Coping: With Nagging Anti-Gravity Thoughts


This will sound like an odd-ball question, but here goes…

My buddy Vince and I have been looking at the B-wave in magnetics a good bit. 

As I mentioned on the Peoplenomics site, there was a lecture by James Clerk Maxwell wherein he discussed the B-field concept a good bit,.  I want to think it was in 1748, but you can find the lecture notes over on Robert Nelson’s marvelous Rex Research site here.

What is a B-field?   It is shown in the diagram, right.  It is a weak force which pushed the North-South magnetic lines of force out and away from the mid-section of a magnet.

My next series of experiments will be to see how the B-field distorts when multiple magnets are held in opposition.  I should be able to model it using Visimag…A video on use of VisiMag is over here on YouTube.

Other software is available, but what I’m specifically looking for it the effects of B-field excitation of multiple coils in different arrangements (such in as in a large circle, such as might be seen in the vertical cross-section of a UFO…).  And, taking it another step, what happens if the magnets are pulsed using high potential DC and various frequencies?  And (let’s toss this out, too), what happens when multiple coils are wound on a substrate of ferromagnetic materials that is topologically anomalous, such as a big Mobius core?

There is also an assertion made by Boyd Bushman in a YouTube video over here that when two magnets which have their B-fields opposing are dropped, they fall more slowly than a simple weight.  So we already know that opposed magnets fall more slowly (assuming the video is not a spoof), so how much higher power can we develop using electromagnets rather than single-state neodymium fixed magnets?

There have been some reports of ghostly apparitions appearing in the vicinity of high Tesla magnetics such as those used for magnetic imaging.  But whether that’s a hint at a link between portals and magnetics became a bit more doubtful last month when an article came out “explaining” the phenomena over here.

As I have spare time (Hahahaha.,…what’s that?) I’ve been designing complex B-wave generators based on using the concept of relatively low-power electromagnets.

What I’m presently looking for is any additional resources that may hint as to how B-waves might had been used at Coral Castle by Edward Leedskalnin.  I’ve got all the books from their gift shop. and been through the place three times now…

Anyway, send along ideas, please…

One Other Note on Anti-Grav Related Studies

A GizMag article here goes into some discussion of how mounting jet engines on the top side of aircraft wings may lead to shorter takeoff rolls.

New press maybe, but not a new idea.  In fact, one of the joys of being an old pilot from Seattle is I remember the Boeing YC-14 which was around circa 1975-76 at the Developmental Center adjacent to runway 13 Right.

The Boeing YC-14 was a twin-engine short take-off and landing (STOL) tactical transport. It was Boeing‘s entrant into the United States Air Force‘s Advanced Medium STOL Transport (AMST) competition, which aimed to replace the Lockheed C-130 Hercules as the USAF’s standard STOL tactical transport. Although both the YC-14 and the competing McDonnell Douglas YC-15 were successful, neither aircraft entered production. The AMST project was ended in 1979 and replaced by the C-X program.

Key thing if you’re thinking about making such a bird for yourself?

Two major problems were found and corrected during testing. The first was a problem with air circulating around the wing when operating at low speeds close to the ground, which had a serious effect on the spreading of the jet flow though the nozzle. This led to flow separation near the flap, and a decrease in effectiveness of the USB system. In response, Boeing added a series of vortex generators on the upper surface of the wing, which retracted when the flap was raised above 30°. Additionally, the tail surfaces were initially placed well aft in order to maximize control effectiveness. This positioning turned out to interfere with the airflow over the wings during USB operations, and a new tail with a more vertical profile was introduced to move the elevator forward.

And yes, that’s why I am such a raving believer in Vortex Generators and wouldn’t be without ‘em on our plane.  And I am somewhat disinclined to fly in any light plane without them.

But funny to odd how the Boeing YC-14 upper surface blowing engine mounting idea is making the rounds again.  A slightly aft-mount to achieve some upper surface effects at slow flight speeds was also incorporated in the A-10 Warthog….That was more an upper surface sucker than an upper surface blower, but you get the idea.

Diaspora or Sexodus; Internal Coding

T’other morning I broached the idea of “diaspora” as perhaps having to do with the number of humans who are leaving “this Life” and moving into virtual realms.

Second point:  We opened up comments on UrbanSurvival Monday and a fair number of very excellent comments followed.  Including this one on the Diaspora question:

Before I post the content of a different kind of ‘diaspora’ that came to my attention over the weekend, let me give you a little background on me, in order to avoid a breakout of comments in excess of PG-13.

I’m ‘over the hill’ and ‘out of the game’. I’m a heterosexual female, yet mentally-emotionally I’m about half-way between typical male and female traits. I can usually see both sides of a male-female argument. Were I to visit George’s place, I would want a tour of his shop, and would probably end up discussing interior decorating and trompe l’oeil painting with Elaine.

Fire suppression preface over – on to content………..

In just the past few days a cluster of articles has hit the Internet that indicate a cultural and economic shift large enough to be considered a ‘diaspora’: Men are leaving.

• The NY Times has run articles on ‘the vanishing male’ in the workplace

• Breitbart has a series on the ”Sexodus”, about men abandoning sexual relationships

• There is a research paper out of the UK titled, “The Darwin Awards: sex differences in idiotic behavior.” Men leave this life by dangerous/violent/idiotic behavior far more frequently than females

For the sake of brevity I’m going to make a non-sequitur jump to another, possibly related, concept.

Several months ago I listened to a podcast of Dawson Church, PhD (author of “The Genie in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention ”) interviewing Dr. Bruce Lipton (author of “The Biology of Belief”). A few brief statements by Dr. Lipton about the subconscious mind grabbed my attention. He said (from my notes and paraphrased) that the subconscious mind of a child before the age of 7 learns mainly in theta via ‘hypnosis’. The subconscious mind at that age is a recording device – no one is there. After the age of about 7 the subconscious mind learns via habit and repetition.

So to begin to make a connection………..

The subconscious mind ‘runs’ much of our life in a manner similar to the program coding of an interactive website or other computer application. It runs in the background. It is not directly visible in the day to day operations. Much of that code is written before the age of 7 by the people, experiences, and more recently, the numerous media inputs to which we are exposed.

Contrast and comparison for you to chew on………… Consider a tribal society prior to radio, TV or Internet. What would a young boy’s inputs/experiences/coding be?

Consider a boy in the USA post-1950s. What would a boy’s inputs/experiences/coding be as the TV became the prime baby-sitter? Then consider subsequent generations of increasing TV exposure followed by increasingly immersive video games. Mind-riveting images with emotion modulating sound flood the attention for long periods of time. What kind of behavior does this encode?

Remember – that early coding does not go away. Some of it may be rewritten by ‘habit and repetition’. Yet the intense inputs of TV and media and video games have not gone away. Is the root level coding of young children one of the ‘bugs in the system’? Is the subconscious mind an invisible elephant in the room that we constantly run into, and then blame each other for the bruises? Are men ‘burning up the gears’, because of conflicting coding, and shutting down to reduce the stress? Are men ‘vanishing’ because their map does not match the terrain?

Are most of us (ALL of us?) lost because our internal coding and maps do not match the physical and cultural terrain?

That a certain type of “low-level format” of humans takes place is undeniable:  It has been commonplace in religious groups for well over a thousand years and whether you consider the early (Catholic) church and its seminaries, or whether you’re talking the latter day Islamic madrasa, the ideal is that just as in NTFS, proper formatting is required for desired results.

Few people deliberately take ownership of their personal, low-level formatting.  Instead, average people often stay average for the simple fact that they come pre=programmed as young people to follow in the same footsteps as their parents.

I was extremely blessed to have parents that wished me to be successful, even if that meant outperforming them in several areas of life.  Fathers, for example, have a tough time telling their sons “It’s OK to be more (successful at whatever) than I have been…”  It’s something I’ve come to appreciate about my upbringing that made it exceptional despite health issues when I was young.

My personal “reformatting” began when I went to work at an R&B radio station when I was the minority.  You get a lot of understanding about other people and cultures this way.

The second major reformat came when I was working (as a newscaster) in about 1970-71 with a DJ named Roger Dale.  He’d gotten involved early-on with the positive mental attitude (PMA) crowd and he sold me as set of audio tapes called “Lead the Field” by Earl Nightingale.

That was a life-changer.  And the expanded version of that series is still available as an audio CD series comprised of 20-CDs.  It ‘s on Amazon as The Essence of Success (Twenty Compact Discs) and will set you back $100.

I think so highly of it (and thye $30/ 6 CD set “Lead the Field”) that I’ve given away at least have a dozen copies over the years.  And for Christmas, my son is getting the 20 CD “Essence of Success”.

CD-based learning is far more productive listening in the car on the way to work than is listening to the radio.  Becoming the sole owner of a self-programming intelligence is mighty cool stuff.

Back to the point I was making:  It may be that many men are fed up with “the system” and are leaving the workplace.  But it’s worth asking whether that’s because of the influence of the women’;s movement, the emergence of the LBGT movement, or something else?  We’re right to think of television as a prime suspect, particularly because when I watch the kind of kid programming out there today…

All of which gets us to the first big ponder of the morning:  Why in all of our Sesame Street and Common Core programming, don’t we pay more attention to enabling the “success gene?”

The answer is sort of obvious, I suppose:  If we didn’t have a ready pool of willing people who have been preprogrammed into compliance, unquestioning thought, who in their right mind would allow themselves to be turned into killers on command, or many of the other “necessary but not necessarily good” jobs that get done in modern society?

While there may be some numbers to support the “Sexodus” idea, count me skeptical:  I think just as many women are waking up as men, doing the personal low-level reformatting, and opting out.  For women that might be the stay-at-home-mom option, which seems to be growing as jobs have become more scarce and the cost of daycare, commuting, and all the rest of the expense of work (including a lack of parenting time) becomes more and more apparent (to choose the odd word).

The rest raised by reader Robin in the note is pretty much spot-on:  We have no idea what trying to raise a child on television is really doing to them in the long-term, but the fact is we live in a society where we have all convinced ourselves that “faster is better” and frankly, there’s a pretty good case to be made that exactly the opposite is true.

The “common sense” ain’t so common anymore.  Which means it would sure make an interesting novel if someone were to write it;  Videocide.  A novel that explores how the low-level formatting errors of an entire planet drove it past the brink of insanity….

Except for the minor nit that we’re doing exactly that, it would be a fine read….

Opening Day of Comments

Having opened up comments, the harshest so far has been from Mr. X (readers who responded to his post, thank you!).

And the most thought provoking one was the one from Robin.

There is one thing I am curious about:  Almost no one commented on the actual “news” portion of the site, and since that one is where the economic outlooks are discussed, I would have thought there would be more (OK, at least some) interest in commenting there…

But maybe that’s why we opened up comments.  Namely, to get a better sense of what readers are looking for from UrbanSurvival.

I think we have done almost every prepping topic on earth – and long before it became a hugely over-hyped part of life.  Much of it is still over in the Peoplenomics library.

But thank you for the thoughts and keep them coming….

Off to sorting out markets after I make some cottage cheese pancakes…

Write when you break even,


25 thoughts on “Coping: With Nagging Anti-Gravity Thoughts”

  1. George,
    Can you give a little more time to the Russian Ruble and the real cause for the decline? Can you make a comparison to the US and are we heading in that direction as well? Their rates were already so much higher than our free money.It seems odd that all the rest of the G20ish are giving money away and Russia is the ones that had to raise rates even higher from 10%. I apologize, I still don’t get how this works and I am sure you have written about this all the time… I just missed the connection.
    Love the site you do great work!

  2. An area to look at for further evidence of “low level formatting” is in the TV media advertising. Over the last couple years, the ad agencies have increased the role reversal in their commercials. Those products that typically featured females in the primary “role” have increasingly been replaced by males. For example: laundry detergent ads that previously featured “moms” folding clothes and commenting on “freshness” have now been replaced by males in the same role. This reversal has carried over into automotive, health care at home, infant care, etc. The “reformatting” of roles has become pervasive. It is no wonder that the youngsters are confused. The social engineering is in conflict with evolutionary imperatives.

    If the media warping of genders is added to the increasingly isolationist tendencies that are encouraged by modern technology, the impact on behavior becomes downright anti-social.

  3. I usually read your very fine site on an iPad mini and there is a slight issue when doing so. The match between my vision, the width of the screen (even in landscape) and the text portion of your site just isn’t there. Some sights I’ve visited have an option for a text-only display of articles. At least for me, it makes life much easier!
    Note: I’m usually studying the financial section and only skimming the coping section because the financial section helps me develop an internal picture of the direction large parts of the world is heading in – and plot my way around it! Successfully, so far!

  4. We don’t know a whole lot about magnets.

    We are taught that magnetic ‘lines of force’ are actual lines of magnetism. They are not; they are topographical references markers along a solid magnetic substance. Just as there is solid land between the topo lines on a map, there is ‘solid’ magnetism between the ‘lines of force’ we are shown on a magnet. There is no place ‘between the lines’ in this ‘field’ where magnetism is not found.

    We are told that the N and S ‘lines’ cannot intersect. If we arrange two magnets NS and NS on a plane we will find that if we spin one the other will follow and the magnets act just like two gears meshed together.

    We find that the magnetic ‘force’ increases and decreases at the square of the distance. From a mathematical perspective, this indicates that the force of the magnet you hold in your hand extends outward forever, and that there is no physical ‘center’ of the magnetic force.

    We find that electricity (current flow) and magnetism are ‘tied at the hip.’ Where you find current flow, you will find magnetism and where you find magnetism, you will find current flow. There are ‘laws’ that describe the amount of current to the strength of the magnetism, but we cannot account for this current in the magnet you hold in your hand. The only force that would account for the current flow what is known as ‘Birkeland Currents’. Google that and you will find drawings of these currents at the N and S poles of the earth. The same may be true in the magnet in your hand.

    If we drop a magnet through a copper pipe, the current being created by the magnet in the pipe will slow it down; it falls through the pipe slower than it would through air alone. Perhaps the Birkeland Currents of the earth influence the fall of a magnet through space depending on the arrangement of the poles.

    Current flow and magnetism are found everywhere from the tiny electron to the mathematically impossible super massive black hole. Depending on the reference point, there is little difference between the two.

  5. Social Security and identity theft: I had a difficulty involving getting my account and routing numbers set up correctly for direct deposit. During this period I received numerous “unable to pay you” letters from SS. Each one contained my FULL social security number!

    When I pointed this out as a serious ID theft danger the SS rep said it would take “an act of Congress” to correct this oversight. Subsequent routine letters did not include my SS number but do include a warning about identity theft…

  6. Hi George,

    You know my real name, but I’m not sure if you’re publishing these comments or not. You’d know from your subscriber list.

    “I think we have done almost every prepping topic on earth”, from today’s column. I truly love and appreciate your column each day, and it helps in my life, but the MOST important part of life(and prep), for most of us, is having a loving wife/partner/etc, on board with us.

    For those of us unable to attract no matter how hard we try, we go through the motions of prepping and living well, though it’s hollow and feels pointless. It’s frustrating beyond belief. I doubt that you have the answer, though it would be far more valuable than most anything else. Regardless, it seems that this aspect of life is assumed, rather than addressed, and perhaps someone that you know has a clue.

    There are EIGHT basic systems in life, and the most important one is RELATIONSHIP.

    It’s hard to find a good woman that wants to live far from the city, and shares my view that relationship is paramount. Most of those are already married and planning to stay that way.

    Thanks for considering this – it really does matter.

    BTW, I’m really interested in your anti-grav information. I’d brushed across this subject in the 1970s and was told very seriously that this was highly classified.

  7. George –
    I don’t often write to you — or anyone else. Thank you very much for publishing my male diaspora and subconscious coding comment in the body of your blog today. Four years ago you published my email to you on ‘self-referencing phase-lock loop’. Thank you for that as well.
    In response to today’s query on B-wave magnetics…………
    My only personal experience with magnets is their use in healing.
    I have just in the past few weeks begun to acquaint myself with the work of William A. Tiller, PhD, who operates the Institute for Psychoenergetic Science. Dr. Tiller was a Stanford professor for over 30 years in the Department of Materials Science.
    I purchased two of his books and am slowly working my way through them.
    “Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness”
    “Some Science Adventures with Real Magic”
    I checked the appendix of each………
    “Transformation” shows entries for: magnetic particles; magnetic vector potential; magnetic fields; magnetic imprint; magnetic particles, matter; magnetic tuning system; magnetism; magnetochemical potential; and magnetoelectric energy
    “Adventures” shows multiple entries for: magnetic dipole; magnetic experiments; magnetic monopoles; magnetoelectric; and magnetoelectrochemical
    Best wishes with your experiments,

  8. What options are left for kids out of college these days?
    We took away the option for Vocational/Technical here in Texas years ago, and the illegals scarfed up the masonry, carpentry and many other trade jobs by working without benefits and for a couple dollars less per hour.

    When they DO finally graduate, they are normally saddled with $500-$1000 per month repayments for their education. In America, everybody MUST drive to get anywhere – so they get saddled with a car note or paying for repairs on a POS-mobile. Now we must get health insurance or pay the yearly fine, must have car insurance to drive said POS-mobile as well, ad infinitum, ad nauseum…

    Now, if the programming outlined above is actually real, then what kind of a kid has the TV reared? You reap what you sow when you disavow parental responsibility and turn it over to government education and corporate controlled TV. Sadly, this is the cheapest and easiest way out when both parents must work to just buy a crappy house in suburbia.

    It comes down to what PARENTS do in terms of commitment to their children. There is a reason why home schooling is a growth business. There is a reason why organic foods and craft beers are growth areas. There is a reason why smart phones are indispensable – they are todays primary comm device and education device. There is a reason why government wants to know and control media…

    There is a reason why college age and 20-something kids are looking for a way OUT – because staying in makes no sense. My kids look at my situation – the years I spent traveling and earning to keep us afloat and doing better than average. They saw what having 4 kids forced me to become. They don’t want that and frankly cannot do it as I did for them – not in the current world, not unless they are in one of those top ‘percenter’ classes.

    My 4 kids are engaged, not disengaged, with their world in ways we never could be. Their choices are different because their options are much more limited externally, not internally.

    What did we expect when TV got so bad we had to use lafftrax to get the desired responses? Did we really expect these kids NOT to dive into the internet when BOTH parents are just too busy and tired from working 10 hour days to teach and explain? Did we expect them to choose playing on the playground with other kids when parents cannot be there due to work or commute? Or should we have expected them to choose exciting video games that stimulate their minds and senses and allow group interactions their parents could not set up and the schools disallowed?

    No – they chose as best they could given their options – and they are still choosing the best they can, given their options. And now, as parents, many are hitting the “none-of-the-above” button.

  9. Economics and the markets: A very good place to ignore, as we all know it is rigged anyway. We can try to guess where it is going, but really smart people don’t. I am not saying any of us is really smart. But some have had their behind stung more than others. :)

    A more productive but dangerous pursuit is to highlight the world mafia players. But doing so in too public an arena can get you whacked. That is how the mafia operates. Let us just say the Z(S)ionists won WWII and the Nazis did not exactly lose. In fact, it came out pretty much as it was intended. And Hitler lived out his days in Argentina, which pretty much says everything that needs be said. Oh yeah, the people lost.

  10. I’d like to make a Sexodus observation.
    The women of today seem to be less attractive than those of pre-60ish times. Do you remember when women were less masculine looking than they are now? In those days divorce was rare, the sexes harmonized. And “The American Dream” meant that a man could buy a house and support his own (nuclear)family on one income. Nowadays we call a whore with bastard children a family. The American dream has been redefined.

  11. wrt comments on the news of the day: You offer a different pov, George, and that is always welcome, even if I don’t always agree with you – as you well know. ;) However, we can find other sources and references for such news and offering a variety of pov.

    What isn’t so common, however, are the rational and reasonable discussions of other topics, such as ‘anti-gravity’ and ‘internal coding’ and prepping, et al.

    I think we all want to hear your views on the news of the day – so don’t stop that, please – but I also think that what keeps many of us coming back for more are the discussions and insights on other topics.

  12. George – there two refineries within 70 miles of Amarillo. The Phillips Refinery in Borger, TX is one of the largest inland refineries in the United States. The Valero Refinery betweeen Dumas and Sunray is pretty big, too. – –Jan in Amarillo

  13. Tis something majorly missing from that Dr. Lipton quote about children as mainly recording devices with “no one is there”…gifted children/toddlers show abilities without having had exposure (in this lifetime) to what they are amazingly expressing through performance of the varied kind. Youngsters continuously prove to the world bodies carry memory. Whether it be the arts or say natural abilities shown taking something apart and putting it back together, or understanding the sciences, math or computer language as in my son’a case, performing abilities with no training proves memory of a past life. My son took to computers with no “training” like some take to water or music or?. He built websites before most people had PCs in the home, or knew what the WWW was and took the first online class the U of Minnesota offered (he was 14) back in 1995. The class was taken by people around the country (maybe world) and at the end of the course they celebrated with a party so the instructor and classmates could meet one another and talk about the experience – yet no big deal today.

    I am sure some of you reading George’s column can relate stories of yourself, excelling where no “training or programing” ever took place. There is nothing new under the sun – just one friggin’ loop – innate equals the eight on its side, we know as infinity.

    We know “water” holds memory and can easily be “reprogramed” from toxic to healthy. And, since our bodies are mostly water, obviously we come with experiences of the varied kind that exist at birth. The average does not talk about this (rather it’s a miracle!) because they don’t “believe” there is life after death. To bad for those short-sighted beliefs, persons stuck in the matrix of training and hoop jumping, because we are more than the total sum of present day experiences, exposure to the various forms of propaganda, no matter where it comes from. Though some people like to be told what to do and how high to jump, and won’t feel good till ego fulfilled… Believe nothing and question everything because no one person is all knowing, as each is just a part of the whole, the hole universe (one voice).

    George more than your writing summing up surviving in the matrix, tis experiences people seek, how to get along without TPTB(were?)

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  14. In Respone to Robin’s eloquent comments and to your comments about her comments:
    On December 21, 2012, something extraordinary happened. It didn’t happen for the first time nor did it happen for the last time as it is a universal pattern. Us tunnel-visioned 3-D focused ones have a hard time comprehending universal patterns; but they exist nevertheless.

    As that December 2012 date approached, many of us were able to put our attention on it as books were written and movies were made that helped us focus beyond our myopic mechanistic view of our lives and our world. But much of this information was
    focused on the end of the Mayan Calendar perhaps portending the end of our little 3-D
    planet; and when nothing disastrous happened (much like the result of Y2K), we all went back to earth life as usual.

    The truth is something really big did happen on December 21, 2012! The baton of patriarchal rule was passed on to the matriarchal team to see what they can create here on our lovely little blue planet as the dominant, supported force for the next 26,000 years (it seems universal timelines run for quite a while); and the feminine aspect of divine source energy was reinstated in her rightful seat next to the masculine aspect often referred to as, Father God. So that’s what’s happening to our men. They are all in what could be described as shock (unconscious as it may be); and many of them (especially the more aware millenials) are stuck in a kind of limbo hanging out in their parents’ garages playing video games long past their childhood years.

    No worries, we’ll all adjust; and in a mere 26,000 years, the baton will once again be passed back to the patriarchy.

  15. Hi George,

    Enjoy your columns!
    I’m having trouble finding the comments to read.
    Am I missing a link.

  16. Anyway, send along ideas, please…

    Torus energy
    Sound (at frequency 432)

    Don;t know why – they came to mind as I was reading.

  17. Years ago when I did a lot of Driving for work (60K miles plus a year) I listened to tons of self help. One lady mentioned on how men were starting to be minimized in children programing and commercials on TV. About a month later I caught in passing part of a children’s show where two 11 or 12 year old girls were at the front of a roller coaster enjoying the ride. Right behind them were two 17 – 18 old boys clutching each other and screaming in fear. Since then I have watched this be repeated over and over in various way. Right now Sasktel is Saskatchewan is running a animated commercial show the wife being so smart to get Sasktel service while her husband is outside getting his face smashed with the handle of a rake he stepped on. Message WOMAN SMART MAN DUMB. Or another commercial running is a woman changing a flat tire while poor hubby looks on. Message WOMAN STRONG MAN WEAK. What type of messages is this giving to the kids growing up. Just my Two Cents, wait have to change that to “two Nickels” as we don’t have pennies in Canada any more.


  18. B-Fields huh? Interesting, never thought about it before. I have seen the diagram of this phenomena but having never seen an accompanying description, it never occurred to me that the inner most waves were actually pushing at each other. Looks like the genesis mechanism for solar flares.

  19. I knew there was something wrong – being on the other side now of three score and ten – didn’t have TV and very little radio growing up on the farm. “don’t make pets of the food”

  20. You may have a bug/feature in your comments. When I posted a reply it didn’t show. You covered a vast amount of territory in this post. My reply was long. I have some info I believe you’d be interested in, some maybe not. I’ll break up the post.

    Coral Castle
    I hate to be the one to break it to you but Leedskalnins coral castle was cast. A chemist, Joseph Davidovits, has come up with a material called geopolymers while trying to figure out how the pyramids were built. They’re the equivalent of plastic polymers but they’re made of minerals. They look just like stone blocks when they’re hardened. If you look at the outside blocks of the pyramids they fit together perfectly. Inside the pyramid they are rough except for the hallways and galleries. So only the outside and covering were cast in geopolymer. Its also been speculated that the whole upper section was cast in order to make it easier as the geopolymer material can be carried in baskets then put into molds. Fair warning Egyptologists don’t like this explanation but to me it’s the only explanation that makes sense. It also explains the delicate vases and sculpture made of Dorite an immensely hard stone. They were cast just like clay. This would also account for the perfect edges on the various caskets, tool marks(they are actually wood mold marks). Where people claim that advanced machining has taken place is actually holes drilled while the casting stone was not completely hardened. One very strong piece of evidence that the stones were cast is the fossils in the stones. In pyramid blocks the fossils are all mixed up in terms of orientation. In a normal block the fossils are laying flat like they landed when they died on the sea floor.

    There’s a video on the above link that shows him making limestone blocks.

    There’s intense interest and research in geopolymers. It’s not there yet but they will have a huge influence on building and material science some day. The cement made this way takes a LOT less energy, last as long as the pyramids and being a polymer can be tuned chemically in an almost infinitely number of ways just like plastic.

  21. Leedskalnins permanent magnet holder is mystifying to me. Why isn’t there any resistance in the material to make the field stop after the current energizes it? It’s somewhat like a superfield conductor with no resistance to magnetic fields as opposed to superconductors that have no resistance to current. Linking this to the B-Field. Maybe another way of thinking about the B-Field is a superconductor/magnet pushes out the B-Field and “superfield conductor”/ferrite pulls it in?????? If there’s a field in Leedskalnins permanent magnet holder why can’t you measure it outside?

    For those that don’t what I’m talking about here’s a video.

    Ed Leedskalnin’s Perpetual Motion Holder PMH

    This is a really interesting one of the same effect but done in an innovative way.

    Leedskalnin Effect Demo

  22. An extremely simple explanation of why Men are dropping out is the “Misandry Bubble”. This is a fairly long explanation but very complete.

    It’s not like this hasn’t happened before. The same thing happened to Asians, Greeks, Romans, etc. Things get easier after a group of people build up a society and they forget how they got there. Seems to take ten generations in most cases then all of a sudden the whole thing flies apart.

    Here’s a good link that describes the degeneration of art and behavior based on the age of Empires. The US tracks very closely with other Empires in their degeneracy. Very interesting, to me. I’m always interested in long cyclic type patterns. I believe two contradictory things. That most life, economics, etc are based of oscillating patterns but I also believe that one individual can change these patterns. Very difficult but possible. The old for the loss of a shoe, the horse was lost, which caused the loss of the knight, which lost the battle, etc…

    Written by Sir John Bagot GLUBB

    Women have had it so good for so long in the West that they don’t see these trends. Why should they it’s working for them. There’s probably about thirty years lag in their noticing the trend. Women believe that this civilization stuff can just be dialed up on an iphone. They care about individual Men close to them but have ceased to care about huMANity. A marriage with someone who supports you and helps raise your kids is the greatest thing in the world but if someone said you could have 10 million dollars if you put a six shooter with three random bullets in it to your head and pulled the trigger, would you? Due to legal and social trends this is what marriage has become.Notice the commenter implied the problem was Men. This is of course the standard line in the West. I disagree. If Men are told that they are needed like a fish needs a bicycle, are discriminated against and if they get married have zero control over their family life at some point they will go pffftt. Why bother?

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