purported] obelisk which has been found under the ocean using Google Earth.

I think it would be just dandy to find more of those supposed underwater antennas, too, that made the rounds about 8-9 years ago, too.

One thought on the obelisk:  Wouldn’t it be cool to find a 4,100 foot tall Tower of Babel and evidence of a past global subsidence?

A radio tower atop 4,100 feet, says the calculator over here would cover roughly a 150-mile diameter area

Say, you don’t think the Tower of Babel was a G4 project gone bad, do you?

Write when you break-even


10 thoughts on “Coping: With the Ongoing Personal Chemistry Experiment”

  1. Any info on what “quality” vitamins means, by brand that is, would be greatly appreciated.

  2. “The biggest killers turn out to be things like wearing seat belts, not smoking, driving legal speeds, and so forth.”

    Got me puzzled there. Are there a few ‘not’s misplaced?

    • Actually, I think George has it right. Doing anything other than what makes you happy will just make life seem longer, and you’ll probably die of melancholia.
      Under certain circumstances, avoiding each of George’s listed behaviors has value

      I’m OK with wearing seat belts if I choose to, but I’m not with seat belt laws. Same with any other behavior without a third party victim.

      It’s just hypocritical that I can jump out of an airplane legally, climb a rock face legally, and even cave dive legally, but can’t drive on the street legally without surrounding myself with webbing of a rather poor design.

  3. Lots of good stuff going in the right direction health wise.

    The latest is interval training is much better aging wise than long distance aerobic type. That may change tomorrow though. ;)

  4. Thank you for the update on the weight loss and the regimen. Look forward to hearing more future data. I noticed you didn’t include huperzine in that list. I had purchased some after you mentioned it prior, but found that it gave me chest tightness. Until my order of apple cider vinegar tabs came in, I was supplementing instead with homemade pickled beets for breakfast with homegrown beets that I canned last summer.

  5. Exercise is over rated with both of my grandmothers living to be 97 and 100). One was in a wheelchair (polio) and the other had a balance issue. I’ve figured out that everything boils down to stress. Toxic food is stressful on the body as to toxic thoughts and toxic words expressed… Though I have to add, the average person consumes more calories than they burn off sitting all day.

    Also, health gurus as a rule do not live to their average age for fe/male, so tis best not to be a follower of anyone, another’s food diet. Enjoy life and enjoy food but don’t make federal case about it.

    The best to all~!

  6. But George, what about all those yummy Asian noodles you were stockpiling? Weren’t those made from wheat?

    Glad to hear you are staying in shape.

  7. Don’t forget the Vinegar capsules. Was at Costco today and couldn’t find any. Picked up a dandy Lorex 4 channel 1 tb surveillance system for $275 though. Perfect for the BOL.

  8. You really ought to have a look at Mangan’s site

    He’s been writing about exactly what you say for a long time. He normally reads a lot of research papers and boils it down to English for normal people. A good look might be the articles on over the counter Quercetin killing Senescent Cells. This is what fasting does it creates autophagy so speeding the process can be good. He’s really good and speaks the same language as you…low carb, exercise, etc.

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