I assumed you know that both gold and silver were confiscated during the Great Depression? 

What we have before us now is growing evidence that the confiscation coming this time around will be even broader and will target even the people who “put money in the mattress” or have other collectibles they have acquired over the years that have gone up in value.  Such is the unbounded greed of government.

Here comes an InfoWars report on how banks are (allegedly) being called upon by Uncle to call in and report on customers who withdraw more than $5,000 – in cash.  Even if it’s their own money.

Couple this with reports that people who make cash deposits in large amounts are being targeted for further scrutiny and we have some very troubling evidence suggesting the direction of wealth confiscation.  Like the housing bubble collapse wasn’t enough?

If you’re a subscriber, you already know this stuff, but if not, please pay attention.  In my estimation, you will have a very difficult time in the future repatriating large amounts of gold or silver into your freely spendable  “mainstream/officially approved” money system if you can’t produce a receipt that clearly explains how you came by it.

What’s more, when you do buy the gold and silver or come by some cash or whatever, make sure to keep receipts because today’s greed-crazed apparatchik is itching to seize whatever it even begins to suspect is ill-gotten gains.

Here’s a problem to consider:  Let’s say you have been collecting some gold – a couple of coins a year – over the past 30-years and now you have a bunch of them, 60 in all.  And let’s say, for the sake of argument that you don’t have a receipt for each and every one of them.

So you make one large transaction with a reputable trading house, and you cash in $69,000 worth of gold and have the proceeds wired into your bank account.  That kind of transaction might draw attention, but if you’ve done it honestly (and have receipts) nothing to fear. Although that might get you a visit from the financial Gestapo.

Repeat after me:  Receipts are your only defense!!!!

On the other hand,, if you “get cute” and try to move small amounts (under $10,000 each), in order to avoid mandatory reporting by the bank) then you create trouble because that would be considered “structuring” – which as everyone knows (or should) is a crime.  That’s why big drug dealers engage in packetizing transactions (into thousands of small transaction under $1,000 in order to keep under the radar, but since banks report  – inside the US – it has made the US a less money laundering-friendly kind of place).

If you’re wondering why the price of gold hasn’t been going up faster, this may have something to do with it.  Although the government’s idea that money has nothing to do with holding value anymore, they are slowly moving to (frog boil) recapture gold, silver, and cash that is not already being tracked by the supercomputers that watch each of us.

That’s not being paranoid. Neither is watching Person of Interest.  It’s just the way the post security-state world with the bankster class in charge works.

Been thinking about “investing in gold”?  This is the kind of thing that turns owning gold into an “aw-shit” kind of problem, especially for the occasional coin buyer who has been Scrooge McDucking gold or silver for 40-years.

Scattered Delivery Issues

A wee bit on the short side this morning, since the first part of the day was spent checking to make sure our sites are operating normally.

I’ve had a couple of people  comment that UrbanSurvival has been a day or three behind the calendar, but that is never the case at our end.

If you’re not seeing the newest and freshest content, it’s likely either because your DNS has cached an old copy of the site, OR – more likely – your computer’s browser is not set to reload an entire page when you hit a site you have already been to.

A quick search ought to find you the answer to the site caching issue.

But as long as we’re on the matter of screaming performance from your PC, remember to blow out old and unused cookies at least once a week.  You can do this with www.piriform.com’s CCleaner or any number of other programs.  Be advised in advance though that you’ll need to have all your passwords written down so you can get back into the sites you want.

THEN, if no cache and no cookies isn’t getting you what you want, consider going over to Gibson Research and running their DNS ranking tool, located here.

The tool will let you test (*in the long form version) what Domain Name Servers have the best response times when run from your location.

It also has the steps showing you how to install a new DNS in your computer.

The reason this is important is that many computers are set up to use the ISP’s default DNS server.  It might be their own, or it might be Google, or some-such.

There are paranoid people around (like me) who want to cast their DNS nets a little further than what’s in some of these, and I happen to like the Open DNS project.

Through the process of shopping for the fastest DNS, clearing cookies, and removing old temp files, you can often enhance your internet experience.

If not, I assume you wrote down  your old DNS settings before changing anything?

About Taxes

Great comment about income taxes over in the comment section, if you missed it:

About tax avoiders: When the Fed prints up willy-nilly, to keep insolvent banks afloat, or “too big to fail” corporations, when our “elected” Government officials leave office multiple times richer than when they were elected, or if not take up a fat lobbying or corporate position (with no experience in the job), when our government throws away money on foreign mis/adventures and even gives to our enemies the sweat and blood of our own people, when bridges are still being built to nowhere and cow farts are more important than pot holes, when a handout is prioritized over a hand up; By God if I can find a legal way to avoid taxes I will do it.

The government authorizes the printing of whatever money for whoever and whatever pays off the most for their re-election. And you think avoiding taxes is a bad thing? Sheesh, I think it’s down right patriotic. Every dollar saved is one less that a politician can steal from me. If I were a rich man I would use every conceivable way I could find to shelter-hide-protect all that I could. As it is I am too stupid not to follow the rules. Frankly it seems the only way to get ahead these days is to be an illegal alien who goes way into debt, files bankruptcy and ends up with a new house and car when all the columns are balanced. Ain’t that the way the big boys play the game, anyhow?

Sorry for the run-on sentence way back up there. It was a one breath sort of thing.

Just a fine point here:  When talking about taxes, I would low-beam anything in the law of language that uses words like “hide” when dealing with taxes.  That is a huge red flag.  And word like “shelter” are not cool, either, since every American has a file on them now – which is what all that server space with a moat up at Provo is all about.

Instead, I’d suggested referring only to deductions and yes, report every dime.  And then yes, take every legal deduction.

So Much for Subtle

A number of the trolls came out with my spelling of the word intension and intention in Monday’s report.

Yes, there is a difference.  Intension is?

the internal content of a concept.

And intention which is:

a thing intended; an aim or plan.

The reason both spellings were used is simple:  When one begins to work with the magic of “ring-not-pass” it is the internal content of a concept that you work with, while at the outer lever, the concept becomes a thing (in and of itself) and a noun spelled intention.

It’s a subtle difference, but intended as intensed, lol.

We’re not going to Arizona this morning, after all.  Headwinds through the Southern Rockies would make it a practice in pouring gas through the carburetor…so we’ll just work and wait for a change in weather, possibly later in the week.  But even then, mountain country with a good tailwind (possible Thursday) can be like riding a washboard…so we’ll see what evolves.

Took my neighbor up flying yesterday; new attitude indicator works fine.  He’s already had to mow his pasture once or twice and mine look like it.  So maybe it’s time to focus on things around here.

Back when I was 11-years told, driving a tractor was a genuine thrill.  Here six-times that age, the thrill of boyhood has worn off and climbing back in the saddle to bounce for 12-hours of mowing is less that a joyous thing to look forward to.  Buy Bayer stock.

Write when you break-even or whenever a bee gets under your bonnet.  But wait!  Was that old cowboy expression a cross-dressing reference?

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