Coping: With Monday When We’re Busy

More a collection of random notes than anything this morning.

Funny:  As in Finance

One of my colleagues is kind enough to include me on a private market (and end of the financial world as we know it) letter that goes out to a few select.

From his note this weekend, the best description of the FedGov Yet:

It’s like a big Insurance company – with an Army.

Which,  when you look at social spending…

Why Ham Radio, Again?

With cool temps and determined to play with the ham radio gear (and that wonderful 746-foot off-center-fed antenna of unique design, I decided to answer a fellow in Chile who was calling CQ (meaning, looking for someone to send code back and forth with).

Ended up being incredibly short exchange:  After I gave him a quick signal report on the 17-meter band, he said “OK< thanks George…:”  End of conversation.

Once we had my call sign and my signal report to him, everything else was available to us via internet databases.  Like

Same thing with a fellow (a 6Y5) in Jamaica on the Morse end of 20 meters a few minutes before that.

Even the disruptive technology of the last Depression (radio) is being disrupted by the next Depression’s tech, huh?

The good news??  When the EoTW actually arrives, we will be able to brush up on our Morse conversation skills which is (you’ll love it) a set of Q-codes that make as much sense as FB abbrv’s.


Elaine’s abbreviation for “Every Tool in the World” which I stand before you, guilty as charged.

Not always a bad thing, though.

The extension handle on the battery-powered 20V Black and Decker weed eating machine came loose last week and it was on the bench for fixin’.

After trying to loosen the pressure clamp sleeve with a Phillips and then slotted screwdriver, I got out the eyes and dialed in the adjustable glasses under the big electronics magnifier on the electronics bench.

Well, I’ll be a sonovabitch!:”

Turns out, the B&D designers had intended the upper portion of the clamp to be permanently affixed by the factory.  Fine so far.

The other end of the clamp was set up with a Phillips and a cam-lock…that’s what the consumer is supposed to adjust.

Except after a year of Piney Woods abuse, the “factory end” was loosened up and sliding around.  Something I noted when the tool fell apart while I was operating it.

Turned out the reason B&D has used a Torx-type wrench fitting so the home fiddlers wouldn’t fiddle with the wrong screw.

The ETitW part that caused Elaine to remark?

Oh, I happen to have not one, but TWO such odd-sized Torx-like screwdrivery thignies.

Want the red handled one of yellow?  Got two odd ones in each.

Next thing you know, she’ll want me to use the damn thing…

Adventures in Recycling

As long as we’re covering the shop:  Our old $69 pressure washer from harbor Fright finally bit the dust.  This was after 9-years of irregular service. One of those tools that’s a PITA to get out, set up, drain for winter, store again.

But when you need it, there’s no substitute.  (Except hard work maybe and we all know what a pissser that sh*t is…)

So rather than wait for a new shipment which from experience could talk a week, I picked up a work-alike $100 pressure washer at Lowes.

Fine, but it left me with this dead pressure washer.  Have zero applications for 2000 pound test 10-year old hose, that part was easy to recycle to the garbage.  Ditto the cheap plastic labels.

But my, what’s this?  A 25-foot power cord in good shape that might be just the ticket for a gfi-protected extension.  Yes sir, I believe, next trip to the hardware emporium, that’s what it will become.

Knew a very nice young lady (back in my single days) who had lost her husband to a pin-hole extension cord fault, hot day in St. Louis, sweating, bad ground…. never forgotten her story about that (or her loss) and it came to mind which I  saw the left over pressure washer cord.

Got cords?  Try…

Tower Manufacturing 30438024 Inline GFCI Cord Set with Triple Tap Connector, 2′, Yellow.

$25-bucks and worth if to reduce risk of death from outdoor shock.

Weed Burning, II

Price of propane for 80-pounds worth filled was $60 bucks.  But in fairness, I still think burning the drive way, around the garden, around the fence line and under the solar panels is safer than applying carcinogen-linked vegetation-killers.

I figure it a spray will kill plants, I should keep my distance.

People’ve referred to me as a vegetable for years, you know…

Meds Working

I don’t know what it is, but following up on my blood pressure report of last week:  By the middle of Saturday afternoon, not only wasn’t my back hurting (due to half a back pain pill, but the blood pressure was a respectable 112 over 71.

A reader not added a bit more to our thinking on NAD+ combined with pterostilbene.  “Don’t forget it all needs to PQQ to work optimally,”  he advised.

Not medical advise. We’ll just be adding it when the order arrives.

That said, you may want to read further on the “Effects of Antioxidant Supplements (BioPQQ™) on Cerebral Blood Flow and Oxygen Metabolism in the Prefrontal Cortex.”  May help if you have relative who’ve experienced Alzheimer’s.  (I do.)  Not saying it will, but ModMed hints that one of the machines in the vitamin casino might pay off…they just won’t tell us precisely which one yet.

The deeper I have gotten into the readings, the more is looks like hyper oxygenation and trace mineral depletion of the soils world wide may get us all in the end.    See this patent, and let us know what you think: “…… treatment of diabetes, the reduction of body fat, improvement of insulin sensitivity, reduction of hyperglycemia, and reduction of hypercholesterolemia with chromium

I do LifeExtension optimized chromium a couple of days a week now, too.  (Soon, I won’t have time left to eat…just one pill after another with a protein shake between, lol…)

I’ve decided a petty good test of what to take is to find a doc who is about your age and sex.  Then ask them what they’re taking.

Since “first do no harm” applied first and foremost to self, I figure cling what a well=-schooled person with specific expertise and a requirement to get real C.E. credits on an ongoing basis just might make a better decision on some of these things than I would be able to on my own.

But my doc is only 61, so let’s see how he’s doing when he hits 68 and I’m rolling past 75.

The close you get to seeing the end of the tracks the more serious the research tends to get…

There…another weekend at the ranch.  Now let’s see how the markets open…

Write when you get rich, (or find a tool I don’t have that’s useful…)

9 thoughts on “Coping: With Monday When We’re Busy”

  1. George, there is evidence that Alzheimer’s is actually Type 3 diabetes. Insulin resistance in the brain. Check it out.

  2. If your doc is 61, isn’t he about to retire? That is what I am finding in our area of the country- due to insurances and Medicare, so many in their 50s and 60s getting out of the ‘business’ leaving us with only docs in their 30’s with alot of school and book knowledge but not hands on real life knowledge- and alot of them don’t accept new Medicare patients and those that do, well, let’s put it this way, you are lucky if they spend more than 5 minutes with you-they just want to write you a RX and then ‘move along’.

  3. same thing happened to my pressure washer. I saved the parts that would work on my new one (got lucky-high pressure hose has same fitting on both-so now I have an extra hose/wand setup)- recycled the rest.

  4. My doc is about 74 and just got remarried; just got back in the office today (I have an appt) from his honeymoon!

  5. “Type II diabetes is not a disease. It is the lack of a natural ingredient, known as GTF chromium.” I will email you an interesting article in pdf form regarding chromium and diabetes.

  6. Do you have a spudger? I had that tool while I was in The USMC. Worked great for reaching into electronics and snagging a wire. the full size version digs potatoes also. It looks like a skeleton key.

  7. Insurance company? Don’t think so. The federal government is pure mafia. Keep in mind the American mafia came into existence to protect Italian immigrants from blatant discrimination and crooked cops. It went bad when a couple of psychopaths were forced to flee from the Italian organization and took over in the USA. Not exactly who we want in control of the printing press of the world’s international trade currency.

  8. Not sure if you have heard of Dr. Wallach, author of ‘Dead Doctors don’t lie’, but the guy is 76 and looks like he’s 56… watched this video presentation of his regarding his book and he talks about cholesterol and blood pressure issues somewhere in the first 40 minutes or so, but the entire speech is extremely informative… and yes, vitamin and mineral depreciation is very much a focus of his based on his research.

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