Coping: With Pests as Summer Approaching

imageDown to the joys of summer, at least when the sweat dries off, around here.

The humming birds were humming like the little guy to the right, the occasional piercing pain of sinuses acting up from a ton of mowing and such.

And for those wondering, the June bugs were starting to decline in number down at the hangar where our old airplane is still being held hostage by paperwork with the FAA.

Several people wanted to know, however, if putting down $30+ worth of peppermint oil would actually repel the June bugs.

imageI don’t know about other varieties of June bugs, but the ones in our area don’t seem to care about a) peppermint oil, rosemary oil, garlic, or that $25 “ultrasonic pest repeller.”

The only way to get rid of June Bugs seems to be a) blowing them out with the leaf blower.  And b) making sure next year to get the outside security light at the hangar turned off the first of March so they won’t be attracted to the light source.

More than anything, light is what drives the JB’s so a string of white LEDs will be installed in the grass next year, as well.  But, in the meantime, care to guess which summertime bit of furniture I’ve got my eyes on?

Meantime, I’m trying to figure out what the bird was I heard Saturday while burning a pile of leaves and pine needles in the front yard.  It sounded so much like water in a brook that I actually turned around to look at the deer watering pond to see what it was.

Nothing there (of course) but I’ve spent a lot of time on the property and this was the first one that I heard which was a got-cha.

Here We Are – Come Save Us

Despite the yard work this weekend, I can hardly wait for the next round of “Californicated” to go viral. 

We’ve been covering their drought mess for a long time – and I was just reading how California is throwing money at the drought by (among other things) paying businesses $3 bucks a square foot to put in drought tolerant plants.

Let me help you run some numbers:  Let’s pretend (IRS insists we do) that all of Ure’s little enterprises constitute a business.  And let’s also remember 43,560 square feet per acre and we sit out here in the woods on 28.8 of them.

If I could get someone to pay be $3 a square foot, even after backing out the house and shop/off buildings, we’d still be able to sop up $3.6 million dollars.

Hell, with that kind of ROI we would move somewhere else.

Please, California, talk to Texas about this genius-level idea!  Come Save Us!

(The fact that even a third-grader knows that as soon as you strip off all the green, you lose vertical air movement, and you’ve built yourself a dandy new heat island –  and that’s how the Sahara works.  But don’t think common sense…this is California’s version of burning down the rain forest, except they’re doing it with taxpayer money, as well… And then to be able to cry poor on top of that, OMG these people are what?)

Dumb, Dumber, and Jerry Brown followers.

Our forecast of drought migration is still on the table.  California is the New Dust Bowl – something that should become apparent in the 2016-2017 timeframe.  Just like the last Depression Dust Bowl.

The real first arrival of displacement didn’t become obvious until summer of 1930, but after that it was all down hill for three waves of depressing dust.

If California gets a respite, don’t go bidding up prices, too far:  These things come in macro waves and doubling down after the first wave would be a fool’s errand.

Still, the Golden Brown state is full enough of fools, so ya’ll have fun.

WoWW:  The “Dead Cat Dream”

World of Woo-Woo time:  I’ve told you before about little snips of the future that get wrapped up into my dreams.  Sometimes, the snips of dreams have Big Messages in them – like the January dream about the big earthquake in April (check Nepal). 

Other times, they hold contest that’s of a warning nature.  Like the dream about road closure due to a fatal accident, traffic being re-routed, and orange cones for lane closures – hours before it actually happened.

Fast forward to Friday night/Saturday morning.  Awoke at 2:18 AM with a terrible dream about our cat Zeus.  Had a strong mental picture of a piece of “equipment” falling on him and killing him.

Got up at the usual time, fed the cat (who was just fine) and thought “Stupid George:  See the cat was fine…”

Then, just a few hours later, about 9 AM, I headed to the hangar and as I was approaching the turn onto the Farm to Market road we live off,, here was a freshly dead young cat.

Siamese, and quite remarkably, this was the same cat Elaine and I had considered (however briefly) pulling over the car to rescue a week earlier when we had gone into town for lunch.  We discussed at the time how it had the look of a feral cat (there were now homes around and it looked like another “dumper” – which is what city folks do when they are irresponsible pet owners.

Felt kinda bummed out about it..and it didn’t take but a few minutes to recall the conversation with Elaine and wonder about the dream less than 8-hours earlier.  Dead cat – and now this – a real genuine dead cat.

Ever since then, I have been asking myself how to score this one.  The number of dreams in which a cat had died (and this is over 66+ years, mind you) is exactly zero.

And to discover a cat we didn’t rescue, dead, immediately thereafter; well is that coincidence or something else?


By the way, I don’t remember if I share this update with you about the lady who had the disappearing gun night-vision scope problem…from a gun safe?

….hahahahaha..(manic laughter)-my husband , who found his mysterious, long lost night- vision scope last week, just came out on the back porch (l am sitting here , storm spotting) to show me the latest “gift-from-the-gun-safe”……a HUGE military-type knife/machete – serrated carbon steel, and a nice heavy sheath !!?? …..never saw it before, and it’s kind of hard to miss!! So what is the effing message here? : “DANGER, Will Robinson” ? or….” you may need this defensive stuff soon”? or… “come on thru, guys-we showed you the damn portal already”?… or “pay attention because TSIATHTF” ?? (… …. is ABOUT to hit the fan)….we think maybe it’s answer #5: ALL OF THE ABOVE . … oh well, if the twisters and basketball- size hail stones don’t get us tonight, we’ll consider a visit to the vortex- …maybe…

This came in a couple of days before the Nepal quake…and wherever these people are, there must be some kind of a “portal” on their wall.

Either that, or the hubby has come up with a fine way to keep his wife from going through credit card receipts while he loads up on self-defense tools.

The Tweaker & Twidler

You may notice that the margins of the UrbanSurvival site are lighter colored this morning that they have been in the past.  Thought it made reading just a bit easier with less contrast on the sides.

Comments are welcome. 

I’m going to start looking for an alternative heading for the website – which means a new graphic look.

My friend (and cool graphics dude Chris Tyreman of came up with the one below. 


I think it looks really cool, BUT the problem is the heavy emphasis on the eye goes off on a “50 Shades of Money” kind of thing.

Your comments are welcome – Several people have suggested we go back to our old blue logo, as well….

Just another thing to keep Mr. Tweaker-Twidler busy.

The FinViz website which we check every so-often for stock futures and such, had changed up it’s chart presentations panel over here.

Maybe it’s just something in the air.  Instead of spring housekeeping, maybe it’s spring web tweaking.

See Sunday’s update for a couple of other Coping type items…

Write when you break-even,


19 thoughts on “Coping: With Pests as Summer Approaching”

  1. Regarding the color of the side bars and new logo, I quote a renowed person:

    “It’s Not Really News” Dept.

    I couldn’t help but dip the pixels in a little venom this morning as I noted how the aristocracy-clamoring press is falling all over itself with the latest “Who cares?” about royalty.

    Try this on: “Kate Middleton and Prince William: When will they announce princess’s name? – live.”

    Seriously, I don’t understand the Brits. Here in the colonies, folks like me were given a name but mostly answered to “Hey! You!” until age 25, or so.

    And for the first 12-years of school, I thought my name was “Pick up Ure room.”

    End Quote

  2. Something comes in May, maybe only a personal event that I don’t really want to see.

    I’m thinking a little more green in the margin color as green colors help a mind learn better — like blue color makes us stronger and pink calmer.

  3. I know California is run by a mafia of socialists and ding dongs but dang, it sure hurts to get hammered and lumped in with that crowd. Lots of good folk here in this beautiful state who are aware and quietly doing what we can.
    Anyway, more to the point I wanted to present.
    There is a guy doing a lot of interesting work with earthquake short term predictions. And not in the woo woo way, but extrapolating from recent movement/earth events where the next expected movement will happen.
    Check out and he has twitter feed as well.
    Very interesting.

  4. Like the header image too. If it were up to me, I’d fade the eye back transparent, with maybe allowing the blue to pop through. Giving the faded area something brought forward, without it being an obvious eyeball. Just my two cents.

    • Maybe even give the eyeball a “Earth” slant too. Since this is global news much of the time.

  5. You predicted a 8. earthquake over the weekend – you came close – CA had a 3.+ and MI had a 4.+ add them together = 8. good job!!

    OK I’m trying to be humors – hope it worked

  6. RE: lighter-colored margins: Ure right! With side-contrast reduced, there’s
    less competition with the contrast you WANT people to notice: the
    black-type-on-white-background part!

  7. The Nostradamus interpretation doesn’t necessarily mean Islamic Jihadists. Infidels could refer to the Hollywood elite who have thumbed their noses at God for decades. Additionally, I don’t care for the proposed website. Get rid of the eye! It’s too much like “big brother” watching you. And besides, it discriminates against those who are not blue-eyed!

  8. My husband lost his wedding ring exactly one month ago. It slipped off his finger and mixed in with the change in his pocket. When he tried to fish it out, it was gone. We know exactly where we were and what time it went missing. If someone found it, s/he did not turn it in (which wouldn’t exactly be a surprise). I’ve been asking the universe to please send it back, so far to no avail. I’m holding a good thought it will turn up in the bottom of one of the change bowls, where it could not possibly be.

    • The ring is back. The gardener found it when he was mowing the lawn yesterday, right around the time I posted. Yes, George, it’s POSSIBLE it slipped off my husband’s finger before we ever left home, and it’s POSSIBLE I spent an entire month walking over the top of it and never noticed … but not likely. I sometimes wonder if one of the universe’s favorite books is The Earth Dwellers by André Maurois.

  9. Re: Garland “terr’ist” event. There’s an old saying, “If you grab a tiger by the tail you better have a plan for dealing with his teeth.” I also have little sympathy for brats who poke dogs with sticks. Karma, Bitchez!!!

  10. How about the ‘all seeing eye’ on the back of the U.S. DOLLAR instead of the blue eye?

  11. Re sunspot cycles – you need to have a look at the work of Stan Deyo (one of yours but oz adopted). He did a lot of tracking sunspots/ conflicts.

    Slow learner but finally had a look at your “june bugs”. We call them cane beetles and no, no smelly oil would stop these bad boys. In oz, we introduced Hawaiian toads to eat them (cane toads). These toads have now gone feral and are destroying oz wildlife faster than property developers. And the beetles are still buzzing. However, if you would like to introduce feral chickens or some other kind of poultry to your hanger (ie geese/ ducks) they will do a dandy job of cleaning up the bugs for you. You will just have to scrub the manure.

    So pick your poison.

  12. I prefer this blue-hued design, not being a big lover of the color brown. I dont think I ever saw the previous blue one mentioned.

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