imageOne of my liberal friends called me this week to announce that the NRA was requiring convention-goers to their national gathering up in Tennessee to remove firing pins from their guns before entering the show.

I had to just sit back and listen – since once wound up on gun control, I can invest hours I don’t have in listening to anti-gun propaganda.

But here we have it this morning, over at the Bearing Arms dot com site that no, the only firing pin removal that would be required would be from display guns.  You know, the kind anyone wandering the show could pick up, touch, test the action, weight, balance, and such on.

Otherwise, notes the article is it really big news that the N.R.A. expects its members to follow local laws – whatever those happen to be?

As a gun owner (and user) I have to point out that guns are – like any other tool invented by the crazy upright bipeds – useful for good, or evil.  It all depends whose hands the tool is in.  Criminals who use guns are no different, as I see it, than hackers who turn off traffic signals or mess with air traffic control.  Yet so far we don’t have to register mice and keyboards.

The problem here is, every year, seems, we get a wandering snake come around the house or shop.  Nothing 20-feet long like in Anaconda.  Just your common everyday copperhead, cotton mouth, or coral snake.  I know where the coral snake family lives and we have a deal:  I leave them alone and they leave me alone.

With the weather warm again, we are on the lookout for our first slithering visiting.  When they show up it will depend where they are and how I decide to remove them.  #4 bird shot from a 12-gauge  is a nice stand-off approach while the .22 with rat shot is good for closer –in work.  A Glock or Ruger with rat shot is a kind of middle ground.

Last year, in honor of my liberal friend, when the first snake of the season showed up, I tried an experiment.  I was bound and determines to try liberalism.  So I  began by trying to talk the snake to death.

I’ll told him about Newton, MA, the Boston Bomber, and since he didn’t seem to trust me, I reviewed most of the major gun crimes cases of the past 100-years.

Then, in an effort to appease my liberal friend (I may have three now) I empathized effusively.

“You poor copperhead; why you must be a victim of the Koch brothers and Global Warming.  Or, were you formerly a Mexican snake – simply looking for an honest days work – and somehow didn’t read the border signs 380 miles back down the road?”

Paralyzed by my analogies,  I spouted some Hillaryisms, advocated reverse discrimination, saving seals (because that’s where the money is) and whatever else came to mind.  Might even have gotten in some anti-nuke talk, too.  Although Time blurs my recall of exact details.

Finally, I wrapped up by Mirandizing Mr. Snake real good and offered him a choice of protective custody, a chance to run for office, or a lifetime supply of counseling because…well…that’d be the liberal thing to do.

After all this outpouring, when I put out my hand to shake on it, the viperous critter reared up into a striking pose.

Now, I’m a patient man most of the time, but that ended my 2014 experiment in liberalism.

It also ended the snake.

In fairness, I’ve put a series of small signs – about one inch high and in snake language – all over the property.  There must be hundreds of them.  They read  “Guns don’t kill snakes.  But George Does.”

Landscaping Litany

If men are dogs (and I won’t argue the point), I have a sore right front paw this morning from too much tractoring.

Take a personal health note:  When you have been off the tractor for the winter season, and you hop back on to move 2-dump trucks full of pea gravel into tight areas, do NOT use your middle finger to spin the steering wheel.  Nor should you slam your paw down on the front loader handle too hard.

I’ll recover but it has slowed my normally blazing-fast typing speed (80-100 WPM) down to a more sedate 60 WPM.  It’s disconcerting, though, since it leaves too many unused processor clicks and seems to have reduced typographical amusements which are half the fun of such columns.

Some say it’s the only fun around here.

A Serious Prepping Note

I’m not sure what to make of this headline:  “US aerospace command moving comms gear back to Cold War bunker

The story at the link above goes into some detail about why they’re doing this – to ensure there will still be communications after an EMP attack.

And this is where we get into the virtues of metal garbage  cans as EMP canisters for around the home.  I have one with several radios in it.  In addition, all our vehicles  – including the tractor – have been EMP-proofed.  And – if you were wondering – our old Beechcraft lives in a grounded all-metal hanger.

But my question is this:  What are the DoD computer models showing out in our collective future a couple of years – which is how long it will take to spend the $700-million on this project?

As long as we’re asking questions how about “Why’d we ever leave Cheyenne Mountain in the first place?”

It reminds me of an old joke I heard…several years running, in fact, from the Obama administration.  Wanna hear it?  My joke-telling skills are weak, but  OK…here goes…


Dude, can I tell ‘em, or what?

Write when you break-even.


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